How to move your data from a Windows phone to iPhone

If you've been using Windows Phone for a while, you no doubt have a considerable amount of data stored on your device, including contacts, calendars, email, messages, favorite apps, music, photos and more. There's no automated "Switch to iOS" app for Windows the way there is for Android, but there are cloud services like OneDrive, and Microsoft's own apps that make it easier than ever.

Download iTunes

itunes on Windows

itunes on Windows (Image credit: Windows Central)

While Apple's iTunes — the company's all-in-one media player, manager, and sync service — may not be needed anywhere near as much as before, there might still be occasions when you want to transfer big files, make local backups, or troubleshoot problems. Then iTunes, clunky as it is, is invaluable. Mac owners will find it pre-installed, but for Windows navigate yourself to the link below to get started.

Download iTunes for Windows (opens in new tab)

Of course, in the not too distant future, all you'll need to do is head into the Windows Store to get iTunes. For now, you need to get it from Apple, and that means you also have to get the associated baggage that comes with the current Win32 app.

Contacts, calendars, and email


Our phones have quickly become our main communications tools, beyond just calling relatives. Managing both work and personal lives in our pockets is very much a thing and moving your contacts, calendars and email to your new iPhone will be a top priority.

Fortunately, Apple makes it pretty easy. Assuming you've been using your Microsoft account to keep these three entities in sync, you'll be able to import to your iPhone with ease. Before you proceed, it's a good idea to go back to your Windows phone and make sure you've backed it all up first.

On your iPhone, open up the "Settings" app and scroll down until you find the option for "Mail, Contacts, Calendars." Tap on it and then on "Add Account."

You can now add any number of accounts, including and Exchange. Tap on the one your personal information is stored with and follow the instructions to log in and link up your account with your phone.

Once the account has been added, tap on it and ensure the sliders for the information you wish to sync are activated.

Now, your Microsoft account will pull in your email, your contacts and your calendar to the relevant stock apps on the iPhone. And you're good to go.

You also have the option of using the Microsoft Outlook app on your iPhone to manage your Outlook email and calendars. It's considered by many to be the among the best mail client on iOS, so it's worth checking out.

Download Outlook for iOS (opens in new tab)

Your photos and videos

Windows Phone camera

Our recommendation would be to avoid transferring your photo library from your old phone to your new one. Not least because on Windows you may have been using a microSD card to store them, something not possible on the iPhone. (Apple has the online iCloud Photo Library service instead — for a price.)

You can opt to start fresh, or better still, backup all your photos to your computer and your favorite online service, and then go from there.

OneDrive Photos

The best option is to use the cloud. If you've been using Windows Mobile then there's a strong chance you had your phone set to auto-upload your photo library to OneDrive. If you didn't have it set this way, there's still time to do it and upload your entire photo library to Microsoft's cloud. And you can still upload your iPhone photos to OneDrive as well to keep your full back catalog rolling.

With this, you just need to install the OneDrive app from the App Store and you'll have instant access to all your photos wherever you are.

Download OneDrive for iOS (opens in new tab)

Or, if you're a user of Dropbox (the other big, cross-platform option,) the same applies. Make sure everything has uploaded, grab the Dropbox app for iPhone and you'll be set.

Download Dropbox for iOS (opens in new tab)

With no expandable storage on the iPhone, we strongly recommend the cloud route if you want to have easy access to all your old Windows-shot photos. You'll be snapping a ton with the iPhone camera so don't fill up that storage with gigabytes of old stuff.

If you can't or simply don't want to use the cloud, you can still make the transfer over a good, old-fashioned cable. If you're using a Windows 10 PC getting your photos off your phone is straight forward. You can either go through the Phone Companion app, which then imports from your phone into the Photos app, or you can just navigate to your phone in File Explorer, find the folder and drag and drop.

To move photos from your computer to your iPhone requires iTunes. With the phone connected via the USB to Lightning cable, you'll be able to select items to sync between the phone and the computer.

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft apps

Microsoft is a big supporter of cross-platform apps and services. As such, all the most popular apps are available to use on iPhone. And they're pretty good too, for the most part. We've already linked up OneDrive and Outlook above, the list below will help you find some of the other big ones.

You can find a complete list of all Microsoft apps for iPhone here:

Download Microsoft apps at the App Store (opens in new tab)

Music and video content

The iPhone and iTunes are heavily established for music, and you'll be well looked after. If you have a physical collection on your computer that you synced to your old Windows phone, simply fire up iTunes and start syncing it to your phone.

If you used Microsoft's Groove Music, or something such as Spotify or Deezer to get your aural fix, there are of course apps available for all three in the App Store.


The iOS App Store is the place to find apps. You can get almost every Google app (opens in new tab) available, for example (which were notably absent from the Windows Store...)

Equally, you'll probably be looking for these:

There are also hundreds of thousands of games, including all the major mobile titles, so hit the App Store and download away!

The beginning

Hopefully these tips help you to get started with your new iPhone without having to start again from scratch. With the prevalence of the cloud and Microsoft's strong support for iOS, following a little work you'll be up and running in no time with all your personal communications, media and app needs!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at

