How consumables work in Anthem

Anthem Titan fight
Anthem Titan fight (Image credit: EA)

In Anthem, BioWare's new science-fiction multiplayer game, there are consumable items that the player can obtain and use to boost their statistics. However, it can be confusing to know both how to get them and what they're for specifically since the game is rather vague about them. Fear not, however: we've figured out the answer to both questions, and we have all the details you need to know in this quick guide.

What are consumables for?

The consumables in Anthem are one-time use items called inscriptions that boost a player's health, shielding, heat capacity (important when flying) or one of the various types of damage during an expedition, such as a mission or a session of freeplay. At the start of the game, you'll only be able to use one inscription per expedition. However, at level 20, you'll unlock the ability to use two, and at level 30, you can utilize three of them at once, which will make your life a lot easier in endgame activities.

How can you make consumables?

Before you can make inscriptions, you need to find the blueprints for them during gameplay. This isn't difficult for ones of Uncommon rarity since they are (ironically) a common loot drop, but for the Rare and Epic variants that boost your stats significantly more, you'll need to do Stronghold expeditions. Strongholds are lengthy structured missions with a large boss at the end, and they require a full team of competent players in order to complete.

Once you have the blueprints for inscriptions, crafting them is either easy or difficult depending on the rarity of the inscription you're making. You're going to need a handful of ember items with a rarity that corresponds to the rarity of the inscription that you want to make. For example, if you wanted to make a Rare Melee Sigil inscription (pictured above) than you would need two Rare embers. Embers are some of the resources that you can loot from plants and stashes found in the open world, and as you'd expect, a higher rarity ember has a lower chance of dropping. Uncommon embers drop all the time, Rare ones drop every so often, and Epic ones are rare finds.

Once you've collected the embers you need, the last step is going into the expedition menu by hopping into your javelin. Once there, you tab to the consumables menu on the right, select the blueprint for the inscription you want to make and then craft it. Then, move over to the equip menu and select your inscription(s). You're good to go!

Your thoughts

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Anthem is expected to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 22 for $60. If you have an EA/Origin Access or an Origin Access Premiere subscription, you can play it early right now on Xbox One and PC.

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