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How you can't get Snapchat on Windows Phone: The whole sorry saga

If you're new to the platform in particular, you might be wondering why you can't have it. After all, iPhone and Android owners have it, right?

With there being no hope for the third-party offerings we did have, here's a run down of the tale of Snapchat and Windows Phone.

No official app


That's the first and most important thing in this whole story. Snapchat doesn't have an official app for Windows Phone. And it doesn't look like it plans to have one any time in the foreseeable future.

But why is that?

Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, evidently doesn't care much for Windows Phone.

Then there was the time you could request support for your currently unsupported device. And then there was the time that went away. Whatever the actual reason behind it, the only official way to pressure Snapchat for an app disappeared into the night.

Will that ever change? Will Snapchat ever relent and release an official app for Windows Phone? We're not holding our breath.

The tale of the third-party


Where official support is lacklustre, or completely absent, the excellent Windows Phone developer community often comes through. Instagram is a fine example of this. Despite having an official app, it's been over a year since it was updated and there are third-party solutions that offer a much better experience.

So, in the absence of Snapchat, enter the likes of Swapchat, 6Snap and a few others.

6Snap in particular went on to become a community favorite. Developer, Rudy Huyn, is a committed and talented Windows Phone developer. As with his Instagram app, 6Tag, 6Snap arguably had a better overall user experience than the official Snapchat apps on other platforms.

Support from source is something we'd always welcome. But as long as there's a good solution, it's not the end of the world.

So what happened?

Snapchat had some security issues. After a huge number of users photos were stolen and posted online, Snapchat clamped down on allowing third-party services access.

Apps such as 6Snap used reverse-engineered APIs to get them into Snapchat. And it was third-party apps that were ultimately responsible for the security breach.

So, in a not totally unjustifiable move, Snapchat started to clamp down on its users not sending their Snaps through official channels. First by offering a warning, then by locking accounts, and then the biggest blow of all, having third-party apps removed from the Store.

And that means as of right now, Windows Phone has no Snapchat. At all.

The future

Snapchat was supposedly developing a public API of some sort. But that still hasn't materialized. And despite the best efforts of people like Rudy Huyn, Snapchat doesn't want to know.

So, the future, if you're a Snapchatter, is bleak on Windows Phone. It's a sad state of affairs, but it's the world we live in. What would it take for Snapchat to give in and make an app? Who knows.