  • Waits for the comments saying "Another iPhone article?!" "Windows Central has gone downhill/ I'm not going to visit this site anymore" in 3, 2,1...   Seriously, this is helpful for the 25% of users considering this.
  • The truth hurts though... People need to be more open minded. It's just a phone platform at the end of the day
  • I totally agree that it is just a platform though. I think it's hard because smartphones are so personal. I get them though, because I have been though a lot of them.  
  • But it's a platform ive been invested in both financially and emotionally since December 2010. 7 years. If feels like watching your kid grow from birth to age 7 and then having to give him up for adoption for reasons beyond your control lol. It hurts indeed...
  • More like watching your child grow brilliantly for 4 years, then suddenly turn into a little a$sh0le who won't behave constantly, never shows up for class and only does chores when threatened with death.
  • If you are comparing your child to windows phone/mobile.  you have low expectations for your child.   He/she has been stuck in first grade while the others IOS/Android have graduated and moved to college.
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  • Indeed. My eyes were moist when I was setting up my new iPhone (7 Plus in jet black and 128 Gb storage). It was a very sad weekend for me.
  • I know.  its so great to have a phone that useful it brought you to tears!
  • It's about choice... and our choice has been taken away.
  • Yes.
  • You still have choice,  IOS or Android.   and speaking from experience...both are BETTER CHOICES!
  • Not entirely. Lumia 950 for example still has many features that the iPhone 7 doesn't even have yet and it's a fraction of the price. Of you don't care too much about having every app then value for money goes to the Windows phone everytime
  • What features?  
  • again...what features?
  • Like the live tile home screen. Far far better than the other two with their stale boring static icon home screens that tell you nothing.
    Ever notice that those two are pretty much the same looking home screens and WP is completely different?
  • In the end of the day it is still like watching News on Cartoon Network.
  • Same like I am no longer  able upgrade from windows 8 to 8.1! I did so many times looks like MS put plug! I have same problem with 3  phones now! I can say MS does give a dam! Soon I will move to!
  • Exactly,  MS does NOT give a DAMN.   They fired the entire mobile division.  what more proof do you need?
  • Proof=IOS,Android Windows mobile is DEAD!
  • For the rest 75%: Last one out please turn off the lights.
  • Not another iPhone article!?!?! There you go...  
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  • This is a WINDOWS SITE.  If someone wants to know about an iPhone, go to an iPhone site.  Same for Android.  You don't go to Microsoft's site and read up on how to switch to Linux.  Common sense.  Which apparently the hammerheads that run this site greatly lack.
  • Yes,  and windows is more than ******* windows mobile/phone.  remember that!
  • Agreed.  You don't see articles on how to switch from Windows 10 Pro to MacOS "Killer Kitten".  Point is that Windows Mobile keeps getting trashed on.    
  • Becuase its FINISHED>..DONE.....OVER.....FINITO!   Everyone sees it execpt the fanboys in here.  Even the Editors here see it...hence the articles on how to migrate to IOS or Andorid.  
  • My Idol 4s still gets updates.
  • Ooooo updates.  My asus rt got an update recently too.   Does not mean windows rt is not dead.   Fanboys and their drivel.
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  • So windows RT is not dead?  You can get all kinds of new apps etc for RT?   well windows mobile is RT now.  DONE.
  • Hows the new share icon?
  • It is a Windows site... but given the state of W10M right now, many of us use MS for everything but a phone, or even a W10M phone and an iPhone (like me.) It makes perfect sense. 
  • Point me to an Apple based website that would even write an article like this? There aren't any. Android and Apple sites don't even acknowledge Windows Phone's existence (nor does most of the world).   Stop whining and appreciate that Window's Central is doing a service for its readers. No one else will guide them through the rough patch of transitioning. These articles are helpful for those who have decided to move forward to new platforms.
  • It's like people don't understand that their on a sinking ship that will eventually hit rock bottom. Their love blinds them to the reality of the world as it stands. No other site would go through this amount of work to actively help users who are contemplating either Android or iOS, to switch platforms. As you are right, Windows Phones aren't really relevant or a threat to writers who focus on their beloved platform whether it be Android or iOS. Though people will still complain about this, because their passion is not paired with logic.
  • Indeed...rather like a Mazda dealerships recommending a Toyota
  • No it isn't at all. It's more like a Honda site explaining how to start using a Harely if Honda got out of the motorcycle business. They would still be talking about the cars for the car needs much like this site continues to discuss Windows on other devices where it is still a factor.
  • Not at all the case, due to Windows Mobile 10 basically being put on life support with an incredibly uncertain future...This is Windows Central doing the good work of helping users abandon a sinking ship if they wish to use a Platform with a Future! Like it or not, Android and iOS currently have a future, this leaves a lot of users out in the cold.
  • Probably have to switch even though android and iPhone ui sucks crap.
  • It's not all that helpful when you literally need to do NOTHING special to move to any other phone from Windows phone. It's literally as simple as adding your Microsoft account email, accepting the default settings to sync contacts and calendar, and book, you're done. Grab whatever apps you want from the store at your leisure. You don't need a huge article for that.
  • That screenshots of setting up an account reminds me of iOS being so childish. They are showing logo pics of email services instead of just showing text. 😭 🤣 It feels like they are handling their phones to 2 year kids who use email services🤣. These kids can't remember A for Apple if you would not show the pics of apple.🍎. S**t man! I just can't stop laughing 😆
  • Did you just now realize that Apple sees its customers as morons?
  • Wait... why are you guys writing these types of articles?
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  • Because more people are leaving the Windows Phone / Mobile platform than are joining it, perhaps. I miss the platform; it's a great shame, IMHO, that MS screwed it up with the release of WM10. But what they have done with their iOS apps is superb (maybe their Android apps are great, too... not tried any). If Windows S can be promoted inthe right way by MS, and IF (big if!) they can attract developers to make the app people want to use, then there is hope for Windows on Mobile. But MS has failed with its various bridges to attract developers, redesigning Windows Phone / Mobile didn't attract developers, so I'm not convinced Windows S will be any more successful. 
