HTC boasting weight of 8X compared to 'the other Windows Phone'

Nokia, Samsung and HTC have poked fun at one another within the Windows Phone ecosystem, but it has remained in the jester spirit - we're sure even Samsung must have smirked at Nokia's "Welcome back to Windows Phone" stunt. But it seems it's HTC's turn again by highlighting the weight of the 8X compared to 'the other Windows Phone'. We all know which handset is being referred to.

What the Facebook photo caption reads:

"Don’t get weighed down. The HTC 8X is more than 20 pennies lighter than that 'other' Windows Phone."

Officially, the weight readouts for both Windows Phones are as follows (with the iPhone 5, ATIV S and Galaxy S3 to compare against - in order of height, starting with the heaviest):

Both the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are both considered extremely light, particularly the former. But the HTC 8X actually clocks in (according to specifications) at just 3 grams lighter than the Android handset. We've also added in the ATIV S as well, which is a super light 135 grams. We'll be the first to state HTC's Windows Phone is extraordinarily light and this is reflected in the listing above, so Samsung's ATIV S will also prove to feel good in the hand and pocket.

But Nokia's Lumia 920, which enters the race at a beefy 185 grams, packs a punch - and what a punch that is. Wireless charging, PureView technology (with OIS), PureMotion HD+ screen technology, as well as other bits and pieces. The HTC 8X is no slouch though, with an extra amp, Beats Audio, and similar specifications regarding the CPU, RAM, storage and wireless communications. Let's also not forget that Nokia is renown for building handsets that are able to survive a meteorite impact.

It'll be interesting to see how much weight wireless charging adds onto the Verizon HTC 8X. But is weight anything to argue for? Definitely, should you be into the whole 'light as a feather' business. If solid features are your thing, then there's definitely one Windows Phone 8 that sports absolutely everything.

Source: Facebook (HTC), via: WMPU, CMVLive

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • My HTC Tilt 2 weighs about the same as the Nokia Lumia 920.  However, my HTC Tilt 2 had a slide-out keyboard as well.
    I'm slightly torn on the idea of buying another 'heavy' phone that's also larger, but we'll see in the end once I try out one in person.  
    I would like to know what about the Lumia 920 makes it weigh so much more.  I've seen reviews of people taking the Lumia 920 apart, piece by piece.  I'd be curious to see someone take apart the Lumia 920 piece by piece and then weigh each of those pieces to find out what exactly is giving it the extra weight.
  • The things responsible for Lumia 920's weight are the wireless charging and mainly the camera. The camera is encased in a physical device with springs that provide optical image stabilization. The camera is also much higher quality then competing phones which allows more light to enter through the lense; it easily, by a long shot, takes the best night/low-light shots, they are incredibly visilble and crisp, however it's normal-light/day shots are more along the same lines with competing phones, if not slightly better (there's a bit of an issue with focusing/colors, I believe that Nokia said will be fixed in the next firmware).
    I for one can't wait for this phone, I'm picking it up the second it's available in Australia. The weight is not much of an issue for me, I honestly don't mind an extra 50grams~, plus I think the phone is just absolutely gorgeous and the camera is to die for.
  • On a positive note about the weight, I wouldn't mind the free mini-workout.  :)
  • I would like an official spec on how much weight the wireless charging adds! I hear too many different opinions. I guess we would presumably know when the 8x on Verizon comes out.
  • Its not just that... The L900 already weighed more than most if the competition before all those features. Nokia just builds heavy phones. I don't think its necessarily a bad thing, similar to how some car manufacturers build heavy cars, though there are similarly penalties that you can't avoid like poor fuel economy. Ok, enough of that analogy. :)
  • People that complain about the weight on the Lumia 920 should not never touch a tablet.
  • "not never"? So they should always do it?
  • Haha YEs!
  • Actually, "not never" means at least once.
  • Actually, you are correct :P
  • yeah, I seriously can't believe that so much attention is being thrown at how much a phone weighs. are people serious when they say that sub-200 grams is too heavy for them? really? REALLY? that can of beer in your hand right now weighs at least twice as much, and i don't see people ever b!tching about that.
    i also can't believe how thickness gets so much attention too these days. so when i can shave with my phone, that'll be the best? i want my phone so thin that when i squeeze it in my hand a little too hard, my fingers fall off.
    point of this story: people spend waaaaaaaay too much time on form factor than other more import qualities such as aesthetics and functionality.
  • +1
  • Thickness and weight are part of aesthetics.
  • It all comes to what you prefer and willing to sacrifice.  I am currently using the HTC 8X.  The problem for me is, the sharp edges of the phone doesn't feel comfortable to hold and since i have big hands, the palm always accidentaly touch the screen when i try to use my thumb to navigate.  The bright side is, it is extremely light weight and ultra thin so is easy to slide in and out of your pocket.
