This is how Windows Phone users are reacting to Pokémon Go

Everyone's talking about Pokémon Go, the crazy popular new game that launched over the weekend. Unfortunately, it's only available on Android and iOS, and we're not exactly confident that it will ever show up on Windows 10. About 35,000 people have already signed a petition to bring Pokémon Go to our favorite platform, but while we wait for that to happen, let's look at some of the reactions from Windows Phone users missing out on Pokémon Go.

There's sadness

Some Windows Phone users are really sad seeing all their friends get excited about Pokémon Go while the Windows app is nowhere to be seen.

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There's crying

We expected to see a crying Michael Jordan tweet, but the crying Pikachu seems more appropriate. Do you need a tissue?

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But some people get creative

Others make the best of a bad situation. No Windows Phone app? You can get real Pokémon toys or even transform your Windows Phone Start Screen into a Pokémon.

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And this one goes old school

If all else fails, you can grab a Game Boy (opens in new tab) on Amazon and play the original game!

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The game is about catching Pokémon, battling at gyms, and evolving your creatures while exploring the real world. Your virtual avatar moves when you move. You can explore your neighborhood with friends, and possibly meet new ones at historical landmarks disguised as PokéStops where players can find special items.

Pokémon come in variety of types, shapes, and sizes. Each area on the map has a specific Pokémon type, and some creatures are more difficult to find than others. For example, you can head to local lakes, ponds, or beaches to find water-type Pokémon.