  • Windows 10 Mobile wasn't the issue, exactly. It was MS's seemingly lack of interest for their own Mobile OS. Yes, they still push out updates and for the most part, the OS has been really smooth and functions well from my experience. The real issue, IMO, is the lack of keeping consumers and devs in the loop of what they are planning. Instead of giving a light plan for the future Windows 10 Mobile/Windows 10 on mobile devices, they have kept everyone in the dark. This has created uncertainty for many of us. I'm not completely sure if this is why they separated Windows 10 Mobile from the main development branch of Windows 10 or not, but it certainly indicated to many that Mobile is a done deal and that was simply the second to last nail in the coffin. I will likely still use my 950 XL for some time to come, unless something happens to it. Even then, I may just buy another Windows 10 Mobile device. Why? I still find it useful for my needs and currently able to find apps for the things that I need, which aren't a lot. Moat of them are MS apps. The majority of the apps on my phone are games, anyway. Besides, I have an Android phone that I use, too. If there is something that I really need to use, which isn't much, then I have that device.
  • That's what I was saying...MS leaving everyone in the dark with their plans is a serious problem, if not the biggest.
  • Thats what the fanboys here don't see....MS is NOT leaving you in the dark.   They said it loud and clear.  During build EVERYTHING that was shown for a mobile device was an apple,  Nadella has been using an iphone for almost 2 years,  Every top MS exec. is using an iphone.   Please,  open your eyes and realize they will NEVER annouce w10m dead,  Just like they will never announce RT is dead.   Just as they will never announce 3.11 is dead.....BUT IT IS!!!!!!!!!  DEAL WITH IT.  
  • You make a valid point, but that is just the thing. It wasn't until Build that MS made it clear that it wasn't going to do anything more for Windows 10 Mobile, except improvement updates. MS has been solely focused apps on other platforms. It became clearer, when they introduced a Microsoft focused Samsung Galaxy S 8. While, that was never said specifically, it was certainly implied through their actions or lack of.
    There isn't anything wrong with being a fanboy of the platform. It's just sad to see how something that could have been such a wonderful alternative to iOS or Android slowly fade away. I think that's what has been most disappointing to us, not that most of us aren't realists. There is always that spark of hope that keeps many of us voicing what we think or feel about the platform. But, I also realize that every spark eventually dies out, if not properly encouraged to burn. As much as I love the OS, I've been considering moving to Android. However, if and when I do, will depend on how long my 950 XL continues to be useful to me.
  • Vincent,  They made it abundantly clear 2 years ago when they fired the entire mobile team.   Thats when I knew it was over.   At the same time they released the "insider program"  I.E.  We are now using our users for testing instead of internally.   The fanboys ate it up like it was something special.   Its just that microsoft are using them as free workers to test and send information back to them.   Terrible.   That is how windows 10 mobile is.  
  • Yeah, you are probably right about that. At that time, I just figured it was more of business decision overall, since Satya Nadella was never for the purchase of Nokia's mobile division. Balmer likely knew that he was on his way out and decided to convince the MS board to allow the purchase. Satya on the other hand was against it from the start, from what I've gathered. From a business stand point, I understood the decision to cut ties. Yes, it was a waist of ridiculous sums of money, but it was something that would have cost MS more in the long run.
    Just speaking for myself, i didn't see that as step toward slowly killing off Windows 10 Mobile. I drank the pond water and like many if us that were, and to some extent probably still are, hopeful that something better was coming sooner than later.
    However, I realize that later, if at all, will be sometime in late 2018 or early 2019. If that's the case, I'm still okay with it. The good thing about a phone is, you can switch back and forth, as devices become available that catch your attention or needs.
    My biggest issue early on was the fact that I became vested in the OS. My apps, games, music and video content are all tied to the ecosystem. Knowing that MS apps are available to allow the use of most of those services, I would be a bit more comfortable using Android as a daily driver.
  • One of the reason that the Windows Phone/Mobile market is shrinking, is because of articles of this. If someone consider to buy WP/WM and he or she reads an article like this, they probably change their mind. I'm a happy WP user since 2012, and I would like to see more love from WC, MS and other companies towards Windows Mobile. IMHO :)
  • I think this statement is giving too much power to this article. The people who have switched or are considering it had the thoughts in their head for a bit. This is just helpful for said people.
  • Highly doubt these articles play a significant role whatsoever, the lack of substance in the WP/WM realm does.
  • Exactly. I have seen articles for switches to Android to iOS or visa versa all the time.
  • Numbers prove that no one is considering moving to Windows Mobile. These articles weren't being written when the decline from 3% to 1% to .3% actually happened. 
  • Last figures I saw for the UK showed an increase in Windows Phone sales? Not sure how that proves people aren't considering a move to Windows.
  • Don't forget Wordflow or SwiftKey if you miss the windows keyboard (I just switched from WF to SK since WF hasn't been updated in forever. Maybe they'll merge the features in the future)
  • swiftkey id dodgy,  keeps cutting in and out on both my ios and android phones.  I may try wordflow however. 
  • Wordflow killed my keyboards performance...I had to remove it.  Shame too, but I do find the work prediction better on the native keyboard.  Getting used to the layout was the hardest part honestly.
  • I didn't want to text on my new iPhone (7 Plus in jet black and 128 Gb of storage) without the ability to swipe. So, I installed both WordFlow and SwiftKey. I have a preference for the latter. However, editing a body of text on an iPhone is not as user-friendly as it is on Windows Phone/Mobile. In fact, it's intercoursing frustrating. I've come close to smashing my new iPhone (7 Plus in jet black and 128 Gb of storage) but have so far been able to rein in my temper and continue pressing on the screen... desperately trying to edit text. What an adventure!
  • How about an article on moving data from iPhone --> Windows phone.
  • Dave,  Because absolutely ZERO people are doing that.  
  • I did that from a 3GS to the Focus
  • yes. many years ago....I am talking at present....anyone to come to windows mobile right now have rocks in their head.
  • How so? People choose to use whatever they see fits what they want/need. If they had an iPhone 7 and is tired of using iOS and Android because of strong UI similarities and don't really care for apps like Snapchat or maybe even have an iPad or Android tablet for those app requirements, then their choice is their own. What may not work for you, may satisfy someone else. One man's trash is another man's treasure. I know of someone who is doing just this in 2017. Tired of Android and finds iOS unappealing however, wants to try W10M out and any apps missed, he is planning to use his Android tablet for. Is Windows 10 Mobile the best OS out there, or is it better than iOS and/or Android is subjective. In 2017, I still prefer Windows phones and enjoy my Lumia 950 and use my iPad and Android tablets for my missing app needs. I do think that this kind of article belongs on iMore, not on Windows Central.
