HTC XV6975 actually is the HTC Whitestone; poised to give BlackBerry Storm a run?

After a little bit of confusion over whether the HTC XV6975 is the Touch Pro 2 or Touch Diamond 2, it now looks like there's a third option.

Dutch site snagged a look at the XV6975's User Agent Profile. There we see the model name, a screen resolution of 480x800, and no keyboard. Sounds like the HTC Whitestone, which we recently saw make it through the Bluetooth SIG, to just about everybody at this point.

So to recap, it now looks like Verizon may be getting the Whitestone as the XV6975, and the Touch Pro 2 as the XV6875. Any BlackBerry Storm fans feeling a little nervous right about now?

Via Engadget Mobile

Phil Nickinson

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