How great would Pokémon Go be on HoloLens?

You may have noticed several places that aren't Windows Phones have been enjoying a new Augmented Reality game, Pokémon Go. If you've taken the time to look at it on an Android phone or iPhone, it's neat. You use your real location to find creature to capture, and then use those creatures to fight with other players in the real world. Even if you have never paid any mind to the 20 years of Pokémon culture around the world, it's a fun idea.

The only real limitation to the experience is having to look at this digital world through the little screen on your phone. How great would it be if you could just use your head to see the Pokémon hiding in the cabinets or under your kitchen table? What we really need is Pokémon Go for HoloLens!

Microsoft Hololens

This is exactly the sort of thing HoloLens and Google Glass need in order to show off what the big deal is about AR. As much fun as it is to play Minecraft on your end table or stream Xbox One games to the wall in your living room, the real magic of Augmented Reality is walking around in your physical space and seeing something new as you turn the corner. A digital world overlay on your physical world, is that really so much to ask?!

Augmented Reality isn't the thing that makes people flock to this game, but Pokémon Go is exposing a huge number of people to the technology.

A HoloLens version of Pokémon Go would obviously be very different from what people are currently doing on their phones. For starters, no one is going to go walking around town with HoloLens on. After all, there's no cellular connection (although you could tether to your smartphone)! It's also a little on the bulky side, and no amount of Team Rocket insignia stickers will convince other Pokémon Go players that you're not doing something weird under that visor. Contained to your house, or even your front and back yard? This game would be an incredible amount of fun on HoloLens.

It's doubtful we'll ever see an official release of Pokémon Go on HoloLens, no mater what was hinted at during an interview, but the current craze makes it clear there's room in the world for something like this to really take off. Augmented Reality isn't the thing that makes people flock to this game, but Pokémon Go is exposing a huge number of people to the technology. That's good for everyone interested in things like HoloLens, as it paves the way for further adoption when users see there are practical examples AR in action, not just catching Pokémon.

Russell Holly

Russell is a tech nerd who chases the best of everything, from phones to game consoles to laptops and everything glowing or beeping. He's the Managing Editor of gaming content for Mobile Nations and can be found contributing to all of the Mobile Nations sites. Reach out on Twitter!

