Snapchat silences critics, removes 'Support My Incompatible Device' feedback form

In the ongoing race to win over support for Windows Phone, Snapchat is the top of the pack when it comes to companies snubbing the Microsoft platform.

Joining the likes of Pebble, Snapchat is evidently getting tired of pesky Windows Phone users requesting an app. As if it were not enough to get app stores to remove third-party apps and turn down developers willing to make an official Snapchat client, the company has now removed their feedback system for requesting device support.

The feature was found under the Snapchat website's 'feedback' section that includes numerous areas like feature requests or just sending them praise for being so original (sarcasm level: high).

Users have begun to notice that the area dubbed 'Support My Incompatible Device' is now missing in action. It was in this field that people could request Windows Phone support for the picture-sharing service.

Presumably, Windows Phone users began to irritate the Snapchat team as they have now cut off the section entirely. Some people have speculated that this may mean they are working on an app, but Windows Central has no indication that this is the case. Indeed, Reddit user luxtabula pointed out that they have zero job requests for Windows or Windows Phone on their open jobs board.

Snapchat's young CEO Evan Spiegel does not have the nicest reputations around, even joking about no one using Windows Phone in late 2013. In that sense, perhaps it is of no surprise that his company would be antagonistic towards its fans.

Until Snapchat comments on the website change or the prospects of a Windows Phone app, we will have to remain in the dark.

Source: Snapchat; via Reddit

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Poo Snapchat
  • Fuck snap chat. Lets find their hq and burn it down, and kick all their asses. Then create a better snap chat headed by Rudy huyn.
  • Thats the spirit.
  • Say, guys, wanna good roll on the floor laugh...I've shared it before, its only 37 seconds, you wont be disappointed: The 1520, MS, and 10...
  • Stunning. *applauds
  • I love the guys laughter, hilarious.
  • That was just amazing.
  • Lol that video... Salutes Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for QWBASIC :|
  • Hahahaha! Freaking hilarious!
  • It is damn funny...
  • Dude the video is hilarious lol
  • I laugh every time you post this, because I keep remembering the guy's laugh.
  • His laugh is hilarious. I'll keep posting it from time to time.
  • Yeah, but what does this have to do with kicking the Snapchat CEO's ass?
  • It's so funny cos it us so true!! Microsoft should acknowledge clip in good humor
  • Hilarious video!
  • It is, I will repost here and there...
  • Lol Rudy huyn, now that's funny.
  • The CEO is valued at 1.5 billion...I think they could rebuild.
  • That's on paper. How much actual cash flow do they have. They valuation will quickly tumble if they don't figure out how to monetize their user base. Their user base is mostly teenagers and young adults who will flee to the next fad app if they start bombarding them with ads.
  • How much actual. Cash flow, liquid assets, I suppose, do they have?
    I'll get back to you Monday, we have a business meeting to discuss this very ,perplexing, convoluted problem...
  • They have no cashflow. Only a cash burn rate.
  • Week that clueless, idealess CEO at Yahoo still has billions to waste trying to buy her way to accomplishment. I expect her desperation is their business plan.
  • It wouldn't do much good as hacking their publishing accounts for iT/gp & say replacing their app with something that would hurt their rep.
  • Lmao, lets go ahead xD
  • Hey I bet when windows phone becomes the top snap chat will be all over this platform in the mean time its a crappy app but it does the job check out swap chat like and earlier version to 6snap
  • I'll never use it because of the Applish behavior. It's really sad when companies conspire to try and kill a platforms momentum
  • Fuck Apple. Also fuck Google.
  • And apparently political donations get regulating authorities to look the other way at anti-trust issues. Not to mention getting privilaged access and influence about pending regulations and legislation. Total control and total dominance for those willing to give big brother the access and control needed for their lust for power and control.
  • Man you sound violent.... They sound nuts no probs here
  • Lol agree, that's the spirit, well, just forget Snapchat y'all, even if they create it, it's likely to be half-baked app, either you use Snapchat on other OSes or don't use it at all
  • What's the point of snapchat anyway?
  • Exactly. Some like it, for reasons that escape me, but I wouldn't be bothered with it if it was available. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I'm still waiting for them to allow third-party apps again. That way that could happen.
  • Here here!
  • Now you're talking.
  • Yeah **** those sodomees, nobody even uses that ****.
  • Fuck snapchat! :-)
  • See, if I start throwing emeffers around, I get, man?
  • Omg I thought I was the only one that said emeffers... Lolol Awesome!!!
  • I even added it to keyboard..sometimes I autocorrects to emeffer, lol, I have to watch...
  • You are Banned Again!!!! That's what always happens right??? Why complaint? :-P
  • The CEO is probably some kid who is a fanboy for iOS or Android and just wants to watch us burn. Otherwise they would simply *allow* Rudy's app to function. It costs them nothing and it is actually to their advantage.
  • 24yo
  • that figures it. 
  • Keeping the "boy" in "fanboy".
  • Saying that the request portion of their website was removed because of Windows Phone users is a gigantic stretch, but hey, as long as it gets you guys worked up, then mission accomplished. 
  • Which other platform users could use that option? Symbian? Linux? Or dumb phone users?
  • The guy is clearly an idiot. What startup who is completely dependent on eyeball count for valuation multiples (because they have no EBITDA) walks away from a few million users pleading for their product?
  • Yeah thats what I thought too, then I went to his twitter profile and was like "you doont say?". Look a spoiled kid who became a millionare for making an app now thinking a little high of himself. I am not usually judging anyone but judging from his behaviour, he is a douche.
  • 6snap only gives notifications every 30 minutes. If a messaging app takes that long to get notifications then it is not worth the effort. Official Snapchat would be so much better.
  • Even when we had 6snap, I was very "Meh" towards it. Not surprising that it's mostly used by teens... most everyone else has probably figured out they can MMS everyone on their contact list instead of just limiting themselves to a set amount of users.
  • And allegedly 6snap had more features than the official Snapchat app on iOS and Android. What does that say about Snapchat?
  • Snapchat has other fucntions... And sending an MMS of something, seems more annoying than a snap. Besides, you can talk to people from around the world for free.. sending an SMS for instance to my family in Mexico is quite expensive. Of course you can do things in other apps, but if snapchat is the app people are using... besides, people you meet random on a vacation or in a disco, might share their snapchat but would never just give you their phone number or private facebook. I met girls at disco that would be happy to snap me but dont give out their numbers.  Youre altso forgetting the main use..the story.. sending an SMS is like spam and i have often experienced that sending videoes dont work.  The story is only if people choose to go see it. I often make a story if im on vacation or at a festival, i can post updates once in a while and then people can choose if they want to see whats going on or not. I would never just spam everybody in my contact list in any context (snapchat, facebook, MMS, whatsapp etc) with that. 
