HTC 8X for Verizon picks up small update, no Windows Phone 8.1 yet

The HTC 8X is a really nice phone that's about to get a little bit nicer for Verizon customers. It's not getting Windows Phone 8.1 levels of nice, but a software update is now available for the handset.

Verizon has just pushed out an update for the HTC 8X. After nabbing the update you'll be on build number 3030.0.42201.605 and baseband

The following improvements will be yours after updating:

  • Roaming enhancements when traveling internationally
  • Improved reliability when sending SMS messages

Not Windows Phone 8.1, but an update for your handset nonetheless. Let us know if you see the update and how it's working out for you. Though early reports in the HTC 8X forums indicate some weird behavior with Wi-Fi after updating.

Source: Verizon; Thanks, Chris W., for the tip!

Sam Sabri