Hipstamatic’s Oggl updated for Windows Phone. Fixes cropping and adds new Live tile features

We love updates. Especially apps that make frequent updates a priority. We just saw Facebook Beta updated. Not to be outdone, Hipstamatic Oggl is getting a little action. Oggl and Oggl Pro are two apps that are constantly getting updates. But today, we’re only looking at Oggl. Let’s check out what’s new in the latest update.

A little over a week ago both Oggl and Oggl Pro were updated. That update brought a lot of new features and fixes to both apps. Things like sharing to Tumblr, an image processing engine update, and more were just part of it. Here’s what’s new for Oggl:

  • Improved preview performance a lot with new encoder lib.
  • Added live tile showing pics from followers feed.
  • Updated order and paging in library to align with WP8 better.
  • Fixed some bugs in the registration flow.
  • Further app performance improvements.
  • Added support for crop and edit during post processing

Earlier this month, Hipstamatic yielded to user requests by adding support to edit and upload images already on your camera roll. It wasn’t perfect, but this latest update fixes a lot of it. You can now crop and fine tune your photos alignment in Oggl. Performance was sluggish on our Lumia 925 when trying to reposition the photo from the camera roll, but at least the option is there. Hopefully they address that soon.

The rest of the update are mostly performance boosts and bug killing. Although, your Live tile will now cycle through the photos of those you follow. Which should make a lot of you increase the size of your Oggl Live tile to double wide.

Oggl is free for Windows Phone 8 users. Those with the Lumia 1020 use Oggl Pro, which wasn’t updated this round. Grab Oggl in the Windows Phone Store, use the QR codes below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Thanks for the tip Sanjev S!

QR: Oggl

Sam Sabri