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Hidden Gems: Kick back and relax with QuizUp and Threes!

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Gaming on your Windows Phone is not new but finding the latest and greatest games out today could be a challenge. If you are like me, you tend to hear about trendy games more than you play them. In fact, you may have heard of today's Hidden Gems QuizUp and Threes! before but you never paid attention. I get it too. I blew off Candy Crush for a long time too before I finally took the addictive plunge.

Today I am going to explain and show you why QuizUp and Threes! should be on your Windows Phone. I'll do all of this not from the perspective of a gamer but rather someone who works and likes to game on their downtime!


Windows Phone (opens in new tab) Windows 8.1 (opens in new tab)

Developed by Plain Vanilla Games based in Iceland, QuizUp is a mobile trivia game that lets you challenge friends on your knowledge. It got its start back in late 2013 and since then it has accumulated over 600,000 trivia questions.

Okay, so big deal, right?

QuizUp is different from other trivia games in a few ways, including:

  • Facebook integration
  • Geolocation for challenging people globally or locally
  • Pick specific categories you want to play

QuizUp lets you pick matches with friends and family, and you play each other, sometimes 'live' (there may be some delay).

Here's how it works: you challenge a friend or a random stranger to a game. If they accept, you each have to answer seven questions. For each enquiry, you are allotted 10 seconds to answer. You earn points by (1) Answering the question correctly and (2) Answering correctly faster than your opponent.

Did you get that? This second rule means even if you get all seven questions right, you could still lose if your opponent answered those questions just 1-second faster! Talk about pressure.

I will not lie, that timing part stresses me out! I mean this in a good way, of course. Other trivia games urge you to get the correct answer, but this leaves room for 'educated guesses'. In QuizUp, you better get it right and get it right fast. That is a whole other level.

Now, putting aside the nerve-wracking game timer what I especially like about QuizUp are the categories. They are super specific, and I guarantee you can find something you like.

Oh, you say you are a Microsoft fan? Prove it by answering seven questions on Microsoft's history via the Microsoft category! You too like Futurama? Great, challenge your best bud to a QuizUp challenge on what Fry's dog's name was on the show. Do you dig Sci-Fi movies? Challenge a fellow movie goer to that category. All in all there are hundreds of categories and I know if you are reading this site there is something there for you to 'follow'.

I like how QuizUp keeps the content fresh with things like 'Airline Logos' for the 'Topic of the Week'. You can even see the new categories right on the topics page. I mean, check out the new 'Cold War History' one. Awesome.

There is also an 'experience points' angle to QuizUp. This feature helps with rankings, and if you level up by ten, you get a fancy 'title' under your name. That is right, this game rewards you for being a know-it-all.

QuizUp also has a built-in Chat feature so you can text the person you are playing, which is great especially for taunts. Speaking of challengers, just use the Filter option to narrow down your opponents from the whole world to people in your town. You can even go further by gender or age and topic preference. Since you can login with Facebook, all your friends who play there show up as well. Don't like Facebook? Just sign up for a QuizUp account and keep it on the down low, the choice is yours.

QuizUp on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1

Let's jump into the Windows Phone app. One of the coolest things you can do besides following your favorite category is pinning it to your Start screen (try that, iPhone!). Now, you can keep track of that topic, including your level, how many follow that topic, rankings and percentage of questions you have completed all by tapping a Tile.

If you get bored with playing QuizUp on your phone, just bust out your Surface or Windows PC. That is because QuizUp is a universal app! I think being able to play a game on your phone only to hop over to a different device is one of Microsoft's strengths, so it is great to see QuizUp leverage that ability.

All in all, QuizUp is a surprisingly fresh and unique trivia game. There is no mystery as to why it is so popular. From the social aspect of chatting, finding local players, or sharing photos to the interesting topics and the constant updates, QuizUp is something you should try out. In fact, I can give you three reasons:

  1. It is on Windows Phone
  2. It is on Windows 8.1
  3. There is a Microsoft category

Go forth and play!

Quizzing the Quizzers

Lumia Conversations sat down with QuizUp developer Plain Vanilla Games to talk about how they reached 38 million users, bringing the popular game to Windows, and how QuizUp is more than "just" a game.

Read the full interview on Lumia Conversations{.cta .large.nofollow}


Download (opens in new tab)

Windows Central reviewed Threes! for the Xbox One just last month and now it is time to take a look at the Windows Phone version. Threes! is another one of those games that I had heard about but never tried until this Hidden Gems challenge.

Now, I cannot stop playing!

The game is thoroughly addicting, but there is something else: this game has personality. I will confess that I tend to giggle a bit during the tutorial when the 'numbers' do things like sigh, say "no", "hiii!" or when you first create a 'Torbus' or 'Travern'. I mean, the numbers even have odd backstories! Alternatively, maybe it is the little teeny faces on the bottom of those number, or maybe it is the whimsical music (which you can buy for a 'name your price').

Whatever the reason, this game is just adorable, fun, challenging, and it makes you smile.

How to Play

Threes is a classic numbers game that works on pairing numbers together to make larger combinations. At the end of the match, all the numbers remaining on the board are added up for your total score.

The game works by simply swiping on the board to add new numbers. Think of this like playing cards and grabbing a new one from the deck. The only difference here is when you swipe, you move the whole board, shuffling the numbers. This how you can create new pairs, but it can also trap you, so be careful!

You can only combine the numbers 1 and 2 to make '3', but all other numbers can be paired by simply matching. So you combine two 3's to make a 6 and two 6's to create 12 and so on. The difficulty comes when you create, say a '48' and then you have to create another '48' to match it. Even more demanding, you need to get those two 48s near each other to create a '96' and so forth.

The game ends when you have filled up the board with numbers that can no longer pair. This point is where your total score is calculated. You can 'sign' your board, which then remains in the game's history.

Oh, and confetti comes down when you finished because you've earned it.