  • I like the rocks in my head, my 950 will do till the next iteration appears. I know UWP will be there so app loss isn't an issue, and I've gotten a solid two years out of the 950 so any upgrade cost when the new iteration comes will be justified.
  • For who? No sense in writing an article that less than 1% of users would actually read. 
  • Isn't that what this article is doing?
  • I realized that this would be too difficult at "download iTunes"..
  • iTunes isn't actually needed anymore, but it's a good way to have a backup in case things go wrong. 
  • I've used iTunes 2x...once to put on some burned movies...the 2nd was for a local backup.  I've not touched it since.
  • I don't believe it from such a website. It's like encouraging people to leave the platform...
  • WM's future is questionable and even if it does turn around it won't be for awhile. In the meantime people are going to be switching to other platforms and Microsoft is at least making it so their services still work as seamlessly as possible so what's wrong with making it easier for people who are still committed to the MS ecosystem 
  • After several years and 7 different Windows Phones, I am so happy I have finally switched to the iPhone 7 Plus. I should have done it a long time ago. There is nothing left to stay on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Hey. I'm in a similar predicament. I've had several windows phones over the past 5 years but I'm.getting ready to switch. Just trying to decide on the oneplus5 or wait to see what the iPhone8 brings
  • i tried to wait but the app gap grew too great and jumped ship sooner than I had planned. However, even though I got an iPhobe (7 Plus in jet black and 128 Gb of storage), I'm still hoping to get whatever special edition 10th anniversary handset Apple puts offers....if at all.
    So, I would suggest you wait if you can. I couldn't wait because I needed certain apps right away.
  • MS is telling people to leave...they have been for 2 years now...fanboys are just to silly to realise. 
  • They've already left. 
  • Not another iPhone article there you go again
  • How about how to move stuff from iPhone to wp? My work iPhone 6 is a nice paper weight.
  • again,  there is ZERO people coming to the platform.
  • Because no one is moving from iPhone to Windows Mobile. 
  • Still using wm10 until i really need to switch phone. And if Microsoft is out there in mobile i will consider. I will not say i am a die hard fan but i like using it
  • I have a really good idea: the only reason peopl keep making these articles is because people who keep clicking on them. So, If you see a tittle you know you won't like the article, jut don't click on it. Boom. No Ad Revenue.
  • Your name is classic!
  • Useless article. We still love W10m! 🐱‍👤
  • At least change the name to iPhoneCentral...
  • That phone on the right looks so much better
  • Do Mac sites write articles on how to move from a Mac to Windows given Mac's and OSX's poor marketshare and lack of apps in the app store? Honest question. As an iPhone user, I would go to an iPhone site to find out how to move my content from another OS to iOS, same thing, when I want to find something out about Android, I go to Android sites.
  • puke...
  • This article needs to appear on Mobile Nation's iPhone related website. Whoever buys or wants to buy an iPhone will be visiting imore.
  • Looks like i'm done supporting this "HOW TO SWITCH FROM WINDOWS" website.
  • I would comment that contact management from Outlook on iOS is not easy. If you add your account in iOS settings for contact sync, you will get multiple entries for each contact. The reason for this is having them as friends on Windows Live Messenger and Skype. This huge number of duplicate contacts is incredibly frustrating. I am not sure if using the Outlook app to push contacts to iOS helps, because you can only do that with business O365 accounts, not with personal accounts. Overall, the contact management nightmare that is Outlook is making me question using the servide at all.
  • I don't see any reason to do this.
  • Apps are a great reason. Knowing you'll actually be able to upgrade your phone in two years time is another. 
  • There's no way you can know that about any phone.
  • Your telling me that you think the iphone is not getting updates?   My mother in laws/wifes old iphone 4 still gets updates from Apple,  and still can use 99 % of the apps that are on the store today....try that with your nokia phone 7 cannot use any app in the current store.   and windows phone 8 is moving that way too.   Please don't speak about updates and user functionalty with apple.  It's been proven to be there for A LONG TIME!
  • Didn't the iPhone 4 stop at update 7 and the 4S at update 8. I don't know if you heard, but all Apple's own apps, like Pages, iMovie etc. Require the new update to install those apps and keep them updated. This has happend everytime they raise the front digit, and is another way to get their users to buy another phone. So 99% of the apps on the app store that is avaliable is not true, its lower and the count should have fallen fast by now, for that series. This kind of market trick has also been passed onto the iPad.
  • Are any of your readers asking for this?
  • I am...atleast for android..will be back once windows is ready again...and that will be indicated by MS when a surface device is released targeting mobile...
  • We get this this article on how to switch to an iPhone right after the article telling us the 5 things we'll hate about the iPhone.  A bit conflicting perhaps?
  • Not at all, it's best to know the pros and cons of any operating system. 
  • Trashin on Windows phone some more... I've just about had it with this site, helping to get Windows phone killed.
  • this site has done nothing to get windows phone killed.   That is some funny **** right there.  Microsoft killed windows phone 2 years ago when they wrote off and fired the ENTIRE MOBILE DIVISON.   Fanboys get it through your thick skulls.   Windows central or users leaving the platform has nothing to do with what happened to windows 10 mobile.   Blame Microsoft.   They don't want to be in the mobile space.   Everything they have done in the past 2 years confirms this.   Wake up. 
  • Would be interested to stats on how many people are switching to iPhone vs Android. Globally it seems only the US is dominant with the iPhone, and looks like MS and Android (or Samsung at least) are making deals together, so curious which of the two platforms are getting the most converts. The simplistic-wanting folks are probably going to Apple and the techies are going to Android. Such a shame, MS had the perfect medium.
  • You don't need iTunes. AT ALL.
  • You do. At least I do when I want to add all my own music files from my pc. I quite like iTunes personally and it works well if you keep it well organised
  • Can't you editors do an article witch OS is better for people that want to leave W10M? Android or iOS?
  • There is no better between iOS and android.    Only that both are better than windows mobile.   I use iOS because of iMessage, Apple Music and quality of first party apps 
  • Honestly...they both have there positive's and all of them do...including WM10.   I chose the iPhone simply because of the guaranteed OS upgrades & 3rd party support.   My family was all using iOS and joined them.  I'd used Android extensively in the past and been burned by many orphaned 'flagships' not getting updated and dropped support.  Apple at least pretty much guarantees you 2 or 3 years of OS upgrades, top case options, periphials, top apps, etc.  Its a walled garden sure...and there are some pretty dumb restrictions...but inside that walled garden is a plethora of apps, choices and support.