    When it comes to features, Nokia (especially the Lumia 920), beat the competitions to pulp when it comes to camera specifications.  In addition, with my experience with HTC Titan, Titan II, and  Mozart, the receptions are awful.  And so far after receiving the HTC 8X from the conference, and compared to my original Lumia 900, the Lumia by far has the best signal and people can hear me much more clearly when I'm at home where there's a weaker signal from AT&T.
    Ultimate it's up to you and what your preferences are.  Based on what Microsoft have done to change the OTA update format and taking more control with the version updates, the issues I've had with HTC when it comes to delayed (or lack of) OS updates may not be an issue anymore.  However, there may still be questionable support when it comes to any issues with hardware in the future.
    I've used Windows Phone 7 since (before) the public release.  I've had the HTC Mozart, Samsung Focus, HTC Titan, Samsung Focus 2 and Titan 2.  I've exchanged both the Focus and Titan 2 to the Lumia 900 and hasn't looked back since then.  I actually prefer the slight heavier phone and the rounded edges because it feels secure in my hand and much more durable with the carbon fiber chassis.
    You always have the 30 day exchange guarantee so go and play away!  :)
  • Isn't att's policy 14 days now?
  • yup 14 days, wish it was 30.
  • Hi Beefy. I wanted the HTC 8X, but reviews pan the battery life.
    How are you finding the 8X battery performance? Thanks.
  • When you leave out components like a GYROSCOPE; then, yes, you get a very light phone.  When you put a SMALL BATTERY into a device; then, yes, you get a very light phone.  Such is the story of the HTC 8X.  They should have simply slapped WP8 into the ONE.  I think we will see more of that from HTC at CES next Spring.
    HOWEVER, when you CAN and DO include a gyroscope, the largest WP8 device battery and other nice features - you have a phone you can take seriously.  The 920 is nice but this exclusive crap is jacked up.  Time for a little more WP Central press on the ATIV S and soon the ATIV line when Verizon gets their act together.  The new VZW ATIV will be the flagship Windows Phone for Verizon until CES next year.  By then, then 922 and Surface will be added to the mix.
  • Th ATIV S has a larger battery than the 920 (2,300 mA compared to 2,000 mA, I think)
  • Just one thing thought, the ATVs Mobile is not slated to come to the states. I think this is as big as a fail as the L920 being exclusive to only AT&T. If this device did hit the T-MO network  it would be the one I would buy over current WP8 line up
  • I'll take the 50 extra grams if it means my phone won't look like a small childs toy with a bezel reaching the moon.
  • Dat bezel
  • The 920 - the yellow one at least - looks like a Tonka Toy.  Just too big and plastic looking.
    Maybe the matte (black, grey) is better.
  • How much heavier is the 920 compared to the 900? I like a phone with some heft but I hope it's not too heavy for me.
  • 25g
  • That said there is less weight difference between the 900 & 920 then the 710&900, and it never once bothered me to go from the 710 to the 900.
  • According to Nokia's website, the Lumia 900 weighs 160 g.  To continue HTC's monitary measuring unit, that's 10 penny's difference. ;)
  • the 900 is 159 grams
  • I also prefer a slightly heavier device. I went into an EE shop in the UK the other day but they didn't have a real phone. They DID have a model which hadn't yet been tethered to a wall, and upon holding it I noticed it was weighty - more-so than a model needed to be, so I hypothesise that it had been weighted to match the real one. Compared to my HTC 7 Pro (Arrive?) with slide-out keyboard the weights were nearly identical. So I'm getting a bigger, slimmer phone that weighs the same. I'm trading the hardware keyboard for width/height which will make the on-screen keyboard easier to use.
  • I want 185g of smartphone
  • +++
  • lol
  • It's going to be really hard to choose between the 8X and 920 for my next phone. Ultimately, it'll probably come down to whether the AT&T 8X has wireless charging like the Verizon 8X.
  • It won't have wireless charging that is one of those carrier exclusive things we have been hearing about so much lately
  • If I get a 920, I really won't need a case, which will narrow that weight gap.
  • Ding! +1
  • Why do you say that you will not need a case? I am too afraid to not put a case on my phones. I got over my fear living without a screen protector, but cases seem necessary to avoid scuffs from accidental drops. Hopefully you know something that I don't because a case plus the heft of the 920 might be too much for me.
  • There is no paint to scratch off, so scratches and scuffs won't be very visible even if you drop it.
    Also for the glossy phones, minor scratches can likely be buffed out with a polycarbonate polisher.
  • I never put a case on my 900 since day one. Can't find a scratch on it.
  • I never had a case on my 900 either. Dropped it on concrete several times. I can see a few tiny chips, scratches etc if I look hard enough and closely enough. But, not really visible. Absolutely amazing quality imo. :)
  • My Lumia 800 fell once onto concrete, the display was broken. I don't get this "survive a meteorite impact" talk. And the official price to replace the display was so high, I was able to buy a Omnia W for it.
    Now I'm using the HTC 8X and I'm sure, the same thing could happen to it.
