Windows Phone 8 Bluetooth profile now publicly listed

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has published the profile for upcoming Windows Phone 8 on its website, which reaffirms what has been previously extracted through scouring the leaked Windows Phone 8 SDK. According to the profile listing, Apollo will support the transfer of files between smartphones.

Moving up from Windows Phone 7.5 both the headset profile and serial protocol are missing from the specification read out, while Audio/Video Remote Control and Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol are sporting new versions, 1.4 and 1.3 respectively. To top everything off, it's Bluetooth 3 and not the latest version 4, which the Apple iPhone 4S already features.

Hopefully we'll be able to see Bluetooth in action soon with upcoming Windows Phone 8 hardware.

Source: Bluetooth SIG, via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • ok, so 2 questions on this:
    1. can I listen to a video's sound over Bluetooth now?
    2. does this mean, technically speaking, something like the pebble watch will work with wp8 if they develop for it??
  • You can listed to video audio over Bluetooth now with 2nd Gen devices.
  • I assume this includes the Lumia 800 and 900?
  • The Lumia 800 is a 1st gen device so no. The Lumia 900 yes.
  • You can listen to movie audio using bluetooth on any WP7 device as far as I know.
  • 1. can I listen to a video's sound over Bluetooth now?
    Most Likely.
    2. does this mean, technically speaking, something like the pebble watch will work with wp8 if they develop for it??
    Unfotuantely I think this will not be possbile since SSP is missing from the profile.
  • damn, I ordered one on the hopes wp8 would be compatible and as the devs said they'd gladly support it if it had the necessary profiles, what a shame.. thanks for answering.
  • The more I hear about Windows Phone 8's hardware it just makes my Nokia Lumia 800 feel more and more insignificat =(
    As for Bluetooth 3 instead of Bluetooth 4...not many handset's have 4 yet and the iPhone will never have FTP (File Transfer Protocol) implimented so no user will reep the benifits from this any way and will just be happy they can share stuff with old devices that don't support e-mail/MMS/Messenger client (e.g. Whats App) or for friends without a data plan to use thses services; as thats how people share stuff these days.
  • So because the iphone doesn't have something it doesn't matter? Pretty low bar you set.
  • That's popularity for ya
  • Would you stop whining about every little thing
  • No that wasn't what I was saying, the artical said the iPhone 4S has Bluetooth 4 that doens't and never will have FTP (not that it's a big deal to me as everyone I know uses Social Networks to share pictures/videos) I just used the same example would you be happier if quoted a differnt device like the Samsung Galexy SIII? (but that has like every blutooth profile so would communicate fine with the device so would be a bad example) I was mainly pointing out the fact that it could be used to older devices as a possitive thing and new devices E.G. the iPhone 4S it's no biggy; as any one that owns one of these devices will have a data plan, unless they are a mental case to spend over £500 on a phone then put it on pay as you go with no data plan lol.
  • I think the big feature from BT v4.0 is low energy.
    Why would MS not future proof now? Their philosophy of 'catch up' instead of exceeding expectation is one of the many reasons they are struggling now.
  • Bluetooth 4 includes "Bluetooth Low Energy," which allows phones to communicate with low energy devices such as sensors and smart watches. It's more than just FTP.
  • Exactly, BT4 allows your phone as a personal workout companion with sensors for biking, heart rate monitors, sleep monitors, etc.  All of which run on watch batteries and run for extended periods of time because BT4 smart devices require so little power.  If you use Endomondo on your WP7, you probably don't know what your missing out on that the iPhone 4S and SGSIII users have.
  • Can anyone explain major differences/deficiencies between 3 & 4?
  • Low-energy. AVRCP 1.5 isn't really that important, but Bluetooth version 4 was a bit dissapointing and strange to exclude, Microsoft has really tried to be energy efficient with Windows 8.
  • No serial protocol? Bt 3 instead of 4 ?? Its a shame...
  • "Its a shame..."
    You can say that again. I really don't understand the WP team thinking.
  • It's more likely a hardware issue, than a software one. WP8 does have BT4 support, just looks like they havent registered yet.
  • It more than likely isn't hw support. 
    Nokia, Samsung all use the standard MSM8960 SoC where HTC one X, GS3 all have BT4.0 support.
    it's hardly a coincidence that all of Samsung, Nokia devices just happen to have BT3.0. WP8 does not have licensed BT4.0 support. 
  • What is the difference between 3 and 3.1?
  • Umm 0.1? :P
  • Who cares if it's BT 3 or 4?
