HTC Touch Pro Gets Handled

The Touch Pro and the Diamond are definitely the new hotness -- though we still don't know yet when we're going to see an American release. The Diamond made the rounds on the interw00ts first, now comes the Touch Pro. Mobileburn takes a peek and notes that HTC wouldn't let them play around with the inteface, perhaps hinting at yet more TouchFLO 3D enhancements coming down the pike. SlashGear is justifiably happy that the back of the device is matted so there'll be fewer fingerpints. Finally, PhoneScoop find the Touch Pro to be a little thick to their liking. We suppose compared to the Diamond, darn near anything is going to fee a little thick.

As excited as we are for the Xperia X1, we're HTC boys at heart. The Touch Pro looks to beat it by just a hair.


WC Staff