A change of attitude towards the platform would be top of the list.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Sad, I just feel like most of the app news lately is about apps we can't get. But what do we say? Windows 10 is coming
  • This is going to be one long thread.
  • But we had this sort of discussion yesterday. Why do u do this oh windows central?
  • Ads my friend, clickable revenue.    Anyway, if I was below age 30, this news would be disappointing. Other than that, the tool is useless to me even though I have a Android tablet with it...don't use it.
  • Some articles like this one are click bait seeing as how this story has already been beat to death. It's a double edged sword though, if WP fails than it would spell the eventual demise of windowscentral. I guess they already have their ios and droid sites as backup
  • Mobile Nations already has "their ios and droid sites".
  • If comments are an indication, Windows gets a hell off a lot more traffic than their ios side.
  • I have noticed more theses types of articles as of recent and less useful news as of late. WMPoweruser is doing a better job as of recent.
  • @thezunelune i don't like me too recently wcentral contents it seems someone is paying them to spread FUD or such...
    Going to uninstall the wcentral app is they keep with this way
    A disappointed reader.
  • I like the way your nick sounds. (or however how I think it sounds)
  • I think WC is becoming slightly BGRified
  • More like below 20.
  • I'm 19 and I can't be bothered with this security façade.
  • Or maybe because Windows Central/Mobile Nations wants to spread the word about the trouble we've been having with Snapchat in a conveniently placed timeline that's legitimate and accurate? Considering they're one of the biggest sources for news on Microsoft I think it would only make sense. They're thinking about anyone and everyone to see the truth on the relationship between Snapchat and Microsoft, not just the sad hearts of the Windows community. There aren't even ads in the app, which I assume is where most of their viewing is done from nowadays.
  • Bingo! trmnrs, you nailed it. These articles are to inform newer users and to draw attention to the BS some of these companies are pulling. That should be obvious to anyone with a thinking brain, but sadly common sense isn't so common anymore.
  • If I cared about this teen-bait App I'd write an article pointing out the number of Snapchat is losing, US vs worldwide, as a result of the petulance of their CEO. Let him explain why they don't need new customers as a part of their growth model.
  • "This is going to be one long thread." Literally, that comment made the milk I was drinking come out of my nose! You win the internet today.
  • Really? Because lately all I'm seeing is the typical WP trolls losing their ammunition as banks release apps in masses exponentially larger than the two we lost and we see gaps like PayPal Here closed. Honestly, even when we had 6snap I thought it was dumb. My very first initial impression was that I'd just limited myself to only MMSing people who use Snapchat when I already had the capability of MMSing everyone in my contacts list. I've been told I'd care less about logic and more about how popular it is if I were still in my teens. And even though I still have an iPhone 6 and LG G3 to fall back on, it sits as one of those installed apps I never really use. It doesn't seem to offer anything for a 27 year old married homeowner who has children. If I want self destructive messages I'd go to something that's actually secure like Cyber Dust.
  • Tlrtheory, it matters because the largest gains in WP market share as of late are the low end devices. Who buys the low end? People on a budget, and parents to give the device to their kids (which I would argue is a far more important demographic since they will grow up to buy their own devices soon). I am a teacher and I hear of two ways the kids communicate, kik and snapchat. Snapchat being increasingly common. If WP continues to be the platform without snapchat, it will lose its coolness amongst the youth (which I can say it has because I have seen a lot more WP in the school over the last two years and I often get compliments for my phone)
  • Don't get me wrong, I'm not doubting the objective importance of this app at all. Only noting that I personally think it's silly.
  • And make no mistake, i also agree that the app is totally stupid. I especially hate it because it is a favored method of bullys to send mean content that will leave no proof. Funny thing is, i literally just asked a sample of students why they use Snapchat instead of instagram or some other service and NOT ONE of them could come up with a single legitimate reason. I still stick with my original statement though that "high profile" apps such as this not being on WP is a HUGE problem for marketshare.
  • Except I don't see market share shifting much because we got Snapchat...or WhatsApp...or Instagram.  People are seemingly entrenched in their current ecosystem.  What do we have as a market disrupting feature, service or application?  I feel like those things are needed to entice more people to switch.  
  • Its not that IF we got Snapchat all of a sudden we would have more users, its that IF WE CONTINUE NOT TO HAVE high profile apps, it will be one more reason a potential user would NOT use the WP platform.
  • Cause its fun, it's alot easier on that app to take a quick snap and upload it then it is with Instagram plus if some kid is getting bullied over snap chat it's not hard to delete the person or block them and you also have a score so its kinda like a game.
  • I need to jump in here, where is the colorful fuck Evan, fuck snatchchat, etc...on Easter no less..come on people, open the flood gates...
  • You're exactly right, and this is what people need to understand.
  • You do make a fair point but if parents are letting their kids on snapchat, they need to think twice. I'm actually GLAD that WP doesn't have it as the father of a tweenage kid. Instagram is bad enough, lol. Anyway, it sucks for marketshare but it's one less app I have to block.
  • You know what I think?
    Android is scared of windows. So they paid the poor developer of snap chat to keep his app away from windows store.
    Seems legit actually. Why else would he hold a grudge against windows then?
  • Anyone rate Xim, I downloaded it recently.
  • What you're saying has nothing to do with the average consumer, and making the platform more appealing to a wider range of people....
    This isn't all about Snapchat... There's a much larger issue at hand here, and we shouldn't just disregard it because we might not care about a specific app..... That's always been the least affective, and most annoying, argument.
  • It would take 100 regional and non-US banks to make up for importance of losing Citibank.  You need US customers with high disposable income, this is where devs make their money and Citi bank has millions of customers.
  • Kik? Kik messenger, from the guys who made the sidekick phone? I never saw anyone using it here in Italy... How popular is it where you live?
  • I don't think Windows 10 will help either. That's mainly because Snapchat is a mobile only app. That said, universal apps won't be of any use here and that means less users in the end again. So, better not rely on Windows 10 for your Snapchat needs.
  • It will help because the more people are on Win10 the more apps will be made = more people using Windows Phone especially when the new Win10 comes on out highend devices.  Then these standouts will have to make an app or lose big as Winphone grows.  I can tell you that once Win10 is out and we have some serious highend devices, I will be switching my company to pure MS mobile.  Surface 3's are already my standard kit for the mobile force. Just been waiting to pull the trigger on the phones.
  • Still no guarantee developers are going to bite. The argument is already made that they are ignoring millions of potential users and that doesn't seem to matter. They still ignore the platform. I just don't see how an app possibly being available for PC as well as mobile is gonna make a difference. No ones clamoring for Snapchat or Instagram on a PC. They want it on their phones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Perhaps someone should go and tell google to stop that whole android apps on chrome OS project then.
  • Except of course, one has nothing to do with the other. Certain apps, like Instagram, Snapchat, and the new live streaming apps, like Periscope, are mobile only due to how they're used: they need access to your GPS, your camera, and they thrive based on the user having a device in their pocket at all times, for communication, photo taking, or live streams; they also have closed APIs, without a website or a desktop app you can log into. More and more apps are moving to this 'mobile only' model.
  • I am sorry to say that Instagram and periscope are not only on mobile. As I use them on my Laptop as well as my tablet. 
  • In my opinion they are still in better position than MS. At least they have platform for which devs are making apps and they are trying to make those apps available on desktops, while MS it seems cant lure devs to make apps for their platform, since there is no demand for their mobile OS. It's post-PC era, as Steve said it, and MS did not recognize that on time...
  • Xxcorpxx....With a username like yours...only imagination could discern what your business is...
  • Lol - Wine actually. XxCORPxX  just old gamer stuff.  This name goes back to the days of Aol Cd's in the mail.
  • Yeah, W10 COULD help... Especially with the popularity of Surface, and other Windows tablets rising.... This is mobile.
  • NBC News App got pulled last night too. Wait till Windows Central picks on that news in a few days! :P
  • Hate to break this to you but it's still there (at least in the US):   The NBC Today app was removed from the WP Store and Windows Central reported it 4 days ago:   Sorry to bust your bubble.
  • And last year or so we are were saying Windows Phone 8.1 will solve our problems. Before that, we were claiming Windows Phone 8, 7.5 Mango, Nodo...
  • Nah, that never ends, just like politics.
  • Windows is die hard. That must be a nagging puzzling headache for apple and google. Why, windows phone, WHY ARE U STILL ALIVE?!!!!!
  • They're just want to participate. You know, Windows is a OS either. It's not funny if they're not participate.
  • Its actually alive more than ever with 30 new OEM's now onboard..
  • Yeah. Two companies that control OVER 90% of the smartphone market are getting headaches over an OS that has been struggling to hit 4%. That makes sense.  Hate to break it to you but we here at Windows Central are more obssessed about Google and Apple than they are about us. 
  • They solved some problems, but unfortunately we got new ones instead
  • Windows 10 won't change shit. Time to face the reality. This "universal apps" thing won't make developers interested in developing for the platform. Because it's Windows. And windows phone. And Microsoft.
  • Finally, an intelligent man..amen...I been saying, and I quote "10 ain't gonna do dick, people are entrenched"....Now someone is gonna come along and say universal apps and all the desktops...No one at work uses those half ass whacked apps on 8.1. What's gonna change with 10? Dick, that's what.
  • No, no, you're wrong. Dicks are Snapchat's prerogative, Windows 10 cannot change what it doesn't have