  • Lets all use xim
  • That'll crush snap chat...*walks away with tears in eyes from holding back laughter*
  • Can't "add a caption" be added simply to any photography or camera app?
  • Yes but that's not the reason people use it. The self destruct feature is why everyone (read also: Kids, teens, YA) jumped on the wagon.
  • BBM also has self destructing messages, but I don't see people jumping on it. Sadly.
  • As does Cyberdust. Messages that actually really self destruct, unlike Snapchat.
  • Wassup with the store? From the Entertainment category on down I get no results found.
  • Store servers are down.. You will get no results found on every search..
  • Thanks. I thought it was me.
  • Same here...
  • Oh it was, you broke
  • Oh..that's why my searches were not responded by the store
  • Me too, time to say eff MS servers instead of snap chat for a few minutes....
  • Wow... How are the Microsoft servers so bad?
  • Even God doesn't know...gremlins probably.
  • No sarcasm, but what's snap chat?
  • An app where you can send pictures/videos with caption that get deleted after viewing them once to someone. So the idea is that all traces of it is removed after seeing it
  • Sounds like we need to petition a 6snap ad to show up SnapChat's official app.
  • Idc about snap chat, not even interesting. Tell me guys what is so nice about it?
  • Really? I tried it once and it's was pretty wack to me
  • It's for someone cheating on their significant other and don't want to get caught
  • It's for people who like to take photos and share them with other people with a caption on the photo.
  • WHAT?!!!!
    That's it? I am not a big social network user. But adding a caption is something any photo editing shop can do. And sending it to your friend... I used to think that Facebook can do every social network thing you can think of, centralized in one place. Why is it cool nowadays to have every action in a separate app? If Facebook would chop up Facebook in a hundred different apps (Facebook photos, Facebook photo chat, Facebook video chat, Facebook 6 second video...) then they would be freaking ri... Err richer than they are now.
  • The appeal was the self-destruct feature of the app. Supposedly most kids were just using it to message each other but 9 out of 10 times it was to send pictures of their junk without getting caught. It's a running joke about the service.
  • You're absolutely wrong.... 8/10 times was an update to their story... Have you used the app for a long period of time? It is a fun app to is to share a little part of your life with your friends lists.... Captions make memes in seconds, but usually the picture being sent isn't worth enough to PhotoShop or something.... All you guys are a little too old for it and that's fine, but dismiss the app as garbage
  • If ur a kid/teen (like me), everyone u know uses it, if u wanna know what it is, look it up
  • Ditto
  • Then again not everyone is a kid like you.
  • Not really. I'm a kid/teen and hardly anyone I know uses it
  • Im a grown ass man n i use it. Got strippers and pornstars on my snapchat...
  • I am glad I am not a kid like you then ^___________^ or worse... a lifeless kid like you? probably
  • Nope, couldn't be further from the truth
  • Why be a cunt? Calling a kid pathetic is a s pathetic as an adult can get...fucker.
  • Really, call him that because he knows people that use that app. Smh Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Dude its time ti o man up and get your friends to stop using it.
  • I'm in my late 20's and most people I know use it, so its not just for teens.
  • Nearly everyone I know uses it... So I guess that's probably why many people want it.
  • I am in Graduate school in US, nobody around use snap chat, I would say is very limited to specific age groups.
  • I'm a 103, this is how i find my dates....better selection than the dining room at the nursing home...
  • Lol, thanks. This made me laugh.
  • Ye are welcome. :)
  • I'm in grad school in the US and everyone uses this app.
  • I'm in grad school too and isee a good post of people I know use it
  • It's one of the most popular app out there... Seriously Microsoft should release the next 'Snapchat' to kill their business. The makers of the apps are arrogant teens.
  • It's useless and worthless. It's for people who wants facebook and instagram match up together (yeah, what a mess)
  • I agree, I don't see the appeal either. But that doesn't really matter, because if all of your friends use it, then you basically need to have it.
  • From my perpective no, not really. I just need what keeps me (really) in touch with friends with full conversations and photo sharimg. There are already a lot of apps for that. I've always seen Snapchat the same way as I do see smartwatches.
  • It's honestly pretty dumb. It offers nothing you can't get through MMS... it actually offers less than what you already have through MMS and less people use it.
  • I live in Belgium and here we need to pay 24c / MMS. I got 2GB of data so snapchat would be much cheaper than sending tons of MMS's.
  • You can send anything through FB messenger and Whatsapp and Viber and Line and Telegram and WeChat or so...
  • I don't know anyone using snapchat #India
  • You obviously don't understand it then. It's all about self destructing messages which mms doesn't have.
  • The trace isn't really destroyed, we've seen that time and time again. So that's not a real benefit.
  • It doesn't matter if it's actually secure, it's all about making the user feel it's secure.
  • It's the absolute worst form of security.   False security.   It lures you into the impression that what you're doing is secure so you share far more sensitive information over a system that is effectively as insecure as any other. 
  • Ditto. Hence why only teens fall for it.
  • I never said it's good, I'm just explaining why teens prefer it to SMS.
  • This is the exact reason why I use Sicher for messaging and sending pictures or video. It's fully encrypted. I've been using it for awhile and recommend it.
  • Yeah that's what I use. MMS are free and simple to use. The best thing is that you don't need some third party software to send it.
  • It means that I can take a silly picture and send it to my friends without having to then go and delete it from my phone and my OneDrive, since my photos are set to automatically back up. It is NOT just for nudes.
  • Except when you actually delete it you are actually deleting it. Snap chat you can't delete your pictures from the server
  • Won't make an app due to 'no one using the platform' and then pulls the option to request an app presumably due to so many requests. Just another company that for some reason hates Microsoft and snubbing a customer base that wants to use their app...
  • Hating Microsoft is the cool thing to do amongst the young, like voting for Obama
  • No, hating Microsoft is just as prevalent among the old. And voting for Obama wasn't "cool", he was simply the better candidate in both elections.
