Leaked Verizon document confirms HTC 8X wireless charging. Pushed back to Thanksgiving?

Although Windows Phone 8 was announced last week, we’re still waiting on Verizon to announce some dates for their release (luckily pricing was mentioned).

Windows Phone Central just received some internal training documents that share some points for reps to sell the phones to customers. What’s more, we have the first written confirmation of wireless charging for the HTC 8X. From the training document, Verizon notes the following: “Wireless charger is built in so you can charge your phone wirelessly with a wireless charging pad (sold separately)”

Wireless charging for the HTC 8X was first reported by the Verge a few days ago and although we had little reason to doubt them, it’s still nice to see that feature officially listed in these documents. Indeed, that really is a huge selling feature for what is already an excellent device. Although the 8X doesn’t match the AT&T-exclusive Lumia 920 in some features, HTC can check that off as not being one.

Other bits of info from the documents—one for the HTC 8X and one for the Lumia 822—show selling points for the devices e.g. “Seek a robust music and audio experience” or “Get turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation with offline access from Nokia Drive+.  US maps come preloaded with many more available for download”.

Rumor had it that Verizon will be launching these phones on November 8th, which last we checked is just a few days away. Unfortunately we’re hearing that these phones won’t launch until “Thanksgiving week” with the Samsung Odyssey not due until just before Christmas. Reportedly Verizon/Samsung don’t want the Odyssey to “interfere” with the November launch of the Galaxy Note 2. Take that, as you will.

Hopefully that date won’t be pushed back and you can pick up your HTC 8X ($199) or Lumia 822 ($99) this week. But for now, you may want to not plan too much.

Thanks, BigRed, for the info!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Well they did say "by thanksgiving" and I wasn't really expecting much before then so I wouldn't say it's been pushed back at all. Now the question is buy it right away or wait til black friday and see what deals they offer
  • WP Central - Do you not follow your own forums?  There have been numerous Verizon employee leaks on both this forum and the Verizon Customer Forum that VZW is planning a big WP8 splash for Black Friday.  "Free Wireless Chargers" were mentioned several times in the plans.  This "push" was part of the plan all along.
    VZW can offer a free lap dance on Black Friday for one of their phones; but I'm not lining up for any of it.  If the best they can do is the 8X and the 822, they won't see my smiling face until December or January when something bigger and better comes out.  Please do not defend Verizon by making this sound like a "slip" or a "push".  Verizon never planned on rolling out any WP specials until Black Friday.  Wait or go elsewhere.  They really do not care.
  • Might as well wait for black Friday, they've pushed it pretty far as it is.
  • F*#K You Verizon, just launch the damn phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This, LOL
  • ^^^ I know, why wait? Just do a soft launch and then kick in the marketing hard ahead of Thanksgiving to get the word out.  I want my Lumia! 
  • Jeez ... I am so tired of waiting, my htc trophy is hanging on by a thread for the last 5 months. I think it may be time for either different carrier or next best phone from verizon. Love the Windows OS but sooooo impatient amd tired of waiting for actual price and release date.
  • Well, Verizon actually confirmed the wireless charging the same day as the Verge rumor in the 8X announcement on their Verizon News site. I really hope it hasn't been pushed back to Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Honesly I am at the point where I think I will get the gs3 and just wait for Microsoft phone.
  • It will be your loss.  :)
  • All you have to do is leave Verizon. I don't know why Verizon customers are surprise and if you're looking for them.to discount the pricing more because it will be thanksgiving, you might as well get ready to be let down again. I can hear their excuse in their internal board meeting now: we can't discount WP because we haven't made any money on it, but they don't mention that they hid the trophy in a corner and instructed sales staff not to even attempt to offer it to customers.
  • Yeah because AT&T is so much better, when are you guys getting the 920 again? 
  • Fix that keyboard.
  • Cool story bro... to bad its not the truth. Because if it is your are an idoit for buying a 900 when you knew the 920 was coming out in November.
  • umm..no im not a dumb ass actually cuz i wanted to get the feel of windows phone so i got the lumia with all the news that 920 would hit next week i figured id go back and get it at the end of the week. if it doesnt come out within 14 days back to android like i said but thanks for trying.
  • Don't worry mate. I'm sure the 920 will be out within the next 14 days.  :-)
  • First of all that actually is a stupid reason to decide not to get the 920 and secondly its also shows that your quit impatient. Its ur fault for not waiting so oh well if it doesn't come out in time for you :/
  • sounds like an aweful idea, but hope things work out for ya
  • Return your 920...
  • What's so "outdated" about it?
  • What's so outdated about it? I have to 2014 with my Lumia 900. And happy with it
  • As stated above, Verizon will be accomplishing its task with people like you! "Smothering WP and promoting Android. By not getting the device to its customers, its the same protocol they followed with the trophy hide it, and don't promote it! You're doing exactly what they want you to.......You don't deserve to have a WP if you're willing to leave that easily, SEE YOU!
  • I'm assuming you've had a very busy this week, because who needs a leaked document? Verizon hasn't been keeping it a secret since about a week ago apparently.
    We've been hearing so much about the 920 and the 8X, I'm happy to hear something about the 822. Hope to start seeing reviews on the 820, 822, and the 810, I'm looking forward to the battery performance and camera reviews in particular. Thanks for posting that info.
  • That red 8X could be enough to make me choose HTC over Nokia. I'm just going to go with whoever gets their's out first. I'm waiting for someone to take my money.  
  • The 822 is $49 not $99
  • Nope, it's $99.
  • Is it $99 regularly or is it $149 and Verizon gives a $50 rebate to make it $99? That's usually how they work so I'm wondering which one is the starting price before any rebate on contract.
  • That Verizon branding is nasty.
  • Tell me about it. It makes the AT&T logo seem like it's not there! Lol
  • If the Odyssey would interfere with the note 2 then it must be high end
  • 5" Note3 with WP8, I'll take it
  • Will the T-Mobile and AT&T versions also have wireless charging?
  • "Exclusive to Verizon Wireless, the Windows Phone 8X features wireless charging support built right into the device. When placed on top of a charging pad, the Windows Phone 8X can easily and wirelessly charge without the need for wires and cables." 
    The above quote from the press release indicates wireless charging is exclusive to Verizon's 8X.
  • If you're asking about the 8X, I doubt it. I know for sure the Lumia 810 on T-Mobile will have it, though.
  • This changes the game a bit
  • Wireless charging: that rocks!
  • Sp when wireless charging becomes the norm, we can all thank Windows Phones for making the feature mainstream.
  • And of course, I'm sure a in a couple of years, we'll see Apple release the iPhone 7S uber with "Air" charging
  • Verizon is based in new jersey. Sandy probably had a part in this.
  • Tell that to JustinBristoe above, he's ready to leave because of this release date push back
  • I doubt it. I'm in NJ and most businesses are and have been up and running. I understand technicians may be working overtime repairing service but I don't see how the launch of a phone would be affected - particularly when they are manufactured outside of NJ by OEMs. Plus if that's the case then all of Verizon's phones would be "pushed back" two or three weeks and I don't think that's the case.