Mobile Games Do not have to be Dumb

I am not here to judge anyone on gaming, after all just the other day I was reminiscing about Bulletstorm (2011) on the Xbox 360. There is something to be said though about games that challenge that gray matter between your ears.

Creations like QuizUp and Threes! are not only fun to play, they exercise your mental skills too. Both games are perfect when waiting for a train, at the DMV, or between commercials. Neither are huge commitments, but both have a rich, vibrant and colorful playfulness to them that make them sublime mobile games.

I hope you download both and give them a shot, I think you'll be surprised.

Game away!

Check out QuizUp and Threes! and tweet to us your favorite games — be they for your Windows Phone, Windows PC, or Xbox (and be sure to include the #HiddenGemsApp hashtag)!

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Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • QuizUp is one of the most enjoyable experiences on mobile for me. I'm not big on playing actual games on mobile, but QuizUp is more of a mind excercise. I Dig it. 
  • I've just challenged Daniel, RIDDLE!
  • and who won? 
  • Technically I won, because he hasn't played yet. I've got around 84 or 94 points.
  • One of the reasons why I was stuck with android, this app is probably the best out there on all platforms specially for people like us who prefer trivia inplace of candy crush crap. Btw anyone up to play or follow for follow? Im there, same username.. Daniel im following you lol...
  • Well quiz up surely needs bug fixes and crash improvements .!! When moving between chats and menu it crashes up .!!! And there is many times multiplication of notifications on action center .!!!
  • Yup! That's irritating. The notifications don't pop up properly for me. Sometimes it does and most of the time it doesn't. But as this is version 1, I'm willing to overlook it. The dev has done a great work. The App is well made and fits right in.
  • I have quizup and honestly I'm totally addicted to the game..It's like an encyclopedia - you get to know more about subjects of interest..Its just that I couldn't stop myself from playing!
  • It really is an awesome game.
  • @kenthewpfan Thanks for sharing your experience. You actually made me download it since you made it sound like when you get lost in Wikipedia, jumping from subject to subject and then it's 3 am.
  • QuizUp is definitely going to be the next big ongoing competition me and my girlfriend have. Goodbye Trivia Crack!
  • i play threes! basically everyday. quizup crashes a lot on my 920. its a fun game when i can get it to work. both great time wasters esp when waiting in a line
  • Right! it crashes a lot!! Only able to play game.. Doing chat and other stuffs causes CRASH!!
  • threes is just genius, am really enjoying. xbox live integration would be welcome.
  • good job, you make me try Threes and I like it. The Razer Kraken Xbox One head phone would be a good gift for my nephew.
  • Have started playing Quizup last week and have watched other people play Threes. Sadly, not many friends are playing QuizUp yet...
  • Yeah, I have a hard time putting down threes, really fun and engaging game
  • Quiz​Up is addicting!!!
  • I started playing quizup but most of my friends are still playing Trivia Crack :(
  • I tried QuizUp about two weeks ago, and I immediately uninstalled it. However, it wasn't because of its looks - it's a beautiful app that the developer is well-deserved of his praise - but because the quiz game almost has TOO MUCH going for it. It's hard to explain, but in my opinion, the game falls under its feature weight; you don't know where or how to start when you launch the app because of the slew of different menus and capabilities that this game offers. Threes! reminds me a lot of 2048 (maybe it's supposed to), but it's a cute, light-hearted take on it. May give it a try on my phone.
  • Well 2048 came from Threes. And I don't know how it is hard to start a simple game like Quizup. You just search a topic of interest and start playing. Follow people you are interested in, check rankings. Simple as that.
  • Game apps are very addictive, great to have options of including others in the game, fun!
  • I previously used QuizUp during the beta, but it was very buggy then so I had stopped using it. Let's hope the final released version is much less buggy.
  • Used during beta and was buggy so stopped using it? The beta was for solving bugs and send feedback. Sorry but why signup for beta testing then?
  • Threes is pretty cool. And so polished! Too bad that knockoff got popular instead.
  • Everyone loves a good game, looks like a couple good ones to check out...
  • Threes is awesome game!
  • Love games so will definitely check these out Thanks!!
  • Threes! is frustratingly brilliant. Started as a quick 1-2 minute distraction, now games are lasting 10 minutes or more as I get better.
  • Love playing QuizUp! I downloaded it as soon as Windows Central posted about it. My friends don't play right now, but that's why the random opponent is awesome. The user experience is fantastic and zippy. Didn't know there was a Microsoft category but definitely going to go add it now. Haven't checked out Threes! yet, but I most likely will now. ​
  • Threes doesn't interest me much, but after the earlier post about QuizUp! I think I'll try that one.  It will go along well with Trivia Crack and Trivial Pursuit :)
  • Well, considering I've just frittered away about twenty minutes on Threes, I'd say you've got the addicitve quality of the game well-described. And I'm hosed.   This will be an interesting--and consuming--diversion!
  • I had quiz up back when I owned my S3 and loved that game, so when I found out they were bringing it to Windows I was crazy exited. My daughter and I play this game constantly!
  • Quizup is nice
  • No Xbox but I'll give those headphones a try on PC!
  • Quiz Up looks like a better version of Trivia Crack, I think I'm gonna try that one out. I've heard a lot about Threes!, but never looked into it (figured it was a passing fad). Though it sounds like I'm missing out, so I'll give that one a try as well. Btw, great job on the videos, guys. It really works for the Hidden Gems series. :)  
  • indee is a improved version of trivia crack, you can choose the category, you have real time multiplayer (no more waiting for days for your oponent) and a broad range of categories (form general categories to something so especific as Airlines logos to Game of Thrones). is something to try out.
  • Downloaded! Let start play!
  • I have tried both Threes and QuizUp in the past and honestly they did not convince me. I'm sorry to say that I unistalled them.
  • QuizUp sounds great for waiting on the subway!