  • he was the BETTER??? so I have to take that like you actually tried to research who was better and what was better for your country? and did you study and research about "third party and independent presidential candidates", which is a really dumb name since they have the same posibilities to be president just like the other parties, but yeah... in US only two parties exist.. no more, no more. Your comment only shows why your country it is like it is... but what can we do? it's like most elections, people don't investigate and they pretend and cover their eyes thinking only exist two parties... I hope you feel it is better on your side, I have many friends who don't like how US is going from years ago, and they keep thinking it's going worse and worse.   but I will keep laughing at "better", I would liek to know better for WHAT? becuase it semes that guy is no good at anything but making wars, just like Bush.
  • Third parties will never win, cannot ever win, and will only ever be idea platforms the big two can use to help sway voters.
  • History says you are wrong. Democrats and Republicans were once third parties.  There have been third party candidates getting measurable results.  When the electorate figures out that there's no such thing as a "wasted" vote, we'll see what happens.  Right now, they have the sheep convinced that their side is the "good" side and the others are "bad guys".  Every election and every issue is hyped up to being the most important battle we've faced. Blah. 
  • The US is doing fine, it isn't easy being the best, most powerful country in the world. It causes a lot of jealousy.
  • Making wars?! He's actually done a pretty good job of staying out of them!
    He also brought in universal medical care. That is a very big deal...and sets a precedent that no person in the USA will be refused healthcare on the basis of ones bank balance.
    Welcome to the 21st century 'murica :)
  • We're still in wars and likely always will be, no matter who is POTUS.  That's the role we have in the world. FYI - plenty of people still can't get healthcare.  I have friends who have had their premiums go up and then the deductible is so high that they can't afford to USE the insurance they are FORCED to take.  It's all perspective, but I hate when people bash on the US.  
  • That's called socialism. And it mathematically cannot last over the long run. We'll get that this mess cleaned up after the next election.
  • I don't live in the States so no idea, but everytime I hear someone bash Obama, I wonder if the alternatives really were any better.
  • They weren't, he was the best of a bad situation. (don't live in US either btw)
  • Nope, people voted for him because they like free stuffs that he will give them.
  • I am happy about his health care overhaul. I could not get insurance because of a preexisting condition. Was going to have to give up being self employed. The system still needed work but I am happy with some of his reforms. Just wish he could have gotten even more done. Regardless. Fuck snapchat.
  • Well, I guess I missed that memo on free stuff, lol. I haven't gotten anything free in the 6+ years he's been in office
  • No kidding. On the other hand, bush gave us that delightful "tax break" that we borrowed from china. Fiscal conservatives don't exist in government.
  • You only get free stuff in the US if you ask for it. Those who want nothing but to sit on their ass and collect welfare, while spitting out litters of kids they can't pay for, love Obama.
  • Can we keep to the topic, the rest of the world doesn't give a rats about your political views lol
  • The alternatives were an old beauty queen from Alaska, an old guy who got captured in a war and a Mormon businessman with fake hair. You tell me.
  • Rand Paul, the answer is Rand Paul.
  • I don't know. I liked his dad Ron Paul but Rand is a little too fringe.
  • But why is it cool, what did they even do? Was Vista that bad?
  • Haha So true
  • Right, because everybody lives in the US and we voted for Obama (sarcasm level: high).
  • People think its cool bashing Obama but lets not forget those Republicants didn't have one near as good as Obama. Sure he messed up like every president but at least it isn't as bad as it would've been with stupid *** Republicans in office.
  • He is even worse than Jimmy Carter ...
  • Lol easy there.... Lets tell truth's... You may not like Obama.. him but he is miles better than Jimmy Carter and the Bush's...
  • George Bush started with a surplus left to him from Clinton and turned it into the largest deficit in history. He was so bad that his own party didn't invite him to their Republican conference. If you could screw it up, he did.
  • How did SnapChat turn into people's (half knowing) politics??
  • Repubs were in office for the entirety of his election and when the dems were in absolute control and could have done anything, they couldn't even pass a budget without any resistance. I am in the middle but when people say shit repubs I assume their IQ to be so low there should be a law to stop them from voting and messing up the system.
  • I like this guy.
  • You vote Republican, yet have the temerity to say the other side should have their IQ tested?!
    Oh, you just won idiot comment of the day my friend ;)
  • +∞
  • +obamaphone, lol, Jeb Bush 2016
  • Agreed. Im keeping my One m8 Just because of Snapchat -_-
  • 6snap
  • No longer exists
  • These CEOs are the worst. They one day will be left behind as the world is moving forward.
  • Service not for me trail always there #screenshot
  • I get my nudes via email, from adults.
    Though little kids can't not have Snapchat. W10m will fail.
  • God, that just sounds so old school, lol.
  • Old school and safer maybe. Since we all know those porn sites who have Snapchat photos.
  • Like to keep my pics forever.
  • I got nothing. Maybe the bland envelope that shows up in the mail once a month...
  • Well, I think we can close the book on Snapchat ever coming to WP.
  • I never cared for snapchat, but goes to show how pathetic there team is. I for one will be Boycotting any and every app made by them! Who's with me?!!
  • I
  • I am. Just tell us when.
  • Where
  • F-R-E-E-D-O-M (in a Scottish, piker brogue)
  • How do you boycott an app? By not using it? You already can't use it. The only thing you can do really is tell your friends they suck, and throw nasty Tweets at the company. 
  • If you have windows for the phone you will have no choice - they are boycotting you
  • I am and I will encourage everyone to ignore everything from that company
  • Did Belfiore screw someone's wife at Snapchat?
  • I hope so, and I also hope he asked Cortana to get a taxi for the ugly bitch in the morning
  • JFC, that's classic. That's how you advertise cortana in an adult way.
  • Hahaha
  • Lol..that wuz good one
  • What's personal attack gonna bring in ??? You do realize these are high level exec you attacking , do you ???
  • Attacking? It was a Joke, relax and laugh a little.
  • It gets us nothing you are correct but no matter the title you apply to a douche, underneath its still a douche. What snapchat is doing is disrespectful. So we don't have the biggest market share for them to have a dedicated team develop/maintain the app, 3rd parties have afford to not make the app but for free too. So forgive me if we choose to call them what they are.
  • It doesn't cost that much. If Rudy Huyn can put out as many apps as he has in very a very short amount of time by himself, the money and effort to do so isn't really that high.
  • If nobody uses Windows Phone, why is there an influx of "irritating" requests to support the platform? Snapchat are fuckwits
  • Ha! Good point, the CEO lacks common sense.
