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Update: The Korek Charm now costs one rare infected trophy to apply as of a hotfix released on March 18. This is an adjustment from the previously applied 666 scrap. The added durability has also been returned to +500. Details in the guide have been updated to reflect this alongside information on acquiring the necessary materials.

The first Dying Light game had a weapon repair system that while not allowing for permanent use of your favorite, did make it easy enough to keep them around for longer. The sequel does away with this, and while mods can reinstate durability, nothing lasts forever.

Or does it?

There is a way to have basically unlimited weapon durability in Dying Light 2 by way of the Korek Charm. This item is hidden in a secret developer room that anyone can unlock with a little patience after progressing to a certain point in the game. This charm can be applied, removed, and re-applied to replenish up to 500 durability on any weapon with a charm socket. So you definitely want this in your inventory.

Here's how to get it.

How to unlock the secret developer room

Dying Light 2 Source: Windows Central

The Korek Charm can be found in a secret room dedicated to Dying Light 2 developer Techland and its team in the Central Loop area of the map. The first stage of getting it is to actually unlock the developer room and it can be a tad tricky.

The first thing you must do is complete the "Broadcast" mission. This is because you need access to the roof of the VNC Tower. You could veer off and open the room before completing the final steps of the mission, but you'd then have to scale the entire VNC Tower again. And you don't want to do that.

Once you complete the "Broadcast" mission you unlock easy access to the roof of the VNC Tower. To get there now you simply go into the lobby on the ground floor, get in the elevator and ride to the roof. No parkour is necessary.

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When you get to the roof head to the shelter where you have a bed and your stash and climb on top of it. Looking towards the south and southwest you'll see two towers, similar in height and both much smaller than the VNC Tower. Your destination is the closest of the two towers, so take that leap of faith, pop open the paraglider and drift on over.

If this is your first time on this rooftop you'll also find a military airdrop which you should open first. Inside you'll find some military tech and other loot and you'll get some XP for opening it the first time, too.

Your focus is on the electrical box in the middle. You need to head to it and grab the cable, then do a complete 180 and head to the edge of the rooftop. Specifically, you need to head to the point marked with a yellow plank of wood on the ground. Basically, you need to jump off here and head down two floors, but if you get it wrong you'll wind up respawning somewhere without the cable.

The easiest way to do this is to jump off backward and immediately open your paraglider. Don't hold the button for the paraglider (X on Xbox) because you'll drop the cable, you only need to press it quickly to open the glider. But now you'll drift down gently and since you're facing the building when you get to your floor you'll just float inside.

The floor you want isn't the first one you'll come across, so you may need to repeat the process and jump down another floor.

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When you're on the right floor, attach the cable you're carrying to the red electrical box and turn it on. Next, turn around, head to the back of the room, and grab the next cable from the green box on this floor.

Head to the edge once again marked by a yellow plank and do the same process again. Turn around, jump off backward, pop the paraglider and float down a couple of floors. Attach the cable to the red box, turn around, and go collect the next cable from the green box at the back of the room.

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This jump is a little different from the previous two. Head out onto the small piece of roof and again locate the yellow plank on the floor. Take the same approach, go off backward, pop the glider, and float all the way down to the next piece of the rooftop. When you land, turn immediately to your right, locate the next yellow plank and do the exact same.

The next piece of open roof you land on is the last (thank goodness) so don't go jumping off anymore. Instead, go into the room, hook up the cable and activate the switch directly to the right of it

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Now all you have to do is open the doors, but don't go running in. Hang back a little and wait because otherwise, an exploding zombie will be on you. So dispense with it first, then go forth into the secret developer room.

How to get the Korek Charm

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Inside the secret developer room, you'll find two individual rooms and there are two rewards to be gained in here. The other is the Left Finger of gloVa, but to get the Korek Charm you need to be in the first room.

By the TV you will see a table surrounded by four seats, which will be labeled as "sit by the campfire". There's an item on the table which you can pick up and read, but this is a message from the developer, not the item you're looking for.

To get the Korek Charm you have to sit in each of the four spots for a few seconds. So one by one, sit down, wait a few seconds, get up, move to the next one and repeat. Once you've sat in all four positions, when you stand up for the final time you'll see some sparks, and the Korek Charm will spawn on the table in front of you.

How to use the Korek Charm and why it's so good

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There's a reason you want the Korek Charm and there's a reason it's not the simplest thing to get hold of. Likewise that you can't just get it right at the beginning of the game because it's so powerful it can completely change the game.

The Korek Charm applies +500 durability to any weapon it's applied to, and it can be equipped to a weapon in all four slots at the same time. But +500 isn't unlimited durability, is it? It isn't, but the beauty of the Korek Charm is that it can be removed and reapplied and you'll get that +500 boost again. So before any weapon breaks, do this, it'll be good as new again.

The Korek Charm now costs one rare Infected Trophy to apply, which is more than the original cost of free, but a lot less than the stealthily added 666 scrap from patch 1.2. These aren't too difficult to acquire, and we've got a guide to help you efficiently farm Infected Trophies whatever level your character is at.

It's important to remember you don't actually get an additional 300 durability, that's the maximum benefit. If your weapon only has a 175 durability score, for example, it will only repair to 175. But +500 is enough for any weapon to get its full durability back.

Since there's no repair system in Dying Light 2 as there was in the first game, the Korek Charm is invaluable if you want to keep hold of your favorite weapons for longer. Especially since some, like the legendary quality Timeout, you can't currently get in the game.

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