Hipstamatic CEO talks about Oggl plans and support for Windows Phone 8

Hipstamatic is planning to bring photos back with a comeback this year. Instagram, 500px and other competitors are attempting to barge through and own as much of the mobile market as possible when it comes to photography. So what's on the cards for Hipstamatic? CEO Lucas Buick spoke to The Next Web, discussing plans as well as to talk about why the company is backing Windows Phone 8.

"When we started looking at what we wanted to do next with photography and mobile, it didn’t make a lot of sense to move forward by simply changing what we had done and cutting off all of the people who still love Hipstamatic."

The result is Oggl, which is available on multiple platforms, including Windows Phone. The apps were recently updated (only yesterday) with numerous fixes and improvements. Sporting numerous filters, Oggl really enables you to go wild with photography on the go. It also makes sense for Hipstamatic to be on the platform with Nokia advancing its optics. With the best cameraphone around today, why wouldn't you want to be involved?

Nokia has been knocking balls out the park with numerous partnerships and deals signed with developers and companies to get apps and services on Windows Phone. The manufacturer knows it has to get content available for consumers to want to switch. It's interesting to note that Hipstamatic were in talks with Microsoft previously, but weren't interested in Windows Phone at the time.

Oggl Pro

The full article over on The Next Web is well worth the read. Going into all the little details like what's with the name "Oggl"? Wait, you actually want to know? Buick explains: "Early on we started focusing in on the trademark look of Hipstamatic, which is the icon; it’s a lens with a yellow dot above it. Design wise, we wanted to flatten it out and go post modern with it, and we abstracted that out and it became an O. So we just started focusing in on names that started with O." Nothing too exciting, right?

Alas, rock on over and check out the full interview. Both apps are available for free and include a 60 day trial of all the "gear". You can download Oggl for all Windows Phone 8 devices from the store, but if you own a Nokia Lumia 1020, you'll be able to take advantage of Oggl Pro.

Source: The Next Web

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