  • Yea keep defending these bullshit articles. Go on. If I would truly consider to leave windows mobile I would never ever visit this site again. I would simply start following imore or whatever platform related website. And I would not need Microsoft then because if i would go google i would go full on google, or respectively full on apple. You people really think Microsoft can survive on another platform by offering apps and services? Pathetic.
  • DOn't let the door hit you crise
  • It's called
  • Thanks
  • Good luck with outlook on ios. You can't even add new contacts. I thought this was a Windows site.
  • Really? Funny, I do it all the time.
  • Me too.  Just a fanboy who has never used outlook on IOS.  thats all.  
  • So, how then do you edit contacts with iOS outlook?
  • Another Windows Phone/Mobile funeral manual.
  • Does anyone know of a better place to get and share Windows mobile info?
  • No because there is none.  
  • Doing this with this site is lazy.
  • Can someone tell me if you can transfer text messages over to the iPhone from my wp950xl? In the article it says OneDrive transfers messages, but does say how. Ive been given an iPhone 6, but I havent used it because I need all my wp text
  • I think iTunes handles that.   Look it up on apples website.  
  • My Lumia 950xl and my wife's 950 were the stars of a wedding this past weekend. Cortana was giving better directions than google several times, Siri did not work by voice in the loud room but Cortana did, and our pics up on a 4k tv looked better tan any taken by our friends on iPhone 7 and Sammy 8s. Kids were more interested in continuum games than google cast and everyone there who was used to Windows 10 was blown away by the same tile interface. (i showed them my pc and phone have the same start page, that did take a bit of work to set up tho) and mentioned how much better that wad than their ecosystem. And yet when they ask me what phone i can recommend....
    But my wife and i will wait it out. Unlike when the pre died i do believe there is a plan. And the next modestly better than ly slab is really no better than the 950. That was my takeaway. So no ios or android here....well wait. And if the next device is too future forward or too far off then maybe well switch....but not yet.
  • Agreed! Windows Phone has a better looking user interface. More intuitive. More shallow learning curve. Cortana is less annoying than Siri. However, at the end of the day, without the apps that many people become accustomed to, Windows Phone will not gain any market share. App developers have shat on WM and MS didn't seem to do much to change the developers minds. It's a real pity because I prefer to use WP10.
  • Didn't see so many articles of switching. Even in the heyday of 3% of Windows Phone share didn't see instructions how to move from the other OSes to Windows 😕
  • Can't you take the hint.  Windows mobile is dead.   The editors are helping you for the inevitable.   
  • Then do your articles elsewhere this is a place for people passionate about windows
  • Seems like it's you Steve Adams that can't take a hint.
  • bah ha are the biggest blind fanboy in here.   steeler4life,  I am passionate about windows.  Just not mobile.   I have devices running EVERY OS....I prefer windows 10 on desktop and notebook.....nothing is better....I sold my windows 10 mobile devices....NOTHING IS WORSE!
  • ELITE x3 available through Telstra Down under starting at $84 per month.
  • well my friend all i need is skype, word, cortana, onedrive,twitter, instagram and xbox app so 1% it`s ok for me!
  • iOS mail and calendar are so horrible...
  • Don't use them.  Install outlook.  
  • Important is how to transfer SMS
  • There should be an article how to find another teach site.
    Seriously, the only reason I come here its for the windows phone stuff.
  • good point...     (tech site)
  • Windows central can go kisssss 💋 my ... I will never go android or iPhone. If they were an option I would have bought one long time ago. I use Windows Mobile because I like the OS and it's different. I rather use a bangers before going android of apple. 👊
  • There are dumb phones for you then wengweng.   Why use a device that has NO SUPPORT?  I really don't get the mentality of the fanboys here.
  • I'm tide to Windows, music apps and games are all here. Also Android and Apple doesn't appeal to me nether does black berry. The only phones that I have ever used are all from Nokia. So when Microsoft purchase the company that was the perfect bond for me. So now that Microsoft has won me over on the Mobile side I'm hooked to Windows and will never see myself using an iPhone or an android phone. I'm also very ashamed to face all those people that I have converted to Windows Mobile, who really love the w10 Mobile experience but are slowly becoming weiry of the frequent app crashes and loading screens especially my wife 😨.
  • well...your music apps, and games can all be accessed via android or IOS.   I ditched it when they fired the mobile staff and started with this ****** insider program.  knew the end was then!
  • Why onedrive for IOs doesn't upload automatically photos? I have to open the app and then upload.
  • Goto settings,  and see if you have that option selected.   Mine does it.
  • OneDrive on iOS and Android only trigger the uploads when you change location (if on using mobile data) it's one of my biggest bug bears on those platforms. The W10m app is automatic instant and always
  • Again,  Mine uploads automatically.  When I take the picture, within 30 seconds it's on my onedrive,  Most of the time it's instant.  
  • What is wrong with these articles all of a sudden... I can't stand other os systems. This is why i have a Windows 10 phone and love to use it. Get out of here with this nonsense windows central news... This is FAKE NEWS!!!
  • Yes Donald....cry fake news anytime its something that does not jive with the small minded.   
  • I'm still not close to abandoning wp but if I do it's not iphone
  • I am somewhat ashamed to admit this.... But I succumbed to the alure of the Galaxy S8+. I have only used Windows prior (Lumia 900, 1020, 1520 (my all-time favorite phone), and 950xl). The device is BEAUTIFUL! The Windows Central app is actually superior on Android. This was a tough move for me.... I HATED Android OS at first, but I am getting used to it. I added the SquareHome launcher that turns my stupid widgets into Live Tiles which made a HUGE difference. You can't do this on iOS. If you are a fan of Windows I suggest this device with MS apps and the SquareHome launcher. I call it my Win-Droid. I hope to return to a Microsoft device in the future... It is where my heart is. However it was just getting so hard to support when I feel like I am a bigger supporter of the platform than Microsoft! I still feel MS has the superior OS.... I just wish it had the support and devices that could stand up to the S8.
  • The Microsoft Arrow launcher and Microsoft Next lock screen are both great apps to. Just installed SwiftKey keyboard and is fantastic.
  • Android for me. People seem to forget that android is open source and that if you want we can build something similar with the power of Android. My galaxy S7 serves me well, especially with microsofts Arrow launcher! It also works very well with my PCs unlike iphones I have a hard time with. I despise apple tbh atleast after steve jobs died, if he didnt, Id still like them.
  • Another iPhone OS article. Time to switch to OnMSFT.
  • Bye.  Hope all the windows moible fanboys leave.....will make this place much better then!
  • Would be better to get rid of the iOS trolls first ;-)
