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HTC Vive demos headed to select GameStop and Microsoft stores in U.S. and Canada

If you're eager to try out the HTC Vive before plopping down a hefty sum to purchase it, HTC has announced that customers can demo the VR headset at select GameStop and Microsoft Store locations across North America. To kick things off, HTC says the first demos are available now in the following Microsoft Store locations:

  • Microsoft Flagship store in New York
  • Microsoft at Bellevue Square in Washington
  • Microsoft at City Creek Center in Utah

While that initial list is small, HTC says that demos will continue to roll out to a total of 30 stores across North America, starting with Microsoft's Meadows Mall location in Colorado later this week. As for GameStop, while HTC didn't provide a list of locations, it did say demos will be available at 10 GameStop stores by mid-April.

So what will the demo entail? According to HTC, you'll have a chance to try out a variety of SteamVR content running on an Alienware Area-51 PC. And if you decide you'd like to buy a Vive for yourself, both Microsoft and GameStop will be taking reservations for June orders, HTC says.

For more, including updates to the list of retail locations where Vive is on display, you can keep an eye on the HTC Vive website (opens in new tab).

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  • Putting on the same headphones as 500 people before you...
  • With my perpetual Pink Eye condition I pity the 502nd person.
  • Vertigo and motion sickness cause number 3 to barf up all over the unit. Nice.
  • Now you can get a combo lice and pinky eye all in one
  • Hope there is somewhere in Montreal, where I will be able to try these!
  • cool ill go check this out at the flagship store soon
  • I understand the first two MS stores but not the last. Nothing against Utah, it just seems to be very random.
  • True, but hey, i'm 30 mins away from City Creek in SLC. I'm not complaining! 
  • I get a feeling there will be long lines to try this out at said stores. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Also on demo at the Microsoft Store in Dallas Texas starting this Saturday
  • Also on demo: face sanitizer.
  • Lol. I hope the first one who tried in on was a fat sweaty and smelly guy. Lol!
  • So electronics boutique(gs brand never really worked out here when there was nothing to differentiate it) & MS store in the great white north
  • Funny, didn't Microsoft and Oculus have some sort of partnership?
  • Even after fb acquisition...?
  • Announced after Facebook acquisition. I think they said you could play Xbox One games on it, not in VR, just a big screen mode. They're also selling Oculus/PC bundles at the Microsoft Store.
  • I guess one of the real take-aways with this news is Canada actually has stores.
  • Stay at home and strap a brick on your face. The same look.
  • I find this really odd for Microsoft since they own a stake (albeit small) in Facebook, who in turn owns Oculus. And the Oculus ships with an Xbox One controller. Just bizarre imho.
  • Bizarre? Both the Vive and Rift are nothing without the Windows OS. Microsoft has a stake in both of their success.