Pokémon Go sure looks fun, but unfortunately all the Windows Phone users can't play it yet. How do you feel about missing out on Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • I wonder how everyone can be so sure that Microsoft employees aren't spending the day walking around capturing Pokémon with their HoloLens in the Microsoft Campus.
  • How does Hololens help Windows phone users? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Helps them get their mind off it?
  • Since it is one Sourcecode.. it would. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But Hololens hasn't even been released and isn't going to be released in the near future or maybe even ever. It certainly isn't going to drive developers interest in Windows phones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They have already made public Pokemon GO will be available for hololens. That means it has been or is being ported for windows. Nintendo has just made the consious dicision to ignore windows tablet and phone market. It seems realy dumb if you ask me. They might want to wait til the other markets start to drop and then try and bleed some money out of us. It is time for windows users to say  We will not be discriminated against anymore.   Create a pokemon go account and mail the support asking for a windows version, P.S. I don't like pokemon but still doing it. I have an IPhone, access to 2 Samsungs and an 950 XL .... I only use the 950XL because it is far superior to the rest.
  • "It seems realy dumb if you ask me." but noone asks you.
    "We will not be discriminated against anymore." Ok, m8 say it!
  • New group  WPULM Windows Phone Users Lives Matter.
  • Where did they say Pokemon will be available for Hololens? Cardboard is mentioned in the app, but I do not see anything where they claim to be making a Hololens version. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Think of the failed project Astoria!
  • They aren't.
  • Maybe they are.
  • Because MS employees use iPhones.
  • So you're saying they also prefer Google Glass on top of HoloLens?
  • Google Glass is dead but it's not like Microsoft employees all got HoloLens as a gift or someting. They slowly sent it out to developers, the only MS employees who would have it are those developing apps for it or working on the platform itself
  • Hololens is already available to non MS developers and they have given it to some employees
  • And Satya Nadella uses iPhone Pro.
  • meTelephone pro retina steve jobs edition
  • Satya is turning Windows mobile into productivity OS. Windows mobile is super productive when it has no Pokemon Go, lol.
  • really,  He wants the corporate cubical slaves to work work work,  no games or pokemon for you cube dwellers!  ha ha 
  • Shannon Loftis, head of Microsoft Studios, already exposed herself on Twitter as a non-Windows phone user by tweeting about Pokemon Go. You're right, though, that HoloLens makes a lot more sense as a Pokemon Go device than smartphones do.
  • And when was not ok to own an iPhone because you're head of Microsoft Studios? We're in the Post-Ballmer era.
  • Where did I say it was not okay for the head of Microsoft Studios to own an iPhone? Got any more words you'd like to put in my mouth?
  • probably due to the negative connotation in "... already exposed ..."  implying shame...
  • "Already" is a simple adverb indicating that something has occurred in response to someone wondering if it has or has not. In response to the OP's post, its use makes perfect sense here and carries no additional connotation. "Expose" is simply a synonym of reveal. Any negative connotation for that word comes mostly from context, and nowhere did I shame her for this (although, she should be publicly shamed for publicly lying about other things, which she has been caught doing, but that's a different issue).
  • D-O-U-C-H-E-B-A-G noun informal an obnoxious or contemptible person, typically a man. see 'Coip'.
  • I would love to see what would happen to an apple exec if they were hopping around with a XL. 
  • I'd like to see something else put in your mouth to shut you up for good.
  • how about an iPhone 6s plus? it's pretty big
  • I love when comments are more entaining than articles. <3
  • What? I'd feel embarassed enough wearing a Google Glass around town, yet alone a HoloLens...
  • But HoloLens looks so much cooler than a Google Glass.
  • I wouldn't be caught dead in public with either of em
  • Don't worry, by the time it's released, they'll figure out a way to make it prettier. Hell, they may even release special edition as Halo, stormtrooper or even Power Rangers helmets. Imagine going around wearing a Power Ranger costume talking to someone no one else sees and making weird gestures with your hands in the air. Super!
  • I would love to see Holo lens like the Spartan Helmet!! that would be sick!!
  • I pressume HoloLens will end up being like a pair of sunglasses. They just have to adapt the Microsoft Wireless Display into it and voila, you have your WP in your poket powering your sunglases/hololens display (they will have to compress the sensors a little also..).
  • I have a Windows Phone and I can play the game. Connected my iPod to my phone's hotspot. Boom! Pokemon
  • You're winning! Hopefully you have a great data plan.
  • i have a cheap android phone that connects to my hotspot. lolōoololol
  • Lost concentration after "exposed herself"
  • Woah the down votes are going crazy today
  • People are commenting with the signature "this comment was posted using the Windows central app for android" automatic down vote. RIP Nokia phones and tablets.
