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HTC Windows Phone 8 devices will reportedly feature Beats Audio

Beats Audio coming to Windows Phone 8 too?

Although we thought Beats Audio was dead for HTC, the company is pushing forward with the technology and are reportedly bringing it to Windows Phone 8 this fall.

According to the Verge, the HTC Accord (a 4.3” display device) will feature the high-end audio technology with the familiar Beats branding on the back of the device.

With Nokia pushing their camera and ClearBlack display, Samsung with their super-thin phones, it appears that HTC too will have their own “sword” to slay the competition by focusing on more high fidelity music.

Since Windows Phone 8 allows more customization to the hardware via the OS, it appears that HTC will take advantage of this new power to offer some quality music devices with Windows Phone 8. Rumors go back to nearly one year ago that HTC was bringing Beats to Windows Phone, but nothing ever came of it.

In a recent public statement, HTC did reaffirm their commitment to Beats Audio:

"HTC remains strongly committed to Beats Audio and including their innovation in our devices. Any rumor of HTC no longer integrating Beats Audio into our devices is categorically false."

The question is, which do you value more? Your camera, a super thin phone or high-end audio?

Source: The Verge 

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  • I always thought Beats Audio was just a gimmick.
  • Don't know about the software, but the headphones and earbuds are second to none! Best audio I've ever heard through either, I love mine.
  • if you love base then yes, otherwise my Denon sounds better :P
    don't get me wrong, Beats audio sounds pretty good, but for me abit too much base and less detail, my gf has a pair and she loves it (seeing as how i listen for details in the music, i guess thats why it never did anything for me)
  • Sennheiser>*
  • Yep..
  • Curious what you're comparing to when you say second to none?
    I tried a few pairs hanging from a demo pod in Heathrow last year didn't hear anything significantly impressive to warrant the prices.
  • I put the Beats headphones on my HD7 with SRS Surround on and I came in my pants. I didn't know something could sound so good
  • Beats are made by Monster, and anything by Monster is overpriced gimmicky garbage.
  • I wont agree with you on "garbage" because a lot of their stuff (if you spend the extra), is really high end stuff and is really good.
    BUT, I 100% agree with you on them being overpriced (I know for a fact on a lot of their cables, markup is around 60-80% on them)
  • For the most part it is, while it may have a better audio processor, headphones are what is really going to drive audio quality.  The "Beats Audio" branded headphones are no better than a decent set of Sonys.  You just can't do much with a tiny ass speaker...
  • Beats IS just a gimmick,,,I've tested and compared dozen upon dozens of headphones in different price ranges,,,from really cheap (5bucks) to really expensive (200+) and for the quality of beats id rather spend 20 bucks for a pair of skullcandys that are just as good.
  • Beats in the HTC's are a gimmik, it is just software that makes it sound more bassy.
    As for the headphones if you're music's bit-rate is low you wont notice the differnce between the sound qulity you'd need to have to buy your music in FLAC audio qulity & you'll love it! As for me I'm okay with the crap earphones Nokia gave me with the Lumia as none of my music really exeedes 128kbps (or Kilobit Per Second for thoes that don't know) so I will not notice much of a difference in audio quilty (as that is the maximum that most earphones go to although the real cheap ones are less, this is always written on the packaging)...come on guys get real! =P
  • Over hyped to me. My Bose kills my friends beats.
  • All highs and no lows....Must be bose...
  • I own an hp laptop with Beats and the quality for a low end laptop is amazing for the price I got it for... =P
  • yes. Very mediocre quality with a big marketing budget.
  • It is a gimmick.
  • It gives a full sound through speakers or headphones plugged in instead of a compressed.. Definitely not a gimmick.
  • I'm pretty sure my Sennheiser's sound much better and is a much better value for the price.
  • The artist who produced the music intended it to be listened to without it being "colored". There's no need for an enhancer if you've got good headphones.
  • Yes there is
  • I totally agree with you! They just slap a b emblem on the phone to make it stand out from the rest of the pack. It reminds me of when they put Dolby sound technology in some early android phones. Haha joke
  • Super thin, great audio or maybe just a reliable device that doesn't have reception issues (Titan). HTC have a reputation issue they need to overcome.
  • Meh not for me
