Here's how Microsoft HoloLens could be used by the military on the battlefield

Microsoft is offering a number of examples of how its HoloLens augmented reality headset could be used by the military to help track troops on the battlefield, repairing aircraft and more.

Microsoft has already stated it is targeting the business market for the first generation of HoloLens applications, but in a blog post it offers how it might also be used in military engagements:

By superimposing a digital map onto the actual battlefield, for example, commanders can better understand the terrain on which their troops are moving and more accurately pinpoint where the enemy is keeping its assets. With the enhanced situational awareness that HoloLens provides, both military commanders and soldiers can perform their jobs with greater safety, speed, and effectiveness.

The HoloLens could also be used to help design and assemble military hardware. It could also be used to help repair and maintain equipment like airplanes:

With HoloLens, the master mechanic can develop a 3D model that overlays instructions on top of the aircraft, showing the mechanic the exact components that need to be moved, replaced, or recalibrated. No longer does the mechanic need to consult the master mechanic or page through manuals to see where specific parts are located. Viewing digital content superimposed on the actual airplane, he or she can visualize exactly what needs to be repaired and in what order, and then quickly take action.

There's no word yet if any of the recently-launched HoloLens Development Edition headsets have been sold to defense companies and military organizations, but clearly Microsoft would love to see it used by those kinds of organizations.

John Callaham