  • Try a pouch/slip case... Protects it when you're not using it, and looks great when you are. The only times I've dropped my phone are when I fumble getting it in/out of my pocket or if I'm carrying other crap. I've dropped it above waist height without issue... That would be a different story outside of the pouch! Note: I have a leather pouch, not those silly soft-cloth ones.
  • I'm still going with the Lumia 920 due to its clearly superior technology. However, weight is the Lumia 920's achillies heel. I do hope this encourages Nokia to address this issue in future handsets while still maintaining a high level of technological innovation. I also hope they add storage expansion capabilities or offer a 64 GB version for the next one. If they did those two things, naysayers would run out of things to talk about.
  • Umm do you all realize that the lumia 920 is thinner than the 900?
  • No its the headphone jacks on the 2....
    Much more surrounding the 920 than 900
  • Your wrong it is thinner, 900 is 11.5. The 920 is 10.7.
  • That statement means absolutely nothing when a quick look at the spec sheets will show you that the 920 is indeed thinner than the 900.
  • Hah, you beat me to it! :-)
  • i think the thickness of the 900 is attributed to the dip at the top and bottom of the screens its made too look thinner but doesnt seem that people account the thickness of the screen with it, the 920 has the screen flush against the body that could be what makes it thinner idk im talkin out the ass
  • Jtshorns. Please read the spec sheet before you comment
  • The 900 looks thinner when viewed from either end because there is slight taper.
  • Lumia 900 is thinner than lumia 920
    What is in spec is the volume size.
  • You are so wrong it's ridiculous, lets just say you are correct that would me that the 900 holds more volume then the 920 therefore making it still bigger then the 920 in regards to width. That said you can't possibly use that argument because to have volume you need to use three sides of measurements. So  in total the 920 can hold me volume then the 900 but it is still thinner when referring to thickness. Don't believe me either look it up Nokia gives you the volume specs plus the straight up measurement  of length, width and thickness.
  • Lol wut
  • Meh.  My current phone is 176g and the weight is one of the few things about it that DOESN'T bother me.  Another 9g is not going to sway my decision.  Especially since my current phone is an HTC and I can't stand it (although most everything I dislike I can blame on their Sense UI on Android).
  • If the phone does everything I want it to do, I don't care about the weight. I mean, I work out.
  • Girl look at that body. I-I-I work out.... I'm sexy and I know it!
  • haha good one!
  • According to my postal scale, my HTC Titan is 184g.   My old LG Quantum is 200g.  So 185g for that sweet Nokia 920?  Bring it on!
  • The weight does matter if your in dress slacks everyday. That weight is pretty uncomfortable. I too remember the HTC tilt and that extra weight is something. If you wear jeans however it matters a little less.
  • The weight of the Lumia isn't its problem because if it is anything like my 900, it'll feel pretty solid and that's fine with me. I'm looking for other qualities that make this phone worth my upgrading to it rather than the 8x..which looks incresingly like what I'll end up doing.
  • The 920 is really the best phone to get, but thinking about getting the red 8x this time to try something new until the next line of nokias come out.
  • Weight matters less than some hardware specs that matter most to many people on this site/app. The general public? Who knows? Sales and time will tell.
  • I respect everyone's opinions on their personal WP needs and wants. I say let the OEMs differentiate themselves however they want as long as it's WP phones. Other OSs don't count. They can all kick dirt... Haha... WP for the masses!
  • I don't understand why there's such a fuss about who has the lightest phone! I want my phone full of features with the best screen and substance, so I don't feel like it will snap in two if I sit down with it in my back pocket! I'll be trading in my Lumia 900 for a 920 on the day it becomes available at my local AT&T store.
  • :/ I didn't know we had to be bodybuilders to pick up a phone...
  • LOL then I must be super pumped then!
  • Plus the L 920 does not have a concrete release date and pricing. It remains as a fancy, still.
  • Let's see...a bunch of grown men worried of how "heavy" the 920 is, but a skinny and thin Jessica Alba wields her 920 like it's nothing. Some are sounding like a bunch of wimpy nerds to me.
  • Exactly what I wanted to say !!
    I don't know why ppl are whining over weight issues
  • +1000
  • LOL thats a funny :P
  • The 920 is barely thicker than the iPhone 4 or the HTC 8X. If 50 grams is too much extra weight I suggest getting off the internet and visiting my buddy Tony Horton.
  • I believe that the 920 is a bit thinner and lighter than my current Titan 2, so that's good news for me. But if HTC had released a version of the 8x with a 4.7 or 4.8 inch screen, that would be a definite purchase for me.
  • +1
  • I love a heavy phone. Can't stand the thin, plastic, light, break when they drop phones like the Galaxy Phone. My 900 makes me feel like I'm actually carrying something that can stand up to a drop. Light is not a factor for me.
  • All this may be true about the weight of the phones, but has anyone considered how much people ADD weight????  By the time someone puts an Otter Box or any other strong case to protect their flimsy phone, it probably adds up to the weight of the 920, which looks like its already fine and sturdy so you probably will not need one. Cmon one barely carries around bare phones anymore, but seems like with the 920 that could change.