  • I might have called them Fuckwits when I sent an angry email for blocking my account. I'm not taking all the credit for this but I was colourful in my rebuttal to their pettiness over stopping 3rd party apps.
  • Keep up the colorfulness. We need it.
  • It was just a presumption made by windows central...snapchat hasn't commented that officially.
  • a HUGE presumption.
  • Don't you see the amount of comments and clicks they get when they can pointlessly incite fan rage? More than half of these comments are about confirming some tinhat conspiracy against Microsoft and the others just shout "fuck Snapchat (and Obama)." I even love that WC pretty much admit they're pulling it out of their ass while disclaiming, "we won't know till we know" and fans are still taking their word as gospel. This kind of blind fanaticism is awe inspiring to watch. This is the new Windows Central.
  • Windowsphone won't have snapchat, deal with it.
  • Oh stop it, have some fucking hope
  • It will arive as soon as their user base on other platforms start shrinking ;) I hope nobody installs it then though .. 
  • Like 2go did. Just when nobody cared about them anymore, they rushed app to the Store.
  • And yet I can't seem to give one single F.
  • This short simple statement sums it all up for me.
  • I think the larger argument needs to be addressed here. So many developers snub windows phone. Really petty. Personally don't care for snap chat but do wish that devs will realise that windows phone isn't going anywhere soon. Just signed a contract to use wp on our company over ios and android.
  • Hey, that's great! Keep using Windows man, big up.
  • Lets be honest here. Snap chat does not have the ability to sustain long term success in its current form. We should be urging instagram and twitter to improve their experiences. I've entirely abandoned any hope of this app, same as Google services. I know that may not be as easy for others, tho.
  • Evan is a punk that is full of himself. His views of women and social issues alone are reason enough to have no respect for him. Still wouldn't mind the app though.
  • Snapshit.
  • Sure I agree with all of you
  • I don't even like Snapchat but I'm coming around to it and I'd like for it to be on Windows phone.
  • The hell with that app anyway.
  • Lumia denim update realised for hongkong L1520
  • C'MON... Belgium next!!
  • Belgium already got it, i have it on mine ... Antwerp
  • Go post that in the forums where it belongs. 
  • I can't post in forum caz my post are to low to can start a new topic
  • Microsoft should ask Rudy to rebrand six snap and offer a competing service. Release it for all platforms and pummel snap chat
  • Perfect Idea, get a uservoice page on it!
  • I don't even use CrapChat or care to use it, I don't see a point because it's basically the same as Instagram... but I have to say that that is a brilliant idea Aeonstar!
  • Can Skype not do these things?
  • And I mean, is it viable they could add the feature? Can't believe that guy Evan has an app worth a billion....
  • Skype Qik
  • Its not a bad idea to have Skype add a similar feature. It's already available to far more people.
  • Someone would have to cover server costs. I don't see a benefit to Microsoft paying for it all. What would it bring them? Everyone else has Snapchat, why would they switch?
  • But new users might not go to Windows phone due to the absence of this crappy app
  • Snapchat is so easy to clone I'm really confused why it hasn't happened yet.   I guess the old "first mover advantage" comes to mind.  
  • I have to agree. I nearly fell off the settee when I searched for the CEO, and saw his net worth. £1.5 billion, for an app that allows you to send a time limited photo. Surely Skype or Outlook could offer a sneak peek photo sharing thing. Skype would be good, and they could allow short videos (I have no idea if Snapchat do this already). Surprised Instagram or Vine don't already offer that actually.
  • Sticking your fingers in your ears and saying loudly "lalalala" will not stop the fact that there are many customers that would like to use that service.  (they just did the digital version of that)
  • What idiots these CEO's are. They're holding WP back more than the so-called advertising problem.
  • so we're in a war against microsoft haters...
  • Just shove the requests into the "feature" or "other" requests.
  • Yep xD
  • Totally. And then fill the 'I love SnapChat because' section with sarcastic comments.
  • "I love snapchat because F**K YOU EVAN F****N SPIEGEL"
  • Exactly.
  • F#%k The SnapChat CEO!!!
  • What a loss, dramatic
  • I wouldn't say it's a loss... We never had it...
    But, the good news is that we're only one step from getting apps....
    The platform is robust. The devices are tight.. We only need to increase market share...
    If MS can do it with Surface, then they should be able to do it with Lumia....
    The more popular Surface gets a Surface phone is sounding like a better idea....
  • The Surface tablet brought something new to the market. Well, new like Apple created a new device in the iPad. The convertible type device isn't new, but the Surface made it more mainstream. A Surface phone will not be new. It will be just another high end phone. If they made a convertible phone, that would utilize desktop Windows while "docked" that could be something different. It would have to be very powerful and it would be expensive. I don't know if you could even put a powerful Intel i series chip in a small phone.
  • This reminds me of the Ubuntu phone concept that Canonical was working on a while back. I backed it, but the Indiegogo didn't go through. Apparently it's still in the works in one form or another. But if MS could do something similar, then it could take off better than Canonical could ever hope because Windows is familiar to most people. As Conical has pointed out before, our phones are already just as powerful, if not more so than at least laptops of a few years ago.
  • Hey Rod, who do we blame this time, Microsoft or SnapChat?
  • Looking at the app situation entirely? Like seriously focusing on the lingering app issue, and trying to find the root causes of the greater issue❓ I'd have to blame MS.. Blaming Snapchat is way too short sighted for me...
    The fact is that Snapchat isn't the only organization that's ignoring WP, and we all know that... We can sit here and say Snapchat is stupid all day long, and it doesn't really mean anything..
    But, when you start to question the developer of the platform why their platform, the one they are responsible for, is failing,, it makes more sense in this situation....
    Honestly❓ If WP was sitting at "10%" market share, and WP didn't have a big issue with getting most popular apps, and games, right alongside iDroid,,, I would say that Snapchat is seriously just being a hater... Lol. I would definitely blame Snapchat...
    See, you might blame Snapchat for literally not submitting an app, but I blame MS for not yet doing what it takes to make WP more popular.... It's been 5 years, and we should, and could, be further than 5% wwms....
    MS has been doing a lot of things leading up to W10 that we all have hopes will finally work, but we're not there yet... Until sometime in 2016, when we get some W10 figures, at least here in the us, we are still, as I type this, dealing with poor marketing, and experiencing MS still not doing everything that can be done. So, it's what they haven't done in the past, and what they still aren't doing....