  • Actually, after reading through the entire specification for WP8, I noticed that Bluetooth 4.0 _is_ supported. Bluetooth 4.0+HS is not currently supported. However, keep in mind that, because WP8 is based on the NT core and not the CE core as used in WP7, it will be A LOT easier for Microsoft to program new functions into newer versions of the stack as they write support for them into the OS, especially since the NT kernel is more modular, a lot more flexible, and a lot more powerful. I think that ditching the CE core was the smartest move they ever could have made. This will give Microsoft the ability to move much more rapidly in expanding and adapting the Windows Phone platform.
  • No keyboard support while having the power of Office is the greatest irony of all.
  • I've seen precisely Zero people use a keyboard with their phone.
    I'm also the only person in the office with a keyboard for an iPad.
    I only use that to prop the iPad up when I want to watch the cricket scores, not to type :)
    The built in Office is for reading. Anyone who tries to create a spreadsheet on the go is crazy, crazy I say :)
  • You need to get out more then :P I've seen at least 3-4 people actively using keyboards with their iphones. Dozens with the iPad.
  • Not spreadsheets, but it would be awesome for taking notes at meetings with OneNote (which I love).
  • I use the keyboard on my Quantum heavily, having a physical keyboard is a huge need for me. I was hoping on the BT profile having HID support for keyboards would be an alternative in the event that a new keyboard slider doesn't materialize in WP8 phones.
  •   Please, all who need keyboard support, go to Microsofts Feedback site:
    and vote for keyboard/HID support! 
    Office on the phone and no keyboard would be a waste!  
  • They give yall what the fuck yall been asking for and you still bitching. I really can't with this damn site anymore as far as the visitors
  • No Serial Port Profile?  Really?  Absolutely ridiculous in this day and age.  That means pretty much none of the interesting Bluetooth peripherals (Pebble watch, exercise bands, etc.) will work.
  • And all bt serial adapters USED BY INDUSTRY !!!!
  • I really hope it is a only a rumor, and that the old, base, serial protocol will be implemented, or many developers like me will be really disappointed...
  • I have a Parrot handsfree Bluetooth in my car... I have it installed so I can control calls (hang up and redial) with the controls on my steering wheel... It has worked fine with all handsets I've had (dumbphones as well as smartphones, all brands) except with my Lumia 800 that requires me to hang up calls using the phone making the controls on the steering wheel totally useless... Is there a reason for this?
  • wait... what? my bluetooth controls worked fine with my Lumia 800... may be something is wrong with yours? (your system or your Lumia 800)
  • Anyone know if this will support Bluetooth tethering?
  • They can't support all the features on the BT 4.0 stack. How can they support Nokia PureView?
  • Another question:
    Does this protocol allow the pairing to other devices? Ex. Toyota EnTune or Ford navigation system.
  • It's ridiculous that they couldn't get BT 4.0 as that was the whole point of going to the NT core so they would share the same kernel as W8. Why is Microsoft always behind on things when they need to not only match what's out there but exceed it. It gets harder and harder to keep supporting them when it feels like they're not even trying.
  • See the above comment, BT4 is supported
  • Doesn't matter. WP users are used to always be a year behind.
  • So many great articles responded to with so much misinformation and ignorance.
  • That's how it goes here usually
  • Then why don't you explain it to us? if it's using BT 4.0 then it should state that it's using the BT 4.0 profile. Yes, it may support 4.0 then why file for 3.0 and not 4.0? I hate it when people think they're above others and that other's just don't understand. 
  • It's not that big of a deal, but BT 4.0 is supposed to be more power efficient, a good thing when most batteries in smartphones are now sealed in.
    So I don't really understand the reason for the omission.
  • App is more useful than bt4, if I should choose. Hope its only a rumour anyway...spp profile is bt 1.0...
  • A Pity that bluethooth is losing its appeal for HID certificate support. Smartphone these days are becoming powerful pocketable computers. I think that office is fine for basic use, but using a physical qwerty keyboard is more productive than a virtual keyboard for real work. I wish microsoft did at least support the cerficate for its bluetooth keyboard, e.g. the 5000 and 6000 series bluetooh keyboards. I have one. I mis using it on my current windows phone on my HTC Titan. I used it before on my HD2 with windows mobile. A good pair if you ask me. It would also be easier for me to choose between the next nokia windows phone 8 series or wait a year for the tablet. A missed oppurtunity for the current smartphone and OS race!
  • I have an HTC Trophy with VZW and just bought a Plantronics BackBeat 903 headset.
    It will play music files (and I presume phone calls) but it won't play any videos through it.
    Is there a software update, patch, or any way to play videos through the stereo BT?