Live Tile inspired furniture from Stanton True

Los Angeles, California based furniture company Stanton True is now offering a series of tables, rugs, and seating options that are inspired by our Windows Phone Live Tiles. Stanton True focuses on the modern market specializing in bold, customizable furniture pieces.

The high end furniture company looked for pieces with a sophisticated, neatly designed layout that is functional as well as attractive. Not only did they draw inspiration from our Windows Phone Live Tiles but also Microsoft's three-screen approach.  The style not be for everyone but you can see the Live Tile influence.

Windows Phone Live Tile inspired furniture

The collections are offered in a wide variety of colors, much like the colors choices we have with our Windows Phone themes. The furniture collection ranges in price from $250 to $1,400. The tile inspired rug will run you $110.

You can find the complete Stanton True collection here at The full presser on the new furniture collection follows.

Thanks, Alan, for the tip!

LOS ANGELES, August 1, 2013 -- "A brand new furniture company is set to take the “modern” market by storm. Founded in 2011 in Los Angeles, Stanton True specializes in bold, forward- thinking, and customizable pieces as well as unique textiles. Seeking to distance themselves from the industry norm of mass-produced generic furniture, Stanton True boasts one-of-a-kind statement pieces designed by founder Dan Maddox. The pieces are sophisticated, neatly designed layout that’s functional as it is attractive, much like the user interface found in Microsoft’s three-screen approach.

Their ‘quality over quantity’ message is evident in the line’s production and precise finishing process. The company strives to deliver functional, high-end furniture to satisfy a wide range of clients and their individual needs. “We are a luxury brand characterized by our attention to detail, the standard of our production and our desire to work directly with clients,” says Maddox.

The initial launch includes live tiles-inspired tables, rugs featuring clean lines and geometrical shapes and a range of striking seating options available upholstered in a variety of colors and custom fabrics. The collection, retailing from $250 to $1400 is available now. You can check out the entire collection by visiting the company’s website:"