    Now, MS has the right idea with W10, and personally I have extremely high hopes.... But, you are asking me why this app is not here now, and why SC won't cooperate, so I have to say it's because of MS's past, and present, actions and inactions with WP..... You asked for my personal opinion, and I gave it to you... You're free to disagree but please respect it... Thanks.
  • I still think it's a conspiracy with Google heading it up and somehow either forcing companies not to develop for WP or paying them not to.
  • Possibly so... Yet MS still supports Google... SMDH.
  • You asked for it... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for QWBASIC :|
  • It's not the craziest idea up there.... Anyone is free to disagree, but I'd like to see their deeper issue why WP has an app problem besides "Chase is lame", or "Snapchat is stupid"... Lol
  • We should now writse in feature request for windows phone support
  • SnapChat Sucks
  • Our only chance of relevance is WP10, or just Windows 10 as a whole....
    If Microsoft doesn't push W10 seriously hard with a strong marketing campaign, and increase mobile market share, then these stories will continue until all big name apps are gone...
    It's seriously Microsoft's ball, and 2015 is the fourth quarter... Windows 10 must get the job done❗
  • ^this
  • Daniel you not going to MWC?
  • Covering GDC instead. (I personally can't stand going to MWC anymore).
  • Why Daniel? Boring event? Not enough Microsoft news?
  • Nevermind, now that I know that DirectX 12 will be commented on GDC, I'm glad you will cover it instead of MWC. Awesome.
  • He's going to Game Developers' Conference.
  • What about requesting it on their Twitter page or Facebook. They still have other ways to keep asking.
  • On a separate note, I can't wait till people that actually use this app realize that this has been a stupid fad, like everything else it sometimes seems. Looking forward to seeing companies run by douches like this crash and burn and their CEO's overblown egos are brought back where they should be.
  • Go to hell crapchat !! ..!.
  • The most frustrating thing was they forced to remove 6snap also from the store! I mean snap chat CEO is a total idiot.
  • Ikr!
  • Stupid, just a stupid thing to do.
  • has not and idiot. idiots are better they pick up heavy loads for human and are good friends. snapchat ceo has a small impotent dick.
  • They forced the removal of all third party apps from all stores. There's a bunch of pissed off Android users as well.
  • Don't use it, but I hope this is a good sign.
  • WhatsApp was the first chat service that truly went cross platform. IOS, android, Windows, blackberry and even Symbian. A wise BUSINESS decision that paid off nicely. These young CEO's need to start thinking with their minds rather than just emotions specially with W10 on the horizon which brings the Universal app model.
  • Just flood their twitter and Facebook pages with requests lol
  • Been a Windows phone fan for almost 5 years now, so since the beginning. I was more than satisfied with 6snap but now That it's blocked, I'll move to Android. Even if it looks That a lot don't give a crap about snapchat, they can't understand That it's even more important than Facebook for example here in France (for the young génération, 12-18). Thanks for reading my long message, I was Just showing That even long time wp lovers are upset by Microsoft not finding solutions
  • Did you read the article?
    How can you blame Microsoft for Snapchat?
    Snapchat and their CEO clearly have something against Microsoft and Windows.
    Not only did Microsoft, and Nokia at the time, try to work with them, but developers offered to build the app FOR them. What more could be done?
  • Ne vas pas chez Android prend un lg g3,g3s,Xperia e4g,la famille moto, Nexus, ou autre chose optimisé et avec un très bon rapport qualité prix avec des maj et qui pourrit pas mais si tu veux vendre tes WindowsPhone je les veux bien (même si je te conseille de les garder)alors bon départ mais fais attention à ces critères principaux qui les rend horrible moi j'en n'en ai eu...
  • Il doit garder son Windows Phone et Android utiliser aussi ..
  • It's snapchat that screwing you. Your logic at blaming Microsoft is beyond me. If you switch, just switch. That's what you need anyway. But blaming Microsoft for a stupid decision by a douche CEO is inappropriate.
  • By doing this, you support these poor and non business decisions made by a childish CEO
  • You being a Windows phone fan and then going out from the platform because a CEO hates winFans shows how logic is your decision and how good fan you were!
  • I've got two suggestions... If you really want Snapchat, change platforms. If you really want a Windows Phone, forget about Snapchat. Don't even mention it, completely forget it exists... and if it ever does come out for Windows Phone - don't download it. Companies like these that go out of their way to ignore Windows Phone and Windows should be shunned.
  • Snapchat devs are so lazy and irresponsible that when the security was breached of login account password they blamed the 3rd party apps
  • How many windows phone does MS need to sell for this people to make one stupid app?
  • Trust me i really never user or needed snap chat who cares I don't even have facebook
  • Mew... That would be the same with telling it's own users,"F*ck off if you use Windows Phone!"... What a joke.
    Can someone tell me what are the advantages of using snapchat compared with other similar services?
  • Motherfucker, fuck snapchat ,Discover services
  • Stubborn f..ks
  • Maybe all this companies have agreement with google.why wont a company want more users to use your service?
  • Or with gaypple
  • snapchat is an impotent company.
  • HA HA HA...I did a press inquiry with the following:
     I'm writing a blog piece about apps that are actively ignoring Windows Phones.  I'm wondering if someone could answer the following questions: 1. The C.E.O. once said that "no one" is using Windows Phone.  Clearly, this was an exaggeration, but does he still feel like this is true, especially in context with the following?.
    2.  SnapChat removed all 3rd party apps from Windows Phone while not providing one themselves.  Is this more of a personal, anti-Microsoft stance than a business decision?
    3.  I have heard that developers have approached SnapChat and offered to make the app for them. Is this true and why would SnapChat refuse free coding assistance to gain even more users?
    4.  SnapChat recently removed the ability for users to request their unsupported device from the Feedback form.  Does this mean that SnapChat is no longer interested in expanding? Thank you for your time and consideration, Jeff Daly
    There's also still the "Other Feedback", so I hope people will still feel free to flood them with Windows Phone requests.
  • Excellent.
  • Nice
  • Really? What is the angst against WP? Unless they are threatened. Google, snap chat... Banks... Forcefully pulling their apps?
  • I also don't understand. 60million potential users not enough?. Beginning to believe their relationship with prior leadership at MS but to ignore fans like us for their personal agenda is just absurd
  • 60 mil was in 2013 it's closer to 100
  • Grow up SnapChat, to dismiss a platform for own hate/dislike is ridiculous.
  • Let all call his mom and complain about this :D ...
