HTC Cedar cropping up everywhere

A few weeks we reported on HTC's leaked lineup that included more devices than you could shake a stick at. And one of the devices listed on HTC's lineup has been making a few appearances. The phone codenamed "Cedar" is a front-facing QWERTY keyboard device that by all indications will be a Windows Mobile Standard phone. 

Engadget Mobile is reporting that the Cedar has appeared on's certification list. While there is no mention of an official release date, we've also learned from the Boy Genius Report that the Cedar is rumored to hit Sprint's lineup sometime June.  Strong indications are that the Cedar might be the Motorola Q9c's successor on Sprint.

These sightings might be a sign we'll see it at this month's Mobile World Congress and definitely lend credibility to HTC's leaked lineup. Maybe we'll start spotting the Tungsten, Whitestone, and Thoth as well.

Phil Nickinson

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