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New Windows Phone 7.5 commercial nails it. Touts Metro Design, elegance. (Plus eBay Live Tile)

Microsoft finally looks to be hitting their stride. This new web-commercial for developers shows off the elegance, simplicity and drives home the Metro interface. We really like the look of this, even if it's for devs and not necessarily consumers. Still, we could see Microsoft editing this or redoing some parts for TV and they really should--it's a good start to show off their new UI. After all, it's going to be everywhere soon.

Oh and check out the eBay Live Tile at 0:36

Source: Windows Phone (YouTube); Also, thanks ousooner314, for the tip even though we were already working on it ;-)

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I cant stop watching it, this is amazing they finally figured out how to advertise! Plus MANGO is almost here :D
  • I really hope Mango is hitting on the 15th! I've had my HTC Trophy for all of 4 days now and I already thought Mango was out since had read about it in passing before I got a WP7 and now I know it could be coming so soon I WANT IT!At least if its just a date on the 15th I can stop expecting it on the 15th...
  • Nice! That has to have been done by the guy they hired after making a better commercial at home than the ones that MS was putting out there.It's nice to see them showcasing the software and not people talking about the software!
  • Anyone know this song? Its great, and really fits the phone well: energy, progress and hopefully momentum.
  • Why can't they make ads like that for consumers?! People talk smack about WP not gaining much momentum amongst the general populace, but where are these beautiful and actually informative ads for consumers? Let's highlight Xbox, office, skydrive.. not JUST live tiles. I'm not even sure the last time I've seen a WP ad.. Microsoft, I love your products, but you SUCK at marketing. You've got the best product and ecosystem in the market. Now show people.
  • Check this one out!
  • @DiabloBlanco...There's the rub! This is technically a YouTube spot on the WindowsPhone Channel; Not to mention that it is 76 seconds long. They couldn't use this on TV if they wanted to since a TV ad can only be 30 seconds.The Marketing Team at Microsoft and/or their ad agency has to figure out how to get an effect ad out there that is 30 seconds! That's all they get. Sure, they can do the product placement on TV shows, but that won't be enough. The AT&T ads with Bradley Cooper doing the voice over were about 30 seconds, but not sure how much airtime those got on national TV.30 seconds, Microsoft!
  • Ads don't have to be limited to only 30 seconds. there are tv ads out there that last 1 minute. just costs a lot more ... not $40 billion more so we have a chance that they can do something for us ... Come on Microsoft!! the pull out some stops. :)
  • @igadget...If I recall correctly, these ads were edited ('shortened') - the full 61 second ads were not shown on television. The standard television ad length is 30 seconds. Besides, not many people are going to sit through anything longer than 30 seconds, with the exception of a Superbowl ad!The bottom line is: Microsoft needs to be able to effectively convey what WP is within the standard 30 second time span. All other companies do it (i.e. Apple), and Microsoft shouldn't be the exception.
  • You are correct that they did shorten the ads, but initially they aired the ad in its entirety. Also, I agree with you 100% '@Just Visiting' that they (someone) needs to build ads that can convey the awesomeness that is The Mango in 30 second intervals.
  • Have you even seen the commercial on the link i posted? its perfect... to the point and its only 30sec long. Anyone who dislikes this is either a hater or just anti-WP.
  • Great commercial. Really shows the enthusiasm behind the phone. Need to make it for TV!Does anyone know the song?
  • I thought the "Really?!" commercials were funny and cute and when they first came out, but they never sold the Windows Phone OS.This commercial is sleek, elegant beautiful and modern, like WP7 itself. I hope they carry this advertising style to the public.
  • Yea the Really?! commercials were hilarious. The guy dropping his phone in the urinal and picking it out, the guy taking a softball pitch to the face, the guy ignoring the girl in bed... lol.
  • And nobody talking about Windows Phone. lol
  • This just gets me even more pumped for 7.5! This is one of the best ads I have seen for windows phone. I would even be ok with watching this as an advert before a youtube video haha Way to go MS!
  • Here's an even better commercial! I think this is brilliant!
  • I want that eBay live tile.I also want that phone. Looks like the focus but with a soft touch back and new logo. Could that be the focus flash? (I realize it is probably just a generic render but a man can dream... a man can dream...)
  • Advertising needs to come from the carriers, not Microsoft.Windows Phone hardware is not ubiquitous enough, 3 of the 4 major carriers in the US only sold 1 Windows phone in the last year. The smaller carriers sold none. I'd like to see commercials for Windows Phone from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. And maybe someday even commercials from MetroPCS and other regional carriers. If all the carriers aren't spending money advertising Windows Phone then it's going to be impossible for it to compete.
  • AT&T is the only carrier invested enough with Windows Phones to want to advertise for them. Sprint and Verizon may not even get a device until 2012. Why spend money on lowly little W7 when they got all those high end Androids to sell? (Hope my sarcasm is coming across good on the keyboard!!) Microsoft needs to sell the system. Pump up their OS. Get people asking for the phones at Verizon and Sprint, get some sales on AT&T. This is an eye catching, well developed ad. It would get the ball rolling.
  • One word... WOW!
  • Nice
  • Tried to use the Contact link, didn't work but anyway. Just got my Mozart back from HTC Warranty guys. They loaded it with 7720.68. There were 2 of us. We both got it. It's coming.
  • And no trace of WiFi Hotspot :( I was hoping that would come.
  • hopefully, Verizon will step up their game and get some kick **** new WP7/WP8 device.I think i will wait until wp8 is release before picking up a new handset.
  • So far, the only device I have heard that is CDMA for Windows is the Samsung Omnia refresh that is more for overseas. Other than that, not one rumor anywhere. My guess is that W7 needs some great sales on AT&T before Sprint and Verizon start feeling any need to worry about stocking W7. I may have to stay on AT&T if I want a W7, and that ticks me off. What is more important- happy with the phone for 2 years, or being happy with the carrier? I do not want an Android, but I want off AT&T ......
  • I was in an AT&T store yesterday and the salesman said that the Focus S and Focus Flash were gonna be available September 18th!!
  • Really? And not a single image of the devices, 'coming soon' or pre-order banner on AT&T's site to be found! If true, it certainly classifies as a poor launch...
  • Really! Yes, i agree. He said they were coming with the GSII. I didn't see anything in the store either. Odd, maybe he was misinformed.
  • I don't know if anyone noticed, but at the end there, they had a little bit of that "Windows 7/Phone 7 start tune". Except it sounded so much more awesome and modern.