Leaked Verizon document confirms HTC 8X wireless charging. Pushed back to Thanksgiving?

Although Windows Phone 8 was announced last week, we’re still waiting on Verizon to announce some dates for their release (luckily pricing was mentioned).

Windows Phone Central just received some internal training documents that share some points for reps to sell the phones to customers. What’s more, we have the first written confirmation of wireless charging for the HTC 8X. From the training document, Verizon notes the following: “Wireless charger is built in so you can charge your phone wirelessly with a wireless charging pad (sold separately)”

Wireless charging for the HTC 8X was first reported by the Verge a few days ago and although we had little reason to doubt them, it’s still nice to see that feature officially listed in these documents. Indeed, that really is a huge selling feature for what is already an excellent device. Although the 8X doesn’t match the AT&T-exclusive Lumia 920 in some features, HTC can check that off as not being one.

Other bits of info from the documents—one for the HTC 8X and one for the Lumia 822—show selling points for the devices e.g. “Seek a robust music and audio experience” or “Get turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation with offline access from Nokia Drive+.  US maps come preloaded with many more available for download”.

Rumor had it that Verizon will be launching these phones on November 8th, which last we checked is just a few days away. Unfortunately we’re hearing that these phones won’t launch until “Thanksgiving week” with the Samsung Odyssey not due until just before Christmas. Reportedly Verizon/Samsung don’t want the Odyssey to “interfere” with the November launch of the Galaxy Note 2. Take that, as you will.

Hopefully that date won’t be pushed back and you can pick up your HTC 8X ($199) or Lumia 822 ($99) this week. But for now, you may want to not plan too much.

Thanks, BigRed, for the info!

Daniel Rubino

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