HTC Titan and Radar coming to Taiwan

Today HTC announced that its island home of Taiwan will be seeing the HTC Titan and Radar in the very near future.  The Titan, HTC's new flagship phone, is set to hit shelves later this month at a retail price of Tw$18,900 ($619.67).  The Radar, its lower price point counterpart, is expected in November and will fetch Tw$13,900 ($455.74).

Taiwan joins the expanding Mango marketplace, along with India, who gets official Windows Phone support today.  you can bet that both will see their fair share of the bump in marketing recently promised by WP7 phone manufacturers like HTC.

Source: AFP, Via: WMPowerUser

  • I'm really going to have to get a Titan in my hand I think.When I look at these pictures and other pictures it doesn't look like that massive of a phone but I don't have any reference.
  • Its not nearly as big as you'd think. Its fairly skinny, and it doesn't have a huge bezel. It is a bit hard to one hand and reach the entire screen for me (dont have one, just used one) so I think 4.3" is my sweet spot for a nice big screen that is still usable as a phone for my hands.