How to add Apple Music rich presence to Discord

Discord and Apple Music
Discord and Apple Music

Sharing what you're listening to on Spotify with your Discord pals is super simple, unless you're an Apple Music subscriber. Apple Music isn't integrated into Discord the way Spotify is, but thanks to an immense developer community, where there's a will, there's a way.

How to add Apple Music rich presence to Discord

iTunes Rich Presence

iTunes Rich Presence

There are some caveats to this method, and while it's not the only one around, it does seem to be the most user-friendly. This particular method relies on using a Windows PC and an app called iTunesRichPresence to push your information to Discord. It doesn't reflect anything you might listen to on Apple Music from another device.

  1. Download iTunesRichPresence for Windows.
  2. Extract all files in the zip.
  3. Run the application iTunesRichPresence-rewrite.
  4. Click settings.
  5. Check run on startup.

The last step isn't mandatory, but it's recommended since it means you won't have to keep opening the app every time you boot your PC in order to integrate with Discord. There's no login required or linking manually to Discord; the app just does everything it needs to do in the background.

One advantage to using this method over any other is the customization you get with it. Not only can you push Apple Music's rich presence into Discord, but you can also decide how it looks.

Using the token toolbox you can create your own layout to display in Discord concerning albums, artists, playlists, playback time. and even how you want it to appear when you pause the music. It's not important to keep the app in the foreground either — just set it up once and it minimizes to the system tray.

If you enable run on startup you'll never need to look at it unless you want to change something.

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