HTC 8X now available at select UK retailers and carriers [update]

The HTC 8X is now showing up as available to order at Clove, Expansys and O2. We quickly highlighted this availability in the 8X Metro newspaper advertisement, but it's surely worth an announcement of its own with consumers eager to make a purchase.

Clove and Expansys are offering unlocked versions of the blue variant for £399, while O2 have a £379 price tag for a carrier branded HTC 8X. Should you wish to go monthly with an O2 contract, prices start from £16.50 (£149 upfront fee) and £32 (no upfront fee) a month on 24-month plans. We're still waiting on other sources, more details to follow.

Update: We've just received word that Phones4u is actually selling the HTC 8X today, but stores may not receive stock until tomorrow. Be sure to contact your local before popping in to avoid disappointment.

Source: Clove, Expansys, O2

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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