  • I would be using Snapchat a lot if we had an app, as I did with 6snap. It's a big app to have missing. I've known people who were interested in getting a Lumia for me to mention there's no Snapchat and for that notion to completely go out of the window.
  • Then don't mention snapchat...problem solved...basic salesmanship....
  • What needs to happen is that Windows Phone users should unite, and flood the Twitter and Facebook pages of the developers.  Stop acting like we don't care about mainstream app developers apps being on our platform, because without the mainstream developers, then, why buy a Windows Phone besides Windows Phone 10 (don't get me wrong, I am excited for Windows Phone 10 development, but I also realize that the same excitement occurred for Windows Phone 7, 7.8, 8, and 8.1, so, it is hard for me to get that excited when the marketshare was projected for Windows Phone to be in 2nd place by 2015 from four years ago articles).  The survival of Windows Phone is in our hands, but we have got to stop pretending that we are not bothered whenever negative news regarding an app comes out.  The fact is, I am hurt, I am saddened, I am angered, basically all of the stages of grief, because I love my Windows Phone, but the mainstream app developers don't, as well as, the mass consensus of people buying phones (they like Android and Apple more).  Let's stop acting macho, and put together some kind of action to convince people to buy Windows Phone (yes, it is called SELLING 101 - overcoming objections, and persuade the consumer), because Android and Apple does the same thing (I repeat, "THE SURVIVAL OF WINDOWS PHONE IS IN OUR HANDS, NOT MICROSOFT").
  • Windows 10 is here! Yay.
  • Probably a good idea there is nothing good about that software!
  • It's used more for underage sexting than anything else. Thankfully one less thing to worry about my kids phone usage.
  • I've given up with Snapchat a while ago! Would be nice to see an official app or even 6snap becoming the official app on Windows.
  • Yeah, I wish Rudy could get support and make his apps the official WP versions. That would be awesome.
  • Probably companies are happy to let that happen but Rudy may have demands that companies don't think are worth encouraging. There can't be a standoff for no reason. 6Tag has been ok with Instagram. It's just other companies who won't bend to Rudy may have issues. We don't know what happens behind closed doors.
  • The SuckChat's CEO said fucking no. Rudy Huyn is no problem.
  • He's tried, and you can see the end result of things.
  • Never installed the app, nor was I going to. I don't know what it does, just like many of the folks here. So no point in whining over a thing which many of us are not even gonna use. Stop it guys seriously. And if you go by their CEO'S words--3% of WP Users, well yes, he's right, out of the 3% not even 30% would be using that shit app. And don't go by Europe, Brazil or India has this much users and all. I can vouch that 95% WP users in India don't even use that app.
  • wrong, i'm from india and i used to but they locked down my account, though i still have the app on my phone it asks me to log in through official app to unlock my account.
  • Read twice before commenting, I said 95%.
  • At least here on Brazil a lot people use. Just,
    A lot.
  • I don't think you should be talking statistics when they aren't even recorded properly, wrong. Snapchat/6snap got used by a lot of users. Like you said, you don't even know what it does.
  • I only vouched for India.
  • All of India..really, you that fucking full of yourself that you will vouch for all of India? Gtfo.
  • Your mom taught me how to, foul mouthed.
  • Worst. Comeback. Ever.
  • You have a better one..?
  • I give you credit, forget the other guy!
  • Oh Really..!!!! ❤❤
  • Yes, I do. If I was you, I would've said: "Yes, I am full of myself, I learned autofellatio from your father " Ahthankyaverymuch!
  • Does that even fall in the category of comebacks..?
  • Of course it does, it was a double pronged comeback. You're not very good at this, are you?
  • Why curse the father, when you can be it yourself....
  • You really aren't getting this, are you? You need to go and think for a while, it'll come to you..
  • Lol. When you know your remedy, why not try it..? Oh, and I accept sorry(s). See ya in a new thread, this one's getting stale.
  • Regardless of the fact that you don't use it, there are people that do. The main problem here is the app gap and your ignorance towards high profile apps that you don't need isn't going to solve anything. No matter how much you don't like it, it's still relevant and still not on Windows phone. That's the problem.
  • I just cursed folk's whining, as that is not going to help anyone. Read twice before commenting.
  • People generally give up on Snapchat once they hit 25-27.
  • And they start using it when they are around 21-23, even knowing it from 15-17.
  • Ok, we can't get it. Get over it or move elsewhere. It's a great shame, but Microsoft should do MORE about it f they care about their costumers leaving the ship due to a single (yet uber-popular) app lacking in their offer.
  • You say people should move platform, yet blame msft...
  • You do realise that Snapchat isn't a Microsoft product, don't you. Therefore it's not up to Microsoft to do anything about it, they can't hold a gun to developers heads and force them to develop their apps for Windows Phone.
  • But at least they can request
  • Snapchat don't want to support WP, period. So whether Microsoft request it or us users request it makes no difference.
  • Why can't Microsoft team up with Snapchat like they did with Facebook or WhatsApp or tons of other apps. I'm not adamant about Snapchat, but if Microsoft is losing users just because people want Snapchat, they should go ahead and give some benefits to the Snapchat developer and get it on the platform.
  • So what, you think they didn't?
  • I'm sure Microsoft did request it, my point is that Microsoft aren't responsible for third party app developers coming across to WP.
  • The CEO cursed back Microsoft.
  • Loads of people have requested for the official app.... And snapchat still turned their backs... Microsoft asking won't change their minds. (as much as done people wish it to)
  • Satya has personally met with some of the large app hold outs. There's only so much Microsoft can do, they don't control then and throwing piles of money at people is not a scalable business solution.
  • We mean that MS could do more about it INDIRECTLY.... W10, Surface, Universal apps, Marketing,,.... These are all things that MS has the power to make successful....
    It's our problem right now, not the developers, so we have to look at what "we" can do about it.
  • Well, they could try...
  • If the the CEO is a jerk and doesn't want to play nice then what is Microsoft supposed to do?
  • $
  • I think MS should buy them out, fire their current CEO, and make SnapChat only available to Windows users.  Why not?  That's what Google likes to do to Windows.  Do it back. But of course, I couldn't care less about SnapChat, don't use it, I think it's a bunch of crap.  Like someone else said, it's for bullies and underage sexters....  Also, does the app somehow block your devices ability to take a screen shot?  If not, then it's not 100% secure anyway.  I'm naive when it comes to the app, like I said, I don't use it.  But I like to talk about things I know nothing about, lol. 
  • "I think MS should buy them out, fire their current CEO, and make SnapChat only available to Windows users. " That would be the biggest plot twist :D
  • Just drop Elop in there, problem solved...
  • LMAO!! I second this.
  • Even if it does, it can't prevent me from photographing my phone with an other device.
  • Turning it into a windows phone exclusive, what a great way to get everyone to abandon the service and leave windows phone exactly where it is now.
  • Perhaps. But it would be a total dick move, and I would respect that, lol. It seems to work for Google.
  • Microsoft cannot mess with the free will how ever they can talk to the company to consider making an app which if I'm correct, they did! Unfortunately the "oh so mature" of a C.E.O, of snapchat seems to be ignoring windows phone as if he has a personal grudge with the Windows platform. I'm no smart ass but just concluding what I've learnt overall so far.
  • [–]EncaitorHTC 8x --> Lumia 1020
    Just going to quickly ask here, over the last 24h we've seen 4-5 threads regarding an official snapchat client since their big update this week. Is the Snapchat people someone you guys are talking with?
    [–]joebelfioreVP, Lead Windows Phone Team[S]
    Yep, talking.
    It's a part of the Joe Belfiore's AMA that took place 11 months ago on Reddit.
  • I think MS has bigger fish to fry than Snaphat: Cloud, services, w10, office, and surface. WP, I have this gut feeling death in the future...
  • The crux of the matter is that the reason you can't get snap chat on Windows phones is because it is not a respected mobile OS platform. Despite "serious" official apps like Instagram and others, it just does not hold as much clot in the market as Apple or Android. And that's not surprising. An operating system that cannot driver good quality mp3 playback is not worthy of any sort of market share. We can all live in denial of the facts but that won't kill the facts. That's the thing about them, they're unassailable.
  • Does blackberry have snap chat?
  • Yes, through the Android runtime.
  • ....does blackberry have Snapchat?
  • Look how many updates xbox music had and it's still buggy as hell...
  • I don't really have a problem with Xbox Music but then I don't use my phone to listen to music that much. The last bug I encountered was my music collection disappearing, took out the SD Card, checked it for errors and reinserted it and all my Music showed up again. I am using VLC now which seems to do a much better job compared with Xbox Music.
  • Stop dreaming and wake up, Xbox Music is not buggy
  • Yes, it is.
  • Why do you all have such problems with Xbox Music. I never had problems with it on my Lumia 630. Works perfectly fine.
  • I hated Xbox Music for it barely working. Went back to Spotify.
  • Your name is hilarious...
  • Clout* deliver*
  • Really, its time to move on and stop whining about this. Its not coming to WP, deal with it.
  • Exactly, Cyberdust is a decent cross platform alternative.
  • Except few use it. The whole point of Snapchat is the social network, not another app's similar functionality. If your particular circle of acquaintances aren't on a network, it's pretty pointless.
  • Do not say that. Some people will never get over it.
  • BBM is a nice alternative as well with optional self destructing messages. Not only that but both Cyberdust and BBM are cross platform, WP included, which just shows that market share doesn't come into it.
  • Exactly, it is simply "collusion" to get rid of WP. And like many of you (I hope!) I did not choose WP for an app that it never had in the first place.
  • Snapchat is not for you or me. It's for the growth of the platform. attraction of new and existing users who maybe interested in WP but need the apps.
  • I agree but with cross platform alternatives available Snapchat is no loger an essential app.
  • I'm not sure what you mean...?
  • Well, Cyberdust and BBM are available not just on WP but iOS and Android. So, while Snapchat may be essential to growing WP simply by having it on the store it's no longer a must have app for everyone.
  • But no one is going to use BBM or Cyberdust for the things they do on Snapchat. This isn't about alternatives because there essentially is no alternative. Snapchat isn't all about sending nudes nowadays, no matter how much people think so.