  • The std. Iphone 4s bumper is 28g... The Iphone it self is 140g ---> 168g so the Lumia 920 isn't that bad people... It doesn't bother me so I don't care, but fot the whiners - Think please.
  • Replace those pennies with gold coins and that's pretty much what the 920 looks to me compared to the 8x :-P
  • xD
  • HTC's cheap shot at Nokia that for weight issue is really a pansy move and will attract the brainless crowd
  • Every one stop complaining about the weight...
    People!! we are taking about grams not kilos?!! so its either there are a lot of lazy ass id..t or your walking around with just ligaments.....
    Just because Nokia has produced the best phone ever the only thing haters are picking on is the weight... apart from that nothing else..what so ever.. its got the best screen that even the htc with more ppi still doent stand a chance in how bright and sharp the screen is, Camera.. i dont even want to go there..
    Nokia Lumia 920 will still sell more than HTC 8x cos personally i wouldnt even dream of buying an HTC wp cos of so many support advantages and specs that Nokia has to offer.. Period  
  • Amen.
  • My Dell venue pro weighs at well over 190g. So getting lumia 920 will be night and day lighter. My phone really makes my hand tired when im lying in my bad.
  • Dang...all over the internet about weight. You've got to be f-ing kidding me.
    Only Divas whine about 50g's. 50g's!!! If the weight was for no special purpose then ok but they packed OIS and wireless charging for you in a 10-11mm case and divas still cry about 50g's!!!
    Since when was 1cm labled "thick"?
    Don't get me wrong I think the 8X looks great too. Same approach by two co's with different design. More choices. But there really shouldn't be any whining about 50g for what they provide you in a package.  
  • People who complaint about the weight are just either plain lazy or living in a nursing home.
  • The sad fact is neither HTC, nokia, or any other manufacturer can create a high end device that is as small and light as apples phone.  Instead they use large screens to mask their incompitence, then squable amongst themselves as we see here.  It is pathetic really.  I can't wait till microsoft creates a phone or one of these other manufacters finally invests the needed $$ to create something better than apples phone.  I hate apples software but I can't get myself to buy a phone with a screen >4.0~ inches, so I will hold onto my 3 year old phone a bit longer.  In short, HTC your phones do not impress me and I doubt you impress many.
  • You have got to be kidding me. Large screens to mask their incompetence? Investing money into a high end 4 inch phone is a horrible idea because it would just fail. Besides, there are plenty of 4.3 inch phones with high resolution screens that are as small as other 4 inch phones. Xperia S and Xperia V just off the top of my head.
    Are they as small as the iphone 5? No, but that is just about the girliest phone ever and the only reason it is that small is because they didn't bother changing the width of the screen from the 3.5 inches on the iphone 4s, not because they put a lot of money into it. It's not hard to make that screen if you are willing to keep the width the same as a 3.5 inch phone and just make it longer. If they used a proper width, it would look a lot closer in size with the Nexus S or original Galaxy S for sure.
  • "A high end 4 inch phone would fail"... Isn't iphone a high end 4 inch phone?  What I got from your response is that:
    1) 4.3 inch phones are just as small as 4 inch phones, except for they are not as small
    2) the iphone is girly
    3) you think the iphone should be wider
    I can tell you like the larger phones, but they are not for everyone.  I don't need to watch movies or read elaborate websites on my phone; I want it to be the least intrusive as possible.  This is the same reason why I use a money clip with the essentials and leave my fat wallet at home.  A lot of people are like me so you would think someone besides apple would make a phone for us...  But IMO they are unable to or scared to compete head on.  Which sucks because WP8 looks like great software.
  • Uh... we have larger screens because the market demands larger screens. I cannot stand the size of the iPhone screens (either 3.5" or 4") - it's woefully small! Why do you think Apple have finally bowed to market pressure by releasing a bigger screen?
    "I can't get myself to buy a phone with a screen >4.0~ inches"
    Did you mean < 4 inches? You can easily get phones > 4 inches - and you seem to have a grievance against the larger screens that the vast majority of the population prefer.
    "HTC your phones do not impress me and I doubt you impress many"
  • Stop this nonsense about calling something that weighs in the low hundred grams heavy. I do bicep curls with 45lbs (we're talking about 20000g here) weight and that I can call heavy not a measly 185g. Even the tiniest female boobs weigh heavier than that and you don't hear them complain.
  • Question: do you place your "45lbs (we're talking about 20000g here)" weights in your trouser pocket? The weight of the Lumia 920 is 'heavy' relatively speaking when compared to the competition on the market, which is the case in this article. I didn't once state that the Lumia 920 is too heavy, but merely that it's noticeably heavier than the HTC, Samsung and Apple hardware listed above. You also have to remember that not each and every consumer works out on a daily basis.