  • Omg I'm so over this already.... But still have the snark to comment
  • yeaah coz you will be so cool on da street with a helmet like this and the sunlight shining through the panel.. so goood so coool NOPE #Fail
  • Why not? Have you used one?
  • I think most would be envious if they saw someone out in public using this device.
  • A great way of getting robbed of your $3000+ headset
  • That's why they make COWBOY HATS, dumbass. :D
  • Well, duh...everybody knows that.
  • LOL.
  • dumb ***** play a dumb ******* game
  • I agree actually. I have the game but the way wcentral covers it, its like fox news on Benghazi.
  • Lmao oh dear that's a winner
  • Finally, someone who's let Pokémon go
  • Finally, someone who's let Pokémon go
  • pls just die. that pun probably killed someone
  • Dumb ***** Play a dumb ******* game!!
  • Yes it would be great for the game and the platform, I would dare say that these kind of games will drive the price down of the overall device and improve the platform.
  • I think it's a great idea, and could possibly help to bring it to all W10 devices. We gotta look at the bigger picture here.
  • We can't even get it in a phone and we're talking about how great it would be in HoloLens? That's like saying how great it would be to be a millionaire with only $5 in your pocket. First things first.
  • Touché
  • Yeah because so many people want to go out to the streets and look like a total idiot...
  • To be fair, that's basically what happened when cell phones, or bluetooth, handheld gaming, or any technology first started.
  • Yeah because so many people want to go out to the streets and look like a total idiot...
    So you have actually seen people playing this on their phones already lol. Because frankly, it's not that much different.
  • The main difference is that with this, people might actually pay attention to where they are walking. :p
  • This concept is old. Ingress from google does something like this for years. Pokemons are more popular though,so it's a hype.
  • Dude, the developer of ingress and Pokémon go are the same...look it up
  • Hey, people still buy android phones so I wouldn't count that out.
  • And lots of childlike saddos running around with their phones chasing Pokétwats aren't idiots?
  • It would be amazing!.... But now it just depends on "when"
  • I gest it would be too good, and fun
  • This is exactly what we need. A bunch of morons walking and driving around wearing stupid looking headsets and playing stupid mindless games!
  • Has Windows Central become an all-time fan of Pokémon Go? Publishing 4 articles about it in one day.
  • Meanwhile the windows central app continues to crash every other time I try to open it.
  • This started with the last update. Uninstall then reinstall.
  • I tried that and it didn't help.
  • It's not something new, it's been crashing like that for a while, it's why the release notes for every recent update mention fixing it...
  • It is more stable than ever if you reinstall it, and app development has NOTHING to do with article writers...
  • If it's only every other time, you're having better luck than me. It takes me at least twice to open, pretty much every time (except when It's already in memory).
  • Well, like the game or not, it is a pretty big deal (just look at Bing news and even Nintendo's stock over the last couple days). And if you think the number of Pokemon articles on Windows Central is high, check out iMore. The whole feed is almost all Pokemon related articles. Crazy.
  • Pretty much summing up how ios users think. If they accept crapp why should others? Android fans are equally "smart". I am starting to feel that windows users are a hope in this era of buying phones to play a game, media is forcing up their ass! No thanks. Their are other things to do, and better. Called life. So, yeah, we should make a scene when seeing this SPAMkemon all over windows central.
  • Sour grapes much?
  • It represents easy clicks for them, sadly.
  • Time to poke off.
  • Actually, every major tech site is publishing articles. It's a big bad so why not cash in on it?
  • You should head over to android central, there's literally been over 20 articles (no kidding) in the past 24 hours alone. Comments are hilarious thiugh :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well Yugioh for HoloLens is coming out soon: I'm sure some form of Pokemon for the HoloLens could come out eventually too ;)
  • Oh boy! Another article about Pokemon! It has been about 15 minutes since the last one. Can't waint until the next one appears!
  • lol, I love how some of you act like it's your job to read articles here.
  • Not really. But it was a nice get away from the angst in your day to read about Windows. It is all Pokichew or what ever now. Like going to ESPN and they spend the whole time talking about the stock market value of the NFL.
  • More like when every other ESPN article was about Tim Tebow.
