HTC Touch gets Memory Bump, New Colors

The biggest knock I have on the HTC Touch (Video first look here) is that it's pretty short on memory. I spent way too much time uninstalling apps and managing what was open - it was just too small. Fortunately, the Sprint Touch doesn't look to have that issue. Now HTC has announced that they're giving the GSM version a bump - 256 MB of ROM and 128 MB of RAM. They've also added two colors to the already available "Elegant Black" and "Wasabi Green" -- "Burgundy Red" and "Immaculate White." The Red version looks pretty awesome, me want.

There's also apparently another version of the Touch coming from CarPhoneWarehouse, designed by Ted Baker and called The Needle. It looks to have the same functionality, but with slightly redesigned buttons and a slightly slimmer shape. New color too - a purple/pink - and apparently comes preloaded with a cuckoo clock wallpaper. Yeah.

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