  • Nah they are too busy playing yu-gi-oh with HoloLens :P
  • Does sound a lot like a Alex Kipman thing.
  • Yu-gi-oh? :O Really? Or are you just trolling? :D When I was a kid, I had like 2000 Yu-gi-oh cards, and loved it :D I would be the first to buy a HoloLens because of a Yu-gi-oh game :D So much memories... :D
  • And have the board attached to your arm, just like Battle City!!
  • Exactly :D
  • Start spreading the news!
  • Oh man... This game would be so much fun on HoloLens :D
  •  Ohhhh Yaaa...
  • For starters, HoloLens doesn't have GPS
  • Okay, I just said it would be fun on it :D I didn't say anything about if it's possible or not. No need for downvoting :D
  • I was replying to the original comment, not yours.
  • Oh, sorry mate.
  • Would it be that difficult or expensive to add GPS to the final release of HoloLens? I mean, if the Microsoft Band can have GPS... Then again, Microsoft said they never really intentioned for HoloLens to be a walk-around-in-public device, and perhaps it could connect to a GPS device like a smartphone instead.
  • You should make petition on that.
  • But does HoloLens 2 have GPS? ;)
  • I know for a fact i would never download pokemon go/stop or whatever
  • hololens can run android emulators, so yea that might be a possibility
  • For a brief period, One of the insider updates included a working Android emulator hidden behind the scenes. Though Microsoft never confirmed, this was most likely project Astoria. You could easily side load Android APK's and for the most part they worked really well. I'm guessing due to the ethics of it all and the lack of app control they removed it quickly. I would assume a Microsoft employee has a build with Astoria and could most likely play the game. 
  • lol! delusional. and even so, do you think EVERYONE has the financial capacity to own a hololens? you kidding us?!   get real.
  • No, more likely Microsoft Employees are walking around with their Android and iOS phones not caring.
  • Do you really want Pokémon Go with all the security issues they're having as, well as people are not paying attention to they're surroundings and being attacked.
    No thanks not me I'll Stick to GTA IV and V more fun.
  • I'm sure they doing exactly that, but with their iPhones.
  • I don't really get the hype.
  • It'll die off in like 24 hours. So much better games being developed for the HoloLens.
  • Yeah, I imagine there is a sizable population of us in the "don't give a crap" category.
  • Those guys are excited seems like they never had a childhood.
  • Or a girlfriend
  • What if your girlfriend likes Pokemon?
  • What if your wife likes Pokemon? And you like Pokemon? Its a neat app. I have it on a phone and have caught a few pokemon and seen a few highlights of interest around towns I wouldnt have known were there. Its actually really cool, not just neat. Try it out before assuming someone wouldnt want to play it, didnt have a childhood, or has no romantic interests. Its a pretty sweet game :).
  • I think it's like drugs, if you try them and don't like them there was no point in trying them, if you try them and like them you shouldn't have. Only right choice is not to try them :D We spend so much time with the damned smartphones in hand seeing all this hype about something that sucks away the few spare time people have worries me a lot. People at pubs looking at facebook instead of talking, people around town catching vritual pokemons, people getting killed by car accidents because they cross the sreet looking at the phone (real news). Sad times indeed.
  • And this is how you console your self for owning a crappy WP that has outdated software and always falling behind modern trends? So this the new thing now, accuse the users of TRUE SMARTPHONES of being junkies.. Sad!
  • Try and understand there is some normal people around the internet who use product they like, if I wanted an android I would buy it kid, I don't need to console myself, it's easy to understand. And if you you clearly can't understand a metaphor, go back to school.
  • Well, looking at the grammar in your reply, you are in dire need of re-education. LOL. Look at it this way: You will be "retrenching" in school just like your beloved Microsoft.
  • Yes please attack on grammar since you are so empty on concepts.
  • Well, at first say sensible words that I identify with to gain the right for a proper reply. Got it kiddo?
  • Yeah now you can't reply because your brain is not flexible enough to understand something not written in perfect English, ahahah
  • OMG.. Even your laugh is backwards. How delusional can you be? LOL... This says mountains about your background Winboy.
  • It's neat game, and the since it's become such a phenomenon, it's also become a big a social event. It will sizzle down after a while, but will likely retain a rather large active playerbase as long as they keep updating it.
  • Oh the pain... I want the app! :(
  • There's nothing wrong with carrying a Windows Phone and another Android Phone in 2 different pockets. That's what the Great Michael Fisher does.
  • Thing is I don't own a Android Phone and I can't even afford one right now! (Portugal is in a bad shape when it comes to finding jobs...)
    Either else, I'd be doing that!
  • I see. I hope the situation becomes better for you.
  • Thank you!!
  • congratulations for the EURO win!!!
  • :D Thank you!! And thanks to all the team that never gave up!!
  • At least you guys won the Euro 2016. :D
  • We were starving for the title since 2004! We lost back then to Greece, it was unfair. Now we redeemed against France! ^_^ Thank you for your support!
