HTC and Windows Phone UK debut TITAN: Reveal commercial

We keep hearing how Microsoft (and partners) need to sell their devices. And while we mean that in the literal sense, we also mean it in the advertising one as well--they need pizazz, a way to draw in users.

We know with "Mango", Microsoft's partners (OEMs, carriers) will be taking on a larger roll in advertising. What you see above is what looks like to be a first attempt at that, with HTC making a nifty 45 second spot called "HTC TITAN: Reveal". The ad has the phone forming out of air with some solid music playing.

Our only criticism? Would have been nice to throw in some specs--not even a mention of the 4.7" screen? Seems like sacrilege to us. But hey, it's a start.

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Source: Windows Phone UK (YouTube); Thanks, Andrew, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Looks good, definitely should have mentioned the screen size.
  • Fingers crossed that T-Mobile UK get this phone
  • Cher Lloyd - With Ur Love video in the RSS feed? HAHA
  • Wow finally a real commercial for a windows phone. And the spec thing although nice from my perspective of marketing it would not fit this particular commercial. Because it's supposed to be you see what the phone is doing and you should be sold on that. It's more about the operating system and the beauty of the phone than it is the specs. If they added that in that would be awkward since it is not one of those text heavy or voice over type of ads. If they do a new version with voice then yes I think they should add in the specs but as a phone candy/operating system tour type of advertisement it's better that they don't over crowd it with info. They could do one with a voice over though it could work. Finally they have a real commercial now let's get samsung and the rest of the windows phone makers to follow suit. Maybe someone should do a windows mango commercial something like what they have on their youtube for a spot on TV.
  • I don't really get how they can create an OS that revolutionizes how you think about a phone but the first (only?) commercial they come up with looks exactly like a Droid commercial
  • You gotta admit though, those Droid commercials worked. Maybe they're trying to go for the same effect?
  • Hope Titan comes to US soon.
  • Seriously, when are they EVER going to sell all the Office/Xbox/Skydrive/Facebook integration? I mean really, this is the age of Facebook and no other phone (even the "official" Android Facebook phone) integrates FB as well as WP. SELL IT! Sadly I don't think Zune is an advertising point as most of America (& the world?) doesn't knows enough about it besides its goofy sounding name to be a selling point, despite how great it is. *sigh* Step it up people. And why go with the green color? I mean I use it sometimes but.. it's not advertising pretty like the red and blue.
  • I would love to get a Titan but the no SD card and 16 Gb of storage is a deal breaker. I need 32 as a minimum. I have 16 Gb of just music alone on my current phone!
  • Wow awesome commercial. I can see this phone taking off wherever they show the commercial. I wonder if Microsoft helped make it.
  • I cant believe a phone of this caliber has no kickstand. Not like its necessary, but like a ffc a phone thats 4.3" or more should have a kickstand.
  • I like this commercial quite a lot. I feel it could be better with more showing off of the phone rather than their cool visual effects.But the best commercial ever is this: