HP still committed to Windows Phone 7

While it's a slow news day on the Windows Phone front, I don't think you can say the same for our friends at PreCentral.net, which covers the Palm side of the smart-phone industry.

HP has agreed to purchase Palm for $1.2 billion, paying $5.70 a share or about 23 percent more than what the stock is currently priced at. Palm will operate as a business unit within HP.

One of the many questions tossed out surrounding this acquisition is where does this put the Windows Phone? HP was listed as an initial hardware partner for Windows Phone 7 devicesm but will WebOS pull center stage with HP?

According to Brian Humphries, HP's VP of Strategy and Corporate Development, "We intend to continue to be a strategic partner for Microsoft. They're a huge piece of our business today and will continue to be so."

Other companies such as HTC has had success in producing smart-phones under different operating systems.  It will be interesting to see how HP does now that they own Palm. [via: Precentral.net]

Phil Nickinson

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