  • I love to play games requiring timing.  It sounds like fun to play others.  What a great feature to bide your time in an airport.  Good conversation starter, too!
  • Loved quizup already and am addicted. Thanks Daniel for pointing out threes for me, these both are good time wasters!
  • Loved the number game, downloading it now. I love those "simple" puzzels: Hours of entertainment guarantied. I am already a big fan of Wordament and SnapAtack.
  • Threes is maddeningly addictive. LOVE it! One great thing to keep in mind is that you can control the side that the new card enters. When you swipe right, the card will enter from the left. And so on. Strategy!  ;)
  • So QuizUp puts a timer on the game rather than back-and-forth, fixing my biggest issue with Trivia Crack? Installing!
  • Something nice for my gamer son.
  • I've never tried QuizUp. But after seeing all this hype, might as well.
  • i've played Threes for a while, and it is addicting.  QuizUp looks fun, maybe when i give up TriviaCrack i'll give it a try.
  • I've been playing Threes since the review on wpcentral. QuizUp looks interesting, will have to try it out over the summer.
  • Hey I'm crazy addicted to Three's! I heard about it back when it was being promoted at Starbucks almost a year ago for iphone and ipad but couldn't play it. Now that I got it for my Lumia 920, I can't get enough of it!
  • Threes! is great. Easy and soon complicated. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll try QuizUp now.
  • I enjoy games on mobile that make you think. I have heard of both Threes! and QuizUp but I'm going to download them now for sure. As someone else said in an above comment, I really like that aside from an article w/ pictures about it, there's also a video. I think that's wonderful because it's nice to be able to see how an app works in action.
  • I love quizup and threes!
  • I wish Threes! had Xbox Live integration. Weird that is does on Xbox, but not on the phone.
  • I will have to pass on the trivia app, but Threes I've played for a bit and it's quite entertaining.    
  • I really enjoy Threes, and I love the Xbox games on Windows phone! It's great platform for mobile gaming, and I can't wait for Windows 10 mobile to unlock even more great games.
  • Good Gems today. I would love that headset. Please!
  • Love QuizUp.  Very addictive
  • QuizUp looks cool, But I hate numbers! lol
  • Strongly like this game, it make my mind open :)
  • I definitely prefer QuizUp to Trivia Crack.  QuizUp rewards you for knowing the answer quickly, and it's great to know that your opponent is getting the exact same questions as you.  I've been tempted to try out Threes! for a while and this article convinced me to finally download it.  Thanks for the great reviews!
  • The QuizUp concept seems very interesting. And it's always nice to see a universal app for all windows devices.
  • Quizup looks fun, downloading now.
  • Quiz Up should delay "senior moments" for anyone.  Thanks.
  • I love playing games on my phone so this is right up my alley.  I have never heard of either of these apps, but I will definitely be checking them out.  I really enjoy trivia games so QuizUp sounds awesome!  I really like that it has a huge variety of categories so you won't get bored.  Threes! sounds like fun too.  Thank you for sharing these apps!  
  • I don't tested QuizUp yet, but after I saw this video I totally want to play it. I'm not that big mobile games fan, I prefer gaming on console / PC, but there are some cool games in the Windows Store of course. My opinnion about Threes: For me it is a bit boring, and I only could play it for about 10min. But everyone has hers/his own taste in games of course! :) (btw. I'm sorry for my probably bad english, I'm from Switzerland. Greetings!) 
  • Love Threes!
  • QuizUp is really fun. I think my best moment was when I narrowly beat out the top Star Trek trivia person by getting a 'who directed..' question right.
  • These are actually my current go to games on mobile. They are great time wasters, Quizup Beta was terrible, but the final release was surprisingly really good and fixed all the issues the beta had. Download them and play!
  • I see myself playing the (Threes!) game... The QuizUp I think I'll lose every single time... Nice to see cool games coming out for Windows Phone 
  • First: Beard-ify and Bald-ify are hilarious and much fun was had with the family. Second: Thanks again for the hidden gems, it's hard to dig out good apps sometimes. Third: Threes will be downloaded soon, I love games like that. (see what I did there.. )
  • Threes is great, just great.
  • The display and UI for playing games with friends is great.. it seems very friendly and intuitive.  Besides phonecalls and texts, games are still a top use for me on my phone.
  • Hadn't heard of QuizUp before watching the vid but definiteley going to download it shortly. Looks to be a very enjoyable game!
  • Was playing 2048 all the time until found out that Threes! is the original. Well you guess what happened xD Would really want to win that Razor Kraken :)
  • quiz up is really interesting and addictive. i have been playing threes for weeks now. both games are really awesome.  
  • Big fan of QuizUp! I was playing it on my iPad until the WP version was released. MUCH better trivia game than Trivia Crack.
  • I just read about Quizup in the article for intriguing apps for Windows. Was thinking about downloading, but since I read about it twice in one day, something is saying yo definitely download
  • Glad to see QuizUp featured here. I had never heard of it until I happened upon it in the app store and ever since then Trivia Crack has been feeling extremely ignored. Just installed Threes, looking forward to playing later.​ ​ ​
  • QuizUp is such a clever fun game and Threes is suprising addictive, I'm just glad Windows has both of them!
  • Quiz up is a significantly more rewarding "friend challenge" concept. I feel far more superior winning at trivia vs simple spelling exercises.
  • Hey, love the hidden gems. First time I have taken part. Threes looks amazing, definitely looking forward to trying it. And that amazing looking headset would be a nice move from the xbox one headset that comes bundled with the console. Been dying for a razer headset ​ ​ ​ ​
  • What a better way to spend time - getting lost in the deep sound of games.  Now checking out the new apps
  • Thanks for the Hidden Gems video. Both Threes! And QuizUp will be great games to play. I look forward to testing my skills in QuizUp against my friends and Threes! Will be fun to break out during my daily commutes. Keep up the good work at Windows Central!
  • I love QuizUp. Its fun and fast. The categories are great. Haven't tried 3s yet but will give it a shot to see if its really addictive. Lol
