For Honor joins Rainbow Six Siege in Ubisoft's move to add improved servers, more heroes on the way

As someone who thoroughly enjoys both Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor, but can't bring myself to play them actively because of connectivity issues, these recent developments are incredibly welcome news.

We've known Rainbow Six Siege is picking up improved servers for a while, under what Ubisoft calls "Operation Health," but now it looks as though For Honor is getting the dedicated server treatment as well.

Ubisoft recently revealed the developmental roadmap for For Honor, its rather unique competitive brawler. I was really excited for the game, but dropped it like a brick when I got disconnected during the story campaign due to Ubisoft's insistence on leveraging lackadaisical server infrastructure. Thankfully, upgrades are coming!

Ubisoft outlined the following updates for the remainder of 2017, starting with the deployment of dedicated servers. While this doesn't mean peer-to-peer is going away in the near term, it's an important step forward, and marks a welcome change of thinking at Ubisoft. For Honor will also grab new seasons, balance adjustments, new heroes, gear, an all-new training mode, and much more.

Dedicated Servers – The development team at Ubisoft Montreal is currently working on a dedicated server infrastructure. In conjunction to the dedicated server implementation, enhancing peer-to-peer stability and matchmaking remain priorities for the team.Two New Seasons – In August and November, For Honor will receive new season updates, introducing adjustments to the way players fight on the battlefield. Content from each of these seasons includes new heroes, maps, gear variations, gameplay updates and more. All season pass owners will receive early access for the new heroes released during the season. Further details will be revealed at a later date.New Game Features – Competitive play with a duel tournament feature and ranked 4v4 matches, as well as a brand-new 4v4 PvP game mode, will be added to For Honor in the coming months.New Training Mode – A more robust training option for both new and veteran players to hone their skills before heading to the battlefield.Global Balancing Updates – Building on the updates since launch, For Honor will receive more changes aimed at balancing heroes and game modes. Some of these changes will improve elements of the fight system to make attacking more advantageous while putting more pressure on defense. All these changes will be tested via public test environments on PC with the first test starting today.

For Honor was one of last year's most interesting and unique titles, but server problems, balance issues, and even a mass player protest has seen the player base dwindle.

Rainbow Six Siege suffered similar at launch, too, but has since grown into a force to be reckoned with following continued support from Ubisoft. Here's hoping the company can turn it around for For Honor, it would be the honorable thing for them to do to honor For Honor, after all. For honor, etc.

For Honor is available now for Xbox One, PC, and PS4, and it's pretty damn cheap if you pick it up from Amazon.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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