  • I would prefer all three in a single device thank you.
  • Agreed, all good stuff in new Nokia lol
  • Nokia has build quality, call quality, clearblack screen, camera. Samsung has great audio though headphones. HTC has build quality.
  • nokia had awesome audio quality through headphones n then they started making LUMIAs..... :/ i hope they have sorted all those software issues... if u dont believe me.... go get ur favourite earphones n plug them in a samsung, a lumia and a nokia symbian device...
  • Samsung has very good screens. Probably the best of any phone maker.
  • Ditto
  • My priority of those three options is music, but I got burned on HTC by my HD7, so camera, I suppose...
  • Me too, I can't play music on my HD7 unless it's plugged into power or it will freeze the phone after a few songs. Also whatever I plug my Ultimate Ears headphones into sounds great so could care less about Beats.
  • My HD7 doesn't do that
  • About time!
    Even though I also think Beats Audio is a gimmick
  • I had beats audio on my TouchPad. Garbage. Beats audio is an obvious scam.
  • You're just saying that because it's beats by dre
  • Or either he has used Bose
  • Sorry to disagree with you but I have the same thing and I think it's awesome... U_U
  • Beats is just a glorified equalizer. The headphones way overpriced for what they are. It's just a name.
  • I rather be given a pair of beats headphones rather than having it built in my phone
  • More and more I'm thinking that the Accord will be the HD8 coming to T-Mobile.
  • I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.
  • Camera. After the lack of support (no support) from HTC in regards to my Titan and HD7s, I'm Done with HTC. 
  • ++
  • +100
  • For most of us, they cam pack what they want any anything they want. But if they insist on giving their good device to ONE carrier it doesn't matter. We just get what our carry is offering. Crap system, but it is what Microsoft went with. With how well the build of the Zune's were, it is a shame Microsoft doesn't make an inhouse phone.
  • I'm digging the accuracy thing ya'll have going! #ImAWp8
  • Yay for "accuracy"!!!  (funny thing is, they took down my first comment that pointed out that the rum'o'meter said "accurace")  :)
  • I already have a set of Bose earbuds, so don't equalize my music, tyvm... just give it to me unaltered... I only listen to "good stuff" anyway. :) I like devices with a bit of "quality feel" to them (always, no offense to Samsung, I know they're quality... I just don't like the "feel"), so that still has me focusing on camera and Nokia. But even then, I still have to get my hands on the device before I decide. Every phone I bought sight-unseen has burned me (Touch Pro, Titan).
  • Audio for me! This may have swayed me away from Nokia. That and my horrible experiences with both of my 900's.
  • Since beats is just an equalizer this means nothing to me. In fact I would rather not pay Dr. Dre for my phone so I would avoid a beats phone. And I LOVE HTC. Shame
  • Shame? I rather have it than not have... It's not like it will hurt anything. As long as HTC continues to give a good quality screen, good camera and a good quality build phone they will do fine
  • U don't even know what the hell u wrote,
  • What are the issues with the 900's? I was gonna jump on it when it came out, but then win 8 was announced so im waiting on that
  • If either this OR the new Samsung ATIV S has an eq + great battery life I'm sold. I love my Nokia Lumia 900, but all I asked for is an eq. The battery life is amazingly good, but I NEED an eq to get the sound I want. HTC or the sweet looking Samsung just may be in my future,...SCREW THE IPHONE 5!!!
  • Just read that those Beats earphones are of poor quality, more "coolness" than real audio. I would link to the article, but it is in spanish.
  • I think they should be seen as the audio equivalent of sneakers. It's not necessarily bad sound, but you pay a lot for the design and the logo.
  • I know Spanish
  • So does Beats audio actually get you anything useful other than a label on the back of your phone? Do you get anything like a better DAC?
  • If there's one thing GSM Arena is good for it's their audiophile grade audio testing, and if HTC puts the same DAC/amp as they have in the One S in a WP phone I will mostly likely be getting another HTC:
  • 96.5%. MORE. WUB WUB.
  • There's more to HTC's phone differentiation than just AUDIO! lol
    I have to say that I am really digging the strategic differences each OEM is bringing to the table for windows phone. Not just with the phones, but also what OEMS are doing with tablets. Each offers something different to set them apart from the competition.
    On Topic: If  could get my Titan screen size with beats audio and thinnger frame and oneX sex-factor along with a stronger screen and MUCH bigger battery, I'm ssssssssssold!
  • ^ Is that too much to ask?
  • I'm a big music guy... This will be tough.
