HTC Radar gets its own fancy Reveal ad-spot too. Makes Windows Phone look prodigious.

While we were just gazing at that HTC commercial for the TITAN in their "Reveal" series, we came across another one, but now for the Radar. In fact, this is the same on played during the London presentation--but now all hi-def like. Even cooler? It's posted by the director himself, Roman Ruetten via 1stAveMachine studio.

We're not sure why but we like this version even more--something about it seems quite epic. And now that we know it's going to T-Mobile with 4G on board, it certainly seems to fit the part. Also the music reminds us of Kill Bill.

Watch the "making of" here, for you video nerds.

Source: Vimeo; Thanks, Danny, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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