Hope Calendar is a gorgeous new universal Windows 10 and Mobile app

For those who use their phones for business (instead of just pleasure), the calendar is one of the most important aspects. The calendar is the hub for telling where you need to be next and because of that everyone has their needs and wants for it.

Hope Calendar is a new app made for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Frankly, we have not yet seen a lot of calendar apps for Windows 10 and Mobile, and that's what makes this app interesting.

The new Hope Calendar app starts from the idea that the datebook needs to be simple, but pleasing to look at too. From there, it adds features, while keeping the overall theme minimalist. What's even better is the idea that you don't need to set up anything on your device as it just plugs into your existing calendar and Outlook settings.

Let's take a look at the main features in Hope Calendar:

-Beautiful and simple design -Supports Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, Office 365, iCloud -Beautiful, simple month and agenda views -Heat Map feature shows you when you are free and when you are busy -Large live tile shows up to 5 appointments

Hope Calendar had a soft release in the last few weeks, but now that the app has had an update, user feedback is flowing in, and things are becoming stable the company is making a more aggressive launch. Hope Calendar also recently had an update, adding the following:

  • Month Search: Ever find yourself wondering which days you're meeting with Bob? Or which days to call in sick on? Month Search makes it super easy to visualize when important meetings are coming up
  • Heat Map Improvements: Want to glance at your calendar and see your busiest days of the month? Heat map colors your days darker or brighter depending on how busy your schedule is looking
  • Performance boost in month view
  • Styling and usability improvements
  • Add ability for user to turn off Seasonal banners and use a solid color banner instead

And since Hope Calendar is a long term project, here are a few things being worked on right now for a future release:

  • Day View
  • New stylish Tile Templates
  • Improvements to Agenda View
  • Ability to scope search to this week, month, year for both future and the past

I have been using Hope Calendar for many weeks now under the beta testing program and like what I see. The app looks clean and adds just the right amount of options for a v1.0 release to make it worth checking out.

Hope Calendar is also free to use but with ads. If you want to remove those you can make an in-app purchase for $2.49. However, the company is running a promo, and you can unlock the ads and get any future pro content for 99 cents.

I think Hope Calendar has a lot of potential and at the very least you should download it and give a quick gander. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, which is fine and why it's free to use as there is no risk. Personally, I'm hoping for a dark theme at some point, and I'm looking forward to some those new Tile templates.

Give it a go and sounds off in comments on what you think.

Download Hope Calendar for Windows 10 and Mobile

QR: Hope Calendar

Join the Hope Calendar beta!

One thing I have learned from this job is that people have very precise ideas of what makes a great calendar app. That's why I'm glad to see the group behind Hope Calendar opening up their app to beta testers.

Have an opinion about the app and what it should get next? Sign up and jump in right here: http://hopeapps.com/beta and get started!

Daniel Rubino

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