  • So why isn't there a big outrage for Htc 
  • For me light phones just feel cheap. Upon holding an iPhone 5 and a Galaxy S3, they just feel hollow to me, and I don't like that feeling. Maybe if they made the phone smaller, maybe just the screen, then maybe... Lol.
  • Lame argument. I'd take the "oh so very heavy" Lumia 920 over the 8X in a heartbeat.
  • What's a lame argument? The "oh so very heavy" Lumia 920 is the heaviest on the list. No argument provided. No argument required. I'm not suggesting I find anything close to 200g 'heavy', but compared to the competition, it's a noticeable difference.
  • "its a noticeable difference" I believe that's a matter of opinion. Going from 710 to 900 the only real difference to me was size not weight. There is a bigger weight difference there then a 900 to 920.
  • I am bewildered by someone complaining on the weight of a phone that comes in under 200 grams and has more technology packed in to it than any of the vehicles we sent to the moon. #peoplelovetocomplain
  • LOL So many misguided people here and on the message boards. People need to understand what relative means. It is not about 50g, 10.7mm thickness, or one or two other phones being almost as heavy. If you break it down like that, you can make an excuse for every device ever created.
    If you have to bring in giant 5.5 inch phones or 4.7 inch tanks that are marketed to a small portion of the market to justify the weight of a 4.5 inch mass market phone, you know that you are really REALLY stretching. The fact of the matter is, the phones mentioned are either super light 5.5 inch phablets or bricks with giant qwerty keyboards. They are supposed to be heavy and that is why reviewers do not subtract marks for their weight because they are LIGHT for their CLASS of phone.
    The Nokia Lumia 920 though, is meant to compete in the compact 4.5 inch and under class and yet it is by far the HEAVIEST AND LARGEST in it's CLASS of phone that includes light phones like the iphone 5 and GS3. See, it is all relative and people are hating on the weight not because they can't handle 50g. People are hating on the weight and thickness because it really shouldn't be that big and do not feel like Nokia should give them an extra 50g. The LG Optimus G international, for example, has a 4.7 inch screen, 13mp camera, twice the ram, twice the cpu, fatter battery, bigger GPU, some fancy long lasting batter technology, glass on both front and back, NFC, the works and they manged to make it smaller than the HTC 8x. There is no excuse for the Lumia 920 being that big for a 4.5 inch phone if a crappy company like LG can do that.
    To be fair, HTC failed pretty hard with the 8x too. There is no way that it should be bigger than the international LG Optimus G and roughly the same size as the HTC One X.
  • Since everything is relative your whole arguement is pointless. Sorry.
  • Nothing pointless about it. The Nokia Lumia 920 is an extreme outlier and has a middle weight height with a heavy weight frame and weight. You can't argue that it is okay for a middle weight fighter to be fat just because some heavy weight fighters weigh that much. Sorry Nokia fans.
  • So does that mean you're getting the 8S? You're obviously against Nokia, and the 8X is a failure too, according to you.
  • 8s is too low res. Probably either settle on the failure HTC 8x or get a Nexus 4 to tide me over until WP8 second gen or the surface phone.
  • Here is the way I look at it. The phone has the best camera, bar none, of any smartphone. It also has inductive charging. Those would be the reasons why this phone had to be this big.To the people that care about those two features, they will overlook weight instantly. To the people that do not, weight will be an issue, and rightfully slow. The fact of the matter is that there will be people who don't want an amazing camera or wireless charging. To them, it makes no sense that this phone is so thick and heavy​.
  • I appreciate the screen and the camera and still think the 920 is ridiculously heavy. Just as the 800 and 900 were simply too heavy for their class. The camera and screen don't justify that.
  • I still have my Samsung Focus and have been running with it for over a year and a half now, so the extra 60 grams I'll definitely notice on my arm. That said, you only notice the weight of your phone after holding another that weighs more or less. It may take a week or so to get used to but the extra quality and features will be worth it, even if one arm will be much bigger than the other. :)
  • Also Nokia really made the wrong design choice here. Similar to how HTC hides how fat the HTC 8x is, Nokia did that with the Lumia 800 and 900. I have no idea why they didn't do this again, it would have really helped them with perception and possibly shed off a bit of that 185g.
  • The decision should be based on best experience and right now Nokia outclasses HTC. Apps come first to Nokia, Nokia invests in value-added apps (Drive, City Lens, Maps) and if there is something wrong they react fast. I'd happily tree a little extra weight for a Nokia experience than HTC. This is coming from someone who bought the Surround first and bought the Titan which I'm using right now.
  • Many people don't know but Dell Venue Pro is arguably the best selling gen 1 WP handset right now even with the weight of 190g. At the price of $160 at EBay and Amazon I have personally converted over 50 people into Windows Phone with this beast and I still get friends and church members calling me everyday to order DVP for them. A third party Vendor at Amazon told me last week that DVP is their best selling phone and that they have sold over 2000 units within a month. Im saying this to prove that an average Joe would consider price and the form factor of a phone rather than weight to decide between two similar phones and the L920 with all its goodies has a better price than the 8X. I guess many people would choose 920 over 8X regardless but the only limitation of the L920 is the AT&T exclusivity.