  • Rofl Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for QWBASIC :|
  • These developers are ignoring us because of our little market share. Solution : I'm saving to buy my relatives affordable Lumias for Christmas 2015. Filipino teens love anything colorful especially when free/gifts.
  • How many relatives
  • Hi there this is your cousin from India who loves colourful free things with Microsoft written over it. Lol Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for QWBASIC :|
  • The thing to keep in mind on differing platforms is that what apps are are now a way for the every person to develop an idea and get it out there. This is good! The thing to keep in mind further, then, is that the every person also has their own beliefs and practices. On a day to day basis, regardless of platform, you'll run into someone that dislikes the one you're using, and will call it utter garbage amongst other things, while praising their own. An every person has a great idea for an app, and decides to build it, market it and push it on the platform they're using. If there's dislike for another platfor, it's usally only broaght there due to high request/reach. Of these every persons, if most could survive by not touching another platform they would never port between OS's.  The sum of what I'm saying is, developers are people, people have preferences. We know it's not an API issue because 6Snap existed. So, it's OS dislike with a good excuse to back up lack of interest: it's business. Take away the good excuse and you have: bad business.
  • Hit them up on twitter and facebook. Answer my calls to denounce the bastards who do crap like this.
  • Microsoft should just buy them
  • The 24 year old CEO of Snapchat is just an immature prick with a history. From Wikipedia: "Of companies he admires, Spiegel emphasizes Google and Tencent.[12] In May 2014, a blog called Valleywag released a set of emails written by Spiegel when he was an undergraduate to fraternity members that were explicitly misogynistic and homophobic in nature.[13] Spiegel later apologized for his actions and attitude towards women at the time the emails were sent, stating, "I'm obviously mortified and embarrassed that my idiotic emails during my fraternity days were made public. I have no excuse. I'm sorry I wrote them at the time and I was jerk(sic) to have written them. They in no way reflect who I am today or my views towards women."  
  • no one uses Windows Phone, so let's ignore all requests, because fuck logic   btw, is there a chance that Rudy could release 6snap again just to screw with them?
  • Sure, as long as he doesn't mind getting sued.
  • This faces the exact same problem I have with Google services. I would LOVE to kick them both to the curb, but I'd love to know how some of you were able to convince your entire friend base to use Skype or use Instagram Direct, etc. etc. These are services used by the majority of mobile users. And sadly, I don't have the option of saying, "Good-bye" to either one because all my friends use the other guys. Here's my solution: Have Rudy Huyn do the apps for BOTH you guys and not worry or deal with it :) Or (2) Have Microsoft step in and pay off people. Every solution has a price tag.
  • Yeah, petty solutions...but I'm open to better ones! :)
  • I don't. We (at least people on my contacts, at least hundreds of them. Most are similar or older than me) already use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and some uses Line. We chat through them. We send images through them. I don't know about younger ones though since I'm already 34.
  • It's simple I use Microsoft services and email; if my friends don't its their loss and they have to stick to email or text if they want to get in touch, you should do the same, and explain to them why you would not use services from shit companies like snapchat even if they had a WP app.    
  • "Every solution has a price tag." Exactly, it's just a question of how much.
  • Haha. Just another dissed top 10 app everyone will say no one on wp wants anyway. Oh yeah. And the people that say they are going to boycott the app they won't get anyway. LOL! For me personally the more apps the better if I use them or not
    #icon #822
  • Absolutely. We need apps to grow as a platform. Hope W10 and the universal app model will help grow market share which will leave no choice for these companies to develop the app for Windows platform
  • it may help with some, but wont fix those who just hate MS.
  • I only use Snapchat to keep in touch with a single old uni friend who refuses to use any other service. I hate the premise of the app, I hate the interface of the app and, more than anything, I hate the company behind the app. Their arrogant shutdown of third party apps and their heavy-handed locking of accounts of users who want to use apps that offer more elegance and functionality than Snapchat's own POS software, and now this arrogance with Windows Phone are just beyond the pale. I'm going to tell my friend to find another service to keep in touch with me. Even if it's just good old-fashioned email.
  • Does that mean people will start requesting a Windows Phone app on any old Snapchat email address or forum? /s ​
  • These companies just puzzle me.Why would you not want to expand your user base.
  • So much cry for a fucking photo sharing app.
  • Can't help the outrage, iDroids made it immensely popular.
  • Don't use it, didn't even know what it was. But who cares? It gives Microsoft the opportunity to make their own which would most likely be better. So let the babies have their bottles, when the time comes, regret will be a common expression among the infantile windows bashers.
  • Microsoft's home grown apps don't usually take off that well...but I'm sure they could try!
  • Umm... Office for iOS and Android would seem to contradict that.
  • I don't use Snapchat, but I hate the arrogance of companies like this. I hope a better product comes along and puts them out of business.
  • How about using the other feedback means like, I love snapchat because... YOU FREAKING SUCK & I DON'T USE UR APPS AT ALL. Seriously though, besides sharing nudes, whats this app about ?? Haven't used it, so curious
  • HAHAHA I hope lots of people in the comments see this!
  • Ok i get that so many people want/need this app and i respect that but i still don't understand what snapchat is used for .....what the the hell do i do with it and why !!!!   edit : stupid start up CEO's
  • Microsoft should pay and support Rudy to come up with a universal competitor to Snapc**t...
  • Maybe google paid them..
  • this
  • Having run small businesses, I can never understand this new way of thinking, from these startups and new tech companies, of NOT having their service available to as many people as possible. How are your personal feelings mixing with business? We see it with Pebble and now SnapChat, when it comes to supporting the Windows platform. You literally have consumers ready to support, but because of their rightful choice to use another platform, you wont support them. Or give them the option of using your service. It feels like a level of "classism". You don't have the platforms I like, you don't get to use my service. It'd be like Footlocker denying you sneakers because your wearing New Balance and they specifically like Nike and Adidas. I'm not sure what more Microsoft can do for these unfortunate situations. They can't force the companies to do anything, but it does open my eyes to how they truly feel about consumer choice. Even if they eventually made an app, what quality would it be? What features would be missing? And how long would it be before we received a notice like Chase Bank, that they no longer are supporting this platform? Its frustrating for me at times, even though I continue on. Most of these apps are not make or break for me, but I have a feeling, if this trend continues, there will be.
  • Ok, good! Finally some common sense! 
