HoloLens owners can turn any room or hallway into a bowling alley with HoloBowl

A developer has released a new game exclusively for the Microsoft HoloLens called HoloBowl. It allows wearers of the augmented reality headset to have a full-sized bowling experience in any room or hallway.

The developer of the game, Joe Hutchings, states:

Experience the thrill of bowling anytime, anywhere with HoloBowl! The first fully holographic bowling game for the Microsoft HoloLens. Setup your lane, aim your throw and take a shot! Hone your skills and shoot for your own high score!

HoloBowl seems like the perfect game to demonstrate the capabilities of HoloLens for consumers. The developer has plans to add more features to the game in future updates, including ways to customize the bowling ball and lane, along with multiplayer support. It is available to download now from the Windows Store. Normally it costs $1.99 but for the next 12 days it is priced at just $0.99. The Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition is available at the U.S. Microsoft Store site for $3,000.

See at Microsoft Store

Download HoloBowl from the Windows Store ($0.99)

John Callaham