  • Why is the weight of the Lumia 920 is a problem ? I'm curious
    If Jessica Alba can hold a Lumia 920 & an iPad in one hand, why can't we? Also, adding Wireless Charging to the 8X won't add as much as people think!
    The Motorola Droid Bionic had Wireless Charging (cover sold separately though) & it weighted 145g , while the Atrix which was a smaller phone without Wireless Charging weighted 135g
  • It is a problem because WP8 fans are giving Nokia a license to be fat and heavy. The only way to prevent the Lumia 940 from being 190g and 11.7mm thick is to express just how HUGE the Lumia 920 is. We all know the GS4 and iphone 6 will stay slim and light while STILL incorporating the latest technology. Sorry but no one should give Nokia a free pass. 50g and a few mm isn't much but it is still an unnecessary 50g and a few mm. Besides, they should have at least attempted to hide the fatness like HTC did with the 8x.
  • Well, the best way is to not by the phone all together. People need to decide what matters more, a best among smartphones camera and inductive charging, or a "pretty good" camera and no inductive charging. If the GS4 and iPhone 6 incorporate those technologies as well (or better) than Nokia and Nokia still makes a "fat and heavy" phone next year, we can talk. Until then we are talking about devices that would be deemed vaporware.
  • The GS3 does have wireless charging and the camera is pretty awesome and they made a 4.8 inch phone feel like a 4.3 inch phone and it has expandable storage. And AMOLED screens already have an inherently faster refresh rate than standard LCD screens. So despite what the WP fanboys wish to believe, the GS3 is already on par with the 920 but thinner and lighter.
    So we can talk now already, not next year.
  • And that is the harsh truth.
  • +2
  • Just gotta throw this in..
    Have you actually SEEN that wireless charging backplate for SGS3? I sure as hell haven't, what with them entering production 25th of October. Also, I'd like to see some comparative tests on AMOLEDs and LCDs if you are throwing wild statements like that out. Thanks. 
    Proof is in the pudding...
  • +1
  • Tried with real things last weekend. It let me feel heavy , but in the same time it let me feel how solid it is too. As you all know durability of Nokia , I think just a bit more weight exchange to many things I got , it worth to be like this.
  • Maybe if HTC invested more in app their devices would have a better chance against an heavyweight like the Lumia 920
  • I'd take solidly-built and robust any day over light and unsubstantial. What would you rather have? A phone that's rock-solid built by a manufacturer that's known to build rock-solid phones (that, not to mention, has features up the yin-yang)? Or a feather-weight phone that scratches if you so much as look at it wrong. Which requires a case. Which adds weight and heft.
  • Option B.
  • I won't be getting the 8X I guess. Light phones feel cheap and flimsy. I love a nice hearty phone. Because I'm a grown ass man.
  • LOL!  Nokia 810 for me and I don't want to deal with HTC updates issue allt he time. Plus Nokia has plenty of apps.
  • Lumia for me and Lumia only
  • Are we so wimpy that 185g is heavy? I like how my Lumia 900 feels: solid, like a finely-engineered concrete block. I'm not terribly afraid of dropping it. It feels substantial.
  • So if you were to choose from those two: I assume you'd choose the left one.
  • So you decide to compare several years of technological development? I get it. You don't like them phones being heavy. I suggest you go and get one of those flip phones that weigh less than 80g. Maybe that tides you over these "bricks".
  • Several years of technological development used to mean lighter and thinner hardware. I must haved missed the point when heavy and bulky became hip.
    And I'd rather just get a sexy 8S or 8X for now and wait for the Lumia 920 price to drop, as now it is as pricey as obese it is.
  • By being 0,6mm thicker at the thickest point, it's obese? Oh dear. Have fun with your quite frankly interesting views on obesity. 
    Hint: DVP, Arrive, Optimus 7 are all in the same weightclass as Lumia 920. But I guess even they are too heavy to handle for you. 
  • DVP and HTC 7 Pro are keboard slider phones, you silly.
    And yes, they are to big and clunky to carry around in the pockets of my skinny trousers and fitted jacket.
  • Having a light phone is the best, you don t feel your pocket weighed down and it feels great in your hand....HUGE selling point-Focus S owner ;)
  • I'm more interested in a drop test between 8X and 920. I have fumbly hands. Dropped my Lumia 710 four times already on wooden and marble floors. No case. Still perfectly fine. I'm very happy with the built quality. I won't trade that for 20 pennies.
