HTC's bootloader (SPL) for Windows Phone 7

Here's something familiar to all of those who have loaded custom ROMs on their Window Mobile phones. The old SPL (bootloader) screen used to get the device in a flash-ready state. Guess we could have assumed it was there on WP7, but we weren't 100% sure either.

What's it doing here? Custom ROM? Nope, unfortunately the owner, Sam Gibbs had this happen to his HTC device and he's not too sure why it happened. We're not sure either, we're just a bit surprised to see it there. Corrupted SD memory? Hopefully he's able to recover from it, otherwise we're looking at HTC to replace.

Source: @_samgibbs (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

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  • Nothing wrong or corrupted here... and nothing new.This is just the bootloader screen, avalaible on any HTC device.Check this for more information:;)
  • Well, it's new to some of us ;-) It's also curious that he wasn't try to flash a rom, lol.
  • N.B. SPL is not the same as Hard SPL :