    When you think like this you quickly come to understand the line about "WP doesn't have enough users..." Is complete trash. As a business owner your plan should be to get your product in the hands of as many users as possible, no matter the size of a particular group. Especially with these free apps who's sole source for revinue is or will be ads. Ads are only effective, or worth money if you have a lot of people seeing or using them. So why not offer your services to millions of more users in a hopes of making more money?
    There is no logic in the BS they push at people. They have prejudices, preferences and agendas. Why would anybody want deal with a company like that?
  • Owners of this app are probably just teenagers
  • 16-25
  • Some college kids, but yes, mostly teenagers. I'm actually glad the events forced my daughter off Snapchat. She wasn't using it much but I know there are some users of WP in her school and it might actually have sizable negative network effect on Snapchat's business over time. My daughter is pretty popular and if other kids find out she and other kids are no longer on Snapchat, I wouldn't be surprised if other kids start using it less often.
  • That snap chat ceo bugger needs to 'av a bloody nose! We window phone fans will give 'em one, what say chaps??
  • Blast their twitter and facebook until they take that down as well!!!
  • Why a WP user looking for a trashy app like snap chat?
  • Juvenile response to a juvenile company/app..
  • Wh
  • How about we all stop fretting over a little app and wait for another unique app to roll around with intentions for WP. I'm happy I got Swapchat a few weeks ago when it was on the store for like 2 days.
  • What a load of bullshit, what do this ignorant dickheads have against Microsoft? It's far less evil than Google and Apple, and they'd make more money putting the damn thing on Windows phone. Unless you're on a contract to exclusively make apps for Google and Apple, why the fuck would any sane person throw away extra money??
  • Who gives a shit? It's a lame service anyway. Are we really short on communications mediums? No. No, we are not.
  • Why does all the windows phone fans start sending snap chat a letter every week and fill up there mailroom until they give us a app can someone give me the address
  • This. We'll all do what Daniel Tosh told us to do to Comedy Central: send butter to their main offices. We'll all do it to every app maker not making for apps for WP too until they listen!!
  • I'm starting the think that google has a big hand in this, maybe they helped fund him or support servers etc. This is too similar of a situation as Google apps
  • A few years ago there was an article saying some developers were "pressured" or incentivized to NOT develop for WP. The article was very vague, though. Also, quite a few youngsters running these startups and blogs are just very easily brainwashed to like Apple and Google and hate MS. These companies did great job marketing to that segment.
  • I've been thinking about that for a looooong time... Probably Google is paying a lot of money under the table to other companies and tell them NOT to make an app for WP.
    Wait and see... One day the truth will come forward and Google must answer for this!
  • I'm honestly so fucking angry!
  • It appears that a lot of "ghost" irritate him. Zero users and yet a lot of request.. Must be ghost then...
    What a twisted logic of him.. This CEO.
  • Wow, none existing users can irritate you until you remove support page?????
  • They're probably owned by Google. Only makes sense
  • F@ck u snapch!t
  • In a year or two the next great social media app will be released and nobody will use snap chat anymore. Then we can be mad at the new app for not supporting WP. See Snap Chat problem solved.
  • Is there any other way to irritate snapchat?
  • Daniel I'm sensing some irritation from you as well. You are usually calm, cool, and collected :)
  • Windows 10 will change everything ... just hang on there guys.  Our time will come soon. 
  • I'm actually glad snapchat isn't on Windows phone, because it's a dumb service.
  • I mean, this still works but I dont know if they check it.
  • Fuck snap chat. No literally.
  • Why worry about snap chat when u can use Skype qik its on all the platforms I explained to my friends who download Skype qik or use WhatsApp then maybe if wp users ignore them they might come around or who cares if they do
  • Not as good nor any of my friends want to try anything new
  • Imo MS should buy Snapchat for good and integrate all of Snapchat(which isn't much tbh- I could cough up something like that in a day) into Skype. With W10 around the corner supporting inbuilt Skype it would be a win for MS hopefully
  • Snap chat is crap anyway so meh
  • How are they even considered a company? Tell their CEO to go suck Google's hypothetical dick some more.
  • I guess 60 or 70 million of users aren't enough for snapchat...
    About me they earn Money from Apple or google to boycott Windows phone
  • Had it on Android for about 2 weeks then got so annoyed with it I deleted it. Most annoying app I've ever used so doesn't both me in the slightest.
  • reasons is. snapchat ceo is justin bieber
    paid by Google just bcoz google is so much scared of wp. so much i mean Microsoft was never that much afraid when internet explorer was failing against chrome etc. so fucked up scared is Google.
  • Fuck snap chat. Stopped using their crappy platform when they locked my account for using 6snap. Its a dying platform, and alienating an entire customer base is bad business. Locking thier accounts is a great example of this.. They'll lose support and fall into obscurity just like other apps. They've just nailed the lid on their own coffin imho.
  • Developers by doing this act and keep refusing to develop apps for the windows fan base is limiting choice. If you want are apps then buy Android or Apple. Kinda wrong in my book and a windows phone user that is a lawyer needs to bring this to a courts attention. The windows phone users are the ones who get screwed in the end. Some one must put an end to this nonsense.
  • I got a feeling they are working with Rudy on an app for us
  • From now - snapchat sucks!
  • Lol this company is trash.
  • Just like there iOS & Android Apps.
  • No biggy. Pick another forum and leave your comments there. EN MASSE
  • Link to the CEO's misdeeds is leading to a local file, needs to be fixed.  ;)
  • I went to their website and submitted this to 'why I love snap chat':
    I love snap chat because not only did they not develop an app for my windows phone, they also pulled down the third party apps we had. I love snap chat because they wouldn't develop an app for users like me and turn down reputable devs who volunteer to make the official app for windows phone. I just can't stop loving snap chat for completely ignoring people like me and removing the support option on their website where users could tell them about their platform which doesn't have snap chat. How could I not love snap chat after all this?
  • Snap chat is an absolutely pathetic company just like Pebble
  • I don't use this app and never will, but if they're so tired of people requesting they make a Windows Phone app, why don't they just DO it? Problem solved.
  • Who'd thought that my shitload of spam i send their way had any effect.   Support windows phone snapchat, im not gonna stop asking.     Also:    This is my new ''support my device'' feedback dumpster
  • Letting personal feelings getting in the way of growing your user base.... soo green. Hopefully they get what's coming to them and they implode into irrelevancy, as what goes around comes around.