  • Snapchat: Hip, cool, edgy, and everyone is using it. BBM: Black Berry Messenger?  Is that company still around?  Sounds like something my dad would use. Similiar functionality isn't going to change the game.  I've enjoyed using snapchat in the past for the sheer simplicity of showing people funny cat poses en mass.  It's damn easy to use with no real frills. 
  • Show some love to WP. This is cruel and mad
  • I bet the CEO hasn't tried Windows Phone and still thinks its awful. How can people know its awful if they haven't even tried it?!
  • Same way you are claiming the snapchat CEO has tried it but have no actual proof?
  • Easy, like picking can just tell some are nasty without using them...
  • I don't care anyway however it is not good
  • Oops....
  • I never used it and will never use it :P
  • Even if they added it to WP, I wouldn't use it.  The founder of Snapchat is a complete jerk and I refuse to support people like that.
  • +1
  • He is too young for make good market decisions.
  • How are the valuations of the company you run?
  • Such a slap in the face. Can't go after a huge demographic without snapchat
  • Lets hope the next preview for Windows 10 bring update for Lumia 520 and even bring snap chat to Windows for the first time
  • ?? The update to windows 10 won't give you snapchat ahaha. I'd that snapchat doesn't want to develop an app for windows/windows phone... More that they cant on wp8.1. (although I guess people can hope). It purely depends on if snapchat stop turning a blind eye and stop being stubborn with Microsoft. Cant see that happening anytime soon sadly.
  • It might, especially when the userbase increases due to all the other platforms that Windows 10 runs on.
  • They actually could announce Snap Chat for Windows Phone at the Windows 10 for phones announcement.. :P They almost always announce a new official at at Windows Phone releases. I couldn't care though. Self destructing messages isn't really something I care about.
  • ?????
  • Get your head out of the clouds!
  • Isn't there a petition to be signed? Some stats about 3rd party apps on Windows phone to see how many people will use it? I'm not particularly interested in the app but i notice there is a big group of people that wouldn't buy a phone that doesn't have snapchat. So for the platform it would only be better. So can't we organise something?
  • The petition got signed by about 30000 ppl
    Me too even if i don't use stuff like snapchat, instagram or facebook
  • I don't care. There are other apps, which I can use to send dickpics.
  • lol
  • LOL
  • Microsoft should just implement QIK in Skype instead of a separate app and prompt that, this way it would give Snapchat any serious competition.
  • Old Microsoft would have done that and kill the competition on the process, but new Microsoft I am not so sure.
  • The new Microsoft would buy a company which provides a cloned-app from Snapchat, but not a successful one, 5 years from now, and then release it to all platforms.
  • This looser of a new CEO care only about cloud and competitor success than about Windows or wp
    Hope the board will resign this ceo asap
    And hope he will not find another work and keep unemployed it's what he deserve
    As user i'm disgusted by the politics of this new Ceo
  • How is MS' CEO a 'loser'? Satya is doing damn good work and sending Microsoft in the right direction.
  • The board members and investors are certainly happier with him then ballin' Ballmer. 
  • I suppose I'm at the age when I have no need for an app like Snapchat. Its probably a good job I didn't have access a few years ago. my wife and I might now have been parted, which now I can see would have been a disaster.
  • Sounds like a self control issue
  • Not really, Snapchat appeals to a certain age group and, just like johnblair7, I've reached an age where Snapchat just doesn't appeal to me any more.
  • You would have been the one to blame. Not the app. Treat your wife with respect and love, and no matter what, don't lose her. Hard to find a good partner nowadays.
  • Damn straight, wael, well said...
  • Slutchat app used mostly by camwhore bitches around me anyway, not a good impression of the platform.
  • Who uses snapchat anyway.
  • Apple cult members probably. LOL
  • Around 200 million people.
  • How would you know since you're likely on Windows Phone and can't use the service?
  • A devilish detail called statistics...
  • When Windows Phone hits 10% market share, it'll get snap chat. Problem is, without snap chat, hitting 10% market share will be almost impossible. Chicken? Meet egg.
  • Impossible!
    You say the whole world is using Snap chat?
  • In Europe WP has 10% of the market. Only here people aren't blind that they have any choice, not only iOS and Android?
  • I want a buried alive match. The snapchat CEO vs Undertaker.
  • Hhhhh + 720
  • And I will be rooting for the Undertaker..such a nice guy :)
  • I'd pay good money to see that match!
  • A Loud public campaign on social media berating the CEO, questioning the companies strategy, and explaining on why it is important to play in the WP space. Do this folks.
  • Wont matter. Read up on the CEO of snap chat. He's a scumbag through and through. He doesn't care when pressure he gets...
  • There was a campaign that took weeks to get 20k signatures,this alone speaks volumes,so those 20k horny teens may look elsewhere now because thats all that uses snapchat. 
  • Nope, just send in the Amish Mafia...Lebanon Levi FTW...
  • Windows 10 could be the solution to the app gap! It could save us!
  • It's our last chance
  • Obi 10 Kenobi, you are our last hope.
  • Stop saying windows 10 will save us.... Windows 10 is our hero... Bla bla bla. WINDOWS 10 WILL NOT DO ANYTHING.... WAIT UNTIL THE PUBLIC RELEASE AND TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED. PREDICTIONS FROM ME :LOWER MARKETSHARE!!
  • Yep, 10 ain't gonna do dick...tired if saying it...people are entrenched...
  • Universal apps wont save us it's same thing dude!
  • UA will improve the situation (i've said improve not fix completely, problems like snapchat, jawbone, chase etc are different)
  • What is snap chat?
  • You take photos of your private parts and show it to the rest of the world and feel great about yourself.
  • LOL
  • Dude mp3's are so 2014. It's all about streaming now ;)
  • ???
  • Just use Telegram.
  • While I do hate companies for not developing their apps on WindowsPhone I am also angry on MS and on editors of tech sites (like this one). Why? I'll give you an example. Instagram beta was not further developed because of the image sdk in WindowsPhone 8. If you noticed Rudy just upgraded the 6tag app to improve the upload quality of pictures. This happens because the imgsdk of WP sucks. I suppose you also noticed that scrolling in apps where images are from end to end will result in choppy scrolling. Another issue of our beloved platform. There for companies like Instagram chose to opt out, because there wasn't enough quality and MS wasn't stepping up their game. On a side note, I feel like Editors should press MS more, not just develop news, but also pointing their flaws and not instigate the community against companies that don't develop apps for MS. Editors should make an in depth review of all flaws existent in the WP. I don't know about Windows 10, but I have a feeling that JoeBelfiore and his crew will come again with promises on unicorns and rainbows and we will see zero. They started again developing Music app, I mean, ffs seriously? I am also sure that they will remove some features existent now so that they can add them later after the community cries on uservoice. This sarade makes me so damn angry because few people notice it.
  • Are you a developer?
  • Is that why my home screen is choppy when scrolling? I have a photo for my start background.
  • I agree with everything you said above, I too notice the route on which WP is going, not a very bright future sadly. But I want to ask about the problem in the image SDK, I noticed the choppiness you mentioned in many apps like Facebook, WhatsApp had it also earlier, but after a certain update it now works like a charm. So I am not exactly sure about if its the imgsdk fault. Care to explain even more?
  • Gotta agree with you about the SDK, it really is not that good. Part of the reason is that Microsoft has to be everything to everyone and ends up being a master of none. What I mean is that the main development tool, Visual Studio is not focused on just mobile app development but on old school and enterprise development compared to Apples Xcode which is limited in focus but handles core things like imaging well. That is why Windows Phone apps lack that little added magic that makes them look and feel good. Third party developer tools like Telerik help but even they are now dragging their feet as far as supporting Windows goes. They have only upgraded a few of their many cool Windows 8 controls to make them universal. Windows Central uses a bunch of them in their app (they are easy to recognize e.g. the article list, the comment list) and so they might be in trouble moving to Windows 10 because they have to make do with only Microsoft's controls. So an app like Instagram that relies on people scrolling up and down will shy away from using the stock list UI control from the Microsoft SDK because it is very choppy if there is a lot of data in the list, whereas a control from Telerik hands lists like a dream. The only problem is when there is no third party control then you are stuck with crappy controls from Microsoft. So I agree, look in the mirror first and give us the tools to make amazing apps.
  • Even in news and RSS apps like Disqus, scrolling is choppy.
  • I don't have a problem with Disqus. I think you'll find the problem lies with download speed and waiting for the threads to download properly.
  • Well said. If I'm ever alowed to enter MS campus, all I want to do is to laugh at the WP team.. and also count the number of ppl working there. I guess it won't be more than 10 or 15
  • Microsoft should fund a start up or develop in-house such a service and give to all platforms. Then take the snap out of snapchat
  • Well, it is just like the situation with Google, if they dont support my platform, i dont support them. I cancelled my gmail account which i have had since 2009 (i think it was still in BETA at that time) last year and i couldnt be happier with outlook. Now i am considering moving away from Youtube to DailyMotion.
    Same with snapchat, they dont support my awesome lumia so i couldnt care less about their asses.
  • Simple!
  • That's the soul we need!
  • Do you also not pay your taxes when you disagree with the government?
  • Did you just compare a company providing optional services to the government? Apples and oranges.
  • It's an over exaggeration to make a point that refusing services just because of the company. It's the same mindset. Vimeo and YouTube aren't really the same thing. Vimeo is more high class videos, but not as much content. I use it for my portfolio. It's surprising to hear someone stop using YouTube just because it's Google.
  • @Starbane there are many ways to satisfy grievances. I can choose to live in my own world just because I can.
  • Exactly, I chose to use Vimeo and Dailymotion because I can. 
  • Microsoft should have bought DailyMotion and Vimeo and merged them together into a big service which rivals Youtube a LONG TIME AGO. They bought Yammer instead!
