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HTC Radiant 4G LTE Windows Phone allegedly pictured

File this under both excited and under-whelming.

We heard about HTC launching the Radiant a few days ago with the idea that it was essentially the HTC Titan but with a 4G LTE radio on board and destined for everyone's favorite, AT&T. Pocketnow have posted what is purportedly the first picture of what this device will look like.

As it turns out, it looks just like your Titan but allegedly thicker for a larger battery. larger front-facing camera lens (which is sorely needed) and the right side buttons are skewed towards the bottom more. Not exactly huge changes but those little types of refinements can go a long ways in making the Titan even better (and HTC's button placements do lack behind Samsung's, in our opinion). Finally, the Radiant is suppose to go to Australia's Telstra too--so that's some positive new for those outside the US.

The Radiant is rumored to be shown off at CES next week and we have a few events scheduled with HTC, so we're sure to get the full skinny on this one folks. The question for you though is this: Is a Titan with LTE on board going to make you trade up?

Source: Pocketnow

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  • Looks like the Thunderbolt but with Windows Phone *Sigh* Why cant HTC make good looking hardware designs for Windows Phone, its always recycled Android designs
  • this will be the pratice for now on. OEMs are trying to reduce their production cost so all of them are using the same case used in android for wp7 and vice-versa.
  • Looks like a bigger camera lens. All for the greater good of WP7. Better hardware benefits everyone. Can't complain that HTC is pushing also for LTE phones as well as better hardware. 
  • This is an exciting device and is a sign that the market for WP7.5 is becoming more diverse and healthy, but I won't be trading in my Titan anytime soon. The battery drain LTE causes does not payoff with the speeds; I would rather go all day on 3G than just a couple of hours on LTE =/
  • If you can turn off LTE then you will see an even better improvement in battery life.
  • Ooo if this comes sim free before march. I will get this instead of the Titan.
  • A thicker Titan??? That has to be comfortable. /s The only thing that makes the Titan's 4.7" screen comfortable to use is the thinness of the phone. I cannot imagine how uncomfortable for the hands this phone will be. I just hope it's not as bad as I think it will be, and that it's possible to fit it in a pocket.
  • This is just unbelievable at&t is getting all the phones wtf man no Verizon love this is getting extremely frustrating as a vzw customer
  • I hear ya, I'm starting to hate verizon and their android loving ways. My contract is up in May and if there are no new WP sets available on vz, Hello ATT.
  • I currently own an HTC Trophy and I think I would definitely upgrade to this phone if it were available on Verizon.
    Anyone else think that Radiant should be a phone that is a cousin of the Radar instead of the Titan?
  • LTE, maybe a new phone for Verizon... but, still waiting on the Nokia Ace/900 myself...
  • So wait.  AT&T is getting yet another highend phone? So. that's the Titan, Focus S, Lumia 900 and now the Radiant.  WTF?? Been with T-Mobile for about 10yrs and I hate them so f'n much.  /weeps
    I guess the phone from LG will be going to AT&T too. 
  • I complained to TMo about their dismally limited selection of WP devices. The answer that came back was to keep watching.
    I wish I could say I'm not holding my breath. And my guess is that any new models they do get will not be anything from the high-end of the spectrum. I hate to be so negative, but this patiently waiting thing is getting a little tiring.
  • Cross my fingers. This phone use red theme maybe it comes to Verizon :P
  • Doesn't it appear that the left front and what would be the right rear sides don't match? The left front shows no buttons, which should be smooth when turned around to show the right rear, but it looks as though there are perhaps buttons on the right rear side shown.  Is this just two images of not the same phone made to look like front/rear of one phone?
    Just a thought.
  • Huh? Looks like they match to me. There are no buttons on the left side. Just the USB port, which can only be seen from the back, like the original Titan.
    The things that look fishy to me are the unusually large camera lens and the unusually curvy headphone jack. 
  • Yep, you're right. I thought the usb indentation was a long button above it instead. Or a bad photo crop.
  • The real sad thing about another great Windows Phone being released is that the people that really need a flagship WP (T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon) aren't guaranteed to get one. How bad does this suck. What kind of marketing and sales strategy is this? Yes I'm excited about Windows Phone but really getting sick of the unbalanced availability to carriers. Come on T-Mobile, give me something to get excited about like when I first saw the HTC HD2. I was one of the first people to get the phone and I was very happy with it. The Radar is ok and all but for real, give us the phone we can't wait to get our hands on!
  • I don't know if it's enough to get someone to trade up from a titan, but it might be enough to make anyone thinking about buying a titan pause a bit.  I'm in that boat myself.  M contract ends the end of January, after we see all the cool CES toys that don't come out for another 2+ months.