  • Snapchat is like a craze for some times..thn after that it will go down...n plus out of 200 contacts no one uses snapchat...grrrrr
  • Ugh, why did they have to do this?! The CEO to me is a spoilt asshole. Why can't there be a respected, nice CEO? Snapchat is basically Google but worse.
  • I don't even use snapchat.
  • Fuck Evan Spiegel. Read this: We now have confirmation that this human is the biggest(well, technically, smallest) dick in the universe.
    Sigh, if only Mark Zuckerberg had tried to buy Snapchat for more than he did. Maybe we would have had a real App...
  • I love that after reading that people in the comments defend him... How ridiculous!
  • Who cares? Even when I was on android a month and a half ago, and still has an android tablet, I wouldn't give the app the time of day.... Don't really care... But I guess to each his own. Right?
  • I suggest everyone post in all the other sections asking for device support. I posted in request a feature and explained that they are discriminating against a user base for no reason and for them to go screw themselves. :)
  • who gives a shit about Snap chat? I mean really....... no one I know uses it so I have no use for it. Major banks giving up on WP means something but a teeny bopper thing like Snap chat, really? I couldn't care less
  • Fuck em
  • Let's flood them here!!! I've already started...
  • Devs like this is why I'm so pro windows phone, been working on a few apps that will be only windows despite market share, I'm giving the eff u to google and apple user. They can receive my watered down ports, like they do use, I'm windows everything and I'm trying to show the world
  • Exactly how I feel. I have a website that I'm developing specifically for IE and Firefox, why, because I support web standards and because screw Chrome and Safari.
  • So now people can flood their twitter, facebook and other 'feedback' platforms with WP requests, lol; I don't know why people care that a shit company with a dumb ass CEO is not supporting WP just don't use their stupid service, there are plenty of alternatives out there and get your iPhone and Android friends to stop using them also.    
  • My iPhone and Android friends won't stop using SnapChat. They're all like "Can't access SnapChat? Boo hoo cry me a river more." No chance of them swapping.
  • leave such friends.
  • So much hypocrisy in these comments....
  • Good, it was time for WP users to stop begging them for anything. Now, do your best to convince your friends and family to stop using it if you want to see them hurt.
  • Universal apps will be my takeover, full featured apps available only on windows device (PC,tablets, phone and console)
  • Yes fuck Snapchat, just use CYBER DUST!!
  • I used Picswag couple of weeks but then my account locked.
  • I really think shit like this should be illegal I mean I get it it's a first world problem but companies like this and google refusing to support Windows phone for no real reason it's like they think we're just going to throw away our phones just because they do shit like this I think the only thing that would make them care if actually Android and Ios users complain that there gf , bf family or friends can't communicate with them because you have refused services that are free to their platform but people are to wrap up with what's better and will just tell someone to leave a platform they love for a few apps well I'll just live without them only way I'll leave is if webOS comes back out and I don't see that happening
  • Random fact but LG smart tvs use WebOS. Also I heard Samsungs own Tizen OS looks identical to WebOS. So I heard as I've never seen it myself was just told by a Samsung employee.
  • I heard a rumour that all 3rd party snapchat clients on all platforms where getting refused and accounts bannned due to the hacking off snapchat accounts last year.. 4.6 million accounts leaked. I think they will only allow offical apps and a chargeable/subscription system wont be far off.
  • Screw Snap Chat and Pebble.
  • Nazis
  • Windows 10 will mean they are wilfully snubbing hundreds of millions of users... Stupid company!
  • like any social sites, its popularity will die down.
  • Like MySpace
  • What is so great about snapchat anyway?
  • Skype Qik is better :P
  • Hey Daniel, is it time to write an article addressing this trend of Northern California, Bay Area ("silicon valley") companies who have been ignoring or dragging their feet with WP? Apple, google, pebble, facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter, etc.... Maybe it's the conspiracy theorist in me, but I really don't think it's a coincidence.
    I personally couldn't give less of a shit about what any of them have to offer (especially google), but there's an obvous trend coming from this area.
  • Can't believe I was born there lol bunch of jerks.
    Microsoft Fan For Life.
  • No conspiracy needed. Northern California is just where most tech start ups are based...
  • Oooh SNAP!!
  • Fuck this
  • Good Bye Snap Chat!
  • Evan Spiegel. You're a prick.
  • The best course of action now is to set up a wall of shame for companies that do this, there is no excuse for not creating a WP app these days with the dev tools that are available right now. I am fully aware that we are not entitled to apps from these companies but it's in their best interests to provide apps on all platforms to gain more users.
  • Not that I need Snapchat but this mindset is boggling-- if your business is centered 100% around mobile software and there's a share of the market, be it small, that you can get your product infront of... why would you blatantly ignore it? It's the one part of mobile I don't get. Anyone with a retail product loves any retail shelf space they can get but these guys only want the product in the equivalent to Target & Wal-Mart apparently. Any other consumer be damned, we don't need money from you!
  • Not gonna lie. Boobs are the main reason I used it lol
  • Snapchat is the no 2 most unserious company after Google
  • I never use it and I wont use it... It's just stupid. Here's a little about him and why you should never expect the app coming to WP. ​ Of companies he admires, Spiegel emphasizes Google and Tencent.[12] In May 2014, a blog called Valleywag released a set of emails written by Spiegel when he was an undergraduate to fraternity members that were explicitly misogynistic and homophobic in nature.[13] Spiegel later apologized for his actions and attitude towards women at the time the emails were sent, stating, "I'm obviously mortified and embarrassed that my idiotic emails during my fraternity days were made public. I have no excuse. I'm sorry I wrote them at the time and I was jerk(sic) to have written them. They in no way reflect who I am today or my views towards women." ​Source: Wikipedia. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Ugh is that important? Really
  • I'm kinda giving up on Snapchat, and I've moved on to CyberDust. It's more secure, getting bigger, and better by the minute, and it's willing to listen to its fans and interact with them on the daily bases. Mark Ruben is really putting effort into it. Also its a cross platform. So no one gets left out. I'm joining the Cyber Dust wagon. Hopefully you guys do too.
  • Good find, I'm installing Cyber Dust now. It seems to have more of a focus on privacy and security than SnapCrap.
  • Snap chat is gay.... Fuck snap chat.... It's only for teens that wanna hide their secrets from prying eyes like parents. Besides all the kids know that all the parents use fb so they use snap chat. The only other good use it has is for cheating on spouses since pics auto delete from ur account (not their data base though)....
  • So glad I'm not a teenager and this Snapchat BS doesn't affect