How much is Mixer Pro?

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How much is Mixer Pro?

Best answer: Mixer Pro currently costs $7.99/month, and gives users access to a handful of critical features, including no ads on videos. Users also gain extra experience and more sparks when watching a streamer, which can be used when donating to their favorite streamer.Level up your viewing experience: Mixer Pro ($8/month at Mixer)

What does Mixer Pro give you?

Mixer Pro exists to give users some extra critical features with their subscription, with the most significant benefit being that you will receive no ads on the streams that you watch. This is similar to how Twitch Prime used to work, allowing users to watch a stream uninterrupted and with nothing popping up in the middle of their viewing.

On top of the ad-free experience, Mixer Pro also gives users early access to new features. This is a bit of an abstract description, but Mixer has essentially said that Pro users will be testing new features before they get rolled out to the public. As far as chatting goes, Mixer Pro also allows users to earn double the amount of EXP in a stream. On Mixer, EXP - short for experience points - are earned by watching streams, and earning more levels up your account to unlock new features and allows you to show off some badges on your account.

Users also have their text featured differently on chat. If you're a Mixer Pro subscriber, your text shows up in a different color in chat, which could help you stand out when trying to chat with whatever streamer you might be watching. You'll also earn Sparks - Mixer's currency - at a faster rate with Mixer Pro, allowing you to donate to your favorite streamer at a faster rate.

Is Mixer Pro worth it?

Mixer Pro is made with the loyal user in mind, so whether or not it's worth it depends on how often you watch a stream on Mixer. While some of the features themselves are great additions to the Mixer experience, they aren't exactly a necessity unless you find yourself only watching Mixer streams and want to support the platform. $7.99/month isn't an incredibly large amount, and getting some critical features like an ad-free experience and earning Sparks and EXP faster are excellent. Still, the overall experience of Mixer Pro pales in comparison to competing services like Twitch Prime.

Unlike Twitch Prime, which gives users a free subscription to use on their favorite streamer every month, there is no such ability on Mixer Pro. Because of this, if you want to subscribe to a streamer, you'll have to pay separately for that, with a Mixer subscription running $5.99/month. The rewards for Mixer Pro also don't feature many of the third-party rewards that Twitch Prime does, including free games or in-game items for specific titles. It's likely that Mixer attempts to include stuff like this in the future, but currently, nothing of the sort is available.

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