  • I read somewhere that they are still in talks with DailyMotion!
  • Richard is making us feel sad.
  • If they don't care to come to my platform, i don't care to use their service. Simple as that.  I have plenty other options to chat people with.  A great client for example is IM+  ...soo many services through that alone along with some of the best apps out there including telegram for encrypted chats as well as Sicher. Snapchat can suck it, brother!    
  • I love IM+ :)
  • He must go to hell who aver snap chart is.
    He must just continue to hate Microsoft and see if we care.
  • Snapchat or not there'll be no stopping the Windows 10 juggernaut folks
  • Snapchat is estimated to have about 200 million users registered and people here say that the app is not important (becuase you are not a user yourself). What the hell kind of a rock are you living under? The Windows Phone fanbase is starting to sound a lot like the fanbase from competing platforms. Stop it. Right now.
  • They're stupid and blind that's why the marketshare is small
  • Are u saying something about the kind of people that use windows phone or just windows central followers...? Just checking
  • 200million registered users and how many of them are active? 200million isn't even a huge number.. We are talking Billions of Humans on Earth..
  • Andreas is right, people put way too many emotions in these forums than they should. On the other hand, F SNAPCHAT WINDOWS IS THE BEST.
    But seriously, I think everyone knows that Snapchat is widely used across the world. Windows fanatics just don't show it.
  • The developer of the official app is obviously a twat that probably sleeps with iphone up his arse!
  • Like a butt plug...
  •         SMS/MMS Skype Facebook Messenger Instagram  Twitter    .... You have options to communicate with people. Grow a pair and get over an app whose owners' main goal is to appease youth with iPhones and Androids only. There is nothing of substance that SC offers and you know it    
  • Unfortunately, there is a whole youth demographic that simply will not choose a Windows Phone because it doesn't have Snapchat. I mean, Whatsapp/Telegram are far better as communication tools.....BUT, the kids like the auto-destruct thing on their messages. So it really doesn't matter what alternatives are out there, if the biggest apps aren't here, we are in a bit of a bad spot!
  • Maybe in Usa , snapchat is not popular in whole world. Wa,Viber,Wechat,Line,Fb> snapchat
  • Exactly, outside the US there are plenty of alternative apps for communication.
  • USA is the whole world!!!!!
  • That's what US companies like to think, thankfully those of us outside the US know differently.
  • At the end of the day it is the youth that drive sales of almost anything nowadays. If they don't like it then it wont do great. Snapchat is a must have app for them. Not having it means they don't want a Windows Phone. It's that simple.
  • And there is a whole non-youth demographic that couldn't give two piles of dung about Snapchat. And that demographic has all the money. Not to mention enterprise. Not sure I've heard of a single company relying on Snapchat for communications, other than maybe porn companies.
  • There's also Cyberdust and BBM which have self destructing messages.
  • It's no big deal really, if a developer treats it users like this then they wont be around for long. It wont take much for the next big app to come along and snap away snapchats' market share.
  • Exactly. This app is a flash in the pan that will be replaced by the "next big thing" soon enough, especially as it's target audience is extremely fickle.
  • Sad
  • As far I understand, MSFT pay for Whatsapp (that's why we get it for free, never expire). Why not for Snapchat?
  • Source?
  • Internet? Common sense? MSFT pay for many things. Is well know they cover first launch for other apps
  • Whatsapp is free on all platforms. I've never had to pay an upgrade in my entire time using it.
  • Check again then. Is free for one year
  • Actually it's Lifetime for me, that's because I was using WhatsApp when they originally released it on WP with a Lifetime subscription along with it.
  • I guess is attached to your phone number
  • I would assume so.
  • Nope WhatsApp head said its free for developing nations, and paid for developed nations.
  • That's right, free for the welfare states...
  • WhatsApp is free in developing countries like India. Other places, you have to pay 1 USD after each year, excluding the first year. Buddy007 is right.
  • I got whatsapp when it was still free years ago on my iPhone. They promised that i will never have to pay once the app becomes a paid app. Now it's only free for 1 year. I'm lucky to be one of those who have had it when it was free. :)
  • Dooes the flaw of stealing photos online came from third party apps? Like i mean really proven?
  • From what I remember yes it was a third party app on Android I believe that connected to a third party server before the Snapchat servers and the breach was on that third party server.
  • What's snapchat?
  • GTFO from here Google & Snapchat... Dnt dare to ignore Windows Platform...
  • We all know u don't force a wo...... To sleep with u.
  • Who cares I don't use Snapchat I think its pretty lame
  • +920
  • Logical reasoning. Yeah...
  • not abandon my friends! And go to twitter !
  • That's Windows phone for us. Apps choices will just get lesser and lesser. Universal apps will save Windows phones? Dream on.
  • Evan thinks like me...
    Who care for windows!!
  • Claps.... Now what did you want?
  • Have u noticed a similarity between black berry and windows phone? The number 10! MS is about to swing for the fence!
  • OSX.... X meaning Roman Numeral 10. Mac has stayed with OSX as their OS primary name since they stepped away from OS9.2 or whatever it used to be. Now they just change the version from whatever animal suits them that year. Leopard, Panther, Tiger, Pygmy Marmoset, Sea Otter.... But they stick with OSX as the basis. So Apple is 10, Blackberry is 10 and now Windows is 10. The only significance"10" has in Computing is a significant change from the previous version.... Milestone Worthy Changes. If using the number 10 meant desperation or the end of days, than Apple's OSX should have died years ago since they have been using that for over a decade now.
  • First off I am a Microsoft fan, I have fully bought into the ecosystem.
    But things like this make me want to jump ship in terms of windows phone, we are in the same predicament we were in with Instagram and that hasn't turned out fruitful we just got a half baked app and around that time windows 8 was supposed to change things but it didn't. This time around its windows 10 that is suppose to our saviour I don't think it will if people wanted to make apps for windows phone they would. Instead we had establishments pulling their apps the reverse of what we want! Can we really blamed them? We don't have a lot market share and we keep on changing our app strategy.
    Now moving to another handset isn't all that bad because MS is making all their services available on other ecosystems so will I really lose out? I won't be able to fly the MS flag on a fire breathing unicorn but I will have all the services that I am use to thanks to MS' new strategy.
    I want the new apps I'm an early adopter, I don't like missing out, I've had to deal with it throughout my devotion to Nokia and I'm tirrrreeeddddd of it. We are really just suffering for no reason, or because Evan & Satya can come to an agreement or Satya won't write a big enough cheque, I understand their reservations that don't want to be held to ransom everytime there is a popular app, but sometimes they need to pay the cost, so that someone from another ecosystem has no issue moving over to WP because they wont lack apps. It seem like MS is trying to convince developers to make apps but really they should be concentrating on the consumers moving away from iphone or android these people won't move if they have to compromise, they have the upper hand on iphone with price points but they can't utilize it if they don't have the apps they want. Theses are not all my feelings about the situation but I'm bored of typing now. Hope you all have a great day.
  • Jumping ship is exactly what these companies want. App development has a dangerous amount of leverage in terms of how successful an OS has regardless of how good it is. People need to stand their ground and tell these companies they either support us or we will no longer use their products. That's exactly what I have done with Sky TV and Amazon Prime.
  • Exactly, I've taken the stance of "If they don't want to support the platform I use then I CBA to support the service they provide".
  • Finally, someone who gets it. If you want to change things stop using their garbage apps, and get your "friends" to do the same.
  • Why should anyone rearrange their life around a phone operating system?  Much easier to just switch phones than bank, delivery service, circle of friends, transportation system, etc.  WP is a product not a cult.
  • Evan Spiegel is going to hell anyway...
  • Never used this app so I'm glad I'm not missing it!
  • Snapchat is a load of crap anyway. I opened an account when we had third party support and found the whole concept a bit silly. Maybe I'm just showing my age...
  • Same here!
  • How much did google pay him?
  • I'm not annoyed about Snapchat as much as I am with Microsoft not hitting back. Giving scumbags like Spiegel the right to degrade our platform without shutting him back is annoying.. Suddenly, every asshole with a trending app becomes a stupid diva..
  • True, but that kinda started with instacrap and their bullshit elitist attitude, didn't it?
  • If you ask me is this one huge load of BS! It has nothing at all to do with WPs 3-4% market share. It has everything to do with various companies concluding together to kill the WP. Every reputable company that I know, grasps any chance that they can get to increase their profit. They will even sell at or below cost to help grow a market, because it's customers they want. The more customers they get, the better it is for them in the long run. Tell me what company would not want to increase their market share and profit by 1%, especially if they are a major player. I clearly understand it when smaller devs with less resources state that they unable to support a small market. NO, it's all being done to crush and kill the WP OS, now where is the anti-competition board, you know the same one that targeted MSFT in the past?
  • I don't care abt snap chat...
  • Snapchat should learn from the history, when you have a very selective user base you should not be ignorant or you will die a slow death. We complain about MS realising their apps on other platforms, but in my opinion this is smart move by MS, this is the future. Apple is learning this slowly as well. Companies do not understand this is going to be irrelevant in next 5 years. Life of Snapchat is as long as next great ideas, a next great social software hits the market, which can be any minute. Look at FB, they are already struggling to find new users and they are constantly loosing old users. Now a days FB is mainly used by certain age group, so is Snapchat and that is dangerous in a long run. BTW, in my family of 4, no one uses FB or Snapchat, we used but in last year or so they both have become irrelevant. My teenage kids don't want to know about FB and don't care about Snapchat. This is the Snapshot (pun intended) of future to come.
  • The title if this article can't be grammatically correct
  • You can try this: My account removed but the app works fine.
