HoloLens is making its way to Japan, pre-orders start December 2

Microsoft's HoloLens continues its international push with availability another new market: Japan. Microsoft has announced that HoloLens will become available for pre-order in Japan on December 2, allowing yet more developers to get their hands on a HoloLens of their own.

HoloLens initially started shipping to developers exclusively in the U.S. and Canada in March, preventing developers around the world from easily acquiring one. Microsoft remedied that situation a bit in October by opening up orders in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK. With the addition of Japan, even more developers will be able to start experimenting with new applications for the headset, ultimately leading to even more exciting and innovative uses.

Again, pre-orders kick off in Japan on December 2, and the headset will be exclusively available from the Microsoft Store. No exact dates for shipments were given, but Microsoft says that the first shipments should arrive in buyers' hands by "early 2017."

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  • I have yet to understand Microsofts insistance on cutting out potential business partners or customers... :-/
  • So far, the strategy to limit the availability and sell the product in only few countries is nothing short of embarrassing failure.
    Looks like this is going to be another missed opportunity.
    When Apple 're-invent' MR concept, it will be game over for Microsoft. Sad but true.
  • Exactly.
    WTF are they thinking?.....here's a red hot tech break through, let's slow the roll out to developers right down and make everyone wait for no good reason, that's a winning strategy.
  • This will end in Hentai holograms.
  • I don't care much for pokemon go, but I'd definitely give "Hentai go" a try with a HoloLens:-)
  • Yeah right. Catch em all ;)
  • Holozilla
  • But wasn't Hololens already open to regular consumers instead of just developers, despite this being an early version? I mean, there was a story some time ago saying that you can buy a Hololens regardless not being a developer. And I don't mean just saying you're a developer to buy it, I mean it was marketed this way. Am I mistaken?
  • It would be kind of hard for me as a consumer to justify dropping $3k for something that didn't have much content.  This is probably the reason why it's only targeted to developers right now.
  • Augmented tentacles?
  • This tech is so far ahead even if you get it in a years time you'll have ample time to deliver a cool product, 2020 is retail eta afaik, use the emulator till then.. I imported 2 from the USA and my bosses are only interested in me showing 'skype to skype' video conferencing - which in their eyes justifies the cost and it probably will with our business case - but where I want to take it is "too far ahead" so I need to dumb the tech down so they can digest it 'or' leave them behind.. It's that good!
  •   We were told to expect third party AR glasses in the spring of 2017...
  • From who?
  • すごい!
  • Microsoft should launch it fast or else another product would launch and hololens will be an history
  • gonna end up with some crazy japanese apps in the store for sure now! If you want out of the box thinking, picked the right place! ;)