HP's new Omen X Laptop is truly a beast of a gaming machine

HP is taking its first strides into the laptop space with its Omen line, unveiling the Omen X Laptop. And while gaming laptops have come a long way in recent years in terms of combining power with portability, HP seems to be really throwing in everything but the kitchen sink here. That's no wonder, as HP says it is trying to satisfy "desktop-level performance" for the competitive gaming crowd.

So what's included? In terms of raw specs, the Omen X Laptop goes straight to the high-end by offering unlocked Intel seventh-generation Core i7 CPU options, memory that can be overclocked, and up to a factory-overclocked NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics chip. What's more is some of the internals can be easily upgraded if you choose: The Omen X Laptop sports an access panel for easily getting to and replacing the HDD, SSDs and RAM.

Ome X Laptop Back

All of this is powering your choice of display 17-inch display with either a 120Hz 1080p panel or 4K display. In other words, if you prefer insanely high framerates or cramming as many pixels as possible on the screen, you've got a choice.

Other bells and whistles include a mechanical RGB keyboard with macro keys, included overclocking software, and, crucially of course, a translucent window to take a peek inside the laptop. HP keeps things cool with "high-performance fans" that work in concert with a vapor chamber cooling system.

As with most gaming laptops, however, all of this will cost you a decent chunk of change. The Omen X Laptop is set to be available in November from HP's website starting at $1,199. No word on what the starting configuration will be, but we'd imagine that price will run up quite a bit if you want the Omen X Laptop kitted out to the max.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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