  • Snapchat this, Snapchat that.... 6chat, 6Snap, whatever the snap snap chat snap you want, this is all I keep hearing about. Being in my mid 30's I've kind of started to lose interest in all of these "things." What the hell is Snapchat? I keep hearing people talking about this app or that app like it's some big deal. Don't answer my question because if I really wanted to know I would search the web. I know Facebook, I know Twitter (hardly touch it and find it kind of useless).... I have heard of Instagram and seen bits of it, but seems like a fragmented version of Facebook Photo Sharing.... Now there's Snapchat. You know, there is so much disposable crap out there right now, in another 2-3 years, Snapchat will just be another one of those fad sites or services people jumped to because it was the cool thing at the time. I assume it is yet another online service where you can upload your photos and share with your buddies and post comments. Like there isn't a few dozen of those out there right now.
    Bottom line is that I am not concerned about Snapchat not being on Windows Phone. I obviously don't use it and I never even heard of it until Windows Central started to continually post about it.
    They will continue to not support WP with their app and their service (whatever the hell trinket service they are offering) and in the next 2-3 years after Windows 10 grabs a huge foothold on all devices, all the banks and all the devs who dropped their apps recently will come clamouring back to get their share in the big pool. And by the time Snapchat gets around to joining the party, there will be several new social photo chatty gimmick sites people will be interested in and Snapchat will just be another MySpace or MSN Messenger.
    My concerns about SnapChat are as big as the Violin I play.
  • So you're going with the, wait for Windows 10 mantra? Wasn't it wait for WP7.5. Wait for WP8. Wait for WP8.1? It doesn't matter if you think the app (that you've admittley have no idea what it is) is a gimmick. It's a huge app that people expect to have on their mobile platform.
  • No, he's saying stop crying over a bullshit app. If it's that important (and that alone is just sad) then get another device/OS and be happy with it. There's nothing "huge" about it. Actually it's very meek, and minuscule minded of people like you to allow a free app to dictate so much to you.
  • People. It is not about do you use the app or not. But the point of this article is to show that devs are not even building apps for this platform! That's the sad part. Stop being such ignorant fan boy.
  • After the launch of windows 10 may be will be forced to launch an official app
  • Well, let's see in about 5-7 years whether Snapchat remains popular or not, after all, it's not a crucial app to have, more like complementary one
  • When someone says you don't have Snapchat? Just reply: "Snapchat is for old people and old people are like you guys"
  • I'm in my mid 30's. Is that "old?" If it is, I never heard or cared to look into Snapchat other than what I read in here. I'd instead tell people, "Snap chat? Oh... You're one of those hipster fad people who jump onto anything that's the newest craze of the last week. Now go back to sipping your mocha laté while sitting in Starbucks in front of your Macbook, writing your imaginary screenplay while picking up other hipsters. Gotta keep that gene pool healthy with your kind after all. Don't forget to post about it on Snapchat, or whatever the hell it is you do on that."
  • For me wp is a mature mostly business platform just like MS as a whole is a business company not end user company , therefore no need for snapchat or the likes of snapchat
  • Snap chat is the number one area of cyber bullying in schools and is a nightmare to get past for teachers like myself. No evidence so no crime unless the kid involved got a screen shot. ​and if its not bullying its sexting... Something the police deal with for us! The way snap chat is designed gives those who want to abuse it a way out of being caught. The term 'dickpic' being use by a y9 student (13yrs) is simply wrong and the police have more to deal with than revenge porn, bullying or sexting. We advise parents to get windows phones due to the lack of this app. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • You worrying about 13 yr saying dickpics, but not the real laws in America which allows 13yr girls to be married off to grown men with family approval and you're a teacher?!
  • Dude I am in the UK so that rather odd message you put on here is something we don't have to worry about and that's kinda sick.
  • Who say's he lives in the US? I'm a Canadian living in Australia, thus your US laws and what marries who over there is irrelevant to myself and many others. Just saying.
  • Cheers for the understanding the internet is a world wide thing.
  • There's no "law" in the US that allows a 13-year-old to marry anyone. WTH are you talking about???
  • He's probably talking about this:   Alabama - The age of consent is sixteen. With parental consent, parties can marry at age fourteen. However, this parental consent is not required if the minor has already been married. (Other statutory laws apply.) Common law marriage is recognized.
    Massachusetts -  The age of consent is sixteen. With parental consent and/or the consent of a judge, males can marry at fourteen years of age and females can marry at the age of twelve. Rhode Island - The age of consent is sixteen. With parental consent males can marry under age sixteen, females at fourteen, and younger parties may receive a license under special circumstances.  Texas - The age of consent is seventeen. With parental and judicial consent, parties can marry but not below the age of fourteen for males and thirteen for females. Utah - The age of consent is eighteen. With parental consent, parties can marry at age fourteen. However, this parental consent is not required if the minor has already been married
  • Lol :D Good one
  • Who cares, it's a stupid app that sends pics that disappears after a few minutes. I don't see the appeal or why everyone goes brain dead screaming like a 16 yr girl seeing onedirection.
  • Fuck that snapchat shit! Windows has to be more flexible first!, then we get users, then why wouldn't we get snapchat!!??
    Even Microsoft is acting like retards. They want their products to run on android and ios, but they don't care for windows users. But too, I am going to stay with windows phone.
  • Hey did you read the reasons why they didn't release an official app? Not because windows isn't flexible, not because they have few users(millions), cause the CEO is a dick who is hell bent on not supporting windows phone
  • That asshole isn't supporting due to less WP users. That's why I said, windows should get users first, applications will follow.
  • Snapchat? What the hell is that? Skype Qik rules!
  • You would think that "SnapChat" want as many users as possible
  • Near the top of the comments, a user stating that he or she was a teacher, talked about low end phones being a key growth for the platform when given to kids. Fine, good idea. She or He talked about hearing about two methods of chatting among students, kik and snap chat. Fine, probably true. The lack of snap chat sucks for people who use it, yes. But should kids be using snap chat? Separate issues, I know. Bur important. And yes, we have kik. But it is far behind other platforms
  • Richard I really enjoy your articles on here. There was a time where wcentral lost some appeal to me because the writing was lacking serverly for about a whole month but it's back on track now. Stay awesome!
  • I'm quite devastated
  • Isn't SnapChat over, yet?  It's a very useless app.
  • I'm hoping Win10 does some magic, if not I'm going to try an android phone for a change when I get a new contract. I feel as if I'm paying £25 for nothing at the moment, I'm not getting my moneys worth.
  • Why wait? Go android now. That way none of us have to hear the complaining when W10 comes out.
  • i think its become a trend to hate on windows phone :/ *hates on windowsphone because im a wannabe*    
  • Guys & Gals sorry to say it but it doesn't matter if you don't use snapchat or you don't like it.
    It not being in the windows store makes the platform weak, not having it doesn't appeal to the masses and if it doesn't appeal the platform will die a silent death.
  • I bet the CEO of snapchat is laughing his butt off reading these comments. All thats being done here is feeding his ego. 
  • I only use Facebook, Messenger, and Skype.. I dont care about SnapCrap..
  • There is a funny thing in all this story. One day, no too far, Snapchat won't be that popular, but Microsoft will still be around, you can bet on that. 
  • So true!
  • Shouldn't someone kidnap their CEO and demand the app as ransom...too much? =/
  • If it's not on Windows ecosystem, I just don't use it. It's their lost not mine.
  • I dont need snatch chat.
  • Windows phone is likes internet explorer parody.
    It's always late for everything.
  • but MSFT is one of the biggest tech company and the biggest software developer on the planet - just give a huge bag of USD to that fkers at Snapchat.
  • What makes you think he or his whack-ass "app" is worth it?
  • its not about you or me... its a key app for the retard youngsters and MSFT should filll these gaps with a tons of dollars.
  • Oh, stop bothering that poor sod. (spiegel) He ain't got the required IQ to make a app for Windows Phone.
  • lest all twit and show @evanspiegel the power of wp  #makeAwpApp
  • What's the big deal if snapchat is not available for window phone... Just ignore snapchat...
  • It's less mobile if the major mobile players aren't on board... Nobody thinks it's a mobile platform even tho it totally is. Ppl will continue to treat us as desktop monkeys and webpage jokers =/
  • Create an app equivalent for rivalry. Once they acknowledge the competition they'll make an app. That's if the competing app has a strong fanbase. Let's give them a reason to come to Windows Phone. NR
  • I do not care about snap chat ..I hate this app
  • Glad not using Snapchat
  • This means nothing to me personally as I don't use Snapchat and never will, but the so-called CEO of that app is so pathetic. There's no Windows Phone app for the service because he "doesn't care for Windows Phone???" Is he that asinine? I don't care for Android, but if I were a developer, I'd want to get my app across as many platforms as possible. I think all Windows Phone users should try and convince anyone they know who uses that ridiculous app to stop using it.
  • SnapChat is 100% essential to getting kids to adopt your platform. Some of the banking apps, it's whatever; use the web browser. SnapChat is essential. I don't use it, but kids use it all the time, many times a day. Getting kids on your platform is pretty important.
  • I have a few young cousins (as in 17 or under) and I've never heard any of them mention Snapchat once. And believe me, I do talk about smartphones and apps with them.
  • probly because snap chat was a thing 2-3 years ago. Is it still the thing it was today? I remember dowlonading the 3rd party one time told someone I had it. found this was useless and never opened it again.   I have text, email, skype, facebook. I can't think of one thing I would want to send to a person for ony 10 sec.  My gf maybe but she rathers to see me face in person.  
