HTC had help with the Diamond

Ever wonder about the stark contrast between HTC's last generation devices and their new Diamond/Touch themed ones? Did you notice how the Diamond's design is "...both modern and clutter-free to allow a strong focus on the innovative interface"?

Turns out there was an open secret that many of us were oblivious: HTC worked with San Francisco design studio One & Co. on the ground-breaking Diamond's aesthetics.

Granted, HTC gets the credit for execution, delivery and that quite popular TouchFlow3D interface. But it never hurts to get the input of some schmancy artists sportin' some black turtlenecks and speaking (inexplicably) with Swedish accents.

So next time you stare down at your purty HTC Diamond and you think to yourself, boy the " materials and diamond-like surfacing convey its power and sophistication", you can thank One & Co.

[Via I.D Magazine; Thanks Darren]

WC Staff