  • Threes is a nice game to kill time with. i have not tried the other one as i dont use FB or make accts just for a game. The games that do this should use your MS acct on your phone for saved games in the cloud(just imo). As for the head phone well im kinda in the market looking for a new pair. My MS XOne headset just broke (not gonna say by who) just by picking them up the wrong way. they still work just that one cup is hanging by the audio cord. I see the Achevment Hunters use the Razor Krakens in their gameing vids and they like them a lot. And i wans thinking of getting a pair when chosing between them and the MS XOne headset. Long story short i could use a new headset.
  • Threes! Oh I love that game. I though 2048 was enough. But, honestly, I've stopped playing it coz of Threes! And yes those sounds ... Especially when you make 24 tile and that sound goes "Hi"... Love it...
  • 3s was definitely a challenge.
  • Just a warning for 3's, the phone CPU for me (925) runs hot whenever I play it :(. 
  • Love playing quiz up with family members and haven't tried 3's but it seems similar to 2048 which I am currently addicted to.
  • fingers crossed.
  • nice for some gamers
  • I like both QuizUp and Threes!. Both a lot of fun.
  • The microsoft store has been getting awesome recently! First it was crossy road, now bloons td5, threes and quizup, makes me glad I bought windows phone!
  • Quizup looks pretty neat. Threes never really grabbed me though.
  • QuizUp looks like a lot of fun. My wife was super into Trivia Crack and was talking about how she wishes she could choose the cateogries she is answering questions for. This seems right up her alley.
  • quiz up is great especially when im on the bus or the plane and need something to challenge my brain. I love comparing my scores with freinds'
  • I like Quizup more than trivia crack now. Threes is definitely addictive.
  • I absolutely love QuizUp! Really fun game, universal app, and stimulates the mind. Plus really similar concept to Trivia Crack where you can challenge other people! Makes for a really social and educational experience
  • QuizUp looks to be a quality quiz based game, which is a welcome relief after several poorly created quiz experiences, especially the logo based ones of which there are many in the store.
  • I thought Threes is just another "connect three" games. Silly me. It looks fun.
  • Great new games I knew, thanks Daniel. Another way to enjoy my Microsoft Lumia 535! More power to Windows Central!  
  • Have had Threes since the original review but stopped playing it due to the massive battery drain it caused. It did get an update recently that was supposed to help but I haven't played it since then. I'll give it another shot this weekend as it was an addictive game.
  • Same here. The update fixed the crashes but not the massive battery drain. Unfortunately not worth playing if you're more than 10 minutes away from a power charge, which is a shame as it's a great game. I'll wait for the next update before giving it another go.
  • I sometimes play threes, but usually halo Spartan strike or hit man go. I try to find games that are optimized for phones, and are made with their limitations in mind. I never tried the quizup before. Gonna have to try it now. Looks pretty good.
  • Threes is awesome. Last razer headset I owned was a chimaera for the 360, audio was superb, design was a little clunky, solid materials, was a little heavy....but the only really bad point was the microphone quality. It would capture poorly and produce a slight electrical hum to those listening. But all the said, I'm eager to give another headset a try, razer make good peripherals.
  • There is a new build For PC out build 10154. Can someone please tell me where Zac get that build?
  • Time to challenge my daughter again.  Now I get to choose the catagory.   Maybe I will have a chance.
  • Got them both and play them when I got time to kill.  Good games.
  • I love Threes! It still seems like a shame that 2048 and all it's clones were able to take over the original.
  • I really like Quizup! I will have to get Threes and try it. 
  • I love Threes ! The game used to crash, and is only playable after a random number times of restarting the game. After the June update, it has finally stopped crashing :)
  • QuizUp is pretty great.  Only problem is some of the lesser-used categories of questions, the same ones pop up again and again, and the people who frequent those quizzes have the answers memorised.  I agree about the time pressure bit, I feel like I have to hurry reading the question and end up not reading it properly and answering incorrectly when I really know the answer.
  • Ooo is that new 735
  • Although I am not the hugest of fans of these games, that headset would probably sound amazing when I play One More Line on my Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. The game has a futuristic-disco soundtrack that plays while you entertain yourself with the addicting game. I would love it.
  • Simply , great games to spend nice time
  • I really Like Quiz games.. Select me fot he head phones
  • In general, I will only play games that are free. Of those games, I like to have a variety on my phone so play so I always have something to play depending on my mood and how much time I have available to play. All the following games are free to play. I LOVE the Adult Swim game, Major Mayhem. It's a side-scrolling action shooter that has you killing Ninjas, Mobsters, Swat Members, and the corrupt President of the USA in his flying tank as he tries to kill you so he can kidnap your girlfriend. It's as fun as it is ridiculous and can be played offline. If I want some puzzle action, I will start up Hero Forge. This is a puzzle fighter that is kind of like if Mahjong was in 3d and it combined with the Puzzle Fighter games. Each match you make gives you mana of a type or attacks or generates armor. When you have enough mana, you can unleash more powerful spells than standard attacks. There is a single player campaign and PVP mode. This one requires an internet connection to play in any mode. Then there's Rival Knights by Gameloft. This game has you playing the part of a medieval Knight in the joust. Accuracy and timing are key to beating your opponents. You can play single player campaign, or multiplayer tournaments. Upgrade your armor, lance, and horse to increase your stats. Requires an internet connection to play in any mode. I haven't played either of the games mentioned here, so I can't really comment on them. I'll have to try threes though.
  • I love Threes. Just wish it had achievements!
  • I'am going to check these out
  • Threes is awesome!
  • I prefer to relate to my "smart" phone as a tool, not a toy. Not a fan of iDevices for that exact reason. But always respected Nokia - it was a trustworthy instrument that made my life easier. Go Nokia! ;-)
