HoloLens is giving a big lift to this elevator service company

Microsoft's HoloLens is already making a big impact in the business sector, with Thyssenkrupp Elevator announcing plans to put thousands of the headsets to work with its elevator service technicians. Thyssenkrupp has already seen HoloLens help to increase dramatically safety and efficiency in its tests, and the company plans to bring these gains to more than 24,000 of its technicians across the globe.

From Thyssenkrupp:

Using HoloLens, service technicians will be able to visualize and identify problems with elevators ahead of a job, and have remote, hands-free access to technical and expert information when onsite – all resulting in significant savings in time and stress. Initial field trials have already shown that a service maintenance intervention can be done up to four times faster than before by using the device.

As shown in the video above, some of the unique applications enabled by HoloLens for technicians — like visualizing and interacting with a virtual model of the elevator ahead of time — are incredibly cool. Moreover, Thyssenkrupp's plans for the HoloLens are just an enticing taste of the ways the augmented reality headset could be used by a whole host of businesses and industries to innovate and improve productivity.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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