HTC LED Indicator Light

The subject of the little LED indicator light on HTC Windows Phones has cropped up in a few of the WPCentral Forums discussions. Some are pleasantly surprised at seeing the little indicator, some are curious if it can be customized, and some are simply trying to figure out what it does.

The LED indicator light isn't anything new to HTC Windows Phones. As far as we can tell every Windows Phone from HTC has the little light. It's so subtle that it can be surprising when you finally notice it. I think it took me about a month before I noticed it on the HTC HD7S.  Then had to look at the HTC Surround to see if it had one of the lights (it does by the way).

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The LED is a red/green combo that will flash red when the battery is low, when the battery is charging and turns green when the battery charge is complete or when you miss a call. It does not light up on new email messages or SMS messages.  There are no settings to customize the LED light but who knows what the future may bring.

If you've got an opinion on the LED indicator on the Titan or any other HTC Windows Phone, feel free to chime in over in the WPCentral Forums' HTC Section. Some like the little light, some hate it, while others would like to see it do more. What's your thoughts on the matter?

Thanks goes out to Steven for the tip!