  • Businesses are talking ads on snapchat, the investment crowd are constantly talking it up... It's part of the mobile traffic conversation. Personally, I think that's like that commercial where the two guys are in the elevator "jumping on the new thing" when something else is already coming along =[
  • Okay. It's time the journalist start criticizing the developers for being lazy. There is no reason that they can not develop for all the platforms.
  • To be honest. I choose Windows phone because there is a word and excel in that phones. And it have a Nokia brand. But c'mon... I can't imagined I've got a worst performance and services on my phone. So sad :'(
  • So Snapchat is made of bunch of bastards , who hate WindowsPhone OS .. OK ahah .
  • It's not like we can't do nothing. With every possible means tried, including waiting nicely and endlessly in patience, the next reasonable thing to do is violence and war. The situation can't possibly get any worse when the head of the Snapchat gang has made it loud and clear that he says "FUCK YOU" and means it. So, what do we have to lose in this? The worst they can do is to not develop an official Snapchat client and kill off all third-party apps, which is already the reality. It's time for uprising, bro. We Chinese has just done something like this. AliPay, the single most non-cash-payment service in China (yes, more popular than credit cards) takes a long and firm discrimination against Windows Phone, not only refusing to update their WP client (contrasted by the unnaturally update cycle for iOS), but also insulted what little WP users out there on social media. So the less-than-1% of their user base went totally berserk, and flooded every single tweet AliPay makes in Chinese social media with hundreds of thousands of angry comments and retweets. A fair portion of such comments are indecent and nasty, which I agree isn't the right thing to do. But overall the social war works. AliPay still hadn't got an updated WP client yet, but at least they have started to hire WP developers (yeah they don't even have an in-house WP coder prior to this). Recount of the entire event is here: For Snapchat, those of you who actually cares about this app, should unite and flood the heck out of it Twitter account. Make the whole world see it, and make your message clear. The message for this should be: 1. This is discrimination against a platform. 2. It's OK to not make a WP client, because of return-of-investment concerns. But it's not OK to kill off third-party apps that try to wipe your ass. 3. If security is a problem for third-party apps, why not make it first-party? Choose a capable independent WP developer, and work closely with him for a WP client like what Dropbox did? That means free or cheap labor, and strictly controlled process. Makes good sense, no? 4. Or else, prepare to have your Twitter/Facebook accounts maimed by (non-)user outrage on a daily basis.
  • I just did both twitter and facebook just for you :D         @Snapchat Tell @evanspiegel I don't care much for bran muffins, Doesn't make them any less real.  Same goes for #WindowsPhone @Lumia 
  • Thank you man. Most likely nothing will happen, but I'm glad that you agree with me. For those who see this as a desperate time, it's the time for desperate measures.
  • Snapchat isn't even on my radar of apps I remotely care about. And unless you're a teen girl, no one else should either. With that in mind I really doubt that much of WP core audience even uses it, so who cares. 
  • Well, due to the plethora of low end devices, most Windows Phone users probably use their phones as dumbphone/flip phone replacements.  They don't really use them as 'smart phones' per se, outside of Facebook maybe.  
  • So sad people give such a shit about this app
  • We actually care MORE about Windows Phone and seeing it is treated as a valid mobile platform, okay?! There should ALWAYS be three app store labels on every ad you see and not the damn Amazon court of the Android store, why the hell should Android have TWO COMPLETELY SEPARATE STORES??? It's not fair... =/
  • Shit I couldn't agree with you more.
  • You'd think if one developer was able to make an app that compared to the official one, Snapchat could easily develop one themselves at little cost.
  • So... I guess it sucks to be a first world teen with a Windows Phone these days? I feel for ya. *takes another sip of Shasta Cola*
  • I've never seen a reason to really care about snap chat, instagram, etc. I must be way outside their target demographic.
  • Seems like 2015 it's gonna be a tough year for Windows Phone.
  • What's Snapchat?
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  • I still have faith that Windows 10 will make a huge change in the way developers see Windows app development.  One operating system for all devices = one app for all devices.  Market share will grow from the tiny 3% it is today to an incredible 85% market share with Windows 10.  Think about it.  App development for Windows Phone right now isn't happening because Windows Phone market share is only about 3% in the United States and about 6% worldwide.  Windows 10 will add not only phone support but desktops, laptops, transformables, tablets, phablets, phones, xboxs and anything new that comes along to this "market share."  Think about the number of devices that will have Windows 10 on it all supporting the ONE app that developers need to make.  Developers would be STUPID to ignore that kind of market share.  That would be a market share greater than iOS and Android devices combined!  Once developers see the marketability of their apps for Windows 10, they WILL start developing for Windows whether they like the OS or not, because market share will DEMAND it of them.  The same thing happened with Android's app store.  They started out small, but as Android grew so did their app count.  Now they are equal if not above iOS in app count.  I see this happening with Windows 10.  We'll just have to wait and see if my prediction is correct.
  • DDOS!!!
  • Didn't MS make an app similar to Snapchat, Wind Up I think it was called? Release it for Android and IOS, pack it with features and try to steal some users. Or maybe bake Skype Qik into Skype and push it.
  • At this point, nothing short if compatibility with Android apps will see Snapchat on Windows Phone.
  • Snapchatty, mark my words, you'll make an official application for windows phone...yes it will happen. >.< btw, I don't give a fuck about a snapchat.
  • There are many complaints I have about the current state of Windows Phone. This is not one of them.
  • I realize that outside the US, cell plans may or may not include unlimited SMS/MMS messaging, but the major carriers in the US include unlimited SMS/MMS service with most of their plans. BUT, if I use an app such as What'sApp, SnapChat, or even FB Messenger, my messages go to 3rd party servers and use my data plan. Why would I do that? The only reason anyone would want to use SnapChat in particular is so their pics disappear. Except they don't. Anyone receiving a SnapChat pic can take a screenshot and keep it, share it, upload it to Instagram, FB, or Twitter. PARENTS need to be informed about why their teens prefer this app over any other means of texting friends. Then, they need to delete it and set parental controls that prevent their CHILDREN from installing apps without their permission. Even 13-year-olds can be charged with a felony for distributing child pornography... As the mother of a 18-year-old girl, I'm glad SnapChat is not an option on her WP.
  • From wiki snapchat entry:   Snapchat voted most unreliable On May 15, 2014, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) released their fourth annual "Who Has Your Back" report on companies' customer privacy policies. Snapchat, along with AT&T and Comcast, were given the lowest ratings but Snapchat was the only company that earned only one star.
  • I installed the app 6 months back I guess when it was available, used it for a week and didn't find it that interesting so I uninstalled. M feeling bad only for Rudy as he had put in lot of efforts in 6snap and it was really a good app. Otherwise Snapchat is not something u cant live without.
    Anyways I feel we will have an official beta in around 6-9 months.
    Lets see what comes out.
  • Poor business decision. Although saying that, I did get led into buying a Dell android tablet because of this just for these kind of apps (ones that have been ignored on WP) and keeping my Lumia for everything else.
  • There are plenty of alternatives to snapchat, use those instead and let snapchat wither on the vine.
  • MS should make more apps and make it free, they need to do some sacrifices, make minecraft free only for Windows phone maybe, most of the paid games in Windows store are free in other platform. Create their own original apps, if google continue to stick with their google+, maybe MS could do something similar. If google doesnt care about waze in wp, then MS should create 1 thats better, reward user maybe if their Points is enough.
  • Stop begging, stop crying, stop using it all together. If you can't then at least leav WP so we don't have to deal with your mindless BS over a free app that WILL fade away just like any other.
  • 1. Who needs snapchat - use some unrelated app instead. 2. Screw these guys, let's boycott. 3.  It is probably google and/or apple, running scared of the sleeping dragon that is WP 4. Apps are for suckers who don't live their life in real time. 5. I don't understand what snapchat is or what it does, but I will assert that some Bing service gives me everything I would need from snapchat. 6. They are clearly preparing a universal app that will blow ios/android out of the water. 7. They will come crawling back soon.  8. WP should abandon America.  It's not as if it is the most lucrative market. 9. Now, more than ever, we need to remain loyal and rally the troops. 10.  Quick, make up some good news Daniel! Did I miss anything here? 
  • 11. Windows 10 will fix everything.
    12. Meh, only bullies and hussies use Snapchat anyway.
    13. Evan Spiegel is a egotistical frat boy riding on Google whilst sticking his head up Apple's ****.
    14. When in India?
  • What's Snapchat? Seriously - never heard of it until this article....
  • It seems to me there is a war against MS and WP, who is (are) behind it? maybe the Snapchat Ceo and others CEO can provide the answer
  • Oh no.. no snapchat? I'm slitting my freakin wrists!
    Sheesh... been an android user for years... recently went from my Note2 tot he 1520. No snapchat... GOOD... It gives people that don't know better (particularily young girls) a false sense of security thinking their pics will dissappear.
  • I don't care about Snapchat
  • Bad news for the cracked screen crowd.
  • I'm not surprised he doesn't like Windows Phone. He's a typical 24 year-old cocky rich boy who could care less.
  • For someone who doesn't care much for windows phone is ridiculous. He's probably never used a windows device and he doesn't care much about people.
  • Windows 10 will solve this guys!!!! It will also cure cancer!!
  • That's so sad. Buy anyway I will stick to Windows as always
  • Sorry to say but we the windows user still lacking lots of official apps like Facebook, Instagram (full version), Pinterest, Snapchat and many more.
  •   Can I ask a question: Why do we give a fu(k about snapchat when "Sicher" is cross-platform Is it that 1 is free and the other cost a little over a buck? If we're a community worth paying attention to then we should prove that we can A: Push an app forward & or B: Kill an app thats not on our platform. So here's an idea. Lets download and use Sicher. get other people to use it because its available not just on Windows Phone. It's on iOS and Android. And lets make those preppy punks at snapchat regret not being on windows phone. Unless everyone here likes sitting and licking their wounds.
