HTC Radar gets its own fancy Reveal ad-spot too. Makes Windows Phone look prodigious.

While we were just gazing at that HTC commercial for the TITAN in their "Reveal" series, we came across another one, but now for the Radar. In fact, this is the same on played during the London presentation--but now all hi-def like. Even cooler? It's posted by the director himself, Roman Ruetten via 1stAveMachine studio.

We're not sure why but we like this version even more--something about it seems quite epic. And now that we know it's going to T-Mobile with 4G on board, it certainly seems to fit the part. Also the music reminds us of Kill Bill.

Watch the "making of" here (opens in new tab), for you video nerds.

Source: Vimeo (opens in new tab); Thanks, Danny, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Although the Radar is a nice phone I was hoping for the Titian on T-Mobile.
  • u said titi-an.
  • htc design phones have gone down hill. nothing beats dvp and no one has made a portrait keyboard so far. im waiting!!!!!!
  • is this why they have a CSR above the industry standard? can you do better? didn't think so.
  • Agree, design wise the DVP still takes the prize for me. Enjoying mine immensely.
  • Very nice ad, although it STILL doesn't show why WP is so much better than Android or iOS. I believe that this is just so much more entertaining because of the music and the fact that it isn't just a phone spinning in place. It has a phone that pops up and dissolves into gas and reappears. It just is more exciting...
  • Also, the music in this video is amazing with headphones. Just saying.
  • Ooooh! The "Learn More" video for both of them is pretty great. It does tell more about them, which makes sense, since the other two are just "reveal" videos. Here's the video: .
  • Thank you HTC for a nice ad in which it makes us want to learn MORE about the phone. BUT.. they never mentioned Windows Phone there, so that's the issue I take with it.We need more ads like this though.
  • @jubbing...But why should HTC tout the benefits/capabilities of having WP on a HTC phone, when HTC's aim is to sell a HTC 'device'? This ad is for the Radar, not necessarily for the Windows Phone operating system. (Even the HTC 'You' ad spots don't tout the Android OS capabilities - the 'You' spots show off HTC devices and give visuals of HTC Sense).When Microsoft releases their ads for Windows Phone, the focus will be on the Microsoft product, WP and its capabilities; Microsoft will not tout the benefits of using HTC, Samsung, or LG, etc. (although Nokia may be a different story) in their ads.
  • Fancy flashy ad but more ads are needed to show the phone in action. The more people see it in action, the more the stigma will start to fade. Yes, you CAN own a MS product and be cool. ;)
  • This ad made me think "nice phone". But it presents no emotional connection. It also provides no reason why a person should invest in a Windows Phone.
  • @birdman_36...Then based on your impressions, HTC did its job! HTC is selling and advertising HTC devices, not the operating system. If others saw this, and thought "nice phone", then they have been compelled to take a closer look at the device, which will allow them to test drive the WP OS - this is when they will decide if the device and/or WP is going to be their next purchase.
  • this version show more of what WP7 are capable of.
  • The tiles should be a blue tone. They should make more ads like the one on their youtube page. That is an effective way to advertise and show features of the phone.