  • I want great audio, a great camera, and a keyboard. I don't care at all about thinness/colors/weight or any of the cosmetic stuff.
  • How will this be different from the sound enhancer already featured on HTS's WPs.
  • It'll most likely have beats audio added as an additional choice.
  • Great useless branding to jack up the prices, beats sucks you might as well just call it bass boost and not pay the licensing fees. Also the worst headphones ever sold for $300
  • HTC owns a share in the whole thing, so I doubt they pay any fees. It's mostly a scheme to get people with more money than brains to think they need headphones with a logo that matches the one on the phone. But as long as I can turn off the "enhancements" I can't say I care that much about the whole thing.
  • Will it hurt you if you explain in the article what Beats audio is?
  • We say it's "high end audio technology". What else do you want to know? The opinion on it ranges from marketing gimmick to it sounds slightly better. It's just a fancy equalizer for the phone, akin to HTC' s SRS sound enhancement found on current phones.
  • Tell me that beats audio will be coming to a Titan III device that has an HD Super LCD 4.7" screen and you can take my money right now.
  • Looks like I'll be sticking with HTC for WP8 =D
  • Bloody christ. Im not so sure about the software , but the beats blow. Seriously , they are a joke amongst audiophile communites , however small they may be. The only reason you would buy those is for looks , but most people don't really have good ears so who cares right ? And abou the looks ? Well lucky you , you shallow, pretentious fuck !
  • You visit audiophile forums and call someone else pretentious? Audio & videophiles are some of the most pretentious people in existence.
  • I'm not a camera person, I don't care how thick or thin a phone is (with in reason), but I do love music. So it looks like I'm team HTC. :)
  • I know I said screw HTC and that I'm going with Nokia but there are reasons why I've been a long time HTC customer. I really love SRS Surround and I really loved the speakers on my previous Surround 7. I don't care what people say the slide out speakers was awesome. If they can provide a bigger screen and give me a surround 8 I'll be sticking with HTC. The Beats audio is appealing. I love the button placement for HTC and i prefer a phone with speakers on top and the headphone jack on the bottom like my HD7.
  • Didn't Microsoft license Dolby sound for Windows 8? When will we see a Dolby sound solution to the WP OS?
  • I have Dolby mobile on my HD7 and it's garbage to me compared to SRS.
  • I agree Dolby mobile isn't great compared to SRS but Dolby sounds better when using the phones speakers and SRS through the headphone jack.
  • I'd prefer not to have Beats as it's just an overpriced poser brand.
  • All,actually! ;-)
  • love this news
    2013 Is the year for windows phone i think everyone pushing hard to win audiance 
  • HTC had great cameras on there Titan phones, now they add better audio to the list. Lets hope they get there software (read apps) together and some nice form factors and I don't care what people say, its gonna be a nice phone.
    I'm hoping HTC have a great offering, its more to choose from before I decide. Come on HTC, stun us.
  • Welp, guess I won't be getting an HTC Windows Phone.
  • Wow people are hating hard on this, can't we be satisfied with anything?
  • This thread is hilarious! "Beats" is great, its a gimmick, it sucks, its a scam, its awesome, love it on my... ?? Well, what is IT? In the case of "Beats Audio" in HTC products it's really nothing more than licensing of a trademarked name, right? So its none, and all, of the above. Its not a standard. Its not the brand of a product. It's just a licensed trademarked name. Personally, I call it taking advantage of the oblivious! People will not only buy something because of a name, but they will pay more for it. How tragic.
  • If it sounds good or bad, it's not a bad thing coming to Windows Phone. It's marketing tool (I prefer a little more high end than Beats) that sells devices. It gives people a "turbo-bass" and if it comes with headphones that give good bass, then it cant be all bad
    Maybe it is a gimmick but, people like it and if we sell more WP8 devices, I would think that is a good thing for everyone who likes Windows Phone
  • Camera for me is the most important, because the music is already just fine & my lumia 900 is thin enough.
  • For me.. Putting "Beats" crap all over phones to try and sell them kinda cheapens the product. If you make a good phone, make a good solid phone. Don't rely on these BS gimmicks.
  • Sweeet :D
  • So it sounds like all Beats will do is digitally mangle the audio stream on the way from the cheap DA converter to the cheap amplifier. Low quality audio will be magically transformed into louder, bassier low quality audio.