  • I love how you have made it your job to write exclusively about Pokemon. You know how much I like this site, but seriously, when there is so much other news that could be written but instead we get article after article about a game that is not available on the Windows ecosystem, it is a bit odd. I don't go over to imore and read aritcle after article dreaming of the day when some software will finally be available on Mac or iOS. We don't read about how the Tivo software would look if it were run on AppleTV. I don't go to AndroidCentral and read about people longing to run Visual Studio on Chromebooks. But somehow, we need to look longingly at the other platforms over a game that relatively few are playing.  And what is up with the attacks over my comment, and the same for others? We have a list of the usual people who are in every single article, trolling away over and over. And I don't see you making your snarky replies in their comments. Why are you accepting of the trolls, but those who support this community, those who supports the company that it is your charter to write about, they are called out? Why don't we see your comments in response to vhyr, Lord Method Man, and all the other trolls who are here to do nothing but destroy. But I make a comment about repeated articles, and here you are.
  • Do you need a hug?  
  • From a man? No.
  • ? What's wrong with a hug from a man? 
  • Ohhhhhh.... Are you giving them away?!?!?
  • "there is so much other news that could be written" I don't think there really is that much more to write for in the Windows world. Care to give examples?
  • Just a few articles on other sites: Goldman Sachs: Microsoft most ‘Strategic Vendor'
    Microsoft makes Finnish phone unit closure and job cuts official
    Microsoft cloud chosen to drive New Zealand’s electronic health systems
    Microsoft rolls out TypeScript 2.0 beta
    Major Nelson hints at Xbox One bundle deals for tomorrow’s Amazon Prime Day Of course, if they would write about these then you would have the usual trolls whining about how this site is stealing stories from other stories, for which you didn't have Daniel replying to them.   And with all the news about Pokemon, why not print some of the negative articles? Why not articles about the people being robbed by using this game? About how it is not available in all countries (When in India)? About how the servers are having problems?  
  • Why not articles about the chronic knee injuries Windows phone users suffer from constantly begging developers to bring their apps over?
  • Flexes knees... Nope, no problems here. And this is the troll posts I was talking about. But no snark from Daniel. Nope, these troll posts seem to be welcomed. 
  • Well this is better than the drivel "Build 13566.56 is released" then five minutes later another article "build 135567 is released" or "how to shut down your PC in Windows 10" etc articles. But ok, nobody forces me to read them so thats ok. I am here tho for the Windows phone/mobile articles. And this is a story for mobile. Nohone, I do see your point in terms of trolls commenting but this is not a feel good site. One thing I liked about the journalists on WindowsCentral is that they don't have much ( except Jason) bias towards MS. So keep on reporting the good, bad and the ugly of this platform as it should be for all.
  • Well it is kinda a big thing in the mobile world at the moment:)
  • Its not big enough for this many articles in 48 hours. Most people are laughing at these idiots walking out in traffic while playing it. I'd read that article...the guy that caused a big wreck, slamming his breaks on during rush hour on the busy New York highway, trying to catch a Pokichew. I'd read an article covering all these clowns.
  • I think they'd need to work on battery life first
  • 2/2.5 hours of battery is usually enough, and you can actually tether a battery to it if you wanted via micro USB
  • That's the actual battery time of the HoloLens? Nice, I would expect about 30 minutes. That sure is promising for future editions!
  • People have been asking for this since the HoloLens was announced. It would be incredible.
  • Trudeau! Woohoo!!
  • There's a lot of angst in these Pokémon thread comments from users. Yikes. I picked up a cheap Android to play this with my friends and roommates. It's cool, I hope it comes to Windows 10 (Mobile), it may be a passing fad but it also may not. I'd appreciate it being on Windows, even if just so no one feels left out. I know not everyone can just go and drop cash on a pre-paid phone. Still no reason to change my main phone for one game, even if the Microsoft Arrow launcher made the Android home screen much more useful haha.
  • Which one did you get? I tried this with a ZTE earlier and kept getting "gps not found" errors - had to take the phone back. :(
  • I'm curious too.  I've been using an iPhone 4s and it runs horribly and crashes when trying to catch every other Pokémon.
  • Welcome to the day of: Your phone is old man!!! And "always being great and fast" claims of apple aren't quite true, you know? In fact by now you should have had other phones;).
  • Let's change this site from WindowsCentral to PokemonCentral.
  • Ooh if you feel this way about 4 articles, don't even go to Android Central...
  • LOL. Holo what? When this thing drop in price to a level that the consumer could buy we could be getting Android phones inside cereal boxes. ROFLMAO. It's so sad the Windows community right now.
  • Can we let Pokémon Go already?
