HTC Sense TV is dead, any replacement app currently MIA

The news of the final demise of the HTC Sense TV app for One M8 owners should come as no surprise. We first reported on it at the end of March, and it's not exclusive to Windows Phone either since the Android version of the same app has also been discontinued. True to its word, HTC has now killed it off, but while Android M8 owners have alternatives, that doesn't look to be the case for Windows Phone M8 owners. At least not right now.

HTC told us at the time that users on both operating systems would be prompted to download a replacement Peel app when Sense TV closed its doors. But, at the time of writing that doesn't seem to be the case on Windows Phone at least. Searches for a Peel app in the store seem to be coming up short and there are reports in our own forums that seem to suggest the same.

So, right now, there's no good outcome for Windows M8 owners. That's not to say there won't be a Peel app coming, but right now it looks like we're out of luck. We'll of course update as and when we learn more.

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Richard Devine
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