  • I don't understand why Trivia Crack was so popular when QuizUp is way better.
  • Threes is so addictive but really rewarding. 
  • Time to stomp my friends with movie trivia.
  • Love Quizzo would love to play with my new headphones on.
  • I agree that mobile games don't have to be dumb. Games can be a useful tool to keeping your brain active and another way to learn.
  • Really like QuizUp even though the app crashes randomly.
  • didnt mean to post this
  • Thanks for bringing light to Threes!
  • loved playing three's on iphone so will definitely check it out again.
  • Awesome!  Would love to play someone in QuizUp.  Even better to win the headset.  MS rocks!
  • threes for xbox it's a trap, it has the most hardcore achievements but mobile version its less stressing, recommend it
  • actually enjoy quiz games and quizup is no exception. After suffering traumatic brain injury several years back games and apps like this help me remember or even relearn some stuff I may have forgotten
  • I already have QuizUp installed on my phone after reading the first article put up about it. I'm really enjoying the game and the fast paced competitive knowledge base nature of it. I've encouraged others to install it already. Three's looks fun too. I've watched my girlfriend play it in the past. But... Oh well you asked nicely. I'll go ahead and install it.
  • Not into Sudoku and millionaire pissed me off to many times that I swore off quiz games
  • I absolutely love threes! Play it every day! ​
  • Been a fan of QuizUp even before it hit the Windows Phone Store! Glad they decided to bring it to Windows Phone! Will definitely check out Threes too! These two are truly Hidden Gems! :)
  • The games are awesome. I am not a fan of quizzes but three is one of my latest favourites. However, I am commenting here about a different thing. On the Windows Phone app you ask to view it in Browser, but the windowscentral website is not adapted for mobile browsing at all. The fonts are crazy, commenting is not working at all. I think it is somewhat stupid that the site about Windows is not working on Windows. Please fix it, or do not ask to view in browser
  • Loved trivia crack, have to try quiz up, seems more interesting
  • I'll play QuizUp over Threes! I have a Lumia 1020 and Threes! still has lag issues from time to time. It's fun when it doesn't lag. But when it lags, it gets frustrating and my phone heats up. QuizUp is fun and very smooth :)
  • T​here's a quiz game with a Microsoft category? Hot dog! Time to get quizzes on.
  • QuizUp is really an awesome game, it increases your knowledge and also kills boredom
  • lets have a great start for the summers break with a menaingul device 
  • Looks interesting. I may try it.
  • Thanks for the awesome suggestions in the video Danny. Quiz up is quickly becoming a favorite. ​
  • I regularly play both of these games and love them. Awesome recommendations for everyone else though!!
  • Threes is pretty addicting. My MS Band thinks I should stop playing before bed though (delays restful sleep)
  • I'm downloading QuizUp. Any game featuring the camera eye of HAL 9000 has me completely. A Microsoft category is icing on the cake. ​
  • I have played both of these games and they are awesome! I forgot to download quizup this time around after reflashing 8.1, but downloading it now again. :)
  • QuizUp looks super fun! Plenty of games categories and I don't have to worry about viruses like on those sites or apps on FB!
  • I wonder if the Razer Headsets work with the Xbox 360, cause it'd be great.
  • Isn't t​hrees on Xbox One as well?
  • I love to play QuizUp it is a fun game
  • Haven't ridden the QuizUp wave yet, but I will give it a try.
  • QuizUp is most interesting game in Store, that's improving my knowledge very much.
  • QuizUp appears to be interesting, one of those to just play around with on a rainy day
  • I just downloaded QuizUp on my laptop and am genuinely enjoying it.  Its great to see games like QuizUp in the Windows Store.  Its also great that it is available for both Windows and Windows Phone.
  • Yea, Quizup is awesome with many topics.
    And Threes, It is somewhat hard to me to play!
  • QuizUp is our family's favorite game. How can a game be so fun yet so stressful at the same time?!
  • Ok Quizup is my new favorite... Only downside is I commute by subway so no playing it there :(
  • would love to listen some great bass from that piece of tiny shit :D hehe
  • Threes is fun to play on the Xbox One as well. Unlike other games you can snap it to the side and play while watching TV on the main app section. Have not tried QuizUp, but it sounds like a fun challenge. What in the World is also a fun mobile trivia game.
  • I wouldn't call these games "Hidden" Gems. They are gems alright, showcased. Hidden gems would be something like Hues or the like.
  • There is legitimately no game I would rather "waste" my time with than threes! Addictive, fun and makes you feel like you just made your brain work. Good picks.
  • I kind of like the social matchups of QuizUp, guess i will have to try it out  
  • I love QuizUp. I've been into trivia for 20 years and QuizUp is great because of my friends who are always challenging me. Cool.
  • Quiz Up! is very interesting as well as Threes!.  Hope more games come to WP.
  • Another excellent video for Hidden Gems WC! You guys really hit it out this year with Hidden Gems, and I am looking foward to next year's Hidden Gems! Keep up the outstanding work!!!
  • Quizzup! Great game. But something came to my realization. Yeah! I suck at general awareness. 
  • I think I'll give QuizUp a try. Never really got into Threes...
  • QuizUp has made me realise I know more trivia than most of my friends. It makes me feel good when I beat people left right and center :P
  • Threes is a fun game.  I like it.
  • I'm a numbers person so I am going to download Threes! I love playing games that make me think.  If you're gonna play a game might as well learn something!
  • want it want it want it..... want it ;)
  • I have already played Threes. Its cool.
  • Just installed Quizup im quite sure ill love it. Mobile gaming so much beats read a book fo me anyway.Time for some World of Tanks on my Surface Pro2.
  • I really love quizup, it is actually game that you can learn and have fun at the same time. I will give it a try to threes, it sounds wonderful too.
  • Threes is definitely one of my favorite games for Windows Phone - mainly because it's a game that's quick and easy to pick up.  I've also found that the more simple the game is, the better it is for a phone.  Most other games I have found that a controller makes for the best experience.  MMO and RPG style games are hard for me to get into on phones.  In the end I think my favorite go-to game is Benji's Bananas. It's worth looking into - and it's nice that it's free!  Thanks again for a great article highlighting gaming on Windows Phone devices.  I'll be sure to look into Quiz Up.
