Hotmail getting a revamp

One gripe we have had with Windows Live is that everything is all over the place. Instant messaging over here, email over there and nothing really in one core location. Windows live plans to make changes to that. The new Windows Live Hotmail Wave 3 is going to have things like a new UI, IM built into email (probably like Gmail), and an integrated calendar. Combine this with the fact that it

WC Staff
  • I switched from GMail to Hotmail (or Live Mail) back when the Hotmail Beta showed up. I've been extremely happy with it since then. The web front end (at least at the time I switched) was way better than what GMail offered. Real folders, context-menus when right-clicking, drag/drop, automatic filters, etc. Very AJAXy, very slick.
  • I want to recover my skydrive on line in my nick.