Leaked HTC Elation with Windows Phone 8 looks more like a clever fake. Here's why.

The HTC Elation is most likely faked

Rum: 1

Our inbox has been inundated for the last five hours or so with ‘tips’ on the alleged HTC Elation. The device was reported on Ubuntu Life early this morning and the image and details reportedly came from HTC’s own site—in essence, a URL popped up that revealed the device in all its glory.

In just under 72 hours, HTC will be showing off numerous new devices featuring Windows Phone 8, so seeing things “leak” early is to be expected, not to mention the ‘Elation’ somewhat matches the specs of the alleged ‘Zenith’ WP8 device that HTC has reportedly been working on.

Good to go, right? Not so fast…

There are some red flags that have caused us to consider this not real...

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New HTC phones witll have this double-wide tile

  • Bluetooth 4.0 – Even the top of the line Lumia 920 only has Bluetooth 3.1 and Windows Phone 8 reportedly does not yet support the 4.0 profile
  • Quad-core CPU – While quad-cores are abundant these days, they’re not with the Qualcomm S4 processor. The S4 is capable of doing quad, but it has yet to come out yet. It’s actually called the Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 and is just being readied to see the light of day. But LG is expected to be the first with it, not HTC. What’s more, that chip is between 1.5-1.7GHz, not 1.4GHz as in these specs
  • Front facing camera specs – 1.3MP? The mid-range Accord/8X has a 2.1MP—seems odd they would downgrade the spec here, but anything is possible we suppose.
  • Design – While that One X rip off may satisfy you folks who yearn for a top of the line Windows Phone, it does not match what the Accord and Rio look like in terms of design, colors and flare.
  • The image is wrong – The Office Tile is off and HTC’s new double-wide  Sense tile is nowhere to be seen. Our bet: you won’t see an HTC Windows Phone without their double-wide Sense tile in the product shot
  • Beats Audio – the logo is missing from the back. HTC’s new devices with Windows Phone 8 have the Beats logo place on the lower back just above the speaker grill. There is no ‘Windows Phone’ stamp on the other two unannounced devices.
  • Beats Audio II - No mention of the added amplifier for audio out? Tsk tsk...
  • Naming scheme – HTC 8X, HTC 8S and then there’s the HTC Elation? Call us crazy but something is not right there for branding
  • (New) Non-standard USB port - Windows Phone 8 devices have their port bottom, center. Not to the side.
  • (New) Nokia Drive icon - We think not...

So what about the alleged ‘Zenith’? There are two approaches on this that we’re taking:

  1. It’s not ready yet/never was/was just a rumor
  2. HTC will ‘surprise’ everyone Wednesday with it. But this above isn't it.

We only say that because as of right now, we are not expecting that device. For that reason and all the ones above, we’re calling fake on this story.

Sorry, folks.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Too good to be true. I love what HTC is doing with the near edge to edge display. Bluky chassis are something I'm moving on from. 
  • Yeah it might be too good to be true but I'm still waiting for HTC to impress everyone with a phone like the hd2.
  • The HTC HD2 was an amazing phone for its time, hopefully they will release a HD8.
  • Is it cheap looking and constructed like the Galaxy SIII? I know a lot of you guys like these thin phones, but most of them are cheaply constructed and look that way as well IMO.
  • Have you held a One X? Definitely not a cheap phone.
  • Lol, good points Dan!
  • I'm glad this probably isn't real. Not very good looking, bad name, weird shape. Let's hope they have some awesome phones lined up for us!
  • You're spot on!!!!
  • The Nokia Drive tile should not be there either. Complete fake.
  • +1
  • Added, thanks.
  • Nokia DRive, Daniel, not Dive. Although I wonder what a Dive app would be like ;-)
  • damn, I just revealed a secret new Nokia app for divers... :)
  • You violated the NDA so now you're on Nokia's sh*t list, LOL!
  • Rofl
  • If only you were serious...i would love to have that app. Lol.
  • assuming this is correct:
    then that would disqualify it.
    Also, the screen looks pasted on, and is even missing the top bar.
  • Added, thanks.
  • No kidding. The USB location itself is enough to give that a -01 on the Rumometer.
  • Yeah, was being generous because in theory, such a device may exist (not this one with those specs, I mean the 'Zenith' here) so I didn't want to completely slam the concept. But upon reconsideration, It's now a '1'.
  • Looks good. You are right. That "03" was generous, indeed.
  • That hasn't been confirmed by Microsoft yet so you are using a rumor to defend a rumor. How much value has that argument now?
    I'm not really sure MS has set this as a standard (allthough i hope so) and HTC has more models that have similar side charging connectivity, so it doesn't really make sense to me that this would be face because of the weird usb connection.
  • A person just had some fun with paint, a didn't do a very good job. I knew as soon as I saw it that it was fake. 
  • Even though I'm way too burnt on HTC due to my HD7 to consider picking one up, I think a Titan iteration with the One X styling would be a great addition to the WP lineup. IMO it's the best-looking android device out there right now.
  • Thank you for posting this.
  • also notice the 5-star review with already 3 reviews. not going to happen on an unreleased product.
  • +1 unreleased product with three reviews? What-evs...
  • +1
  • The icon next to Drive is Nokia Creative Studio.  The icon above that is Nokia Music.  I doubt those would be there either.  It looks like they just grabbed an image off of the Nokia site.
  • Awwwwww really needed this phone :'(
  • I hope Nokia maximize the screen...
  • I though the description sounded familiar. If you read the description of the HTC Titan on HTC's international site, it's almost hte same. 
    See below:
    With the largest screen of any Windows Phone, the HTC TITAN lets you work big and play big. Sporting a 4.7” screen and an ultra-slim 9.9mm unibody contoured design, the HTC TITAN is unlike anything you’ve ever held. It’s the perfect phone for multitasking, enhancing your work efficiency, editing Office documents with the big virtual keyboard and making your entertainment and photos really come to life.  
  • I personally like the double-wide live tile shown in the other pic. Blends in with the rest of the tiles. Here's to hoping they release a Titan 3. Same body as the first one with the camera of the second one, then just upgrade screen res, processor, and WP8.
  • We should at least see the clock in the upper right on the home screen, no?
  • maybe it's just me but the newer htc second generation wp7.5 have they charging point on the side like the titan II google it. im sure the radar had that too. but the Nokia drive application is a dead give away.
  • also htc would show off the htc sense or htc hub it's their nitch.
  • There's a Nokia Drive and Nokia Music tile. That's obviously not going to happen. ;^)
  • Good points. As well whoever made this shouldn't have included "3 reviews" bit that to me said fake. Because then the only people which could have reviewed this would be HTC partners so I would think they would be biased reviews if real, right?
  • Whoever made this fake got shut down quick!
  • You forgot to mention there's no sign of a camera button either.
  • Nicely written Daniel and gooood points, but you forgot something... the dedicated camera button :P
  • There's also the issue of the screen bezel: with the black either side of the tiles column, it would make it nearly edge to edge (which I'm not convinced HTC would have), plus there's both no clock, and no black bit at the top of the tiles. Just looks like a poor photoshop. Though interesting that the 'shopper added a second flash and moved the usb port (though not into the right place)
  • Sounds like it would fit better here: Desire, Sensation, Elation... so, not an unlikely name for HTC, but probably more likely to be the rumored 5" HD-1080 Android monster.