HTC releases a native compass app

If you have an HTC branded Windows Phone, you may want to check out their new free compass app pushed to the Marketplace (though oddly, not available in the HTC Hub just yet).

The app is not as nifty as LG's augmented reality apps but it's not half bad either, allowing you to have a dynamic magnetic compass plus use "walking directions" to some nearby location can be pretty useful. Plus, it's free and is fun to play around with (the app will even keep your screen on while running, which was smart).

Just click the link here to open up the Marketplace either via Zune or on your phone. Only HTC devices need apply, unless you have an unlocked/developer phone then you can try the .XAP file here.

via wmpoweruser

Daniel Rubino

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  • First sentence: Change "our" to "out". Anyways, this looks interesting and will check it out when I get my Verizon Trophy.
  • Thanks.
  • No buy button for HTC Surround (ATT)
  • No joy on my Samsung phone, I installed it but it gave me an error message that it only works on HTC phones and suggested that I buy an HTC phone. :)
  • App is listed for me but still not available for download. Guess it'll take a day or two to push out internationally.
  • I had to follow the link from the phone instead of Zune.
  • For me (who is a non HTC user) the most intersting thing is the WPCENTRAL application shown at the top left of the device screen ;-)!!!!
  • or is it just a bookmark?
  • This is a mighty awesome compass app! It works excellently on my HTC Arrive. I like the implementation of a map in the background to show you which way you'll be heading on the map. Nice work.
  • hmmm...not in marketplace (HTC Surround).
  • It's odd when I start it up it works fine but if i hit the home button and then try to open it again to resume gets stuck saying "loading" and won't start again until I restart the phone.