  • Im not an IOS troll....sorry to tell you....I love that word...troll...makes you sound 3.
  • really Windows Central?  
  • No, I'm not moving to iphone...    I'm waiting for the Surface pro with SIM
  • You will be waiting A LONG LONG LONG TIME for that.
  • There's no universe where I switch to an Apple product.
  • If my next phone doesn't run Windows, it will run FlipPhoneOS. None of that other garbage.
  • I my next phone doesn't run Windows it will run FlipPhoneOS.
  • I my next phone doesn't run Windows it will run FlipPhoneOS. None of that other garbage.
  • I my next phone doesn't run Windows it will run FlipPhoneOS. None of that other garbage.
  • I my next phone doesn't run Windows it will run FlipPhoneOS. None of that other garbage.
  • I my next phone doesn't run Windows it will run FlipPhoneOS. None of that other garbage.
  • I my next phone doesn't run Windows it will run FlipPhoneOS. None of that other garbage.
  • I my next phone doesn't run Windows it will run FlipPhoneOS. None of that other garbage.
  • I my next phone doesn't run Windows it will run FlipPhoneOS. None of that other garbage.
  • I my next phone doesn't run Windows it will run FlipPhoneOS. None of that other garbage.
  • I'm curious, what will your next phone run?
  • I am curious why that comment posted so many times, I only typed it once. Sorry about that.
  • Should have typed it on one of those other os devices.   Would have worked correctly!
  • honestly i'm appreciative of these articles -- i can't stick with W10M anymore. I'm running CU from the Slow Ring on my 735 and I can't take it anymore. Battery drain, random freezes, app crashing...I just can't do it anymore. I've had my 735 for a little over a year now and I've found myself researching iPhone more and more the last few weeks. And if I ditch now and come back around when this alleged Surface Phone is supposed to be coming out NEXT YEAR, I'll come back. But otherwise, I can get my Microsoft apps on iOS. Thanks WC for pushing these articles to help your readers out!
  • honestly i'm appreciative of these articles -- i can't stick with W10M anymore. I'm running CU from the Slow Ring on my 735 and I can't take it anymore. Battery drain, random freezes, app crashing...I just can't do it anymore. I've had my 735 for a little over a year now and I've found myself researching iPhone more and more the last few weeks. And if I ditch now and come back around when this alleged Surface Phone is supposed to be coming out NEXT YEAR, I'll come back. But otherwise, I can get my Microsoft apps on iOS. Thanks WC for pushing these articles to help your readers out!
  • That's impossible. Dona says they have made the OS Smith and pleasant to use.
  • need advice. i want migrate from windows phone to other platform. and i want to move all whatsapp chat. anyone can help me? 
  • So, how to transfer text messages? Was looking to see that one on the article, never did...
  • Richard Devine for president of Windows Central!
  • The only articles that get a decent number of comments (and I guess readers) are the articles about phones. So they keep writing about phones even though there is nothing new. It is getting old, I wonder if this site will have any users left once we have all been forced to move to iOS or android. apparently most readers are barely interested in other MS stories.
  • There is no way I would ever move into the apple echosystem.  Their way or the highway, not for me.
  • What does that mean T moore?   I am using iphone.  There is only one instance of something that I want to change.   That is when I connect to my car,  it starts playing music right away.   Other than that,  I don't see the my way or the highway nonsense you are speaking of.  I don't like apples calander,  I can use outlook....etc>......please comment!   Would love to hear what you are thinking.   Have you ever owned an iphone?  probably not.
  • Do you understand English Steve Adams? What don't understand about " There is no way I would ever move into the Apple ecosystem"? There is no way I to would ever buy an Apple product. First I don't like the way they do business and iPhone is just hype and not much more.
  • They do business just LIKE MICROSOFT DOES BUSINESS....acutally better since they don't leave their loyal users in the dark,  or just to have to toss your phones over and over that "I dont like how apple does busieness..thats a load of ****....Please crawl back under the rock bebo if you think MS is any more saintly in their business practices than apple or google....what about window 10 spyware/keylogging etc....what about the take over of linked in....if you think thats for anything other than running linked in you are WAY off the was about getting information.....personal information...Please save the holier than thou crap for someone less intellegent.   maybe another windows fanboy.  
  • Agreed bebo
  • So your dumb as well lordtree?  you think apple is this evil empire that are partaking in shady practices in business?  Yeah,  MS does none of that...ha If anything is HYPE is the mythical UNICORN surface phone...Not the solid iphone line that you can purchase, use,  and do awesome things with MOBILE TODAY!....NOT in TEN YEARS time.....MAYBE....Fanboys are TOOOOOO FUNNY!
  • Bebo don't use anymore time on him, his a underaged keyboard-warrior, who has a knack for the Caps lock. He even goes so low as to correct ones grammar. Windows Central should really make a age restriction....
  • Ha ha ha.   Little do you know McCloud.    That's a sign of immaturity.     Basic grammar and spelling mistakes of common words.   I probably graduated before you were born.   
  • Wow what do you know, the kid turned off his Caps lock XD
  • HA HA HA   THE REAL CHILD HERE IS YOU...FOLLOWING ME AROUND??????  WAHHHHHH FANBOY CRYING.  WAAAAAAHHHHHHHH   Cap lock was intentional there...loser.   I use caps to stress a point...maybe take a communications course when you finally get to college,  if you ever do.  you might learn something.
  • Slow news day?
  • Blasphemy i say!!
  • Why in the world, would I even want to switch to that shady/ greedy corp.. That's only purpose is to squeeze you for every last cent, with there half-assed/ overpriced products that's made to break/ fail when you just unboxed it. Never liked Apple, nor their business methods. Where other companies see costumers, they see pidgins that's ready to get scammed and ripped off. If you should choose, I would go for a Android, there i can choose which brand I want, and know the quality I'm getting.
  • Again,  MCcloud88...if you think microsoft's business practices are any LESS SHADY,  you are living in LA LA LAND.  or so dilusional with fanboy'ism,  you have no understanding of what is really going on.   btw,  it's pigeon (i guess winows mobile had deleted spellcheck as well).   All of them have the same business practices,  acutally GOOGLE is the most "shady"  so i find it suprising that you would recommend them using your "LOGIC".
  • lol so funny, when Apple fanboys get agressive :D
  • SOrry MCcloud,  NO fanboy here.....I am asking you a serious question...since you are clearly a windows mobile can't answer in anything other than the IOS TROLL.   I am typing this on a Windows based computer,  also have my android phone and tablet next to me,  as well as 3 other windows based laptops.  So...please....Explain how Microsoft is any less "shady" as you put it.....You cannot...because they are JUST as, if not more shady!
  • lol hahaha shows how much you know kiddo, yes I own a Windows 10 Mobile, but I only use it for business purposes in my firm. My primary phone is an android, I also own a Chromebook. So to conclude I use a mix of MS OS and a Linux laptop. Next time don't judge people so fast, just because of their statements kid.
