Howeather, a Windows Phone 8 social network for sharing the weather

Howeather is not your typical Windows Phone 8 weather app.  It does not have weather forecasts, radar images or severe weather alerts.  Instead, Howeather delivers an Instagram-like social network where you can share your current weather conditions with others and ask other members “how’s the weather?”

As you interact with the Howeather network, you will earn experience points that will translate to weather badges.  It is a rather unique approach to sharing and gathering weather information from your Windows Phone.  Howeather does need to build up its user base to be effective though.

When you first launch Howeather you will need to register with the server (freebie) and from there, you will be sent to the main page view of the app.

Howeather Main View and Menu Options

The main view has your location centered on a map with a handful of control buttons lining the bottom of the screen.  The buttons allow you to share your weather, view the latest weather posts, search for locations, and view your Howeather profile.

Up under the three-dot menu you will find options to:

  • View any weather notifications
  • View/Go-to your location
  • Refresh the Map View
  • Access the Map Settings (display options)
  • View the About Screen.

When you go to add a weather post, you can share your current weather conditions or ask about the weather in a particular region.  When you share your weather, you can choose from over forty weather icons to illustrate conditions, add a text description and add a photo of the weather.  When you post your weather, the icon will appear on the map at your current location.

Howeather's Sharing Option and Post View

Asking about the weather in another area will create a question mark icon on that area of the map.  Another Howeather member can tap on the icon and reply to your inquiry.  In the Howeather settings, you can set a time limit for the weather question after which if it is unanswered, it will be removed from the map.

I like the concept of Howeather but its success is entirely dependent on audience participation.    I would have liked the option to view your current weather conditions or attached official conditions to your images.  I can see Howeather being a useful app to gauge weather conditions while traveling.  Sure, you can check in on the forecast with Accuweather, Amazing Weather HD, Bing Weather or another Windows Phone weather app but Howeather can give you a real-life measure of weather conditions.

You can ask, “How’s the weather?", "Heavy coat needed?” or something similar that could help decided what you pack for the trip.  Howeather can also give you a feel on how the weather is affecting road conditions.

Howeather has potential of being a decent weather resource but, again, is very dependent on user participation.  The larger the membership, the better the app will be as a resource.  It is a free app, available for Windows Phone 8 and you can find Howeather here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

QR: Howeather

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  • 4Square for weather enthusiasts.  I'm curious. Edit: Actually thinking about it, if it gets the userbase, you could start to crowd source the weather, useful if you are going out for the day to a specific location(s) etc without needing a degree in meteorology to decipher the weather charts (i'm looking at you BBC weather!)
  • This is far more useful to those making forecast models in comparing predictions with actual experience, and gathering data for real time tracking with a far greater number of sources than is available to meteorologists today. But as far as being useful? If I want to know what the weather IS then I will simply poke my head out the door for a moment. If I am traveling somewhere then the weather is likely to change by the time I actually get there. For most people even a bad forecast is more informative than the current weather. Still not a bad idea to be done, but this is a way to harvest data, not a way to make your life better.
  • I wonder if I'm the only one who's first thought was ho-weather. You know, like "ho's got to know the weather too!". Sorry, I think that's the flu med hangover talking...
  • my thoughts exactly....!
  • A "Boyz n the Hood" quote revisted for a WP app?? Sometimes I love this community.
  • Life ain't nothin' but bitches and weather?
  • Do we really need to soxialize the weather? There are already far to many social networks to keep up with as it is.
  • Changed to Chinese on lumia 520 w/ czech language
  • I only get chinese language. After registering, the app loads a map, and then crashes...
    (Lumia920, Norway)
  • Dis' shiz in Chinese
  • Sounds like Waze for weather. Hmmm
  • I read "however" :P
  • Only getting chinese. Lumia 920 - Sweden/Swedish
  • Mine was in chinese too lumia 1020 Estonia
  • "No weather like ho weather," said the pimp of WP apps.
  • That's an important part of a pimp's job, to monitor the weather in the vicinity of his hoes.
  • App was in chinese. Didnt understand a thing and removed it. No thanks
  • Chinese here, do we have to change to a particular region?
  • Useless because everything is in Chinese language
  • Hello everyone! I'm William, the developer of Howeather. The problem that some users got the Chinese version is the mistake of setting the primary language. This problem will be solved in the next update which will be proposed in these few days. Please give us some time to solve the problem and hope everyone can re-enjoy the fun of this app.  :) 
  • Excellent news! The idea behind the app is awesome. :) Keep up the good work and you'll gather a faithfull following. :)