  • Now you are just ...starving...better times indeed :)
  • Indeed, we need better times for other things besides football too! :)
    And yes, Euro 2016 was a major win!!! :D I was confident but it still was a surprise!
  • Better you than French indeed :D
  • Ahahahahah! xD I like you! xD
  • But you won euro 2016 !!! :D
  • The problem is that people don't want to pay for a second phone for an app. My sister wanted me to try it yesterday, but it uses GPS, and the game won't acknowledge a GPS signal without the SIM card, meaning I'd have to have a second line with an Android device, or I would have to swap SIMs to play. As I don't have a spare AT&T Android device lying around (never owned one), it isn't as simple as grabbing another phone lying around the house.
  • Silly app and its double posting.
  • Ain't nobody got room for that!
  • Niantic has a Facebook, Instagram and twitter, on top of signing the petition. Hit them on social media. Explain to them how Universal apps work and how cool would there gam be not just on win10 mobile, but imagine this on a HoloLens.
  • Imagine people walking around town wearing a $3000 HoloLens walking out into traffic to catch Pokemon. Such a realistic scenario. Enjoy your Petition Phone platform.
  • W10M has just 10% of the installed base of itself small installed base of all Windows phones. No sense whatsoever to make 'universal' app.
  • If you think that, then you do not understand what Universal app means and how it works. You do not get it.
  • I know how it works. I also know that this app isn't usable on 99% of Windows 10 devices out there that run "Universal" apps.
  • Tsk tsk tsk.
  • And you don't get it that things like Pokémon Go are MOBILE-oriented and that a UWP of it is therefore completely useless.
  • If you think you are right that is OK. keep thinking like that it is OK. You are wrong but it is OK.
  • Are you implying people will go out to catch Pokemons, with a laptop?
  • Of course not, but they can do other things not though of yet, innovative thing for the game. I am suggesting that the prospect of UWA and what it can potentially mean later down the road would be the incentive for making the app in the first place.
  • Could you give us details of how would and uwp version would improve over the original app? And how would it be better than the iOS and Android version?
  • I did already in the comment you replied too, That is all thanks. Goodbye.
  • Most likely not a laptop, but a small tablet for sure. I've already seen people playing Pokemon Go on 7 and 8 inch Android tablets, so why not Windows 10 tablets? There's such a broad range of Windows tablets too. Big market there, especially in the fast growing hybrid market. It's not unreasonable for someone to use a Surface to play Pokemon Go.
  • You can target a UWP app to mobile only. There is no one stopping you from doing that..
  • Windows Mobile doesn't have the market share to deserve thr app, the whole point of uwp is to have apps to come to winmobile by leeching thrm out of desktops and laptops, the problem with this strategy is that with mobile oriented apps (you are not gonna use a laptop, nor a desktop to catch Pokemons) is completely useless, since the developers of this type of apps don't give a flying **** about the millions of desktops and laptops users since they are not their target market.
  • Not so. I've a windows tablet with built in GPS, camera and all the other necessary bits for the game. (Its a HP elitepad 900 - 3G model, a bit old and slow now, but still works for consuming vast amounts of online content). Point is, I could happily use this to play the game on the move...
  • You are on lone person, it's not worth the development effort for that small of a demographic
  • It is for some small teams... It really depends on several factors. Still, there is cases for the game as a UWP. And people should try to get it. :) It wont take away from Android or iOS because W10 has the game.
  • Many Windows 10 devices can be mobile: phones, tablets, 2-in-1s, laptops, HoloLens, etc.
  • Easy to claim he doesn't know anything while not showing you do. Universal requested to all W10 Devindra, but only the phone and HoloLens can actually make good use of this app. You need to move around the city and run GPS to play. That's not going to go over well with the majority of W10 devices, the desktops and bulky laptops with no GPS hardware.
    Maybe some newer hybrids could make it work, but you still have the attempt to play on a 10"+ display. Caring that around the park to play seems cumbersome. This is a game made for phones, and there aren't enough of those on W10M to justify Niantic's time and resources, given they still have to roll the game out to iOS and Android in several countries.
  • The Hololens has neither GPS nor a cellular modem for constant connectivity. Plus, would someone really walk around in public with that thing on their head just to catch some Pokemon?
  • If I had it, I would!
  • Heck yeah, they would! That's the kind of thing HoloLens exists for!
  • Trust me when I tell you that I know *exactly* what a Universal app is and how it works. The Windows Phone team also thinks exactly as you do, that Universal apps are The Answer. (Trust me. I used to work at MS.) That mindset is the exactly reason the platform has failed. (Not "is failing." Failed. It's dead.)
  • Windows central reported that W10M penetration is at just 11% of all windows phones. There are however 350M W10 pcs but that a different story. And no, a UWP still requires a bit of extra code/customization for each platform (phone, pc, Xbox, HoloLens) as the hardware capabilities and orientation of the screen differs on each. I know because im working on a Xamarin app supporting UWP (pc and phone), windows 8, wp8.1, android and ios (phone and tablet/pc). I was going to drop the two windows 8 projects from my app, but I at least need wp8 in conjunction with my W10M app.
