The HTC Titan and Twitter

Contrary to some speculation, the HTC Titan does have Twitter integration. A reader commented that they had heard the Titan would not have Twitter support.

This would be an odd situation seeing that Twitter integration is a feature of Windows Phone and not one of HTC. Just to be sure, we reached out to Jay Bennett, who is on site at the London unveiling, and he sent us this snapshot of the Titan's account set up screen.

While slightly out of focus, we can clearly see the option to set up your Twitter Account on the HTC Titan.  That would be Jay's finger in the photo.  I guess we can now say he's got a famous finger.

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  • Hah the presenter was a moron ... he said that not Titan, but Mango don't have Twitter integration and i was like LOL :D. If you watch the video on Engadget you will see that the presenter from HTC is pretty shy and I guess he forgot ;) (like he forgot how to open the back of the Titan... lol...) :)
  • And the misinformation about WP7 continues.
  • PR reps that don't know the details about what they're presenting should be fired on the spot.
  • Please please please tell me that the red light at the top of the phone is a notification light...the one thing Im not fond of with my Focus is no notification light! I am truly hoping that becomes a mandatory part of wp7 phones in the future!
  • Yes according to the engadget Titan video it is a notification LED.
  • Thanks for looking into it :)