  • We are talking about grams, right? I guess if there is nothing else that HTC can compare favorably with the Lumia, then they need to focus on this weight thing. Let's remember that Miss Alba defected from the iPhone and the weight hasn't been an issue for her. HTC needs to answer how its flagship only has 16GB of storage. Besides weight, the Lumia also has more memory, superior screen, better camera tech and charging coils. All of that and we're talking about grams. Nokia has the most tech crammed in there, running the most diverse set of differentiating applications. They are bringing attention to the platform and devoting all of their energies and talents to the ecosystem. HTC...simply isn't. All of that is worth a few grams, in my opinion. Besides, as has been previously discussed, Lumias don't require the grams of secondary, protective cases to survive. Yeah, I'll choose the Nokia over the HTC and just like Jessica, it'll be red.
  • Miss Alba probably didn't pay $850 for that brick. She got one for free along with a huge paycheck to compensate for the weight.
  • Speculation.
  • Work out!
  • I picked up my iPhone5 yesterday after not using it for the past month since I made my lumia 900 as my main driver again, and let me tell you. The weight of the lumia 900 just gives it a premium feel to it. Especially seeing as the shape of it moulds to ur hand when you hold it. To me, Light phones feel cheap no matter what material is used.
    Well if I wanted to lose that 50gm difference, I would put down this double McCheeasyHamBurger am shoving in my face but again I am not
  • " there's definitely one Windows Phone 8 that sports absolutely everything." - Except removable storage.
  • Weight of the phones don't really matter if someone likes the phone. HTC are just having some fun with the competition. All carriers do it.
    For me.. It's about beauty. And the 8x is beautiful. It's my next phone.
  • Its not just the weight of the 920 its the size of it as well. I've held the 920 & 8x size by side and the difference between the two is staggering. The 920 feels massive and much more like a mini tablet rather than a phone. For me its just too big and I don't like how it feels in my hand due to its shaper bottom edges & bottom corner that digs in. The 8x feels much more like my Omnia7 so I'm bias in that respect to the size I prefer. The Nokia ecosystem is what I will miss the most though as the apps really are top rate.
  • It will be 920 for me because of camera, display, and Nokia support.
  • Lumia 920 is a mans Phone! This goes to show how many sissies there are lol
  • If someone doesn't like to carry around bulky bricks in his pockets that automatically makes him a sissy?  
  • No, a man bitching about 50g weight different is a sissy lol!
  • If a phone weighs 150 instead of 100 grams, it's not "only 50g heavier". Its 50% heavier or carrying 33% unjustified ballast.
  • Interesting of you to say that. Have you even touched Lumia 920? Or 8X for that matter? Or Ativ S? My guess is no.
  • I've touched many phones of the same class and size. I can safely say that the Lumias 8xx and 9xx are overweight or even obese. I respect that you may prefer your phones to be Rubens style, but the fact is that they are fatty fatt fat fatties.
  • So you haven't touched those devices I mentioned. Your point is moot. Enjoy your day.
  • You obviously have never had a real brick in your pocket before. If you had you would not be comparing the 920 to a brick.
  • Ok, so they copy the design and then make fun of them? I hate HTC.
  • This makes it look like HTC think the lighter weight of the 8x is their only advantage... Bad advertising, imho.
    But I'm buying the 920 anyway. Even though I'm a woman, I'm confident that I'm able to lift 185g and even carry the phone in my trouser pockets *gasps*
  • The only argument is: do you care ? I don't for *both* questions.
  • Remember, HTC 8x has wireless charging too. So wireless charging does not explain why lumia 920 is heavier then it competitors
  • Remember, HTC 8X wireless charging is thus far confirmed only for Verizon, and there's *no* mention whatsoever whether it brough 8X weight up. So wireless charging suddenly does explain why it's heavier than it's competitors.
  • Sorry, but if people are bitching about 50g of weight you really need to get to a gym! Get a grip people!
  • I like the extra weight as it does make a phone feel better. Having said that I won't be getting the 920 as it's an exclusive deal on EE in the UK. I'll be getting the 8X, I've never had any issues with HTC's Windows Mobile & Windows Phone devices. If I could get the 920 I would be even sim-free it's still carrier locked to EE which is a pain.
  • I had the chance to play around this weekend with both the Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X, as well as Lumia 820.
    The 8X surprised me, it was really comfortable in the hand and has a nice feel to it, the curves were also nice, light as well.
    The Lumia 920 was a bit larger, bigger screen after all, and had a different feel to it, I liked it better than the 900. Played a bit with it and to me it felt really good, different to the 8X, and it's not a heavy phone, you can look at the numbers, but it's not a heavy phone. This weight thing is blown out of proportion, I know it's marketin and stuff, but still. Also I find the S3 too light, as if it's gonna break any moment.
    I'm stickng with the 920, to me it has more features that I care and need, especially now that the weather is getting colder, I could definitelly use that super sensitive screen. :)
  • If I was a Nokia marketing guy I would shoot back with a slogan "And what you get for 20 pennies more?" and list all the stuff that nokia has put on the 920 :D :D With a picture of 20 pennies on the left and a juicy long list  on the right, overshadowing the pennies.
  • You don't get those extra features in 920 for 20 pennies but for 200 dollars more.
