HTC Sense TV is dead, any replacement app currently MIA

The news of the final demise of the HTC Sense TV app for One M8 owners should come as no surprise. We first reported on it at the end of March, and it's not exclusive to Windows Phone either since the Android version of the same app has also been discontinued. True to its word, HTC has now killed it off, but while Android M8 owners have alternatives, that doesn't look to be the case for Windows Phone M8 owners. At least not right now.

HTC told us at the time that users on both operating systems would be prompted to download a replacement Peel app when Sense TV closed its doors. But, at the time of writing that doesn't seem to be the case on Windows Phone at least. Searches for a Peel app in the store seem to be coming up short and there are reports in our own forums that seem to suggest the same.

So, right now, there's no good outcome for Windows M8 owners. That's not to say there won't be a Peel app coming, but right now it looks like we're out of luck. We'll of course update as and when we learn more.

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  • How can they kill an app. It's not like they can take it off the phone. Maybe the scheduling info doesn't work, but the remote will right?
  • Nope it wont at all
  • Won't even load... Just displays a message about the service being discontinued and exits. This is a REAL bummer for me as my wife and I both have Ones and we DON'T have any remotes for our devices. Combine this with the loss of the Chase app and we might make a temporary foray into the world of Android until WP 10 flagships this fall... Been with WP since day one but with all these apps lost and long flagship drought this is a pretty rough patch.
  • Know someone who has HTC One and uses remote often. Should have had them turn off automatic updates. Hindsight...
  • HTC abandons hardware immediately upon release. They can't be trusted. They promised Android One M8 and One M7 users Lollipop within 6 months of release, and missed it with a "not really sorry" apology, and no ETA. The community had an AOSP release for both within a month. They never update apps included with devices, and never offer new apps to loyal users. There's no reason BlinkFeed isn't out for the HTC 8X and 8XT
  • Don't forget the titan and titan 2 bs they pulled. Lost me as a customer then.
  • This is awful. I never used the TV listings anyway. (Torrents are my TV provider.) I haven't had a TV remote since I got this phone in November. This is unacceptable..
  • They um should of waited until it was ready before closing down this one.
  • Worked good for me....idgi
  • Why there is no app for wp
  • Well this is HTC. So a lack of a replacement app isn't surprising. So much for that remote feature that its users bragged about. New users who get it likely won't be able to use the remote until an app comes out. Lol.
  • Micah, quit being so predictable :)
  • Hey just stating my opinion :D
  • It is too bad about this. That was the one feature of this phone that truly see it apart and would've been the only reason I would've considered it over a Lumia. Bummer.
  • It is a bummer, but even without out, I'd still take my One over any Lumia.
  • I love my one but want hey Cortana so bad
  • Currently on android and was looking to get the one. But I've been spoiled with the Hi Galaxy thingie. Rarely do I use it, but it's nice to have it. So I'm holding on for hey cortana as well as a new flagship.
  • Is it really that convenient? I doubt think I'd use it that much but I do use Cortana more than I thought I would.
  • Of course it is convenient. You don't have the feature so you wouldn't know, it being HTC and all, but yes I love the feature. I can't imagine not having it.
  • Oh look, it's the low IQ troll with no friends.
  • Awww you seem upset or bothered :D
  • I was skeptical, but find myself using "hey Cortana" several time a day, everyday, on my 930.
  • Be sure to get Lumia next time :D
  • I have the One M8 for Windows, bought it to upgrade my Lumia 920. It is nice and all, but I'm going back to Lumia as soon as I'm eligible for upgrade again. Lumia offers a much better Windows Phone experience overall IMO.
  • I had the absolute opposite experience. Anticipated and got the One as an upgrade to the 920 and I'll never go back to Lumia, unless MS does a major overhaul on the design. The only thing I use the 920 for is playing with Win10 and I'm not missing anything software wise.
  • You're missing call blocking, play to DLNA, and sensor core support for software.
  • I didn't use call blocking or DNLA (which I also had it with my LG Quantum and didn't use back then) and I don't use any health or fitness software so SensorCore is moot. That's why I'm happy with the One. I have the phone design I love with no gap in software experience.
  • Lmao hope HTC doesn't stop making windows phones because you'd lose your precious design haha
  • I would say something, but to continue insulting someone with a clear mental deficiency is probably a hate-crime.
  • Such witty remarks :D you're always my favorite HTC fan to deal with ha though i am not suds where the other 4 of your crew is
  • It'll be okay we just have to wait a lil bit
  • Hmmm. It does suck because this feature was killer. Hopefully there's a solution right around the corner. Luckily my 1520 is able to... Oh wait. It never could :'(
  • Well there are plenty my 1520 can do. Like take a picture that is actually good :D
  • Love my 1520 too and its killer camera :)
  • Hmmm... Maybe you are just bad at taking pictures. Lol Remember? That's what Dan said!!!! Classic Burn.