  • Ha2, i see what you did there.
  • That main picture is awesome. Like he's seeing some virtual boobies.
  • And pretty much shows how stupid people look wearing this or any other VR headset. That for me trumps price for the biggest barrier to mass adoption for Hololens in particular.
  • No GPS. No cellular connectivity. No battery life. Looking dork. No availability. No users. Costing 3000$. Yes it will come and be great.. UWP!
  • "bbut there ignoring teh 350.000.000 millon Windos users by ignoring You Dubya Pee!"
  • You are just pissed because you have.. No money. No parents willing to buy you one. No brain to use it. Looking like a dork even without one.
  • If we are going to talk games, let me ask this. Games like Inside on Xbox seems like it could run on phones like the 950 hard would it be for them to move it to the phone?
  • A general Pokémon filter would be great not Pokémon on a $3000 device
  • Pokémon..... What the fu#k is Pokémon.
  • Not sure if you are just that young, or oblivious, of if you really have no idea.... Hoping for the last option.
  • Oh no the trolls are here... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (V10 or Nexus 5X)
  • Battlefield 1 augmented reality tournaments in an indoor course would be crazy popular
  • I'd live there
  • I'm a hard core Microsoft fan but I bought an Iphone because I had to play this game and I have 0 regrets but I'm still using my WP
  • Ouch. I'm using an android... Would never cough up the cash for iphone
  • :))). This is sad. Really sad.
  • give them hell about it here.
  • These articles are hurting more than helping. Just rub it in...just rub it in...
  • maybe they dont know, but you can just run the damn android app with an emulator on hololens, its a x86 pc after all
  • Omg WC having bo#er with Pokemon. Should do the same with Snapchat... Ok, so now you care about mobile???
  • Stop with that pokemon thing
  • You know what we need more of on this web site? posts about a game that isn't even available on any platform covered by this web site...
  • Imagine yu-gi-oh it will be amazing.
  • Let's write 5 articles today about a fad of the month iOS game that nobody will still be playing by the time HoloLens becomes available to the public. Of all the important apps that Windows needs this app doesn't deserve the attention the biggest Windows site is giving.
  • Well, looks like this Pokemon Go can't run on my KitKat based LG G3. The fragmentation is still strong on Android.
  • KitKat is a few versions back now. Your G3 should have at least an update to Lollipop. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Worked fine on my Moto X KitKat. 
  • Every time I hear the word Pokemon I have to laugh my ass off. It sounds so ridiculously childish and funny. I never understood what this bullshit is about.
  • Well, it obviously doesn't concern ignorant, self centered meatheads.
  • ...said the faceless Internet user dumping curse words and blanket insults to prove he's "mature." Please, throw out your favorite forms of media, so you can subject yourself to the same ridicule you're so quick to toss out.
  • Pokémon Go apparently let's you find dead bodies, get into car accidents and severely hurt yourself because your not paying attention where you're walking.
  • I don't get why all of this hype. I've seen the game working (most of the time it didn't though, very disappointing) and I didn't see what's spectacular about it. At least for me, it seems like a game to be excited about, play a few days and let it sit on your SD card forever. And based on other comments, it appears that "anyone who didn't like it never played Pokemon". My childhood was in Pokemon's peak. Playing it on my GabeBoy color was one of the greatest joys I've had back then, but c'mon, it's just a game, guys. This is the third article about it in 2 days. Just stop. Please.
  • Having used the Hololens myself, this would be awesome but there are also risks. Inside the home I would be fine with it, but using a battery backpack and running around outside would be too dangerous. I could see the headlines now, "Child killed playing Pokemon GO while wearing Hololens". The game itself will soon be in financial ruin once the first lawsuits start hitting home due to personal injuries and robberies. Pokemon GO will be a flash in the pan at current rate unless the vendor gets better control over its creation.        
  • How great would going to a site whose platforms doesn't have Pokemon Go without having the game shoved in our face be? Is it just that slow of a news time that this is what we need inundated with, or are the writers just that depserate to stir the pot for clicks? This is getting stupid.
  • No they all have Windows Phone devices AND ANDROID or iOS devices, SO they are playing it, loving it and want to talk about it.... because every news outlet IS talking about it... I might as well try it...I have a LG G4... as well as a Nokia ICON that seems to be collecting a lot of dust..
  • "No they all have Windows Phone devices AND ANDROID or iOS devices" There is literally one person I know who its that statement, and it's my sister. Continue with your blanket statements, though.
  • Pokémon my foot who needs such game here , I don't know why people tend to love things that are for kids