  • LOL. HTC now taking cheap shots too. Well a nice try, but I guess the weight is about the only thing 8X has over the Lumia 920(and FFC). Personally I don't mind the friendly duel between HTC and Nokia. I think its entertaining.
  • Put a heavy and thick phone in your pant pocket. You'll notice that sometimes size and weight does matter. And yeah a case is important. Protecting your phone adds value and life.
  • I can't see the focus people put on weight, I really can't. If the camera technology have made the phone heavier and kicks dirt in the eyes of competition I see it its worth it and a good reason. The weight of the iPhone 5 is rediculous and i don't like it.
  • Just went down to Phones4U with the intention of getting an 8x. But seeing it there next to the 920 I faltered and had to come back home to think some more. The 820 is actually a nicer size I think and looks really good, trouble is the screen resolution :(
  • 720p has or will be the standard resolution. L820 and 810 screen is not acceptable. MS has lifted the ban. Come on!
  • Yup I agree if the Lumia 820 had a 720p screen I might have bought it because of its size. Lumia 920 is really a big phone.
  • Weight is a big factor for me, I'm using a Samsung Focus right now and even if I think it really has an ugly design, I love this phone just because it's so light. So I might just get the 8X but we'll see.
  • If anyone other than an infant complains about 185 grams, they seriously need to hit the gym. A 12oz can of beer weighs ~390 grams and I'm sure you don't get tired of holding that up to your face. Personally, I like a bit of heft so I actually feel like I'm holding a premium product and so that it doesn't slide out of my hand. Regardless, the Lumia 920 is going to be an amazing device! I do believe that it would have been cleaner with less bezels and I wish they would've used an AMOLED screen, but all that hardware has to have a chassis thats big enough a hold it, and a larger screen would've resulted in worse battery life. Give it 5-10 years so all this tech can be scaled down some more and fine tuned and then we will see some really amazing products. Baby steps people, Rome wasn't built in a day.
  • My rolex weighs about 180 grams, so the lumia 920 will be a great balance in my right hand. I let kids use my arrive and they never have problems with weight either. Plus it will be a welcome because it's more spread out. Which should help disperse this so called heft.
  • wow is this weight of the 920 really that much of an issue? i mean check it the way i look at it if you want all the bells and whistles and arent worried about a "little weight" then the 920 is for you also if you have atnt :P but if you want thin and light you got the ATIV which is a great phone and if you want a little more girth but not 920 weight go with htc aint really that big a deal they are all good options.
  • I just wish I had the ability to choose between the two... on T-mobile USA.  No chance to get the L920 so the debate doesn't matter.
    BTW... I love how everyone makes excuses for Nokia.  This article and all the posters just gloss over the fact that the Lumias are bricks.  If Nokia's next phone is super thin and light, everyone will be talking about how important that is. 
    I get it.  The Lumia (800/900/920) design is truly sexy- and I want one.  But everyone on these boards seems incapable of admitting that anyone but Nokia can make a nice phone.
  • To me the weight doesn't even matter. Its only 100-200g. You're really not gonna feel much of a difference anyway
  • they should attack iphone blackberry android
    i guess they want more windows phone Fans
  • The iPhone shouldn't really be compared because is an all-around smaller phone. You can compare big phones with a small phone
  • I'm not sure why so many people are claiming that weight doesn't matter.  Weight is an issue.  Saying that both can be lifted is an absolute red herring.  If we accept that line of thinking, then everyone that works out at the gym should have a 17" laptop instead of one that is more portable.
    Can someone tell me whether the premise that the 920 doesn't need any additional protection is generally true?  It looks to me like you can carry the 920 as-is, while with the 8X you would probably neeed to have a protective cover.  Anyone that has seen the phones feel differently?  I had a cover on my Focus for a long time but now that I am at the end of the contract I took it off and I like having a light, thin phone.  However, it looks like it would blow apart if I dropped it from any meaningful height.
    I am still leaning toward the 920 because of its performance and the Nokia apps, but I think the 8X is a much better weight and ergonomic design so I haven't ruled either out.  Thanks.
  • "I'm not sure why so many people are claiming that weight doesn't matter." It's the American way of dealing with obesity - raising the bar an pretending there is no problem.
  • I'm wondering if and when any of the manufacturers will come out with a slider phone.  My son loves the keyboard for texting, and I have to admit, the keyboard was great for longer emails, etc.
  • I also have a HTC 8X. I still have my Lumia 900. The 8X has better voice quality and reception than the Lumia 900 and a lower SAR. If you have average hands it fits superbly in your hand. The screen of the 8X is top notch and the camera way better than on a iPhone 4. The Lumia 920 better be good because the 8X is a fantastic phone (beats the iPhone 5). I have a 920 on order, but the HTC 8X is a joy! You dont need to hold it firmly in your hand, it just lays in your hand and gives you a sure grip. Also the touchscreen of the 8X is so smooth... Amazing. HTC has made a truly super high quality product.