  • I guess millions are bad at taking pics then considering many people have said the m7, m8 and m9 cameras are easily the weakest parts. But hey Daniel says otherwise so I suppose that means its true :D
  • The camera on the M8 is not bad. However, if that's the weakest part of the phone then I'm okay with that. Show us those great pictures, you took for National Geographic on your 1520... No? Having an amazing camera is one thing but let's get serious you're not a professional photographer. And your Instagram photos are probably all selfies lol
  • +1520
  • Ok, let's be serious. I do a lot of industrial work, taking pictures in the field. They're invaluable when I get back to my desk to CAD new designs. Any picture I take with the M8, I had to take ten snapshots and hope one came out because my M8, without OIS, was an f'n blurry mess 95% of the time. The camera on this phone is next to useless.
  • Next to useless? Maybe you had the camera cap on buddy. (next to useless...give me a break.)
  • I'm sorry if you can't handle someone talking bad about the sub-standard camera you love so much. It has no OIS, it takes blurry pictures most of the time. Truth hurts I guess.
  • There's something definitely wrong with your phone (or eyes) if you are telling me you are taking a picture and you can't make out the image. I have 1520 and a 1020. The camera on those phones are amazing but don't try to sell the M8 short with your "useless" comment. Time to get those bifocals adjusted... Serious talk.
  • The 1520 and 1020 have OIS, do you even know what that is? Optical image stabilization, it means the camera compensates for shaking hands or the ground you're standing on. Without it, any shake or vibration makes your picture come out blurry. The M8 doesn't have it. It's a standard feature on camera phones these days and the M8 never had it.
  • Yes I know what that is. Do you know what Parkinson's decease is? Get yourself checked man. Shaking like that ain't normal... I can see how the images would come out blurry. Sorry man, I didn't know.
  • Obviously, you didn't know or you wouldn't be holding up the 1520 or 1020 like they're even remotely comparable to the crap camera in the M8. The M8 has to be held perfectly still for a decent picture. Do you know what happens in an industrial plant? A lot of vibration. Even a windy day will screw up pictures. Now, take your arrogant ignorant ass and piss off.  
  • I went out yesterday to San Diego and took some amazing pictures of my girlfriend celebrating her 24th birthday with her M8. Then we went out that night after the fight and took some pictures (with flash). Pictures came out great...thought I share that with you.
  • I don't need to take pics of national geographic. The fact is that my phone was used at several parties because my friends m8 sucked taking the pics and when we went to a concert my phone was the preferred one with the amazing quality of audio and video and picture quality and we weren't even that close. Of course looking at the pics you would have thought we were a lot closer than we were. That's the power of Lumia ;) HTC could never.
  • You were the life of the party (of one) Micah ;)
  • Time for some M9-W10 device leaks..... Come on❗❗
  • That would be pretty cool. Don't think I can wait until fall for a flagship device (Lumia or Anything else)
  • Why can't you wait❓ What device do you have now❓
  • 1520 & the 1020
    Idk man... I feel like I've been waiting forever for the next big thing, you know.
  • Kinda.... It's like the 1520 is so damn future proof that it's not the hardware that I'm anxious for, rather more functionality, and something new for the start screen like that mixed view setup.. But, some new hardware would definitely be cool, and I'm ready for it.
  • Guess you guys will have to use the good ole fashioned remote control at least for a little while.
  • I have no idea where my remote went to.
  • NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY AN HTC DEVICE. Even their 8X has been long forgotten and they have mediocre customer fulfillment policies.
  • Wondering why they didn't just replace with a simple remote app so M8 users wouldn't lose a feature that might have been a deciding point for purchasing the phone.
  • Because it is HTC. Idk why people are shocked.
  • So how long do you think it'll take them to come out with an alternative Micah?
  • Hopefully sometime soon. But I am skeptical of HTC.
  • Depending how quickly they release it will give us an idea on their commitment to WP users.
  • Something tells me not very.
  • I haven't been to disappointed with how HTC has supported WP. The One M8 it's pretty awesome and proves that devices built for Android can have a WP counterpart without any hassle. Hopefully they'll prove their WP love by replacing the app with something soon.
  • I'm sure it is though it still doesn't beat a Lumia
  • smh
  • Still looks 10x better than any Lumia ever did. Js
  • Don't worry. I'm sure they're whipping up an Android port of a peel app with Project Astoria as we speak. -.-
  • If thats true shouldn't it have been done by now?
  • That stinks, I liked using it when I couldn't find my remote or when I wanted a quick guide. Shame they couldn't just shut down the service and leave the remote. Hopefully Peel comes soon.
  • True. Seems very unnecessary.
  • One more reason to stick with Lumia.
  • Amen.
