How do you feel about Windows 10 Mobile today?

With the Creators Update bringing no new features to phones, Microsoft cutting support for several Windows phones, and still no word from Microsoft on the future of Windows 10 Mobile, it's no surprise that some fans aren't feeling too good about the platform right now.

Over on our forums, more fans than ever seem to be losing hope. And, frankly, we don't blame them. This last week, phones such as the Lumia 930 and 1520 were taken off the list of supported devices for any future Windows 10 Mobile feature updates, a rather big blow.

Seems like a lot of news got dumped this week on the W10 Mobile front. Most of it ambiguous, some of it a let down. How is everyone feeling about this? We've got the Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition, an announcment that most Windows Phones have been axed from future updates (normally this is routine news but with it's 2-year update cycle that is a lot of now axed models), and even Windows Central...


And there are now rumors that after Redstone 3, Windows 10 Mobile will be killed off. It's all doom and gloom for Windows phone fans right now, but hopefully that'll change soon. At the Build 2017 conference that's just around the corner, we're hoping Microsoft will talk about the future of phones, and perhaps we'll get a better idea of what exactly is going on.

How are you feeling about Windows 10 Mobile today?

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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