  • So how come win7-8-10 why not block google stuff or something class action against them
  • Snap chat is pointless to begin with.
  • 1) Who cares? Microsoft's mobile target isn't trendy services like Snapchat that will likely be gone in a few years. Those users are a fickle bunch. 2) There is a massive non-trendy market yet to be captured, so there is plenty of potential for Windows Phone. 3) Windows Phone isn't going anywhere. Windows 10 is being designed to run on anything, from servers to mobile to IoT. The code is already there. It's just incremental development and maintenance from now forward. 4) If iOS and Android are the future, then in all honestly the future is going to be a heaping pile of dung. 5) Because of #4 Windows Phone will ultimately thrive.
  • MS/WP users don't want popular "trendy" services on WP?  This is a new one for the list. 
  • The last time I checked the world was a big place, with different kinds of people that wanted different kinds of things. And yes, Microsoft isn't interested in trendy. Microsoft is interested in technologies and services that will last for years to come. The world was fine before Snapchat, and the world will be fine when it no longer exists. The last time I checked, technology advances. Snapchat isn't the future.
  • I don't think any of us would care if the allowed 6snap
  • I'd support windows to get snapchat, but I won't use it (cause I don't have friends)
  • dont really care for these stupid apps on my phone to begin with. I have an iphone 6 too and snapchat is also not on that phone either.  
  • The problem is that Evan Spiegel is a faded pube. He runs a company that produces a useless-yet-profitable software tchotchke, the popularity of which could evaporate overnight, and he lets his whiny Millenneal butthurt about what OS he likes and doesn't like get in the way of making business decisions. The Snapchat board should fire him.  
  • I don't get people make such of big deal about an app. 90% of the people crying about snap chat is becuz they want to satisfied their sexual needs with pics that disappear in a blink.... So sad.. I hope whatever Rudy does its not only for WP but also for android and IOS so snap chat have some serious competition cuz we know Rudy apps would be better.
  • FUCK the SnapChat CEO!
  • Microsoft should just buy out snapchat...
  • Was there 3rd party versions on IOS and Android?
  • At what point does M$ flex a little muscle across its ecosystem to get some love for WinPhone... Or whatever we're supposed to call it?
  • The lack of snaphat affects teenagers, adults don't give a crap, however there is an ever increasing and frustrating app gap between WP, Droid and crapple, without lateral thinking from Microsoft the app gap will continue to poison what is a better phone O/s.
  • Don't care, don't use that shit anyway, fb messenger let you do even more than this crappy app
  • FIVE years in, and threads like this with talk of "why don't we have better market share", "oh damn there goes another app", "we're waiting on the next version of WP to save us" and etc are STILL going. Whether you think Snapchat is important or not is irrelevant, the fact is that the MARKET sees it as revelant, and that WP is yet again being ignored by ANOTHER MAJOR DEVELOPER speaks volumes about the stature of this platform. Windows 10 will not achieve anything for the mobile space of MS, 2015 is the dealth knell for WP. MS's foray into the mobile sector is OVER - it's already begun as we can now clearly see. It's DONE people. Not nice to say it because WP is a BRILLIANT OS... but this platform is NOT going anywhere. Face the music.
  • How about Skype Qik?
  • Whether people think it's pointless or not, the simple fact is that when a younger person is looking for a smartphone, they will pass over WP because it doesn't have the same apps as their friends. Whether someone likes it or not, it is a hugely popular app that needs to be on the platform so it isn't overlooked by potential customers.
  • I also had snap chat send me an email telling me off to not use the service if I was using third party apps. So I emailed back stating that I would keep using third party apps, so they removed my profile off their systems, and they sent me an email with a lot of (!!!!!!!!!) within it. Hahahaha so I wont be using their app on any other device.
  • Richard, why don't you guys refer to the petitions and threads that are available to the users here? For instance someone might say "hey I'm looking for a Windows phone coming from Android" and you'll call out the thread with an article and a link to the thread. The Buy an App Day thread was never mentioned and the Snapchat petition was not shared...
  • You know? Snapchat is the worst company, like comcast.
    Their customer service..ergh always replied by robot.
    The windows phone version is far far better, can share screenshots or taken pic from camera roll (even snap android cant)
    Hope snapchat will drown to bankruptcy.
  • I don't get snapchat
  • I don't want Snapchat on WP, I'm glad my daughter can't access it as it is only used by the more unpleasant kids for bullying or sending inappropriate photos. The teacher who posted above is spot on. What need would a teenager have to send messages that self destruct, other than to send unpleasant stuff?
  • True...
  • Google and Snapchat... Bunch of a**holes!!
  • Haha
  • Solution (one of the best besides getting SnapChat): Add a few extra SC features to Qik, like sending images and coloring over the images and videos. Perhaps with a few extra features too. If I had a good alternative with a known name, like Skype, I would have no problem making all my friends using it instead of SC over a little time. In addition, when SC is filled with advertising and nonsense people don’t want, it's a no brainer. Also, in Qik messages are not gone in seconds. Yes, this is how SC are supposed to be, however, as long as people are able to screen shot, SC will not be what it's supposed to be. An app for sending pictures of your balls to friends when you are drunk.  
  • What is Snapchat? (playing dumb)...
  • The best new technology Apple can come up with is a watch... And that effin watch will have more apps than windows phone...
  • Bye Snapchat. Good riddance. If ya don't care for Windows Phone, we don't care for you.
  • Chat apps are a dime a dozen. If you can't find a way to communicate with your friends without snapchat, you or your friends are doing it wrong. Snapchat is the Laserdisc/BetaMax/HD-DVD of chat clients. It might live a few fun years on the hipfactor, then it will pass into oblivion and be made obsolete by other chat clients that can actually serve the basic function of a chat client - being able to communicate with all your friends.
  • Is SnapChat like Skype?
  • I am really happy that lack of such sh*tty application does not affect my Windows Phone experience. I am just not using it.
  • Really, I couldn't care less.
  • I don't know what everyone's deal is. This article was very helpful to me. While this was all originally happening, I gave two fucks about Snapchat and didn't follow much. As of recently though, almost all my friends use it and I have fear of missing out now. I know it's pathetic but this article brought me up to speed.
  • Microsoft should hire Huyn, give him a team, do deals with Snapchat, Google, Facebook, etc. and make official apps for everything it is lacking.
  • The only app I care about it Waze. And because google is run by a bunch of cry-babies we'll be lucky not to see it pulled off the marketplace entirely. They released a buggy product and now it's gotten even worse with no hope of bug fixes. I will NEVER buy a google product after experiencing how they treat windows phone users.
  • Saith Richard Devine: "So, the future, if you're a Snapchatter, is bleak on Windows Phone. It's a sad state of affairs, but it's the world we live in. What would it take for Snapchat to give in and make an app? Who knows. A change of attitude towards the platform would be top of the list." could be edited to read "So, the future, if you're hoping for commercial grade apps that are the warp and woof of the App Store and Google Play, is bleak on Windows Phone. It's a sad state of affairs, but it's the world we live in. What would it take for [insert name here of 99.9% of commercial apps available only from the prime aforementioned marketers] to give in and make an app? Who knows. A change of emphasis on the platform from the Redmond-ites would be top of the list." Windows 10 and "universal apps" had better be joined together with a stable of commercial grade app developers who RIGHT NOW had best be ready to show off, display, trumpet, announce, proclaim that Windows Store is about to re-open with loads of truly effective, useful stuff that catches MS back up to the Big Two. In the meantime, we're all left to scratch our heads and/or postulate, "What in blue blazes are those fine folks in Redmond are actually doing?
  • i couldnt care less about snapchat it was a passing fad as far as im concerned if they dont want to support windows phone bugger them
  • Who cares about having snapchat anyway? I don't ..wouldn't want to put my photos and videos on an app with security risks...I have other great social apps to use..Would prefer my microsoft lumia on any budget android phone anyday for lumia's reliability, camera quality, better battery life and hardware quality! unbeatable!
  • Because of the loss of 6nap and all third party snapchat apps... I have been saving up for a new ios or andriod phone as I really hate the fact that all of these apps have been lost and that maybe in the future the same knd of thing cold happen to 6tag or 6sec 
  • I buy a new phone - microsoft lumia.. When i buy it i was very happy, my old phone didn't have secondary camera,so i decided to buy microsoft lumia. And when i get it i go tu microsoft app story and i want download program - snapchat.. But i can't find it. And when i don't find this app. i really disappointed.. and this phone dont have ,,retrica".. i really love this two apps..
    Why you delete this app.. please comeback - Snapchat.. i really disappointed.. :( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lol is Evan Spiegel that much of a baby? Eff that; Windows, make your own Snapchat type app and make it so well that iPhone and droid users want it. Push Snapchat out.
  • <p>I would like to point out, a lot of people have been labeling the app silly or stupid because it is something teenagers use. Isn&#39;t the CEO of snap chat not giving WP the app simply because he doesn&#39;t like windows phones? I can&#39;t think of anything more petty or immature. And this is the main point, snapchat are losing customers, and in turn Microsoft will be losing customers due to this fact. And don&#39;t argue that WP won&#39;t lose anybody, because they are losing me and I know I am not the only one.</p> <p>​</p>
  • Well I like Windows 10 Mobile so I guess I'm boycotting Snapchat as long as Snapchat boycotts my platform of choice. *middlefingeremogi*
  • I wish we could have snapchat more people would buy windows phones
  • Perhaps someone will come out with something better...who doesn't hate MS?
  • Bless you for sharing your info further your blog
  • I say kindly beg SnapChat on twitter, every day.
  • What is Snapchat?
  • I simply don't care about the developers who are not interested in Windows Phone.
  • Snapchat is when happened?