  • Quizup is the best!!!! The day it was released I played about 100 games! And. the music of Threes is awesome, i play the game to hear it.
  • meaningful comment :)
  • Still haven't tried QuizUp because already using Trivia Crack and both are of the same category being limited on space (using 520 with big games installed). Installed Threes right away as soon as the app was reviewed here becasue I'm a huge fan of 2048.
  • Played Windows Phone version of Quizup for a few hours. It's a nice time waster. Just wish there is "Home" button so hat one go back to the home page or own profile page after visiting other people's profile or after the match ends. That'll make navigation much more convenient than tapping the "back" button repeatedly.
  • Play threes! basically everyday. quizup crashes a lot on my 730. its a fun game when i can get it to work. both great time wasters esp when waiting in a line.I'm totally addicted to the game
  • Love playing QuizUp! I downloaded it as soon as Windows Central posted about it. My friends don't play right now, but that's why the random opponent is awesome. The user experience is fantastic and zippy. Didn't know there was a Microsoft category but definitely going to go add it now. Haven't checked out Threes! yet, but I most likely will now.
  • I have downloaded both apps and they're a pretty good timekiller, I think that those are two of the best "quality" apps that you can get from the store right now.
  • I confess to not being much of a gamer on my Lumia 830. After reviewing today's Hidden Gems, I will give both Threes and QuizUp a go. Thanks for highlighting these!
  • I prefer playing Quizup on my PC, because it burns too much of my phone battery.
  • Had threes already installed on my phone and have been playing it. It's like 2048 in a way but as was said here, threes has more of an character.
  • I did strike out playing Quiz Up earlier, but well, this vid has me asking for it. And as far as Threes is concerned, it's "the favourite" for me.
  • Quizup is I guess , the best game is you have free time.. Doesn't matter if you have friends or not cause there is a vast community playing almost every quiz, so you'll find find an opponent.. I just love this game..
  • I'm going to have to check this out.
  • Seriously,I never play threes!No matter how many great reviews or ratings,I think it is not for me.Just downloaded after this article because something urges me to have a try.And believe me it has addicted me like a drug.Really fun and a perfect friend to kill your time and battery.OneMoreLine is also addictive. Coming to QuizUp,I am really surprised by its features.It is an awesome social,trivial game.This game should be played to expand your knowledge.A productive app that may not take the position of your messenger but you should definitely give it a look.This should be pre installed in devices inplace of candy crush.
  • Daniel - your thoughts on the Cyan Lumia 735 - I have had one here in the UK for 4 months and reallt love the phone, and the cyan colour makes it even better!!!
  • QuizUp is better than any other similat game because it supports different cultures, not only the western's
  • I love trivia. this would be great.
  • QuizUp seems to be a winner. I love trivia games and I like that I can play friends who live outside of the U.S. especially nice is the fact that "Threes" does not have those annoying pop up ads! Just for that the app is worth it. 
  • Amazing. These games look pretty interesting and it's great that you can challenge gamers that like these games too. I'd like to try them.
  • Quizup is cool, I like challenging my friends
  • Quiz up sounds like fun but honestly - I have not played it yet!!! But from all the comments - it sounds awesome!
  • I played similar game to it that's TILE UP
  • QuizUp is definitely going to be a fantastic competition between my buddy and I at work every day. Love it.
  • I love Trivia - this seems awesome!!!
  • Quiz Up sounds so much more entertaining than most of those little Android games ....and No I just can't do games 'like' candy crush.
  • Love it!  I think of it as a mental workout, just like physical workout that I do daily for my body, I play daily for my brain!
  • I know by just watching the video I would not care for threes but the trivia game might be fun. 
  • What a great way to keep the mind sharp!
  • Quiz Up quickly gaining ground on Trivia Crack as my fav game.
    Quiz Up needs some fine tuning though, crashes alot.
  • I play quizzup but don't know many othes that do
  • Actually didn't know all the mobile gaming options. I can't wait to play Quiz Up.
  • QuizUp and Threes!   sound great, deff, gonna try out Threes!  very insightful video
  • Powerful drivers and sound isolation would give the highest quality gaming audio and I love that.  
  • Quiz up is my kind of game although very addicting i'd still try it. Thanks for the chance!
  • Threes is just way too addicting, played for a long time. QuizUp is also pretty fun and nice that it is a universal app, though not really my type of game.
  • Quizup looks super fun! I can't wait to play with my husband and friends! 
  • Both great phone games in short bursts. Yet more ammunition against the anti windows phone lobby throwing the 'There are no good apps in the windows store' moans in our faces all the time.
  • QuizUp seems an awesome game with loads of fun and learning. Must for geeks. But I personally did not like Threes. Not a fan of such games.  Keep up the good work. GG
  • I like thinking games and both of these seem to fit right in this category!  I am especially excited about trying QuizUp.  Thanks for the hidden gem - I will be trying them both!
  • I really enjoy trivia games so QuizUp is right up my alley!  I have never heard of it but will be certain to download it and give it a whirl.  Great article and I hope you keep these coming.  I look forward to reading the next one!  
  • Playing QuizUp with a random opponent sounds like lots of fun and you may learn alot too
  • Not big on games but going to give quizup a try. :)
  • I enjoy playing Quiz Up... Nice Game ...
  • Haven't downloaded QuizUp yet, but it looks addicting!
  • I'd be willing to try QuizUp - I need to exercise my brain!  I think the Threes game would frustrate me too much.  I prefer the trivia!  Thanks for the review on both of these.  I will check them out!
  • ive never played a game on my mobile phone , i would stick to scrabble though. 
  • I like Threes! It's the best
  • This looks so cool!  I would love one to listen to all my music.