  • Ha ha.   Kiddo.    Like i said.   I probably graduated before you were born.  You are the acting immature here.   Thinking the Microsoft does business differently than apple or google.    How cute.  
  • Okay lets recap here: I'm writing here like every other MS user, and giving my feedback on this article, because I'm also a WP user. Where you on the other hand, sounds like you just came here from iPhone Central. Not only are you flaming every tread you find, yes I saw ALOT of negative comments from you, doing youre childish behavior. When youre not badmouthing, youre then giving false an invalid BS about a platform youre not even using, just like this one. With that said, i can tell you that i don't care if you (really) are older then me, if you are then you should be ashamed of youre self. What you are doing right now is a waste of precises time and pathetic in every way for a grown man to be acting. So why don't you be a good boy and go back to youre crApple Channel and leave people be here. Have a nice evening, bye.
  • I am a windows user,  a linux user, an android user, and an ios user.  Windows 10 moible is done.  it was done and over with when they lied about many items,  and then backpedaled leaving lots of users like myself out again....after spending 3 reboots....three times,  is enough.  ALOT of loyal users like myself,  left because of the constant need to purchase new devices everytime they decided to reboot.  Ok,  that was the first issue.  Next up was the way microsoft handled their developers.  They were taking more royalties than the other systems,  and caused the first downfall of the app platform.  thirdly,  they cancelled the bridge systems to "easily port over" apps.  Which was not easy as they made it out to be (i.e. LIE).  Fourth they wrote off the entire mobile development team and created the "insiders program"  a snazzy way to say free labour for testing and then,  the rest is what s H I T they have out now called windows 10 mobile.  No wonder its tanked supremely.  They don't care about it showing in their total lack of focus,  or anything like professional handling of it.  After being with microsoft since windows CE on a pocket PC,  I Sold my 1020s when there was no way forward with those devices after being told my shady microsoft that ALL WINDOWS 8 DEVICES running Denim would be automatically updated.   That could have happend if they kept their mobile developement team,  but they let insiders develop windows 10 mobile.  A total crap move by microsoft.  SO YES i have used it,  I use windows 10 on my computers, etc.  I DO NOT USE Windows 10 mobile after being told I would have to buy a crappy new phone instead of my lovely 1020 that is still the best windows phone ever made.   So before you spout off and call me out  might want to check your **** at the door.  Anyone using Crapple as a word,  that shows your age and maturity right there!  And to follow me around the board...that is funny **** right there.  what are you 4?  I can hear you now.  " I am taking my toy from the sand box"  wahhhhh.  crybaby!
  • Rage much? Again I know MS moves, heck been following them since the 90's. Kinda funny way you shove mistakes, that you make yourself onto others. No sir I'm not 4, many people use that word around Apple, for a company that makes hardware like that and skips the Quality assurance tests (you should think). But hey, every corp. has their strategies. But I take it with those low IQ comebacks and anger issues, that youre a minor or a ADHD, who needs attention. Following you? dude youre all over this site, can't scroll down a few treads without seeing youre posts. Calling you out? lol and thats coming from a guy on a Mobile Phone forum, that cant even spell "Mobile" right... Get youre **** together man, that's the 5th tread where you wrote that, not takin' youre finger is still slipping.
  • "To move photos from your computer to your iPhone requires iTunes."
    NOPE. You can do this without iTunes too. Just connect your phone and File Explorer on PC recognises it. Transfer photos like any other pendrive.
  • I don't want to change from my 950 its the best phone for business
  • I agree with many of the comments here. This is a windows site. If I wanted to know how to switch to another platform I'd go to the appropriate site. It is a little galling (to say the least) to keep reading articles here on how to switch to elsewhere. WC, I think your editorial policy is wrong here and it is putting me - for one - off WC generally. Thank you.
  • Exactly.
  • pls no ......not again this crap
  • Just preparing you for the inevitable!
  • Perhaps you need to call for ban on anything other than pure windows stuff on this site.
  • yes...exactly  Windows mobile is no longer Pure windows stuff since it's KILLED!
  • I just don't see how installing word on a phone makes the transition from MS to Apple easy. If there were a way to change the bleak interface, that would be helpful. For now, I'll wait until my Windows phone dies of old age.
  • We are all windows fans and we hate to see journalist taking crap about other platform which are better I agree but still not in the right place.
    If windows had 90% of applications we are lacking we would have been the best there is in the world even though we ain't 75% of all the operating computers and laptops are managed by us. Windows phone receives updates
    Computers and laptops receives updates
    Xbox consoles receives updates
    OneDrive received updates
    Come on we are trying here why can't people see that
  • I don't understand the meaning of these articles.
    Do you want the rest of us to move to iphone? Realy?
  • Microsoft does.  
  • Explain???
  • They are finished with the mobile space.  SIMPLE  how hard is it to comprehend?  well actually,  really hard for some people.
  • No please do tell more, I need tech. answers too. I work everyday in the Tech. dept. of my firm, and would really like to hear you defend that accusation?
  • 😣
  • It is a sad day when a site dedicated to Windows publishes instructions how to jump ship.
  • I get how they're trying to be helpful but these articles don't really fit in with this site
  • How to move your editor from Windows Central to Android Central.
  • Terrible. Terrible. I can't get over it. Seems better to stop using this site so you don't get sick reading like today.. And ofcourse - keeping my Windows Phone until forever. How the hell could you not!?
  • BYE...see you!  less whining here the better!
  • Less flaming and a better attitude towards others would be good too, in youre case...
  • please do not learn us how to use iphone... windows phone users does not need that... if someone want to change the OS then he/she have a lot of option to search...and do not come to windowscentral website for sure!!! if i'm coming to this site daily or 2 times a day cuz i need to know latest news about windows 10 on mobile, tablet PC and XBOX or even hololens.. not apple or google device!!!
  • How to move data from iPhone to windows phone. Now that sounds better.☎ 📲
  • Actually, moving to a dying OS isn't such a bright idea...It's actually not recommended at all. Unless Microsoft actually gives users a heads up that they are going to bring back their Mobile OS in the near future. Suggesting an endevour of that nature, like moving from iPhone to Windows 10M would be a disservice to people thinking about trying another platform.
  • Give me liberty of Windows Phone or give me death!
  • Guess your dying soon then bebo...been nice going back and forth with you...I will send flowers and a card to your family!
