Herobots - Build to Battle brings robotic slugfests to your Windows Phone

Herobots - Build to Battle is a Windows Phone game that has you building and managing a broad range of battling robots. Herobots has over 100 missions to conquer, over thirty unique robots to customize and tons of upgrades and customizations to unlock.

This Windows Phone game has decent graphics and a classic arcade-styled soundtrack and plenty of gaming opportunities with over 100 missions, player vs. player games and daily missions. In tinkering with the Windows Phone title for the past few days, it comes across as an enjoyable time waster of a game.

Herobots opens up directly to gameplay with a tutorial walkthrough of the game. The tutorial will show you not only how to compete in battles but also how to manage your robots. Once you have completed the tutorial, the game will utilize the robot garage for your base of operations.


The garage has statistics running across the top of the display that include your experience level, gold count and gem count. You will also find options to access gifts that can be earned through gameplay, rate the game in the Windows 10 Store and access the game's settings. Settings cover sound/music levels, Facebook account login and turning on/off push notifications.

Your current roster of robots will be positioned on pedestals and available for upgrades and customizations. Herobots starts you out with one robot prepped for battle in your garage; as you advance in experience, additional robots will become available. The game allows you up to have up to three active robots on your team.


Tapping on a robot will open up the option to upgrade or customize it. Your customization options run down the right side of the screen and allow you to choose helmet, torso, arms, legs and weapons to equip your robot with. Your robots' ability levels will be displayed on the left side of the screen and any available parts are displayed along the bottom of the screen.

The garage has two options positioned on the left side of the display: mission objectives that will earn you bonus gems and gear, as well as an option to use those gems to generate additional gear.


While the garage is where you manage and build up your robot fighters, if you tap on the crossed-swords icon in the lower right corner you will pull up the combat map. The first map is more training oriented to get you accustomed to the gaming controls and to unlock robots and gear that will help you survive the additional maps. Once you complete the first map, you will have additional controls in the garage to give you access to the online leaderboard and social networking tools.

Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots

The mechanics of gameplay are gesture-oriented and not very complicated. Tap on an opponent to launch an attack and tap on a spot on the battlefield to move your robot when you need to evade an opponent's attack. You will also have access to a power-attack during combat that will require a gesture to activate. That gesture will appear in the upper left corner of the screen and when activated, you will have to swipe at your opponent for a brief period to determine the strength of your power-attack.


The battle screen will have your robot's and opponent's health meters running across the top of the screen. Any robots you have in reserve will be represented as icons lined up beneath the health meter.


The goal, as you might have guessed, is to destroy your opponent before they obliterate your robot team. Should your robot fall in combat, the next robot on your team will pick up the fight. Battles range from one-on-one fights to taking on multiple robots at once, and from multiple robots in team format or having to defeat a number of tiny robots. You will also find battlefields with booby traps that seem only to injure your robots.

Before a combat round, you will see a summary of your opponent and any rewards that might be earned if victorious. Should you need a little help with a fight, you can rent robots prior to each match. It's an easy way to give your team a boost in power.


Gameplay is regulated through energy points, but it's not too restrictive. The robots need time to replenish their power and you can get in a handful of matches before they need to recharge, which only takes a few minutes.


All in all, there are over 100 missions to complete with Herobots and as you progress through the game, player vs. player matches will become available where you can defeat and loot other gamer's gear. Additionally, there are daily events available where you can battle for bonus gold and other prizes.

An entertaining game, but there is room for improvement

From managing your robots capabilities to battling opponents, Herobots - Build to Battle is a challenging Windows Phone game. Graphics are nicely drawn up and the game mechanics are not overly complicated. While I liked Herobots, the game could use a little fine-tuning to make it a more attractive gaming title.


For starters, load times are incredibly slow. From the initial boot-up of the game to the loading of a battle, the game will test your patience. The only other major area that needs improvement are the gameplay gestures. The gestures are generally responsive, but more times than not, initiating power-attacks took several attempts to activate. While you struggle to launch this attack, it exposes your robot to being struck by the opponent. Hopefully, the developer can fine-tune the app to speed up load times and improve gesture responsiveness.

While there is room for improvement, Herobots - Build to Battle is a Windows Phone game worth trying. There is a lot of tapping involved with the battles and you need to keep your robots updated with the latest armor and weapons to give them a fighting chance.

Herobots - Build to Battle is a free, ad-supported game available from the Windows Phone Store with support for low-memory devices. The game does have several in-app opportunities.

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