  • UWP is as dead as Project Islandwood and Project Astoria.
  • Come back to reality because that's not remotely true.
  • So a universal app that can be played on any device isn't worht it? Phone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC, wearable, etc. Why wouldn't you want to write an app once and have it be available for eveerything?
  • Exactly and be available for future innovations.
  • Pleasen give an example of these future innovations. What "innovations" can a 100% mobile game add that would make it compelling on a laptop or desktop? And why would they waste time and money on that when they could be making the core mobile expereience better for Android and iOS users (99.4% of the mobile market)?
  • You want me to give an example of a future innovation???? Wow... The users in this forum have really surpassed A$$H0le levels.
  • If you're going to say they should make a UWP because of some potential innovation, you should be able to come up with at least one that makes sense for the game.
  • HoloLens 2.0 or 3.0 in whatever Freaking year you want to imagine. Lets say the year 3998. Don't really matter. They only cost a few bucks and can be bought in the same gumball vending machines of your youth. They are light weight and look like regular sun shades. On a desktop, you can view all your past conquest and upload videos and pictures to social media and keep track of your friends and how they are doing. "Future Innovation" Doesn't mater what it is, so long as it will be available on the ONE core windows platform.
  • Yeah, your grandiose, vague statements mean nothing. You're stating unfounded, aimless statements as legitimate claims and facts, and you're attacking people who except a rational explanation for your nonsense. You know, like how you said the game could be better if it were on non-mobile W10 devices, while giving exactly 0 examples of how a game based on GPS and moving around the world would be benefitted by stationary devices typically owned by people less inclined to use mobile-like apps than traditional programs.
  • Maybe in the future people dont have a phone. They have a mini hololens with data and gps, a connected car, a connected home, and a connected tv. And the apps sync across platforms. And instead of texting someone you can interact with people constantly based on where you are, all the time. And because interactions and notifications are basically everywhere you dont need a phone anymore because people can pop in and out in a much more sense (mixed reality) and you can interact with them and, if you want, others around you can interact with them because everyone has a hololens like device and a connected car/house/tv. In that case, screw a mobile phone...
  • Yeah because you're gonna go out to catch pokemons with a laptop or a desktop (which let me remind you is where the majority of MS's market share is), right? Let's take out the desktop and laptop segments and lets see how much is worth it to develop an uwp
  • This one app might not be the best example for universal apps, but yes you could boot the app on your laptop when you have a moment and use its GPS to see if in that moment there are Pokemon to catch. Yes, the primary device would be phones and tablets with data access.
  • Because this app is 100% designed for phones, and not enough people use W10M to make it worth it.
  • But a lot of people do use Windows tablets now, especially hybrid tablets which is a very fast growing market that Microsoft has a very comfortable lead in. It's not uninmagineable for someone to simply pull out a 7 inch Windows tablet or even a Surface tablet to play Pokemon Go. So it doesn't have to be just for phones.
  • The amount of people using the hybrid tablets are still relatively a very small number, not to mention that half of those won't have gps.
  • From what I understand, that number has largely surpassed the number of Android tablet users. And aside from hybrid tablets, there are also the small 7-8 inch windows tablets that I've seen a lot of people use. I'd say the entire Windows Mobile, Tablet, and Hybrid market combined is pretty sizeable and definitely worth consideration. Besides, the Pokemon GO app was created in Unity which is a cross-platform engine and therefore, should already support Windows.
  • Tablets themselves aren't that popular, especially ones with GPS+ LTE. I do not know how W10 tablets relate to Android tablets, but I do know the overall W10 market share hovers around 10%, install base would be smaller than that. Compared against iPhone & Android phone users, it's almost insignificant. Even with a cross-platform game-engine, even simple game usually require platform specific optimizations / changes, one like Pokemon Go, which relies on multiple platform-specific services, porting is far from a simple job. The limited "gamey" aspects would have been rather trivial to implement for each platform  separately (in comparison).   edit: I don't have any numbers, but I bet there are more WP8(.1) users than there are W10M and W10 tablet users combined.
  • I guess these people didn't get the WC memo that this app is useless, irrelevant, not needed, and that Windows phone already has all the apps anyone could possibly need.  
  • I'm sure you can catch them at the office too. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android