  • Sigh, you must be old...  Apps and games are fun and even adults can enjoy them, unless one has a closed mind to things like that and that sounds like you.
  • Close minded? Sounds quite harsh for something that is actually true. He may be close minded, for you, but an adult buying phones to have pokemon or whatever other useless stuff, please tell me, how is he called? The smart-one!? We are living in the era of "dumbification" and seems like all embrace it with ease...
  • Would be great on Cardboard! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Pokémon go is cool and all, but if you live in my country and people saw you walking around the city holding your phone out in the open most likely your phone wouldn't be yours for thieves will rejoice on this concept!
    P.S. I live in the Philippines
  • Yu Gi Yo will be much more fun to play.
  • New Yu Gi Yo cards with NFC integration and AR app!!! Quick MS, get to work with licensing...
    I remember Yu Gi Oh was the next large card crazy after Pokémon (elementary to junior high). Will history repeat itself?
  • The article might as well been title , How great would it be to play Pokémon GO while riding a llama naked on the moon.
  • It would be terrible. Kids are meandering across busy streets, not paying attention as it is (playing this game). I hope this fad dies, and fast.
  • Why is this even a topic for Windows Phone, a platform that this game hasn't even been developed for? Just saying. It would be okay fun with my four year old if they made it for my phone.
  • Yea but, at $3000 for the HoloLens, No one is going to spend that much money to play games, If it was $300-500 I could see it. Would be neat no question but, they have no plans for WIndows 10 or Mobile so...that dream is dead anyway.
  • The only thing holding hololens back for consumer is pricing. If MS finds a way to release a poor mans version of hololens through MS or an OEM partner then it will be the next thing. 
  • This is the crap MSFT wants you to believe. MSFT absolutely needs to produce this by themselves, to protect the technology from being copied in chinese factories. This absolutely prohibits far lower prices. We will see prices go down, but not into the sub $1,000 range anytime soon.
  • You think HoloLens is not manufactured in China?
  • Why is there a picture of JUSTIN on this post? Because he is wearing a hololense or because no one in here other then us Canadians know who he is?  
  • Nintendo beat MS (HoloLens) and Google (Glass) for getting AR into mainstream...
    While most ppl will agree that HoloLens would make the experience more immersive, Pokémon Go requires moving to different locations with a data connection. HoloLens may not be the best fit for such an application.
    Sometimes I wonder if a full headset immersive experience is really necessary unless you want to go hardcore or for long periods (heard this is a prob with headsets too though). Remember 3D? People didn't like wearing the glasses... I suppose convenience was problem. Too be honest, I would be fine with using a phone/tablet to view AR content as I find myself glue to screens during most of the day anyway...
  • Welcome to Poké
  • What the hack is this pokemongo hype? And why is this like a news or something? Come on people, focus! Pokebro tro my a**.
  • Super cool... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, when in India?#PokémonGo
  • Using Hololens as a honeypot for developers on tight resources won't work, as it will be device #347 on the list. Using Islandwood won't work either, because it is neither ready, nor answers it the most pressing needs, nor is it available to the dev platforms used. MSFT has no valid answer to the app gap; I can see only two approaches: Either they try very hard to offer mobile devs a cloud-based engineering and continuous integration toolchain, to make rolling out software for almost any device platform independent and zero hassle, or they should just bring back Astoria. Any other strategy won't work.
  • Dream on.. How cool would pokemon be on windows.. Dream and keep dreaming
  • Is this windows central or Pokémon central?
  • Amazon Central.
  • Keep dreaming lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There already have been people robbed using the game, and the game is meant to play outside walking. Hololens has no place in the game, since already people are not paying any attention to their surroundings. The though of crating it for the game should be scrapped.
  • I'm out of the loop. I thought Pokemon Go was a Tinder-like app for Jamaicans.
  • Awesome!
  • i would get robbed in the first day if i walk in the streets with a device like that (expensive and nothing discreet) ...
  • i laugh at those people that play Pokémon Go! cause they ******* stupid as ****! lmao
  • Pokemon GO on Hololens WOULD be SO COOL XD can't wait for it to be: 2.released But i also think that pokemon GO should have a fighting system even out of Gyms becus then whats the point of starter pokemon if you'll find a pokemon with higher cp in maybe the first few catches? plus fighting wild pokemon not only would make it more fun but would also give a purpose to starters.