  • I love Quiz Up and have been playing a long time. I like that it is timed and also love the  'experience points' angle. The fact that I can play a quick game as well while waiting at a doctors office or in a line at a store is really great as well.
  • Best addictive mind game. 5 star rate for both.
  • Yep!! They are Cool!!
  • not a big fan of quiz games but love a good puzzle mind game going to down load 3 and hope i dont start putting a big dent in my battery
  • I was not interested in Quiz Up at all. But I am going to give it a try now!
  • Someday, I'll have a phone that is smart enough to run this kind of stuff!  lol  Mine is a little slow :)  Also, gaming headsets are ar must! Gotta hear people trying to sneak up on you :)
  • It did crash a lot, but after it get tuned up a bit, i think it's pretty cool
  • Quizup seems awesome!
  • Threes! is here! I love this game so bad, but I ahve tu turn on my old ipod touch everytime I need to use it :D But finally is on my lumia 830! ;) Thank you Daniel... BTW... your new look is cool and sexy ;)
  • This is a great app that is loads of fun.  The problem is you can't put it down and you get nothing else done!
  • I love xbox one and this headset is a total gem :) I am going to try that quizup , never heard of it till today but looks totally awesome to play :)_
  • Download so many games but never play them.
  • Sounds like fun! I have never played but I like games and I will have to check this one out.  
  • "Threes" looked so good i bought it and it's just as fun as the article states
  • Hidden Gems is awesome! I'll take a look at the QuizUp app; it looks like an interesting app. Thanks for doing this.
  • QuizUp is fun to challenge friends with. I'm not a big mobile gamer but I enjoy this game.
  • I love casual games like Plants vs Zombies or puzzle games, theyre very relaxing during a stressful day. I find a short break playing them seems to clear my mind making real problem solving after easier.
  • Love quiz up on my laptop, really well designed app.
  • We need to get off our phones and gaming systems and go outside.
  • I would really like to win these headphones!
  • I like both QuizUp and Threes!. Both a lot of fun.
  • Looks like fun ..gotta get my son to show and play so I know how to win.. thanks 
  • Sweet hidden gems will definitely check these games apps out!
  • I love using QuizUp, I enjoy trivia based games the most so it is perfect for me.
  • My friends and I love all kinds of trivia games.  These look like lots of fun.  Thanks!
  • Really like learning about the different aspects
  • QuizUp sounds like fun!! I love trivia, even if I'm not the best player out there. At least I can get whupped by a stranger, and not someone I know. ha.
  • I love trivia, I'll have to try QuizUp!
  • I'd like to try QuizUp and challange my friends. Looks good to me!
  • What  a cool game my grandkids love to play it.
  • Great games for exercising your brain when you are getting older. I'm addicted to Candy Crush and I can't wait to try QuizUp and Threes.
  • Looks like a lot of fun to play with friends and family.  I'm going to share this with my friends and see if we can get some challenge games going.
  • Mobile gaming has not quite made it yet. But with big games like this and more coming up it is making good gains. I think mobile is slowly becoming the way to game Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sounds like a great app for me!
  • I think I like that you can play globally also I would love to try the game Threes it seems like not only a fun game but a way to keep my mind young!
  • I love games like Quiz Up! Challenges the mind! 
  • QuizUp looks fun. Beats the 4 images 1 word game I have been playing for about 20 minutes the other night until I got repetitive quickly. QuizUp seems to be a little more versatile in the realm of not getting bored quickly over the same patterns of operation. 
  • Now... neeed... Red Bull... addictive
  • I am not going to lie either. That timing part would stress me out as well. Not a real big gamer fan to be honest.
  • quiz up is a really fun game to play and it is so addicting
  • I love the real-time integration of QuizUp.
  • Im hoping for some better integration between the windows mobile phone platform and xbox/xbox one gaming platforms. Such as using phone as a controller like the wii u gamepad
  • QuizUp is very cool. I play often!
  • Going to have to give these two games a shot. Threes looks to be a great time killer.
  • Both games are so good, interaction with other people, plus a good brain trainer game!
  • QuizUp looks addicitive. I'd love to play with friends
  • i love the plaing style of THREES
  • I love QuizUp and other games like it (Trivia Crack, Logo Games, Scrabble type games, etc). I enjoy the random challenge to the brain via smart phone gaming apps. It's something everyone of all ages can get into.
  • I'm down with QuizUp and I give Threes! a one and a two.
  • QuizUp :D
  • Oh man! I thought I was done with games! I finished all candy crush levels, then Trivia Crack comes out and I played that until people were cheating and now this!
  • everything apart ive a lag in my tiles and its not goin even when i reinstall the soft. what  i shld do ?
  • These games do look entertaining enough. I, however, never seem to be able to make time to play good games on my 1520. It gets so hot too!
  • The only problrm I found with Quiz Up is I cant find any friends to play with. Threes is a nice game.
  • I would love the headphones!! Love Threes! as well
  • Fantastic quiz apps, I don't see any reason for not trying or using. in other words using these kind of apps activate your neurons.
  • I love trivia games, toatally cool app I could actually use with my hubby.
  • Nice, I love a good quiz, so I'll be giving QuizUp a go, thanks for the heads up!
  • Dammit! I'm addicted to Threes! :O
  • Quizup is my new go-to game at work when I'm slacking off on the job (lol). Thanks for the opportunity to win!
  • Not a fan of math games. Only thing worse are word games. Quiz Up looks cool, but What In The World has achievements. I really need to win one of those Razer Krakens. I need a good headset to go with the Xbox One I won from Windows Central last year.
  • I think these will help keep my brain active and keep my young. Thanks!
  • Threes looks like fun, have to give it a shot. thanks!  
  • I will surely try these two amazing games.
  • I'm in love with QuizUp! I love the geolocation aspect, I haven't really seen another quiz game that offers that. Or any game for that matter.
  • Quizup is very nice, love to have fun with my friends!
  • I enjoy both of these games.  Threes is great while I'm sitting in the car waiting to pick my son up from school and with Quiz up my son and I are having blast competing with all kinds of different categories.  They are both worth the download.