  • No..this waiting is killing me!  At least just announce a date so I can stop checking these sites 3 times a day.
  • 3 times a day? I have lived on these sites since the 29th
  • Wait, does that mean you joined on the 29th? I joined over a year ago. And there are many veterans since WMExperts.
  • Lol, I ditched my iPhone at the iPhone 5 launch, picked up a interim Galaxy Nexus until I heard about new phone releases, and now Im foaming at the mouth for a new Windows Phone!
  • I've gone on a HUNGER STRIKE ;-)
  • Do you think that after a few month there's a chance att 8x will be upgrade to the wireless charging version?
  • I can think of two possibilities. If the wireless charging capability is built into all 8Xs, then yes...just in time for AT&T's exclusive on the Lumia 920 to end.  If the wireless capability is only built into CDMA 8Xs, then no.
  • Someone else mentioned Sandy, I would bet this is part of the delay.  So....relieved to finally see some official docs from Verizon.  The 8X will be a fine handset, & I am far too excited to get one. 
    Hopefully we still get some black friday love even with a release so close it.  Maybe cyber monday?
    I see that these docs specify only red, blue and black, but i'm still holding out hope that we'll see limelight yellow.....online exclusive?
    Also, with NFC onboard, will the 8X be able to launch and app, like a clock, when on a NFC enabled charger?
  • Do we know anything about the wireless charger Verizon intends to sell? Is it compatible with the Qi standard?  I would rather buy a wireless charger from a different retailer as I am sure Verizon will sell a wireless charger at a high premium.
    I wonder if I could acquire a Verizon compatible 8X in the limelight color from the Microsoft store or if Verizon will offer this color online only?
  • So The 8X will be heavier now too right? Hopefully it will reduce all the complaining about the 920's weight.
  • When looking up the mass of  the Palm Pre versus the Palm Pre Plus, which had wireless changing, the difference was Pre: 135 grams  Pre Plus: 138 grams
    So it's possible the increase of mass will be minimal, I at least I hope so.  The bulk of the Lumia 920's mass is due to the camera.
  • The charging on the Pre Plus was done by changing the back plate / battery cover. It was actually an option, but mine from Verizon was included. Wish it was based on Qi standards though, have three of them around the house. Switched to AT&T to get Windows phones for the family last year, but my daughter still plays with the Pre. Still find myself trying to swipe up at the screen on my Focus S..
  • I'd be interested to know what the new dimensions and specs of the Verizon 8x are...
  • So let's get this straight: do all 8X phones come with the inductive coil in their gut or only the American versions, or even worse only the Verizon variant? The 8X already is in stock and shipping on expansys in Europe, I feel very tempted to order it like tomorrow. I was planning to go for the 8S, but that cheap thing isn't due for two more weeks. Anywho, did you guys at WPC try putting your HTCs on Nokia chargers to check if something happens?
  • It is only on Verizon. They had to make a separate cdma model for them and they had to have wanted a special feature to make up for not getting the 920
  • Maybe good deals coming black Friday
  • Why does it seem like only negative rumors come out for Verizon. 
    i.e. Verizon maybe canceling WP8 altogether rumor that came out a few weeks ago. Now we got this no release rumor until Thanksgiving week after other leaked info about possibly Nov 8th or 12th releases. 
  • Why do both phones contain the same Data, Text and Messaging bullets but the Nokia phone has a Mobile HotSpot bullet point yet the HTC doesnt? Hmmm
  • Not a significant observation.  Probably just giving the sales force several bullet points for each phone.  Since the 8X has more features, they emphasize the hotspot feature with the 822.  EVERY new Verizon smartphone now has free hotspot capabilities.  Verizon added this feature to their entire lineup when they rolled out Share Everything.
  • Yes the 8x will have the hotspot up to 8 devices as well..." hint windows 8"
  • I'll bet you soup to nuts it doesn't come out Thanksgiving week either.  It's the same crap they did with the Trophy.  "No really it will be out by the end of April" - cue the end of April...no Trophy.  "No REALLY, it will be out by the beginning of May" - cue second week of May...no Trophy.  "No REEEAAALLLYYYYY, it will be out by the end of May" - cue the end of May with - wait for it - NO TROPHY!!  Finally got the Trophy in early June.  I'll bet Verizon does us a "favor" and get's it out juuussstttt in time for Xmas.
  • No worries. The 920 and 8x are equally great phones. Not much difference between the two. Screens are the same but 8x may have a slight edge. The 920 camera from what i saw and read is not much better than the 8x unless you plan on running an d shooting video.The touchscreen effect one the 920 is innovative but not ground breaking. The LG intuition also can have nails or whatever to use the screen. 8x for vzw will have wireless charging. So in the end an 8x on the BEST network will be fine for me.
  • Well, this pretty much seals the deal for me.  The 920 has a larger screen, but really, I'm coming from a G2 so the 4.3" screen is still going to be considerably bigger for me.  The big selling point for me was and still is wireless charging.  As long as I can stream from my NAS, memory won't be an issue.  Hopefully I can get a pad for the office and the JBL speaker from Nokia for my bedroom.  I can use the wall charger that will be included, and charge and synch with my desktop.  I'll be happy now with the 8x....now my only concern is what color?  The Red, California Blue, or black?  Decisions, decisions....
  • Cant wait for release, as I will be combing ebay and creigslist for this phone. 16gb is too limited so I wont sign a 2 year for it but, it will hold me off till Verizon gets a better phone. I think the Samsung will do for me if Verizon does not get a 9XX Nokia, as I really want more storage than even 32gb. My phone on contract will have to last me 2 years and 16gb just wont do it...
    Thanksgiving ? Really ? Leave it to Verizon to make their cusomters wait for Windows Phone devices....