HTC Touch Tutorials

I'm going to go ahead and count this new site detailing how to use the HTC Touch as evidence for HTC releasing the rumored CDMA version (Codenamed "Vogue") sometime in the near future. Why? Well, mostly because HTC seems to be throwing much more than their standard marketing weight behind it. The Touch currently occupies almost the entire HTC homepage, which I like except for the fact that they're trying to create a new word, "touchnology". Ugh.

Anyhow, the online tutorials detail how to bring up the Touch Cube (which, by the way, only has three sides. I would kill for a fourth that I could add apps to) as well as how to get around in the standard WM6 bits. I like the Touch, like it better than the iPhone, even. So while the standard interpretation of this site is likely just that HTC is positioning the Touch against the iPhone, my reading is that HTC really intends to release this to a wider audience.

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WC Staff