  • Or, you gotta fight for your right to Windows Phone!
  • YOu are not going to win that one's over,  done...finito.   I don't know how anyone can see it any other way.   It's over just as RT is over...just as windows XP is over....
  • I get Windows Central is trying to be helpful with articles like this, but I really think they are out of place on this website. Windows Central - a website all about Microsoft and Windows, and showing us how great it is, publishing articles on how to move away from Windows? See? Doesn't suit website very well
  • Griffin...of you see an commonality with my will see why.   WINDOWS MOIBLE IS DONE.   The editors here are trying to help windows users (like myslef) migrate their mobile data to iphone,  and get caught up with great technology while mobile.  Continuum etc is not MOBILE technology since it requires being tied to a desktop....might as well buy a laptop.   Just as useful as a windows phone at mobile things.
  • lol 3rd post where he can't spell "Mobile" right. You sure you graduated kid? XD
  • Jebo vam pas mater.
  • When I read things like "emotionally invested a lot in the Winmobile platform" and "being forced to ditch WM/WP after 7 years is like my child forcibly taken away at age 7" I am reassured that the infrastructure for mental health is in a sorry state not only in my country but also the USA/UK.
  • Everyone is a snowflake these days and have to be handled with kids gloves.   Imagine the outrage if microsoft offically announced the death of windows moible.  There would be a line up at the pschyatrists offices!
  • I'd sooner sell my soul to the Android ecosystem, which is looking to be inevitable. Thanks Nadella.
  • I much prefer Android anyway, it suits my usecase while iOS limits the level of customization far too much for me to be comfortable with.
  • I used to be like that....Customizing anything and everything computer related...Now,  I realise,  that customizing is a waste of time and just having things work right is much better than have them look different.   The apps in IOS are for the most part more stable than android apps,  as is the OS and phone itself.   But.....either way,  you are moving forward instead of backwards!
  • Well for one, Android Apps are relatively stable as I never really have any issues in that department. 7.0 is an excellent Android OS, earlier versions had variable levels of stability. Also, I'm just talking about changing the following things in regards to customization: Keyboard, Themes (I prefer Samsung's theme engine). Third party keyboards are denied a lot of privileges on iOS for security reasons. There are many cases that a third party can't be used, and the default keyboard will pop-up in that situation. Like the app developer not allowing for using a different keyboard other than the default iOS keyboard. As I buy higher end devices I don't delve into rooting, changing my ROM or kernel. As that voids warranty and isn't going to be a perfect experience, as the features I had are often more valuable than root in my case. Ultimately, I do understand why you do like iOS but not everyone will take to it like you've done. Keeping the case open for Android is a good thing, just as keeping it open for iOS when a person hasn't had the experience.  
  • I agree.  zantreve.  7.0 is really good.  I was fooling around with themes as well.  but,  I always found that most themes slowed down the phone,  and also used up alot of resources.   Thats why,  whatever platform I use..i just keep stock.  Makes the devices perform the best.  I have had a few android apps force close on me,  where as I have yet to have an IOS app do that.  I do like android for navigation apps...They are better IMO.  
  • Third Party launchers on lesser devices, there is bit of slowness. Samsung built their Theme Engine into their launcher so I haven't had any slowdown, skipped frames, touch delay etc. The S8+ is a beast in that regard, being the sort of person that likes to change the look of my device. I can do this worry free and never having to worry about lost performance due to having a theme applied. Having access to Google Maps for Navigation apps, does make a huge difference. As Google has invested so much time in mapping a lot of places in the world, so those will typically be better.
  • You are right. I use both Android and ios, on the phone I prefer Android, on the tablet iOS. iOS is better customization-wise on only one field: it lets you remove most of the Apple apps if you dont like or dont use them. E.g. you can even delete the stock Apple Mail app and use Outlook, or gmail or whatever instead. On an Android phone, for obvious reasons, you are not able to remove Google Games or Google Plus, even if you never use it, unless you root the phone, which I do not do (apart from warranty issues it also breaks banking apps, Knox etc.)
  • I certainly perform Android for phones because it allows me to access all of my Google related info easily on the fly. I had a chance to play with an iPad and those are pretty nice, Android tablets haven't really interested me at all. Instead I much prefer Chrome OS for on the go light work, as it syncs nicely with my other devices.
  • theyre not getting users, so going mainstream. heck that's gonna happen, theyre ******* off the core audience of this sites
  • How about you author to move on another platform forum??? We are Windows phone lovers, not haters just like you....
  • Didn't you published an article about positive windows treads a short while ago? And now this? Ok. I am about to cancel my membership since WC becomes iOS and Android Central more and more. I will keep my three Windows phones until they die or be hopefully replaced by anything new by MS. Bye. Keep converting to AndroiOS Central. Good luck.
  • For the writer of the article: **** you. Hope your iPhone goes full Galaxy Note 8 on your ass!! 😠
  • Wow we have a 4 year old Child here in Nicolae Catalin.   That is the most childish post I have read yet.  At least his iphone or galaxy note will have a following...unlike the crap that is windows 10 moible now.
  • lol still can't spell "Mobile" huh LMAO
  • wow...well played young one.  got me in a slip of the fingers unlike the total bastardization of piegon you did earlier.  good me...ha ha ha.  funny
  • Still haven't figured out what punctuation is, eh?
  • This is a shame for the whole Windows Central Team...!😒
  • The three things that divides us humans - Race, religion, and mobile platforms.
  • I'm not going to name call. I'm just stating a fact. The writer is not offering a service by his instruction, he's generating content. People who buy phones A or B are already given tools to transfer and set up their devices. This article was just a ploy to get you guys to snipe and jab at each other, create some numbers and traffic. Not complaining, fine with me, I enjoy the show.
  • Windows 10 mobile till they completely pull the plug and drop all support for me. Long live win 10 mobile!
  • You guys are a bunch of defeatist. So, you decide to leave W10M ship. It's ok. But, please, leave us, who still use WP, too use our phones. I'm still happy with my 950 XL, 640 XL Dual SIM, and even with 925. I came to WP from Samsung Galaxy Note 3, before that I have several Android phones. For me W10M is still better OS. Tomorrow if I must choose a phone with different OS, I will, but today I'm happy with a phone in my hand.
  • Dear god....
  • Good guide for those that want to switch I guess.
  • I wasn't expecting the same article here 😒... This is really disappointing.
  • I don't wanna switch now but CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO TRANSFER MESSAGES TO IPHONE, I'll try and if everything goes ok will test iPhone