  •  Awesome game.
  • Oh I think this could be addictive!  
  • My wife loves QuizUp, so much she pops it open whenever she is waiting for anything
  • Have played 2048. It looks like Threes.
  • I'm already playing Threes! in my free time. It reminds me of 2048 but I saw an article that 2048 was just a copy of this game so I delete that app. QuizUp can be good but I saw many reviews that it's full of bugs so I refrained from downloading it.
  • i enjoy playing Quizup. it squeezes my brains out. lol. and i make friends in that game. keep it up!
  • QuizUp looks like a cool app
  • QuizUp is way too addicting, I love it!
  • Threes is awesome!
  • What's great is that not only do you have to be good at trivia but you have to be fast too.
  • I was into Trivia Crack before but QuizUp might take its place.
  • I love QuizUp! I have been waiting for this app to get to Windows Phone for a long time. My brother introduced me to it and I am happy to see it finally here! It is the must play trivia game. No waiting for your friends to respond, great list of topics and an ever expanding question database.
  • I enjoy good games on my Windows Phone, but, I don't have a Lumia yet, so a lot of these games they show (not just this Hidden Gem) aren't for windows phone 8. But I am keeping track of everything so when I do get my Lumia, I will be for a plethora of downloads. Thanks Daniel for always doing such great videos!
  • Windows phone gaming has come a long way since the "dark days" of WP 7.0.
  • Angry Birds!!!!!!!
  • QuizUP sounds like fun. I enjoy trivia games like this and it's great to see more big ones arriving.
  • Finally an alternative to trivia crack. 
  • I don't play games often, but I do enjoy Threes! to help my commute pass a little more quickly.  It really is fun and addicting. 
  • I think I'd try QuizUp. I love trivia.  It'd be fun to take on my husband while he's trying to work.  Ha.
  • I don't play a lot of games on my Lumia Icon, but these both look like games I would enjoy. I spend more time playing my Xbox One, that is the best place to play!
  • Thanks a lot for your time. Nice suggestions!
  • Well, the Threes is more travel proof, you don't need to be online
  • Threes all the way! :) Quizup sounds cool too - but I have not been trying games from some time. May be after a couple of months I will install it. :)
  • I play Threes a lot, together with the game 2048. Both are very addictive games and I play them every time while I'm on public transport to work. 
  • QuizUp lets you pick matches with friends and family, that sounds like fun!
  • Played both and they are great!
  • game on
  • Quiz up is fun. It's falling out of vogue, though. It's a fad game. I wish Words with Friends was built as good as this app. 
  • QuizUp sounds like a good game. WIll have to try it.
  • I can't wait to verse my husband on QuizUp! There are so many categories I'm bound to beat him in something! :)
  • Thank you! Two more new addictions for me, to replace Candy Crush!
  • QuizUp is one of the most enjoyable experiences on mobile for me. I'm not big on playing actual games on mobile, but QuizUp is more of a mind excercise.
  • Super enjoying the games!  great recomendations :D
  • Apps, Games and cool gadgets.. wow! would love to get them all.
  • I've been playing 0h n0 and 0h h1 to kill time so Threes! looks like a another fun time killer app to challenge my brain.
  • Threes! is a great game. One of those easy to learn, hard to master type of games that you can just keep playing.
  • Quiz up or Trivia Crack? Trivia Crack isn't bad, but I like how Quiz Up has more categories!
  • Threes! is a very interesting game. I like it.
  • The quiz up app looks to be fun.  It would be nice if groups could be added and questions could be posted to the group.  I don't know if the feature is available already.
  • This would be cool to play with my sister who lives far from me.
  • Games like QuizUp are fun when you need a break! Great idea, Microsoft. 
  • casual gaming is all i have been able to do as of late. with 3 kids and work full time.  its tough.  i bought GTA V when it was on sale in Dec. but have only played about 5 hours worth. it sucks.  but with casual gaming, i can play for a few minutes here and there and still have a great time.
  • It is nice having your quick overview of these apps. It makes it much easier to pick something I enjoy than trial and error picking apps.
  • So many great games to choose from!
  • Threes is certainly a big hit. However, there's one less known logical game I'd like to point out: "0h h1" (and it's brother "0h n0"). I've been hooked on 0h h1 for the last couple months! You should definitely give it a try! ^_^
  • These sound like fun, non-mindless games!
  • I've been looking for a better game.  I mostly word wrap it up
  • I think I'd like QuizUp for Windows 8.1 because I don't have a Windows phone.
  • not sure if I should give it a try, easily addicted
  • I know for a fact that I will not wear out all 600,000 questions with QuizUp!  Threes! will be my go-to game when I exhaust my Sudoku book.  
  • A great way to keep the brain going. Tired of some of those same ole games. Loving the challenge! Exercise for my mind. 
  • This sounds like a really fun game - i like that you can still be beat even if you answered all 7 right.
  • QuizUp is great.... it makes me think & get to learn something new while having fun.  :)
  • Love the video.  Very informative and helpful article.
  • Seems like I'll be replacing Trivia Crack with QuizUp! QuizUp's interface just looks superior, with the ability to choose categories and it's an universal app! Cool!
  • IT's funny that quizup just launched, some people in my break room were playing the other day and it loooked fun.
  • Quiz Up was one of the games I truly missed when switching from Andriod... Why aren't games like these XBox Live? Games are enough of a waste of time at least achievements make me feel like I accomplish something. 
  • Threes is awesome game :D
  • I love Threes. Such a super simple game, yet very addictive.
  • Quizup had me at Futurama; tremble before my encyclopedic knowledge! <Insert Melbar reference here>
  • I really want to try quizup. It looks like my kind of game! I'm going to have to check it out now. Thanks!
  • Threes! is a great game. I haven't tried QuizUp yet, but I will. I like this article series, well done Daniel!
  • I loved QuizUp.  Anyone up for a challenge?
  • Quizup is great! Its not boring n even interesting. Me with friends always making competitons! Lots of fun! college paper writing service
  • i agree that game is not making people dumb, some game can stimulate the brain to think and solve a puzzle it will make people take decision faster and smart, Go Gamers :)