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Hope Calendar 2.0 brings appointment details, a dark theme and more

Hope Calendar, one of the excellent third-party calendar apps for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, has been updated to version 2.0. The top requested feature for the app was a dark mode, and it is now available in version 2.0. Additionally, the app is now even more stable, and the Live Tile is more reliable as well.

A full list of changes that you will find in version 2.0 include:

  • Dark Theme: By far the dark theme was the highest requested feature and here it is! Windows has always been about providing an experience that you can tailor to your style and we want Hope Calendar to fit your style too! To enable dark theme, head on over to the theme settings page and switch it on. Simple as that! We also added some more accent colors that tie in beautifully with the dark theme.
  • Appointment Details: View more of your appointment details without having to jump on over to the built-in Calendar app! This allows you to see more quickly and get on with your day. To close the appointment details popup, just swipe it away!
  • Stability Improvements: Much of our time this past month has been tweaking and fixing some of the issues and feedback we have received from our users. Noteworthy improvements include better live tile reliability and better date/time formatting for all regions around the globe.

You can download Hope Calendar 2.0 from the Windows Store now.

Download Hope Calendar from Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Hope Calendar

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  • Looks sweet
  • Nice calendar, still has a long way to go to top Chronos but it's on the right track! Really wish we had a universal Chronos Calendar...
  • Thanks Zeem! Please let us know which features you are looking for that will put us on the top of your list! 
  • Looks nice, but the in-app purchases are odd.... it's $1.99 for a subscription to Hope Calendar Pro, and $2.49 to remove ads. So if I buy the Pro version I still have ads? If so, no sale... and if not, why would you pay more to remove ads, rather than just buy the Pro version?
  • The pro version is a yearly subscription, where you get continual updates/new features while you have the subscription.  Pro version unlocks all features (including ads).  Think of it like Office 365.  It's cheaper, it includes any new premium features that come out, and it's yearly.   For people who don't like the idea of a subscription, you have the option to buy features outright and own them forever.  Think of this as Office 2013.  You buy premium features separately, it costs more, but you get the premium features that you do buy forever.   Does that clear it up?   Thanks, Tom