  • I liked the app over Xbox smartglass for the remote for tv. it was quicker to get to, to control the volume.
  • Yeah, same here. It's a shame HTC couldn't just leave the remote function alone. I've bounced around from 8x to 920 to M8 one. All great phone but the difference unfortunately comes to support.
  • It's main function is to turn the tv off and ON i hope it still do that
  • This really sucks, I hope the Peel app comes out soon 
  • MIA?
  • Missing in action..
  • According to comments on the HTC Source website, some Android M8/M9 users are reporting the Peel app is currently broken on their devices so they have no real replacement for Sense TV as well.
  • This is why I don't support any OEM that was hostile to WP. It's like continuing a relationship with a scorn lover and expecting them to be emotionally stable.
  • Preach. It's why I just stick with Lumia as I rarely have too much to complain about with them
  • The only OEM that was really hostile was Huewai. HTC, LG and Samsung were all WM OEMs that continued their relationships with MS until they all started making more money with Android. Never forget Nokia was leaning towards Android until MS backed up the Brinks truck.
  • Preach Cannon!
  • I couldn't care less about what Nokia leaned too in the end they chose windows and Microsoft has Lumia and HTC is still sub par.
  • In the end they chose android. Selective memory lol
  • It's not selective memory. By then we were getting Lumia with Microsoft so again whatever Nokia does now has nothing to do with me as I have the best windows phone experience :)
  • Nokia chose Android. No one was talking about Microsoft Lumia. ;) So in the end NOKIA CHOSE ANDROID ;P
  • You know, you build an IR blaster into your device and tout it as a great feature...then you kill it. Full stop. Those are the kind of ridiculous, arbitrary decisions that make the public hate certain OEM's and is it any wonder they tend to struggle financially?
  • Are there APIs available for the hardware? Maybe third party support?
  • Crazy. I was just thinking about that feature this morning when you woke up and the TV remote was across the room next to the TV and I am under the weather and didn't want to go get it. As I was lying down I thought would been cool to have the feature on my Lumia. I was going to tell my ex about that feature as she has a M8 now,but oh well now. No HTC for me.
  • They've killed lots of apps even when I was on Android. They used to have a navigation/maps app which got killed.
  • This is why I haven't recently and won't buy an HTC. They said they would support the M8 as well as provide timely updates and then cripple a differentiating feature. That's been HTC's problem. They just don't act consistent or stable. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Speaking of problems with the One, anyone else having issues with Dot View after yesterday's update? Mine's totally borked.
  • Yes, for me as well
  • I've had issues for a while. It works, but sometimes screen animation gets stuck or is using incorrect animation. I probably wouldn't care but it seems to effect my battery. This phone was perfect for the first 6 months till now.
  • I guy posted on HTC USA Facebook page that he contacted Peel and was told they have no plans to support Windows phone. So no replacement app for us. *****Side note if you did not download the latest Sense TV app, it should still be working for you as you never downloaded the kill switch
  • Does someone have the appx-file of the working version?
  • Phoibos, not that I'm aware of
  • I loved this feature. It was so useful!
    On my Lumia I currently use an app called EZ TV Listings. It provides listings, but none of the other features that Sense TV had. Better than nothing though.
  • All of this is is easily fixable get the real one. Use smartglass and kinect and best of both hey Cortana and remote app. One and done.
  • I was maybe 24 hours from buying this phone used and the ir blaster was among the reasons. Glad i saw this, I'm out for now i guess, bummer. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Go Lumia.
  • SMH. What are you a Lumia Cheerleader? -_-
  • Nope just making sure people stick with windows phone and get the best experience with zero compromise. And as you see they wanted my opinion :)
  • Lucia has to get off its ass and get on the carriers. Until then, people are stuck with what they're stuck with.
  • Had 1520 too damn big but loved it. 920, check, 1020, check, 820, been there. 830 underwhelming. 640xl a possibility. What do you recommend Micah? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Honestly I would say go 1520. But you didn't like it. The size does take some adjusting yes but honestly I love it. The 830, my brother has it and I love that too. I would use it if I didn't have a 1520. The thing I love about windows is that even on lower end I don't feel like I am missing much. I'd advise the 830 or 640 xl if the 1520 is too big for you
  • Battery life and camera is top two. 830 battery small but camera good, 640xl battery killer but camera supposedly just slightly above average. We'll see.. If 1520 was galaxy note sized i could've done it but, alas, too big. 940 ftw, could finally leave Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • HTC: Still not supporting their phones or their customers.
    I move for a vote of no confidence.
  • To be fair, MS isn't really supporting it either.
  • Maybe it will be replaced with an Android version.  SMH.  #appgapdenial
  • Remind me why I should buy a HTC WP again.... Seems to have slipped my mind :S
  • And that's why I refuse to buy a HTC. Support is the last thing you will get from them.